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TOP 5 best Wahl clippers by customer reviews

For each bearded man, a trimmer will be an indispensable tool, since due to its unique design and functionality, you can remove excess vegetation, cut off unnecessary length and density, making out a beard and mustache. The trimmer can work from a network and independently, cut hair evenly of the same length, and also shave without irritating the skin on the face. Therefore, the global brand Wahl offers a variety of models of trimmers for men.

To choose a trimmer for a Wahl beard, it is enough to assess your needs, the individual characteristics of the bristle hair, and then compare them with the functionality and abilities of a particular model. Wahl is based in America and supplies trimmers and accessories for men around the world. The assortment presents a wide variety of trimmer models at different prices.

Features and Benefits of Wahl Trimmers

One thing is certain - the Wahl brand is a well-known brand worldwide. The main advantage of this manufacturer is the use of advanced technologies in the creation of goods, respectively, any device from Wahl has high quality and great capabilities. And in order to understand how appropriate it is to buy a trimmer from this manufacturer, it is enough to familiarize yourself with its features.

Advantageous features of the brand are the following criteria:

  1. Confidence from experts. Manufacturers produce such trimmers that are used by hairdressers and barbers in salons. A line of pet grooming tools is being created separately.
  2. Exclusive Manufacturing Technology. All tools, from scissors to electrical appliances, are created exclusively at Wahl's branded facilities and factories. This provides 100% supervision of product quality, innovation and experimentation from the masters are encouraged.
  3. Reputation. Wahl has approximately 3,000 employees worldwide who are responsible for the quality of trimmers and other products. Today, the company is based on 100 years of experience and its impeccable reputation.
  4. Exceptional quality. In the creation of goods, advanced technologies and innovations are used, each Wahl beard machine passes numerous tests before it goes on sale.
  5. Wahl is the founder of many innovations and technologies.. The company is based on the production of hair clippers, and all the new products and innovations, such as a wireless trimmer or lithium-ion battery, are all due to the Wahl brand.

In connection with this list of advantages of the brand and its products, it can be argued that Wahl is the pioneer of haircuts and any innovations in this area. While other manufacturers are embracing new ideas and technologies, Wahl comes up with and promotes them.


It is definitely impossible to describe the characteristics of all trimmers from the Wahl brand, since each model is individual and unique. If one set of functions is contained in one trimmer, then the other model may be completely different. But all modifications correspond to the following characteristics:

  • combined type of power, both from the mains and autonomously from a lithium-ion battery,
  • quick charge functions,
  • constant power of the device regardless of the battery charge level,
  • an adjustable and quick-detachable knife made of steel with a width of about 28-30 mm,
  • nozzle with several levels of length,
  • pitch between levels of about 0.2-0.4 mm,
  • long operation of the trimmer without a network (about 80-100 minutes depending on the model),
  • ergonomic shape and compact size,
  • light weight, quiet operation and minimal step between nozzle levels,
  • self-sharpening blades during operation,
  • metal case
  • long-term uninterrupted service of the device.

All models of trimmers are sold in special covers for storing them; many models are supposed to have a charging stand and other accessories. Due to their high quality and long-term service, Wahl trimmers are preferred primarily for barbers and barbers.

Mode of application

The use of the Wahl trimmer is not significantly different from the method of operation of such a device of other brands. First you need to get the trimmer out of the box, set the desired nozzle and length, then connect the device to the network or use the offline mode. Trimmers have a high quality of work, so they can be used to shear or shave even a long thick beard.

The hair on the mustache and beard should be clean, dry and combed. After determining the optimal nozzle level, begin to trim the excess vegetation from the cheek area. Then they move to the temples, chin area, moving the device against hair growth. The last to be cut is the mustache and neck area, after which the nozzle is removed and the edging of the mustache and beard is made with a cutting knife. First, the excess bristles are shaved off on the cheeks, then they are transferred to the neck and chin.

Popular models

The most popular model is Wahl 3010-0473Thanks to which you can cut off excess hair on a beard, mustache, inaccessible places and even in the bikini area. The blades have the function of self-sharpening directly during operation, and the device works both from the network and independently from a powerful battery. Despite the metal casing providing long-term service, the trimmer is light in weight and easy to use.

