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Men's sports jackets: what to wear and how to combine?

Studying men's wardrobe, there are not many things that make a man attractive and sophisticated. One of these wardrobe items can be called a sports jacket. It is worth putting it on a classic or casual shirt and people around will immediately note your excellent style and image.

A sports jacket or casual jacket, as it were, balances between a strict business dress code and a business casual style, remaining “your” in both cases. Of course, this is very convenient, especially if you like comfort, and the rules of a company or society require compliance with a dress code.

Arguments for a Sports Jacket

So, I propose to name the arguments that will make you believe in the exceptional usefulness of a sports jacket for a stylish gentleman:

  1. A well-chosen size, and most importantly a correctly hemmed jacket, according to the torso of a man, can make a slightly stout man slim, and excessively thin - larger. This is especially evident if you pay attention to the width of the shoulders and back of the sports jacket, where courageous features clearly stand out.
  2. The jacket is very comfortable and functional. As a rule, a sports jacket is made of warm materials, so it will warm you in cold winters. In addition, on the jacket there are many pockets for storing all kinds of little things, phones, purses and so on. This is great, because wearing voluminous things in tight trousers is very inconvenient, and sometimes you want to leave a briefcase at home.
  3. A casual jacket sets you apart from the crowd. As a rule, all fabrics have an interesting / unusual color and pattern. New opportunities will open up for you to diversify your image with colored accessories that match the shade of a sports jacket. For example, pick up a colorful pocket square or knit tie.

Brown Check Blazer

Wilvet Sports Jacket

Dark Check Sports Blazer

Where and when is a sports jacket appropriate?

Such jackets should not be worn for a business meeting or work, if the administration requires a strict appearance. They put it on informal meetings, on a date or at an exhibition. Some combine this element of clothing with formal trousers and allow themselves to go to a wedding or graduation. You can also wear a sports jacket for a funeral.

To look appropriate for the occasion, you need to learn how to combine a jacket with different styles of clothing. The combination of colors and patterns strongly influences the image. It is also important to know how to fasten a jacket for various events.

What to wear?

A sports jacket is not worn with pants of this style, so do not look for the same pants. It can be combined with trousers or jeans. Under it you can wear a thin sweater, shirt, vest and turtleneck. When buying a shirt for this jacket, it is important to remember that the cuffs of the shirt should be 2 cm longer than the jacket.

Also, a strong floor can wear a T-shirt or polo shirt underneath. The main thing is to correctly combine all the clothes, otherwise you will look tasteless. When choosing trousers, you should remember one rule, the pattern for these two elements of clothing should be different. Wear dark blue jeans with a sport coat.

Jeans under this jacket should not be too loose or tight, it is better to adhere to the middle ground. Selecting shoes, you can buy sneakers, loafers, top siders or brogues. Remember that it is the shoes that emphasize the chosen style. With sneakers or sneakers you need to be very careful only if you are 100% sure of your taste, then you can wear them. You should decorate the image with a tie, a neckerchief and a bow-tie. The choice of accessory depends on the whole image.

Material and color selection

Sports jackets are made of cotton or wool. You can find patterns that are made of these two materials. Also, jackets differ in the thickness of the fabric thread and pattern. Woolen patterns are designed for the winter season. For the summer, it is better to buy a casual jacket.

When sewing, manufacturers additionally weave yarn from suede, flannel, tweed and velveteen. The pattern is also different, it can be striped, in a cage, in a Christmas tree and more. The colors of the jackets are very different, so the man himself chooses a suitable model for himself.

Modern looks: photo

It is very difficult to combine sports images with other styles of clothing, therefore, men can see photos on the Internet. Thanks to the finished images, you can understand how to combine these clothes.

How to choose a jacket?

Everyone decides how to choose a jacket. Many believe that a sports jacket should sit on a man freely, as tight-fitting models resemble classic options. Since this jacket is suitable for everyday life, a man should be comfortable in it. It is important to remember that a jacket should always be your size.

