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Men's Pants Sizes

Almost all people buy things in shopping centers, not paying attention to overpriced. If you learn how to determine the size of men's pants according to the table, you can make purchases through the online store and calmly do without fitting.

In order for the purchase of trousers through online stores to bring joy and a good “fit” in the figure, the male half must precisely determine the parameters of the future model.

How to measure men's trousers

In the trading industry, the assortment of male models is diverse. To choose the right trousers, it is recommended to measure the waist, hips and pants length.

It is difficult to measure the length of the trousers on your own, because you need to stand in an even position, do not bend your knees and do not bend. Therefore, ask someone to determine the distance from the groin to the edge of future pants, that is, calculate the length. Having clasped the most convex part of the buttocks with a flexible centimeter tape, determine the size of the hips. Waist circumference is done in the place where the belt is located.

Calculating the length of the trousers yourself, without resorting to anyone else's help, is also possible. Take any pants that you wear and measure the length. Thus, you can take measurements of the waist and hips. After measuring the width of the waist and hips, multiply the resulting value by two. The total figure determines the size of the product. Knowing your parameters, then you can find the appropriate size in the comparison tables.

How to determine the size of the pants by height

When choosing trousers or jeans, pay attention to such an important parameter as human height. The length of the trousers depends on the height of the man. To calculate the exact measurements of growth, stand barefoot on a hard surface near the wall, straighten and straighten your shoulders. Determine the distance from the head to the heels with a centimeter. Russian dimensional nets indicate growth by an interval of 4 cm. For example, the designation 52/170 on the tag indicates the 52nd size of pants with an increase of 170 cm.

Size Chart for Men's Pants:

Height in centimetersCentimeter Interval

Many clothing manufacturers do not adhere to the general numbering system and set characteristics according to their interest. This confuses men in determining the appropriate model parameters.

How to find out the size of trousers of foreign manufacturers

Manufacturers of branded men’s clothing of foreign countries use their dimensional grids, unknown to Russian inhabitants.

European models of men's jeans (Montana, Boss, Mustang) and trousers are identical to Russian ones, so there is no need to compare the values ​​according to the table. For example, the 50th euro-size is identical to the 50th Russian.

Manufacturers of foreign trouser models (Levis, Lee, Wrangler) use a grid based on two important parameters: the length of the pants with the designation L and the circumference of the waist with the designation W. Since all parameters are expressed in inches, computer technology should be used. From the Russian size you need to subtract the number 16. The resulting figure will be the desired size. For example, the Russian 56th corresponds to the 40th foreign, i.e. subtract 16 from the 56th.

On dense products, international lettering is used. To correlate the domestic parameter to the English letter, use the table.

Waist circumferenceHip girthRussian sizeEuropean size (France, Germany)USALetter designation

How to choose the right trouser model

When choosing trousers, the height and physique of a man is taken into account. Men of high stature with a lean complexion fit styles with cuffs that visually shorten their legs. You can purchase models with pleats at the waist. They will make the man voluminous.

For owners of heavy weight and a dense body structure, it is better to wear pants of a wide cut without arrows with a low rise.

In classic models, pay attention to sewing pockets. They should not bulge and puff. Legs should not be too short or long. The ideal length ends between the back of the shoe and the start of the heel. Socks when walking should not be noticeable.

Sizes of sweatpants

When buying sweatpants, it is not at all necessary to use a table of volumes and parameters, it is enough to use the formula: waist circumference / 2 + 6. For example, the waist is 96 centimeters, divide this figure by 2 and add 6. The resulting value is the 54th size.

The large sports brand Adidas has its own brand names, which are formed from the indicators of waist and hips. Adidas is engaged in sewing a men's clothing line with a waist size of 71-145 cm and a chest girth from 82 cm to 145 cm.

Children's sports products use different measurements for children over 8 years old. For example, the 128th parameter of Adidas pants is designed for children of 8 years with a chest circumference of 64 cm.

Men's Sweatpants Size Chart:

Russian size (cm)Height in cmWaist circumference in cmLeg length in cm

Having decided to make a purchase through the online store, you must first determine your size. Since each brand has its own dimensional grid, it is better to adhere to its guidelines. If you follow the rules of measurements, you can easily get the perfect pants that will be worn in pleasure.

How to determine your size?