Another decent model - Wahl 3019-0471, which is suitable for traveling and constantly traveling men. The trimmer is even more compact in size, it is packed in a case for further storage. With the help of such a device you can trim a mustache, beard, eyebrows, whiskey, tanks. The kit comes with one nozzle with 6 levels of length, thanks to which you can simulate different types and shapes of beards.

Trimmer Wahl super micro - This is a professional model for hairdressers and barbers, which means a removable chrome knife 28 mm wide. The multifunctional device provides ultra-precise edging of the mustache and beard, as well as cutting hair of different lengths and densities. The manufacturer offers 4 nozzles with levels of 3-6-10-13 mm, there is a brush for cleaning and oil for lubrication.

The cost of trimmers from the American brand Wahl can be radically different, it all depends on the type of trimmer, the materials of its production, a list of functions and additional features, purpose and quality. Of the most popular models that were mentioned above, the price of Wahl 3010-0473 is 750-850 rubles, the price of Wahl 3019-0471 is 2700 rubles. For a professional model Wahl Super Micro will need to pay 3,000 rubles.

You can learn more about other brands of trimmers from individual materials:


Wahl is a world famous brand of men's razor tools at low prices, but with excellent quality and advanced technology. Distinctive features of such devices are a lithium-ion battery, long battery life, a metal case, the presence of different levels of nozzles, self-sharpening knives and many other characteristics. Price gradation of trimmers is in the range of 700-3000 rubles.

Wahl 8147-016 Legend

Opens the review of a professional machine for cutting hair and beard. According to barber reviews, this is the best network device from the special 5 STAR Series Pro BarberShop Products line. Great machine for working with the stream. The cost of 6 651 rubles fully justifies the indicated characteristics by the long-term use and quick payback.

  • V9000 professional anchor motor with 6000 rpm.
  • The optimum width of the cutting block is 40 mm.
  • knife made of chrome steel.
  • The height changes smoothly from 0.5 to 2.9 mm, for this a special lever is provided.
  • An impressive set of nozzles - 8 units from 1.5 to 25 mm. Each is made of high strength polymer reinforced with minerals and glass. Reliable accurate attachment fasteners provided with a metal lock.
  • Quiet operation and low vibration.
  • Beautiful design - a combination of burgundy and silver.
  • Network cable 4 meters long.
  • Optional accessories: comb with brand logo. Overlay protection for knives. A brush for cleaning the device after work and oil for knife care.

Buyers noted such disadvantages:

  • The big weight is 620 g, the brush gets tired during long work.
  • Inconvenient for shaving beards at home, again because of the weight. Does not allow to draw the exact line of the beard.

In general, the reviews are positive both in terms of build quality and cutting efficiency.

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Wahl 8148-016

The next ranking position is more expensive in price than the leader of Wahl 8147-016 Legend, but much lighter in weight, which expands the possibility of using women and older people at home. As in the previous model, the knife width is 40 mm stainless steel.

  • Two types of power - stand-alone for 90 minutes, network.
  • The time for sniping is 2 hours.
  • The length of the haircut is set by a special regulator and a change of nozzles.
  • The light weight of 290 g improves the accuracy of embossing and shaving.

  • Does not capture short hair; allowable grip length of 0.8 mm.
  • You can’t trim a beard.

A good model for novice hairdressers and for home independent haircuts.

Wahl Cordless Senior 8504-016

The model of the machine is radically different from the Wahl 8147-016 Legend with power, a motor speed of 6500 rpm and a lower weight of 365 g. It has two power sources - a battery and a mains, suitable for thick and coarse hair. Unlike the Wahl 8148-016, the battery life is 20 minutes less.

  • High torque - can be used to cut thick, coarse hair.
  • Zero-overlap function. The knife block is adjustable. There are no grooves on the knife, as in other models of the WAHL 5 STAR series. Can be set to fit “zero”.
  • The lithium-ion battery is charged at any convenient time, you do not need to wait for a full discharge.
  • An adapter for the charger and a nozzle for protection are added to the configuration.
  • Increased cutting width to 46 mm.
  • Nozzle compatibility.
  • Charge indicator on the LED.

Minus, noted by professional masters:

  • Poor picking - only 3.
  • High price from 10,000 to 13,000 rubles.

The machine is a little expensive for home use. But then she perfectly performs a fashionable hairstyle - Freud!

