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How to determine the size of men's underpants

Quite often, buying men's underwear is difficult. The difficulty lies in how to determine the size of men's underpants. Even knowing the parameters, another difficulty arises: each manufacturer uses its own size system. To correctly determine the size of underwear for a man, you need to have at least an elementary idea of ​​the existing system of parameters for underwear. By the way, this applies not only to underwear for men, but also for women.

The main three systems of sizes of men's underpants

Three systems have been developed, each of which uses its own specific standards and its individual methodology for determining the size of linen:

  • International system: instead of numbers, letters are used - S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and beyond.
  • European system: numbers from 1 to 10 and from 40 to 58 are used.
  • Russian system: numbers from 42 to 60 are used.

The difficulty with the purchase is that if you previously purchased the product from one manufacturer, you are now planning to make a purchase from another manufacturer, accordingly, the sizing system will also change, which means that the purchase may not work.

When buying underwear for men, you need to know two things:

  1. Waist - use a special measuring tape to measure. The size is determined in the region of the belt, at the location of the gum in the product. If you do not measure the waist circumference, then such products will wear or rub the lumbar, or sit loose.
  2. Hip circumference - measurement is carried out using a measuring tape. If a man prefers to wear underwear that does not fit his hips, you need to add one or two centimeters to the number obtained during measurement.

The size line of men's underpants depends on the manufacturer, but for the convenience of the buyer there is a single marking. The European dimension line uses the letters in the designations: “S” is a small designation, “M” is a medium designation, “L” is a large designation, “XL” is a very large designation, and “XXL” is a maximum designation.

Russian standards, to accurately determine the appropriate parameter of linen, measure the circumference of the hips.

When purchasing European men's underwear, you need to compare your individual size with the European. Typically, such a mapping table is printed by the manufacturer on the packaging of the laundry. You need to find the appropriate size and compare it with the letter of the international parameter.

Size grid for men's underpants

Size in RussiaWaist circumference, cmHips, cmInternational standard
56102113,63 xl
58106116,63 xl
60110119,64 xl
62114122,64 xl

Determination of the size of cowards according to the table

Using the table below and your calculations, you can safely buy underwear for men in the online store, regardless of manufacturer. The purchase will certainly meet the parameters.


How to choose the right panties for men in size

There are several methods for determining the correct size of men's underwear. You should check the label on your existing underwear and use the table to transfer the parameters if the manufacturer is different.

Using a special measuring tape, the hips are measured at the most convex points on the buttocks, and the measuring tape is held parallel to the floor. On the scale below, you can check the correctness of the parameters, taking into account the measurement obtained with the hip circumference:

  • S: 97 cm
  • M: 102 cm
  • L: 105 cm
  • XL: 109 cm
  • 2XL: 115 cm,
  • 3XL: 121 cm.

Method for determining the waist circumference - a measuring tape is applied to the elastic line, the main thing is that the tape does not move out during measurement. According to the scale below, the result of the waist circumference is checked:

  • S: 73-79 cm
  • M: 79-87 cm
  • L: 87-95 cm,
  • XL: 95-103 cm
  • 2XL: 103-110 cm,
  • 3XL: 110-117 cm.

It is recommended to check the quality of the material used for the production of men's underwear when purchasing. If the fabric does not stretch well, you need to purchase linen one size larger.

Varieties of Men's Underpants

There are several types of men's underpants:

  1. Boxers are one of the most common types of men's underpants. Boxers are made of soft fabrics with elastic rubber. This look is comfortable in everyday wear and is great for sports. The linen is comfortable, has a beautiful appearance, does not harm men's health. When buying boxers, you need to pay attention to the fabric from which they are made. It is advisable to give preference to cotton, as it allows the body to breathe, and thereby overheating of the intimate area can be avoided.
  2. Briefs are no less favorite type of men's underpants, often called swimming trunks. They are made from various types of fabric and in a variety of colors. But experts do not recommend wearing briefs often, as they tighten tightly, and this leads to compression of the male genital organs, which leads to a disruption in blood flow to the ovaries. Also, melts are made mainly from synthetic material, which does not allow air to pass through well.
  3. Tanga - inherent in romantic men. They look straightforward - two pieces of triangular-shaped fabric sewn to an elastic gum.

