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Original cufflinks with engraving, stones, drawings

Our workshop has been engraving cufflinks since 2011.
We will do any application and are responsible for the result.

Advantages of ordering engraving tokens with us:

  • We do it on the spot - in any workshop with you, right away!
  • High detail: a letter 2 mm high will be perfectly readable
  • Great prices - from 990r for engraving kit
  • Laser engraving does not fade over time and does not fade.
  • Font layout and selection - free
  • Always in stock cufflinks

Engraving cufflinks - online video:

Engraving on cufflinks is a great way to personalize a gift for a man.

Our engravers have extensive experience in engraving on cufflinks of any complexity, so we always guarantee an excellent result. Using the most modern engraving equipment, we make high-quality engraving on any cufflinks.

For example, a simple engraving on cufflinks is done with the client in 5 minutes, during which our specialists coordinate the layout with the client and apply the engraving.

Cufflink engraving

First of all, engraved cufflinks are a sign of originality and owner status. This is his personality and impeccable taste. Engraving on cufflinks can also talk about the philosophy of its owner. Thus, a man can focus on professional affiliation, or attachment to his hobby, or simply attract the attention of his surroundings to symbols that are significant to him.

What are the types?

The most popular types of engraving:

  • Initials - This is the best way to express your own personality and not mediocrity. Name cufflinks will emphasize individuality and emphasize the accessory's belonging to a specific person,
  • Images - various symbols and icons, which include a certain meaning and aesthetics,
  • Logos, company or social company names,
  • Monogram - This is an elegant, patterned initial. Such jewelry is preferred by VIP persons and gentlemen from high society.

Engraved cufflink with initials, will indicate personal style and give sophistication to the shirt. By making a gift with an engraving, you will preserve the memory of yourself for many years. Engraving can be done in the form of a short wish, or a pattern or drawing, which will be appreciated by its owner. Understanding absolute originality increases self-esteem and the level of relationships.

They are distinguished by several more criteria:

  • Materials:
  • Wooden
  • Fabric
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Clasps:
  • Chain
  • Pin
  • T-shaped
  • With rocks
  • Art casting
  • Hot enamel

Men's cufflinks with engraving

In the world of ordinary typical things, every interesting detail can emphasize impeccable style. And, perhaps, there is no more elegant accessory for this than cufflinks. Modern cufflinks can be worn at a business event, a corporate meeting, a trip to the theater or a gala dinner. The fashion for cufflinks is changeable, but the main favorites remain classic strict decisions that will suit any status man.

Engraved cufflinks are traditionally made of precious metals - silver or gold, as well as steel with a dusting or polishing. On such wonderful accessories, the family monogram, coat of arms, company logo or owner's initials look great. Thin beautiful lines emphasize the elegant style of cufflinks and help make the right impression on others.

Cufflinks with stones

The richer the man’s cufflinks, the more successful he is. The presence of stones, and especially precious stones, is a sign of solidity and luxury, which very attracts the attention of others.

Connoisseurs of wealth and luxury, prefer different stones. Different in color, shape and cut. Such men know how to choose cufflinks with stones for a suit, shirt, tie clip or watch.

What gemstones for cufflinks are most often chosen by men:

  • with diamonds
  • with sapphire
  • with ruby
  • with clockwork
  • turquoise

The benefits of cufflinks:

  • Always look stylish with classic jackets.
  • Serve for decades and can even become a heirloom
  • Impeccable aesthetics underlines the high status.

Men's name cufflinks will be the perfect gift for father, son-in-law, husband or brother. This is a very valuable, personal accessory that will remind you of the donor every day. In the Gravira workshop, you can personalize your gift by engraving text, initials or a small drawing.

Original in the form of an airplane

Unusual, original cufflinks, in the form of an airplane, set in a positive, laid-back fashion. Or maybe you are surrounded by acquaintances and friends, pilots or travelers? Maybe collectors of airplanes? Then this original present will perfectly cheer up the giver.

Men's cufflinks with clockwork

Cufflinks in the form of watches look incredibly original.

For truly business people who know the value of time. This accessory is suitable for purposeful gentlemen with a delicate taste.


Cufflinks came to us in the 17th century, and if earlier they were available only to kings and nobles, emphasizing their aristocracy and peculiarity. But today, absolutely any man can afford to become a king and choose cufflinks for himself or as a gift that he will come up with! Choose the type and method of engraving, decorate with stones to your taste and enjoy a magnificent, luxurious result.

Such an extravagant approach to one’s own style will not leave indifferent either the male society or the lady’s audience.

Benefits of buying

By entrusting the manufacture of custom-made cufflinks to the specialists of Corp-Gifts, you will receive:

high-quality gold and silver metal products or accessories, retail and wholesale, in accordance with your requirements,

individual design decoration of corporate gifts with the ability to put cufflinks on the surface of the company logo, engraving, etc.,

timely execution of orders with delivery in Russia,

stylish design packaging and printing.

Silver cufflinks with engraving

To apply images, you need to choose silver jewelry with a smooth surface of considerable size. The most spectacular designs look on oval or rectangular products. On silver cufflinks are most often applied:

  • initials,
  • logos
  • names of companies or social communities.

Such accessories look representative and appropriate in official situations. You can see other gift options for engraving on metal in the corresponding section.

On the silver cufflinks engraving It can be applied in the form of zodiac signs, portraits, memorable dates, ornaments. The insignificant size of a surface does not allow to place long statements. Therefore, in most cases, certain symbols are used, reflecting the essence of wishes, if the fasteners for shirts are intended as a presentation.

To arrange a larger number of images, it is desirable to choose symmetrical products having the front side and fasteners of the same shape.

People who are members of famous clubs are especially proud to wear original cuff clasps with logos of such communities. Jewelry indicates an active life position, recognition in society, wealth. High status can be emphasized by signs symbolizing the brand.

Own initials are the most popular type of design for shirt fasteners, as they emphasize individuality. Such jewelry is not only worn by men; they look especially stylish on women's blouses.

Cufflinks can be issued not only in a simple style. Symbols depicting hobbies or creative hobbies may be displayed on the surface of products. Jewelry may contain notes of humor. For example, emoticons are applied on the front side.

Loving couples also did not ignore the cuff clasps. On products with symmetrical elements, the initial letters of the names are often applied. Jewelry has a special symbolic meaning, because the two names are connected into a single whole.

Types of Cufflinks Made

Before proceeding with the manufacture of cufflinks, we clarify the wishes of the client regarding their symmetry. Products by this criterion are divided:

to symmetrical. For such accessories, both halves are identical,

asymmetric. On their front and inner sides, a fastener and a decoration are respectively placed.

Further, our specialists find out which coupling mechanism the customer prefers. Here you can find cufflinks with a chain or clasp, rotating fastening or rigid fixation.

The design concept for cufflinks can be as follows:

classical - differs in the strictness of form and color design,

thematic - reflects the specifics of the profession (hobbies),

non-standard - can be represented in the form of an unusual object (for example, in the form of the head of an animal),

male - usually consists of large, strict and not too catchy accessories,

female - often represented by bright, decorated with artificial or precious stones cufflinks.

The Corp-Gifts company produces its own products, so you can purchase custom-made cufflinks in Moscow, personally choosing the material and appearance of the accessories.

Watch the video: Incredible hand engraved bespoke gold and diamond cufflinks (April 2020).

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