Fashionable tips for real men: what to combine a jacket with.

Blazer - A traditional item of men's wardrobe, and if a modern man follows his style, he will undoubtedly use it to create a fashionable image.

Representing a gentleman at a social event - necessarily arises image in a jacket. As for the exit, light is a tradition. But, recently, men are increasingly using a jacket in everyday life, that is, as a basic piece of clothing. Consider what you can wear with it to be in trend, and, at the same time, does not compromise on convenience.

To begin with, it should be noted that the right size of the jacket emphasizes the masculine silhouette and the strengths of the figure.

Of course, the latest fashion trends offer to wear Oversize things, or “a thing from someone else’s shoulder”, when clothes are chosen several sizes larger. If you like this style of thoughtful negligence, you need to be extremely careful - not all styles can be worn this way.

As for the classic jacket, which, together with trousers of the same material, makes up a single business suit - it must be chosen strictly in size, and if necessary, adjusted to the figure. But the blazer, or sports jacket, is allowed to wear Oversize.

A blazer is a convenient and stylish alternative to a strict classic jacket, especially if dress code rules are applied at work (business casual style). In general, casual style is characterized by the use of comfortable, practical, casual clothes, and its unexpected combinations. Of course, the jacket itself is not casual, but only in combination with suitable things.

Unlike a classic suit jacket, a blazer goes well with jeans, cotton or linen chinos, trousers made of thick wool flannel.

Inexperienced knowledge of this rule, adolescents often look ridiculous, trying to combine the classic suit jacket and jeans. Such invalid combination immediately striking.

A suit jacket can be worn separately only if the color or texture of the jacket allows you to consider it informal.

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A sports jacket is considered a very fashionable and relevant item of men's wardrobe, but not everyone can distinguish it from other types. So for starters, we list the main species characteristics:

1. Material. On the one hand, as it should be for casual style, the sports jacket is sewn from natural fabrics, but their range, unlike classic models, is not limited to wool. Depending on the cut of this wardrobe item, for sewing it can be applied:

  • flannel - warm models,
  • tweed - office, more business,
  • suede - stylish and youth,
  • velveteen - fashionable and solid,
  • cotton - light and democratic,
  • flax - summer and practical.

The list of materials is not limited to this, but we probably listed the most popular ones.

2. The color. Unlike plain blazers and business jackets, made in a simple style, sports are very diverse in terms of both color and print. They can be light and dark, striped, in a cage, there are special colors, the relevance of which changes almost every season, for example: "herringbone", "crow's feet", "bird's eye", etc.

3. Fit. Initially, a sports jacket was conceived as clothing for an active lifestyle, so it does not constrain movement, you can raise your arms in it, run and sit on a horse. However, with the most free landing, he must be selected strictly according to the figure.

4. Style. The sports jacket is designed not only for work, but also for relaxation. It should not only correspond to a democratic dress code, but also allow its owner to pass face control in a night club. For this, designers are trying to come up with various tricks for him that will make his texture more stylish:

  • sports lapels
  • a large number of pockets of different sizes, shapes and purposes,
  • leather patches on the elbows,
  • unusual buttons
  • special folds on the back for greater freedom of movement,
  • the length of the model increases.

Differences between classic and sports jackets.

The main characteristic, indicating belonging to any style - type of fabric. The classic style - inherent soft, smooth to the touch, thin wool fabric.

Jacket is a fashion item, so do not save when buying a suit made of polyester instead of high-quality woolen, so you lose your sense of confidence and worsen the image as a whole. In general, wearing clothes made of polyester and other synthetic fabrics is acceptable only for a gym or a theme party.

For tailoring sports jackets, a wide variety of materials can be used, for example: flannel, linen, cotton, tweed, velveteen. The main thing is that the fabric is dense.

Characteristic feature sports jacket, is a variety of patterns. Cage, herringbone, bird's eye - typical colors for a blazer.

As for the classic jacket - one of two things: either plain or striped.

The shape of the pockets also matters.