Wahl 8081-916

This is a rotary hair clipper. The high rating of the model is due to the light weight of 190 g, which is significantly less than the previous models of the brand. The price is higher than the leader of sales Wahl 8147-016 Legend - 7378. And the width of the knife 38 mm - less than the Wahl Cordless Senior 8504-016.

  • The trimmer has a wide T-shaped surface and there is a function of zero overlap.
  • High rotor rotation of 7200 rpm. Any hard and thick hair will turn into a neat hairstyle.
  • Beginners and housewives can use for family haircuts due to their low weight.
  • Can be used for long and accurate work. The optimal device for fading technology.

  • High price.
  • Poor equipment.
  • You can’t cut your beard.
  • No wet cleaning.

An ideal trimmer for precise machining of the neck and collar areas, shaping the contour of the mustache and beard, and cutting the ear area.

Wahl 1395-0460

A model from the category of inexpensive trimmers for home use. Unlike the Wahl 8081-916, it is heavier in weight - 410 g, but on the other hand, like the Wahl 8147-016 Legend, it comes with 8 standard nozzles.

  • Performs a perfectly clean cut with precision sharpened knives.
  • Wide selection of cut parameter 3-25 mm.
  • Attached is an instruction with tips for cutting this model. Which is convenient for people without experience.
  • You can cut a minimum height of 1 mm.
  • There is a convenient loop for hanging the device.

  • Users leave negative feedback about the weight of the trimmer. The hand gets tired from long work, not maneuverable in inexperienced hands.
  • No wet cleaning of the working knife. It is difficult to clean after use.

An inexpensive universal clipper is what every family with the numerical superiority of men needs. Savings and your own hairdresser in the house - quickly pay back the investment.

A little about the company

Wahl is an American company that produces hair clippers. The company was founded in 1919. The devices are intended both for professional use in the conditions of barbershops, and for self-care at home.

Wahl offers the following types of products:

  • innovative clippers,
  • special trimmers to care for the beard and mustache, as well as to remove excess vegetation in the nose and ears,
  • sets of interchangeable blades and knives.

Wahl Beard Trimmer is a must-have for men with luxurious facial hair. It is suitable for giving a neat shape, cutting off excess length, proper care for the bristles.

Wahl offers customers different types of trimmers. They are designed to care not only for the beard and mustache, but also to remove unwanted vegetation from the ears and nose.

Here are some of the most successful models according to buyers.

    "Micro Lithium 5640-1016"

Posted by @ hair.by.jerrica on Aug 5, 2019 at 10:53 am PDT

This Wahl Micro Lithium trimmer is designed to remove hair from the ears and nose.

It differs in small dimensions, the presence of several different nozzles. Special rotating blades made of stainless steel quickly and gently remove hair.

After completing the procedure, the nozzles can be washed under a stream of cool water, this does not affect their performance. The device works from AAA batteries - this is convenient, you do not need to constantly recharge the device, if necessary, you can take it on a long trip. A feature of such a machine is the gentle removal of hairs.

Ivan (ozon.ru): “Compact. Powerful. It does an excellent job of its tasks (nose hair, eyebrows). ”

Such a haircut kit is suitable for caring not only for a beard and mustache, but also for cutting hair on the head.

The device charges quickly - just one hour is enough for a full charge and battery life for 4 hours.

For emergency cases there is a function of express charging: it will allow you to provide several minutes of continuous operation.

The kit includes 7 nozzles. The trimmer copes well with the edge lines on the neck, gives a clear shape to the mustache, beard and sideburns.

Three special nozzles are intended for a beard: for a full, three-day bristle or short. The kit includes a small comb for thorough care: untangling hairs, shaping. The trimmer function for the nose and ears is also provided - there is a special stainless steel tip.

You can adjust the length of hairs during shaving when using a special wheel on the front of the device.

Andrey (technopark.ru): “The design is super, convenient, it charges quickly, it cuts super. I use the week no complaints, only positive emotions. The haircut is much better than with the previous trimmer, the feeling that the cut is much better. "

  1. "Beret Stealth 8841-1516"

This is a professional-grade beard and mustache trimmer, it provides high-precision processing of vegetation on the face and on the head.

Special nozzles are made in such a way that they can get as close to the skin as possible and remove hair without causing injuries and discomfort.