Looking for a thing from foreign companies is very easy to make a mistake. To calculate the required size correctly, write down the numbers:

  • waist and hips
  • the length of one leg at the seam.

No need to rely on the usual parameters, because since the last purchase you could get better or lose weight. As a result, a not entirely suitable thing will come.

The sizes of men's pants from China are labeled from M to 4XL. They correspond to Russian sizes 40-50. The usual length of Chinese trousers is 85-90 cm. Chinese models are often small, so it is advisable to double the figures. Or buy a thing 1-2 sizes larger.

There are two ways to make appropriate measurements.

  • Ask the assistant to take measurements from the waist and hips along the line where the buttocks protrude more strongly. Then measure the number of centimeters from motny to the bottom of the leg. At this moment, relax, stand upright, do not bend your knees - then you get the right numbers. To calculate the size of the trousers there is a formula: 92/2 + 6 cm = 52, where 92 is the width of the belt. Here you can substitute your meaning.
  • Choose in the closet pants that fit perfectly on you. Put on the table in expanded form, mark the width of the thing horizontally - from one edge to the other and hips at an adjacent point. Each obtained digit is multiplied by 2. The length of the inner seam remains unchanged, we write as it is. Men with a full-bodied figure, take measurements of the circumference of the hips with a protruding belly and the width of the leg.

When buying pants, look carefully at the numbers indicated on the label: 54/176 - the first means the size of the thing, the second - respectively, the pants are sewn on a tall or low person:

  • with a height of 164 cm, the optimal length of the leg is 163-166 cm,
  • 168 cm, choose 167-170 cm,
  • 172 - fits 171-174 cm,
  • 176 - from 175 to 178 cm,
  • 180 - from 179 to 182 cm,
  • 184 - from 183 to 186 cm,
  • 188 - from 187 to 190 cm,
  • 192 - from 191 to 194 cm,
  • 196 - from 195 to 198 cm,
  • 200 - from 199 to 202 cm.

Now you can measure and find out the appropriate length of the pants. Sewing factories in China do not have a single dimensional grid. The sites of large suppliers such as Aliexpress posted product descriptions. If not, contact the store manager for the exact choice of things.

US firms indicate waist circumference (W), product length (L). These units are measured in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Subtract 16 = W. L from the Russian size if you divide the leg length by 2.54. For example, 80 cm pants fit L31.

Jeans are an indispensable attribute of a casual look. They are: narrow, wide, ragged, shabby, summer and winter. When buying a man, you should pay attention to the basic cut of your pants. Ideal are classic, moderately narrowed and straight. If you liked a little extended from the knee, then the cut will be straight. The most suitable fit if the belt is at hip level.

This model is suitable for all men, without exception, regardless of the type of figure.

It can be worn regardless of the season, combined with t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, sweaters and shoes. In spring and summer, jeans of light colors are relevant, in late autumn and winter - dark. Universal is considered a dark blue color. The quality of jeans is determined by the material. Often, 100% cotton is used at the base, adding elastane. When touched, the roughness and density of the structure are felt.

It is preferable to buy things in an ordinary store. If you decide to place an order via the Internet, there is a chance not to guess the size used in different countries.

How to take measurements?

If a man does not have the opportunity to long and carefully try on pants in the store, choosing their ideal size and fit, you can simply order the desired model through the online store. Joint purchases today are gradually crowding out real shopping trips, as this significantly saves both the personal time of the man and his financial means. It remains only to learn to calculate the dimensions, correctly take measurements from oneself.

To measure his parameters, a man needs to determine three indicators:

  • leg length on the inside of the seam,
  • waist circumference
  • girth in the hips.

To calculate the first measurement, a man needs to use a measuring tape, which is applied to the groin area, stretching to the very bottom. You can measure the length of the inner seam of future trousers right on the man, or you can on old pants that fit perfectly on the man. You can measure the waist area if you attach the tape to the belt of old trousers, multiplying the figure by 2.

And in order to determine the volume of the hips, a man needs to encircle the most convex part in the buttocks area with a measuring tape. Only after that the obtained three digits in centimeters need to be compared with the data that the standard dimensional grid offers. Today, different countries offer their own individual methods of calculating sizes, measuring units, as well as sizes in tables.