If welt pockets - jacket takes on a more formal business look, patch pockets - are more often used in sports models. In the classic, the valves on the pockets are usually absent, this makes them more invisible, which corresponds to the business style. But no matter what the pockets were, etiquette forbids using them for storing bulky items!

Naturally, inserts on the elbows, the presence of massive, metal buttons - a sign of a sports jacket.

Thus, having understood the main differences between the jackets, we come to the conclusion: only a blazer or a classic informal jacket can be worn separately. Now we will deal with the most important:

The advantages of sports jackets

All these features of a sports jacket make it suitable for a modern lifestyle, where time is sorely lacking, and a change of scenery is still required. Here are its main advantages:

  1. Perfecting the figure. A well-chosen casual jacket makes tight men visually more handsome, and thin men, on the contrary, look larger. In addition, this wardrobe item has a wide shoulder line, which makes its owner more courageous.
  2. It stands out from the crowd. Casual style, one of the basic items of which this wardrobe item is considered, involves not only convenience and functionality, but also the brightness of the style, the ability to express one’s internal state through appearance. And a sports jacket, with its unusual cut, stylish prints, and a variety of functional inserts, is perfect here. Well-chosen accessories perfectly complement the image of a fashionable and successful city dweller.
  3. Universal type of clothing. In the rhythm of the big city there is no time for a constant change of costume. At the same time, looking good for a successful man is a matter of principle. For this, a sports jacket will be the perfect solution. It can be worn in the office and at a party, at a concert and at a business meeting, it will be appropriate at the wedding of a best friend and at the birthday of the boss. The whims of the weather do not bother the owners: there is light linen models for the summer heat, and woolen and tweed ones for the cold season, which go well with warm scarves, gloves and other winter accessories. Many will love the large number of pockets suitable for a wide variety of items: from wallet to tablets.

Where to wear and what to combine a men's jacket?

If you are among those employees for whom the organization has set a strict dress code, you have only one strict business suit. But basically, employers are more loyal in this matter, which gives more freedom in choosing casual clothes, as well as the opportunity to use an informal style of clothing at work.

We offer several variations of casual wear, using the basic element - a jacket.

Combination: jeans of a classic cut and sporty type jacket - look stylish, and allow you to always be in the spotlight.

Regarding color, give preference to dark denim. You can experiment with narrow light, or jeans with fashionable scuffs and holes, but in this case, the jacket should also be modern. Of course, this option is more suitable for informal meetings with friends, parties or a night club.

As an alternative to jeans, you can use gray pants. Regardless of the presence of arrows, woolen trousers look more strictly, and are indispensable in cool weather. This combination is inherent in the style of Smart casual or Business casual.

Chinos are also a more formal item of clothing. The presence in the wardrobe of cotton chinos of various colors will greatly expand the possibilities of fashionable combinations, including with a jacket. For example, chinos go well with a knit or cotton jacket.

A blazer is so versatile that it can even be worn with shorts. This is a great option for an extraordinary person.

At all, trousers should be selected so that they differ in color from the jacket.

Well, everything is clear from the bottom, and as for shirts - it all depends on the situation. The main thing is to choose a shirt made of natural materials, and no shine.

In order not to violate the integrity of the image, pick up a set of items of clothing of the same style, either closer to informal, or vice versa. For example, an informal cut, a shortened checkered jacket, combined with a shirt with a soft collar and a striped tie - this looks harmonious, since all the components have the same degree of informality. If the cut is more traditional, trousers with a classic shirt are suitable.

T-shirt under a jacket.

Everything is not so clear here, and not every T-shirt will be a good companion. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to choose a plain t-shirt that differs in color but is close in texture. The presence of prints, graphic objects - will help you express your personality and look super-casual, but you need to be careful not to overload the image. At the same time, the blazer must be unbuttoned!

With or without a tie.

Now, many men undeservedly neglect to wear tie. We advise you to wear it whenever possible. A tie can perfectly complement your stylish look, and yet, this detail of a man’s wardrobe is very popular with women - do not neglect it!