When the battery is fully charged, 75 minutes of battery life are available. For a full charge cycle, it is tedious to spend 60 minutes. The kit includes 4 different nozzles for adjusting the length of the beard, a special cover for storing the nozzles, oil for lubrication. A compact brush is provided for the care of the blades - they can be cleaned of hairs after finishing work.

The price of the model is from 7500 rubles.

Guest (groomershop.ru): “” “Wahl Beret Stealth” I have been using it for three months. Very stylish, but smooth, slips out of hand, but you get used to it. Shears perfectly. With thick coarse hair copes easily. Quiet (almost noiseless), light, edging does very well. "

  1. "Goatee and GroomsMan Pro 9855-1216"

This is a professional facial care product.

The kit includes several useful tips designed not only for cutting a beard and mustache, but also for removing hair in the nose and ears. The model has a powerful battery that provides up to 60 minutes of continuous operation.

The 4 nozzles included in the kit make it possible to care not only for the face, but also for the hair on the head. They allow you to make accurate edging, remove excess length, give the necessary shape to the bristles without visiting the barbershop. Using the device is very simple: just select the optimal nozzle and mode of operation.

A non-slip insert is provided on the handle, which ensures the convenience of the entire procedure.

Sergey (ozon.ru): “Advantages: Build quality, one of the top companies in barbershops, knife speed, a lot of nozzles. Take it, a great trimmer, especially for that amount. ”

  1. "Mustache & Beard"

The Wahl Mustache & Beard trimmer is specifically designed to care for the beard and mustache area.

It has a large set of useful functions, copes well with stiff bristles of any length. The machine is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which provides a comfortable arrangement of the device in the hand during operation.

The blades are made of stainless steel - thanks to this they remain sharp for a long time. The kit includes three different nozzles that provide a thorough treatment of the vegetation on any part of the face. They are designed so that they can be brought as close as possible to the skin and not get injured.

For the convenience of personal care, a special comb is included in the kit - it allows you to comb the beard immediately before the haircut. A miniature brush is provided for cleaning the nozzles from the hairs.

Sergey (rozetka.com.ua): “I liked it. Removes a beard without nozzles to 0.5 (as it seemed to me). Of the minuses, a weak latch in the battery compartment and the metal nozzle heats up slightly. But you can live with it, in terms of price-quality = 9 out of 10 ”.

Belongs to the professional class of equipment for the care of the beard.

It works exclusively from the network, which makes it possible to use only at home or salon. To take such a model on a trip will be inconvenient.

Wahl Detailer is the epitome of modern classics. The blade of a T-shape allows you to handle even hard-to-reach spots: it copes well with the area above the lips.

A feature of such a trimmer is the ability to give the vegetation a clear shape. It allows you to achieve a pronounced contour, cuts off hairs of unequal length, makes the beard and mustache pronounced and clear. The ergonomic shape of the handle and light weight of the device simplifies the work with bristles.

The device has a powerful engine - during operation from the mains, the power is 500 rpm. The kit includes three nozzles for processing bristles of different lengths and densities, as well as a brush for cleaning them and a special oil for processing the device.

K. (makeup.ua): “The machine is a bomb! The haircut is excellent, the edging is a pleasure. It is very nice to hold in your hand, it does not get very hot during operation. The disadvantage is quite loud. ”

  1. "Beret Prolithium"

Wahl Beret Prolithium is a device from the professional line of facial care products.

The device can operate on battery power - thanks to the quick charge function, you can use the device only a few minutes after installation on the stand. Within 60 minutes, the machine is fully charged, which is enough for 75 minutes of continuous operation.

The knife can be quickly removed - for this a special button is provided on the front panel. It is enough to press it to dismantle the nozzle and install another. Such a tool is indispensable in the case when it is necessary to accurately cut the bristles and give the vegetation a certain shape.

The kit includes 4 different nozzles for processing bristles and mustaches, as well as a special cover for storing them. The ergonomic handle provides convenience in work.

Vova (onlinetrade.ru): “The Wahl Beret ProLithium 8841-616 hair clipper was purchased for a hairdresser, super quality, made in the USA, cheap.”

Wahl Beard Trimmers These are high-quality devices that provide complete facial care for facial hair. A large number of nozzles and a flexible system of settings allows you to achieve the desired results.