Table of Russian sizes of men's trousers

Most often, the size of the pants along with the parameters are already indicated by the suppliers in the dimension tables. All that is required of a man is to know the exact parameters of his body, as well as which country produces the trousers. If we are talking about domestic production of trousers, the Russian sizes for men's trouser models are presented in the range from 42 to 70 sizes, if we are talking about adult men, children are supposed to use other methods of determining sizes.

The Russian table with a dimensional grid for men's trousers is as follows:

If a man found out during the measurement of his parameters, then his waist circumference is 80 cm, hips - 100 cm, respectively, according to the data of the size grid, the size of his trousers is 48. To learn how to compare Russian sizes, the table shows international standards and sizes from different countries comparable to Russian sizes. From the table we can conclude that Russia and Europe equally denote sizes.

Size range according to foreign standards

When buying trousers, it is important for a man to know the manufacturer and his country, since the labeling of sizes and methods of calculating them can differ significantly in different countries. Often men encounter letters when buying imported trousers, for example, W30L32. This way of sizing came from the United States of America, which gave the world jeans and such sizing.

American trousers assume two letters in size - the waist circumference W, as well as the length of the pants along the inner seam L. You can divide your own estimates of these parameters by 2.54 to get numbers in American inches. Or you can simply compare the Russian size of your pants with a comparative dimensional grid from different countries.

In addition to American models of trousers, goods from China are widely distributed today. Despite the fact that well-known brands and manufacturers of this country offer Chinese sizes that correspond to European grids, often the goods arrived are small in size by 1-2 sizes. You can compare your parameters and the Russian trouser size with the Chinese designations in the following table.

Chinese sizeRussian sizeChest circumference (cm)Waist circumference (cm)Neck circumference (cm)Height (cm)
XS44887638Sizing men's pants by height

Despite the fact that the correspondence of sizes from different countries is presented in the size table, a man needs to pay attention to another way of measuring size - by height. And if among the fair half of society there is less probability of growth errors, then for men such errors are typical. To determine your height, you need to stand near the wall, straighten your back, attach a ruler to the crown and measure the length from this ruler to the heels of the legs.

Next, the resulting parameter is compared with the following table to determine by growth, this is what size:

L - size30323436
Length L72-7677-8182-8687-92
Height (cm)161-170171-180181-190191-200

When determining the right size of trousers by height, it is also important for a man to know the country of the manufacturer of the trousers and the size grid of this country. You also need to remember that some clothing companies deviate from accepted international or domestic dimensional nets and standards. In this case, the manufacturer must provide the potential buyer with his personal dimensional grid.

Selection tips

If a man knows his Russian size of trousers, it will not be difficult for him to determine the international size, for example, size l or size s, which correspond to Russian sizes 52 and 48, respectively. This is all clearly visible in the table with sizes from different countries. To choose the right pants, a man should take into account the following tips from stylists and the manufacturers of such clothes themselves, namely:

  • trousers should not fit snugly against the buttocks, while it is important that they do not hang down like curtains,
  • with the correct fit of the trousers, the pockets should not be too bristling, gathering in accordion,
  • dress pants should be so long as to slightly cover the heel of the shoes,
  • when walking from under the trousers, socks should not look out, and folds will form below the ankles,
  • when buying trousers, a man should take into account his particular appearance and figure, for example, tall thin men need trousers with cuffs and without arrows, undersized men, on the contrary, need pants with arrows and without cuffs.

Stylists pay special attention to overweight men, as it is more difficult for them to choose the perfect style and size of trousers. Spacious pants without cuffs and arrows will be able to adjust the figure and extra centimeters. In addition to size, it is important to pay attention to what pants will be combined with in terms of outerwear and shoes.


You can find out the size of the pants directly from the supplier, who is obliged to provide customers with a dimensional grid. According to her, a man can compare his indicators of growth, girth in the waist and hips, as well as the length of the pants along the inner seam. This will help to avoid errors during the purchase of trousers that a man can not pre-try on. Measurements can be carried out immediately on your body or guided by the old model of trousers.

Determine the size

You can find out what size pants you wear if you take several measurements. It:

  • Waist circumference. A centimeter tape is laid at the level of wearing the belt.
  • Hip girth. The tailoring tool should be extended horizontally to the floor lines, capturing the convex places of the buttocks.
  • Length of the product. The section from the groin to the desired leg length along the inner seam is taken into account.