According to experts, linen should not be very tight or very spacious. It must fit the size, be comfortable and convenient when moving. Close and tight underwear constrains the movement, causes discomfort. Loose boxers or briefs gather under trousers, give the man a sloppy appearance. Therefore, the ability to determine the correct size plays an important role in shopping, because we are talking not only about the appearance, but also about the health of the man. Therefore, factors such as growth and physique must be considered. Using the tables below, you can easily correctly determine the parameters of underwear.

Three standards

The main three are:

  1. international
  2. european
  3. Russian

Each of them uses its own standards and its own methodology for determining size.

So, the well-known international system uses the letters S, M, L, XL, etc.

In Europe and Russia, manufacturers use numbers: the European system from 1 to 10, as well as from 40 to 58, and the Russian from 42 to 60.

And this is the main difficulty: if you know the size by one system, but want to buy, for example, on a manufacturer’s website that uses a different system, then you can “miss it” and the purchased underpants will not work.

In order to buy the most suitable underpants, you should know two basic things.

♦ waist circumference. These data must be obtained using a special measuring tape. It is necessary to determine the size in the region of the belt, in the place where the underwear elastic is usually located. In cases where underpants are bought for a larger waist, they will not fit tightly, and if the underpants are for a smaller waist, then after two or three hours in such shorts you can rub your lumbar region.


♦ Hip size should be measured. But then you need to ask the man about his preferences. The fact is that some men love it when their underpants are tight on their hips, but some prefer it when their underpants do not fit their hips. In the latter case, you should add 1-2 centimeters to the resulting number.

The easiest method of sizing for clothes, video:

How to find out your size?

In fact, the size of swimming trunks for men is the main determining factor for choosing underwear, since underwear should be free and spacious, but not baggy, otherwise chafing and other unpleasant consequences can not be avoided. And due to the great popularity of joint purchases on the Internet, the importance of proper sizing has only increased. Cowards can be chosen without trying, if you take certain measurements.

The easiest and most popular way to calculate coward sizes is to look at the labeling and information on the label of previous cowards that are already in use by a man. Another equally popular way is to take measurements from yourself. To do this, take a measuring tape, calculating the girth in the hips in their protruding part, as well as the waist, where the elastic from the swimming trunks will be located.

Men's Underwear Size Charts

To determine the size of underwear, it is necessary to take into account the model of underpants, as today designers offer a wide selection of styles for every taste. The most common models are boxers, swimming trunks and standard underpants, but such models as families, tangos, thongs, slips, etc. are used much less often. Each model implies its own individual cut, providing the man maximum comfort only if the right size is chosen.


In fact, the dimensional grid of men's underpants from different manufacturers may be different from another table, so when buying underwear a man needs to request a grid with sizes from the supplier. Recently, more and more manufacturers are inclined towards a uniform labeling of sizes. Traditionally, the size of underpants is measured by calculating the circumference of the hips and waist, such a model of linen should be tight, so it is important to focus on the table with the parameters in order to buy the size in size.

Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks are a popular type of men's underwear that men buy not only for the beach season, but also for daily use. But experts believe that swimming trunks, which so tightly fit the intimate area, are harmful for everyday use, it is better to wear them only on the beach or under tight clothes. When buying, they also select the exact size of the swimming trunks for men, since they should fit snugly on the waist and hips. The standard size table for men's underwear is used.

Size table

Well, for greater convenience, determining the size of men's underpants gives a comparative table of size systems.


With the help of your calculations and this table, there should not be any difficulties in acquiring men's underpants. You can safely purchase on the Internet, seeing only the size. And as a result, you will buy underpants that fit a man in size.


Boxers are no less popular model of men's underwear, which combines stylish design, masculinity and brutality, as well as usability. Therefore, questions about how to choose men's boxer shorts by size are no less important and relevant today. When choosing such swimming trunks, it is worth choosing models from natural fabrics that have the property of “sitting down” a bit after washing. When calculating the sizes, it is better for boxers to take 1 size larger, taking into account the possible shrinkage of the fabric and so as not to hamper the intimate area.

The sizes of underwear are presented in the following table:

Secrets of the right choice of men's underpants

Many do not even think about how often men are given underwear.

The girl tries to choose it perfectly as a gift to her beloved, but usually does not take into account all the nuances .