Trimmer WAHL 8991-216 HERO 5 Star Series

Network trimmer with a durable, high-performance, professional rotary motor, thanks to which the trimmer can be used on the stream for long-term work. Compact and stylish design is suitable even for small hands and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

WAHL Hero 8991-216 - Professional Network Trimmer

And his opponent WAHL 4150-0470 Detailer

WAHL Extra Wide Detailer Trimmer

The color of this trimmer is silver with a burgundy insert. Ideal for performing artistic, precise and detailed work.

Both of these trimmers are equipped with a T-Blade knife block, a precision-ground stainless steel knife.

Knife block width for Hero and Detailer trimmers

  • Hero has a knife block 32 mm wide.
  • Detailer knife block width 35 mm. - wider by 3 mm and with WAHL Extra Wide Detailer the knife block width is 38 mm
  • - cutting height at factory setting 0.4 for both

In general, it seems to me that Wahl’s marketers are very smart, lengthening the knife block makes a new machine, each subsequent one is more expensive than the previous one, and the knife blocks are suitable for everyone. But the price of the knife block is such that you just want to pay a little extra and take the entire trimmer!

The rest of the configuration is identical

  • brush for cleaning
  • knife block care oil,
  • cover for protecting the knife,
  • tool for setting the knife block,

Summarizing the fact that we compared the bright difference in the motor, the knife block which can be replaced with the cable length if desired. And the difference in price is about 600 rubles, how much it is up to you to decide!

Wahl trimmer brief

The company is positioned as one of the well-known manufacturers of hair clippers. This company, releasing its product, always takes into account the wishes of consumers.

The trimmer is one of the important tools of professional hairdressers. The products of this company cope well with shaving, modeling of bristles, mustaches, eyebrows.

The width of the knives varies from 14 mm to 24 mm, depending on the purpose of the tool.

Overview of some models:

  1. Model 3010-0473 - a universal machine, it is used to cut a beard, remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. The device has self-sharpening blades, 3 nozzles for short haircuts, 1 nozzle adjustable, with the smallest cut length +6, length settings 10 pcs., Battery. Air razor is very lightweight, although the case is made of metal, soft inserts facilitate the design. Pickup price - 5400 p.
  2. Model 3019-0471 - this kit, consists of 2 trimmers, has a very modest size and cover, 1 nozzle and 6 length settings. It is convenient to take on business trips or long trips. Powered by batteries, they are not included. Pickup price - 2388 p.
  3. Model 5546-216 - appointment for the nose and ears, a convenient ergonomic device, made of high quality medical steel, the united states wahl brand. Pickup price -1250r.
  4. Trimmer rechargeable hair groomer clipper 79600-2101 - a machine that works from the network and autonomously, self-sharpening knives made of high carbon steel, the presence of quick recharging -15 minutes.
  5. Model 9916-1117 prov />

The Internet is teeming with all kinds of information about professional tools, just type in a search engine: view trimmers for haircuts. Other models can be viewed and purchased, for example, in the Yandex market.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Strengths of the manufacturer

  1. The thought-over, safe knife system. It allows you to accurately and clearly cut the right amount of hair.
  2. Quality batteries last a very long time.
  3. Good hourly operating mode.
  4. The presence of a special alloy on the blades. This alloy keeps the blades pointed.
  5. Long network cable.

Top 3 best beard and mustache models

Best clippers 2018:

  1. Philips QG3340 / 16 - a device for hair and beard 7 in 1., 18 settings for mustache and beard, 12 settings for bristles and contours, a razor for smooth shaving, a nozzle for hard-to-reach spots.
  2. Braun MGK3020 - apparatus with high-quality, eternal blades, 4 nozzles, with an interval of 0.5-21 mm. 40 minutes work
  3. Panasonic ER2403-K520: operating time 40 minutes, it is possible to clean under water, step 3 - 15 mm.

Wahl trimmer reviews

Artyom: “I bought a razor 3615-0471, I really like it, on a business trip it was simply irreplaceable, it held a charge for a long time, after shaving my skin was like that of a baby, I didn’t need soap for shaving.”

Model 5546-216, Arseny: “This razor has a backlight, how it helps in front of the mirror! She’s not pulling at all, she hasn’t changed anything in a year. ”

Mobile Shaver, Andrei: “It meets its characteristics, it pleases that it’s not Chinese, it copes well with hair, though the operating time is only 45 minutes.”

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Watch the video: 10 Best Wahl Clippers 2019 (April 2020).

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