If you buy classic pants in a store, then it is enough to know the first two parameters, if you prefer online shopping, you can’t do without the length of the pants. Taking measurements, pay attention to how you stand, because the accuracy of measurements depends on this. First of all, do not pull in your stomach, otherwise the waist circumference will be less than it actually is. It is better to attach an assistant, for example, to a spouse who is familiar with a centimeter tape and knows how to use it.

The absence of an assistant should not affect your plans. In this case, take the trousers that suit your parameters and lay them on a hard horizontal surface. Armed with a tailoring tool, measure the distance on the belt from the left side to the right. The button should be fastened and the tape should run freely. Multiply the result by two, this will be the waist circumference.

To find out the size of sweatpants, use the formula - FROM: 2 + 6 cm. For example, the waist is 84 cm, halving it, we get 42. We add 6 to the result, the total is 48. This means that the sweatpants must be looked after the 48th size.

Size Matching Table

If you need to know what size pants you need to buy in the online store, take a look at the table. With parameters 84-100, choose a wardrobe item where the number 48 is indicated on the tag. Moreover, it will be true both for items of domestic production and for those that were sewn in European countries (Germany, France).

Your russian
pants size
Waist circumference
Hip girth

An equally important parameter when choosing clothing for men is the growth of the model. Domestic manufacturers take it into account when marking their products, and point to the label along with a half-waist. For example, 52/176. Men whose height is below 170 or taller than 190 cm should choose trousers especially carefully. Despite the standard volumes (OT and OB), it may turn out that the wardrobe item will be either too short or prohibitively long.

Height (cm)156160164168172176

The height on the label is indicated with an interval of 4 cm. Suppose a man with a height of 168 cm is suitable for a model with 166-170, and trousers with a mark of 182-186 are designed for tall 184 cm.

Height (cm)180184188192196200

Manufacturers of clothes for men, being in different countries, prefer to use the numbering of sizes of different systems. That's why when buying things over the Internet, you can easily make the wrong choice.

What trousers to buy abroad?

Large European and American brands are trying not to deviate from the dimensional grids adopted in their countries. It will be easy for our compatriots to decide on the size of the trousers in France or Germany, since it is fully consistent with what we are used to buying at home.

However, difficulties arise in the selection of pants numbered on the grid, which is typical for jeans. That is, two parameters are taken into account: waist circumference (W) and leg length (L). An even greater confusion is that they are indicated in inches. The formula will help calculate the suitable size: domestic - 16 units. For example, on domestic-made trousers we see the number 52, subtracting 16 from it, we get 36. You need to look for it on the label during shopping abroad.

Do not do without a table if the manufacturer uses an international letter system for marking. From it it becomes clear that the 52nd size corresponds to L.

Choosing the right style pants

A man of a dense and plump complexion should opt for a straight cut model with a slightly lowered waist without arrows on his legs. The owner of a tall thin figure will harmoniously look trousers with cuffs, they visually shorten the legs. And in that, and in another case, consider the length of the product, it should be such that when walking did not peep out socks. When trying on a wardrobe item while still in a store, pay attention to the length of the trouser leg: on the back, its edge should reach the beginning of the heel of the shoes, and in the front there would be no transverse folds.

Make sure that pockets do not protrude when wearing, do not clutter them with unnecessary objects. All you can afford to put in them is a wallet.

Little-known facts from the history of trousers

  • Iranian Scythians - the first people on earth, where men began to wear the bottom of their clothes, similar to modern models of pants.
  • In ancient China, only brave warriors wore trousers.
  • To create comfort during long horseback riding, Prussian soldiers began to sew off leggings - tight pants made of deerskin or elk leather.
  • Pantaloons and breeches were named after historical characters. The first come from the nickname of the Italian comedian, the second - from the name of the general of the French army.
  • Aristocrats XVIII did not wear long trousers, such models were intended only for laborers.
  • European fashion, including the lower part of the costume, was introduced in Russia by Peter the Great. Until 1670, men dressed up in portoki, which were sewn from two pieces of cloth and combined with a fly in a rhombic shape.
  • Until the 40s of the XIX century, men's pants were sewn of the same size and adjusted to the parameters of a particular consumer using a belt and suspenders. It is for this reason that the products looked baggy.

On the "flares", relevant in the 70s of the last century, exactly 7 folds (according to the number of oceans) should have loomed. This is the opinion held by fashionistas walking around the streets in wide trousers.

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