There are a huge number of types and textures of a tie: plain and patterned, woolen, knitted - in a successful combination, everything can look stylish and informal.Such a small detail will help harmoniously complete your look and get the most enthusiastic looks from the ladies.

In a casual look, different accessories can also be used, for example, a scarf hidden under a jacket, or casually wrapped around the neck.

A multilayer combination - a jacket plus a knitted jacket, is still relevant.

A complete stylish look is impossible without the right shoes. The choice of models is diverse - it’s easier to list what you can’t wear.

Shoes made of suede or leather look good: boat shoes, oxfords, classic moccasins, sleepers - the main thing is to avoid strict classics and patent leather shoes.

If you have childishness and rebellious character, feel free to experiment with sports shoes. Sneakers, and even sneakers - the latest fashion trend. But, of course, you should not chase it if this image is not comfortable for you.

We made out a lot of great options for wearing a men's jacket.

They need to be adopted and boldly used in practice, so that you can later be proud of the results.

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What and where to wear?

One of the main advantages of a sports jacket can be considered that it, depending on the image created, goes well with most items of men's wardrobe. Therefore, instead of buying new things, it is better to develop a taste and include imagination. However, do not forget about some simple rules for combining it with different clothes:

  1. Footwear. Almost any casual shoe is perfect for a sports jacket: loafers, oxfords, brogues, light sneakers, and in the cold season - chukki and desert boots. However, it is important to remember the image that you want to create: some shoes, unlike a jacket, may not be appropriate everywhere., /
  2. Trousers. Mindful of the general style, under a casual jacket you can wear slacks, chinos, and in some less formal occasions - cargo pants. You need to choose their tone for the situation: if you are going to a business meeting, it is better to observe color and stylistic unity, but if in a cafe or club, then you are limited only by your own imagination, coupled with a sense of proportion.
  3. Jeans. Let us dwell on jeans separately. In most cases, they are successfully combined with sports, but the most daring models - torn or with a bright aggressive print - are better to exclude. Choose a more classic denim to more successfully shade the stylish appearance of the jacket itself.
  4. Shirts. They go well with sports jackets, regardless of their features. For business meetings, standard monotonous shirts are perfect, and for leisure you can choose stylish casual shirts.
  5. Knitwear To create the correct and authentic image, it is customary to combine a sports jacket with different types of knitwear. In this case, there are many shades and accents that are important to remember, so that your external fit the situation:
    • turtleneck - the most business-like image for the office or visiting government offices,
    • a sweater with a V-neck - a fashionable and stylish option, suitable for relaxing or going to a cafe or club, you can add accessories,
    • sweater with a high neck - in combination with a blazer it looks very courageous, as close as possible to the original hunting costume of the century before last, it will be good for a trip out of town, and will also be a good solution for the cold season.
  6. T-shirt. Perfect for creating a summer look, featuring a little more freedom and lightness. It is better to choose a plain t-shirt for this, because bright prints and unexpected design decisions can look combined even with the most daring jacket.
  7. Accessories The image created with the help of a sports jacket will be nice to complement:
    • denim belt
    • semiclassical watches
    • neck scarf or warm scarf,
    • umbrella or glasses, depending on the weather,
    • handkerchief.

A sports jacket is a popular casual outerwear that can be worn while going to the office, for a walk, to a concert, and even to a nightclub. Stylish and impressive, it will always look appropriate and attract interested looks to its owner.

What makes a jacket sporty?

Initially, the jacket was worn as ordinary casual clothes without trousers for hunting or sporting events. Hence the name “sports jacket”. Later, some change in English traditions and a jacket became acceptable in more formal occasions. In some schools, for example, a sports jacket is part of the uniform for boys.

How a sports jacket should sit

A sports jacket is a more casual version of a jacket from a suit or even a blazer. There is an opinion that a casual jacket should sit looser than a classic jacket, but not everyone supports this statement.