This important element of the wardrobe is usually bought without trying on, and you have to deal with the difficulties of choice. From now on, you will forget about them, because you will learn how to choose men's underpants!

The right size is the key to success

Many people do not know exactly how to choose men's underpants by size

♦ The easiest way is to check the label of your existing laundry.

♦ For another method you will need a measuring tape.

It is necessary to measure the man’s hips at the points of the buttocks, which are the most protruding, holding the “centimeter” parallel to the floor. On this scale, you can check the sizes using the obtained hip circumference:

  1. S: 97 cm.
  2. M: 102 cm.
  3. L: 105 cm.
  4. XL: 109 cm.
  5. 2XL: 115 cm.
  6. 3XL: 121 cm.

Another proven method is to determine the waist circumference. When applying a "centimeter" to the line of gum underpants, you must make sure that he does not move out. The result of the waist circumference can be checked below:

  1. S: 73-79 cm.
  2. M: 79-87 cm.
  3. L: 87-95 cm.
  4. XL: 95-103 cm.
  5. 2XL: 103-110 cm.
  6. 3XL: 110-117 cm.

Always check the material from which the linen is sewn. Some types of fabric do not stretch well, then you need to buy one size larger.

Does the dimensional grid of cowards, swimming trunks and boxers always coincide?

Particular attention should be paid to men on such a question as the conformity of the sizes of different models of underwear. From the previously mentioned models - underpants, swimming trunks and boxers, it becomes clear that the dimensional table of generally accepted standards is used in a single version for all models. Particular attention when choosing a size for a man needs to be paid to linen fabrics.

If the question arises, how to choose men's swimming trunks or underpants, here you need to look in the table for the column of correspondence of parameters without errors and additives. Such models imply a fitting style, so they take size in size. For example, with a thigh volume of 110 cm, a man definitely needs xl size, i.e. 54 size. If a man prefers boxers, it is better to take the size xxl (2xl) or 56 size so that the swimming trunks sit freely, without compressing the intimate area. The largest size in the table is xxxl (3xl), which corresponds to the Russian size 58.

Which is better: boxers or briefs

The second problem that girls often encounter when buying underwear for a guy is which men's underwear to choose? The most common form - “boxers” - are made of soft material with elastic rubber. Men prefer them not only for everyday wear, but also for sports.

Useful products for men, a list of the best read here!

No less popular are briefs, which are often called swimming trunks. They can be found from any type of fabric and different colors. For romantic evenings and seduction of a beloved woman, tanga is perfect. They look very straightforward: two triangular pieces of fabric sewn to an elastic band.

Funny panties with drawings or a colorful print will help to add a little cheerful mood.

Young guys especially like to wear these.

Quality is better than quantity

Before you choose high-quality men's underpants, you always need to pay attention to the composition of the textiles. 100% cotton is considered ideal, although some man-made materials also boast their quality.

The fabric should be uniform, with even seams, and the elastic should be soft and elastic. This piece of clothing cannot be too narrow; the guy should feel confident and comfortable.

It doesn’t matter where underwear for men is bought: in a brand store or in the market. The main thing is to know how to choose the size of men's underpants, and remember the quality.

Fabric texture and size

When choosing a size of underwear, a man needs to take into account the fabrics from which such items of clothing are held. The fact is that some natural and synthetic fabrics stretch perfectly, respectively, taking linen a size larger is not a reasonable solution, while other fabrics are dense and do not stretch, in this case, leave a tolerance in the size measurement of 1-2 cm.

Resizing with different textures

If 5-10% synthetics is added to the natural fabric of linen, this does not at all impair the quality of the underpants. On the contrary, the fabric is considered flexible and elastic, so you can choose the right size underwear without worrying that they will decrease after washing. Most often it can be elastane or lycra, but most of the fabric must be natural, whether it be cotton, wool or silk.

Cotton is the most common fabric for sewing underwear, as they are hypoallergenic and durable. When choosing underwear from it, you need to understand that the fabric does not stretch well, and after several washings it can “sit down”. Therefore, such linen is taken a size larger so that after washing you do not feel discomfort from the tightness of the intimate area.Knitwear is an excellent stretch fabric that requires a choice of linen size to size.