Nevertheless, a casual jacket allows you to move your arms and torso with great comfort, there are less restrictions in everything. However, the size, nevertheless, must be selected in its own physique. A too-hanging jacket will not do. For reference, you can see the infographic of how the suit should sit.

Tom Tailor Blazer

Tom Tailor Blazer

Sports Jacket Fabrics

A sports jacket can be made of wool, cotton, as well as a mixture of these two natural materials. In addition, there is a wide variety of thicknesses of the yarn from which the fabric is made, as well as textile patterns.

A casual cotton jacket is great for summer use, a woolen jacket is more suitable for winter.

The most common types of weave threads: tweed, flannel, velveteen, suede. In addition, there are a great many drawings and prints of fabrics: in a cage, in a strip, “bird's eye”, in a Christmas tree, and so on.


What is a sports jacket

To the category of sports, it so happened, it is customary to attribute jackets that do not have a costume pair of trousers of the same material. This is not entirely correct, because according to this logic, blazers fall into this category, although (as will be described below) the difference between them is quite noticeable. A qualitative difference between sportswear and other types of jackets should be sought in the materials from which they are sewn - this is, first of all, a roughly textured fabric such as tweed, twill, wool or even velveteen. Often, the fabric of sports jackets differs not only in color but also in pattern: this is a small houndstooth, herringbone, herringbone, and many others - the Dormeuil textile company, by the way, helps expand this list up to 300 items. The colors of the summer variations of their cotton are preferably plain, in a large strip or in a Madras cage. Often these jackets are made with patches on the elbows and shoulders.

As a rule, a sports jacket is tailored quite freely: chest coverage should not hamper the wearer, even with raised hands a person should feel comfortable. Like blazers, sports jackets are usually divided into single-breasted and double-breasted - the first will give harmony to the owner, and double-breasted will emphasize developed muscles or, conversely, will mask excess weight.


In Europe, they prefer not to notice the difference between a sports jacket and a blazer - there a blazer is considered rather one of the varieties of a sports jacket. But it seems rude to us to combine these two types of outerwear under one name, because the differences between them are quite significant and noticeable even to the naked eye.

Blazers have a smoother structure and are sewn from finer fabric, premium wool or silk. Materials for sports jackets are chosen, as a rule, coarser, since initially they were valued precisely strength and functionality.

A sports jacket usually has two slots (with the exception of a jockey jacket), a blazer can have one.

Blazers are notable for their strict execution - only dark blue or black, no extra details and contrasting metal buttons.The colors and patterns of the sports jacket are much more diverse.

A sports jacket is not excited to have patches on the elbows and in the shoulder area, the blazer cannot boast of such details.


It is important to remember that a sports jacket is not intended to be worn in a costume pair, so it makes no sense to look for pants of a similar style to it. Otherwise, the applied capabilities of this type of jacket are limited only by insignificant conventions and imagination. It can be worn with a turtleneck, with a checkered shirt, with a plain shirt and vest, with a thin sweater - the variations are inexhaustible. The sports jacket goes well with contrasting trousers and jeans. Only jeans should by no means be tight or too loose, it is better to adhere to the middle ground. Depending on the situation, loafers, two-tone brogues, top-siders, and for the most daring, sneakers are suitable for shoes. The list of accessories also dispenses with surprises; these are all the same win-win combinations as for ordinary jackets and blazers - a tie, a bow tie, a scarf around the neck or in the chest pocket.

At the beginning of the week, working in an office, and even more so for a business meeting, is not worth declaring in a sports jacket. However, to use the pre-holiday day as an opportunity to wear it, for example, is not forbidden with jeans. If you are not sure what to go to an informal event, be it lunch with a new boss, first date or opening of an exhibition, then you can safely opt for a sports jacket. At formal events such as weddings or, for example, graduation, a sports jacket in combination with trousers will also be appropriate. The use of a sports jacket as evening wear or weekend wear is implied by itself. Of the whole series of events that you can afford to wear such a jacket, official receptions fall out and, as it happened, a funeral.

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