Tips for choosing clothes

Of course, the main criteria for choosing a man’s underpants in size are their model and the fabrics from which they are made. At the same time, a man should rely on his own preferences, not all men like tight-fitting styles and vice versa, too spacious options under trousers do not always look aesthetically pleasing. Elastane is an excellent supplement that allows cowards to stretch, repeating the silhouette of the hips.

If a man needs high-quality pants made of natural cotton, it is better to find those with mercerized cotton on the label. Before buying pants, you need to inspect the quality of the seams, they must be solid smooth without roughness and protruding threads. Coarse seams often lead to chafing and unpleasant symptoms. It is important to consider the country of the manufacturer in order to choose the right sizes of underwear and labeling.


Men's underwear today is presented in a large number of models and styles to meet the needs of all men. But the most popular and common are cowards, swimming trunks and boxers. The first two options buy strictly size to size, comparing the parameters of the body with the dimensional grid, it is better to take boxers one size larger. When choosing swimming trunks, special attention is paid to the quality of the seams and the composition of the fabrics, the country of manufacture and cut.


To correctly determine the size of boxer shorts, you need to take a measurement from the waist circumference (OT). The waist is measured using a tailor's centimeter along the natural line of the torso at the level of the elastic of the underpants.

Measurement recommendations:

  • comply with posture
  • measure your waist as you exhale
  • Hold the tape horizontally on the floor without pulling or relaxing it.

Typical sizes of boxer shorts:

  • 46 size: S, FROM 74-76 (cm),
  • 48 size: M, FR 82-84 (cm),
  • 50 size: L, FROM 86-88 (cm),
  • 52 size: XL, FROM 90-93 (cm),
  • 54 size: XXL, FROM 96-99 (cm).

Important: when choosing the size of boxers should pay attention to the material of the product. For example, knitwear shrinks after washing, and cotton underwear stretches for 1-2 sizes.

Subtleties of sizing

Most men believe that you can determine the size of cowards and the level of their quality by looking at a label from perfectly matching old things. This method of determining the size is acceptable, but it is not reliable for two reasons:

  1. convenience is associated with the composition of the material from which the linen is made,
  2. the size depends on the norms of the country where it was manufactured, as well as on the particular manufacturer who can apply individual dimensional nets and markings.

When choosing men's underpants should be considered primarily fabric. Natural materials and some types of synthetics do not stretch, so linen can be selected one size larger. When synthetic elastane fibers (over 3-5%) are added, the pants fit the figure, so small errors in determining the size are not terrible.

Features of dimensional standards

For men’s underwear, several systems have been developed based on specific standards and an original method for determining size:

  • Internationalusing letters from S to XXXL,
  • Europeanbased on digital or letter marking from 4 to 7, from 38 to 64, or from S to XL (the exception is Italian things, where the size range includes values ​​from 42 to 68),
  • Russian, which uses exclusively numbers from 44 to 58 - for men of normal physique and 60-70 - for the stronger sex with a large complexion,
  • English and Americandenoted in digital terms from 36 to 60.

Men's Underpants Size Chart


Important! Moreover, the sizes in different systems do not correspond to each other. Therefore, for greater accuracy, several additional indicators are used: waist and hips, as well as an additional parameter - growth, which is measured from the crown to the heels. It is for them that it is recommended to determine your size.

How to take measurements

To correctly calculate your size for a specific model of underwear, you need to look into the manufacturer's size chart. But before that, it will be necessary to take measurements of body parameters, which will help to make a choice, namely:

  • Waist circumference. It is determined with the help of a tailoring tape in the narrowest part along the natural line, where the underwear elastic usually takes place. This indicator should be measured as accurately as possible, because if the underpants are large at the waist, they will simply slide down, and if they are small, they will cause serious discomfort.
  • Hips. This indicator is measured by the protruding points on the buttocks. If a man is used to wearing pants with a snug fit, then the model is selected according to the indicator obtained. When the preference is given to a looser cut, the extra 1-2 cm should be added to the volume of the hips.

Important! Measurements are taken while standing on top of a naked body or underwear.

Men's underpants should not be tight and overly tight, because this can harm the health of men. And too loose models will be visible under the trousers. Therefore, you need to choose underwear strictly in accordance with your size and taking into account the individual parameters of the figure.

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