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Folk remedies on guard of men's health - prevention of prostatitis

The percentage of men suffering from prostatitis has been increasing annually for a long time. Of course, today there are many drugs designed to combat this disease. However, not everyone is ready to accept them, albeit for different reasons. Traditional medicine appeared an order of magnitude earlier than the official one, and includes various recipes for the treatment of any ailments. But treatment is always more difficult and unpleasant than from time to time to apply warning and preventive strikes. Moreover, the prevention of prostatitis by folk remedies is quite simple and quite effective.

Causes of the disease

The myth that this disease occurs mainly in elderly men has become widespread. Statistics say the opposite - young people over the age of 25 are prone to prostatitis.

There are several main factors that provoke the disease:

  1. Sedentary work. As a result, blood stagnates in the pelvis. Most of the population involved in mental activity automatically falls into the risk group.
  2. Hypothermia. The prostate gland is subject to the development of inflammatory processes, both with local and general hypothermia of the body.
  3. Chronic intestinal dysfunctions and all kinds of stool disorders.
  4. Chronic infectious diseases of a general or local nature.
  5. Large pauses in sexual activity or its complete absence.
  6. Sexually transmitted infections.

Directly, inflammation of the prostate gland occurs against a background of infection that enters the prostate through the genitourinary tract. Aggravating factors contribute to the extremely rapid development of the disease, as well as an especially acute manifestation of symptoms.

Most common symptoms

There are two extreme options for the manifestation of prostatitis in men:

  1. The absence of any signs of the disease, only episodic malfunctions in the functioning of the genitourinary system.
  2. Incredibly sharp and unexpected signs requiring immediate medical attention.

The first option is inherent in the chronic form of the disease, the second is acute.

But, as a rule, prostate disease is accompanied by the usual symptoms, according to which it is easy to clearly determine that the problem is precisely in the inflammatory process located in the prostate gland. Key features are:

  1. Increased urge to urinate. Due to the fact that due to inflammation, the bladder can be squeezed, there is a feeling of its fullness. The presence of even a small amount of urine becomes a source of false urge.
  2. Difficult urination. The reasons are identical to the above point. Also, the process of urination can be accompanied by severe burning and sharp pains.
  3. Standard manifestations of the inflammatory process. These include increased body temperature, painful sensation of cold, headache, excessive fatigue.

In some cases, the urinary process is accompanied by bloody discharge. More often, this manifestation occurs in the acute form of the disease. Also, the main signs of prostatitis in men include pain during ejaculation or with rapid movements in the pelvic area.

It is worth noting that chronic inflammation of the prostate is a much more common option than the acute form. For chronic prostatitis, an alternation of phases of exacerbation and remission is characteristic.Exacerbation periods are characterized by dull pain in the perineum and anus, which is transferred to the groin and rectum.

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A prolonged inflammatory process is sometimes accompanied by inflammation of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis) or the neck of the bladder. With such phenomena, the disease is more complicated.

Products useful for the prevention of prostatitis

  1. Ryazhenka, kefir. These dairy products are indispensable, as they contribute to the smooth functioning of the intestines and digestive system, restore microflora, and improve blood supply to the pelvic organs.
  2. Meat and fish of low-fat varieties. They serve as excellent sources of amino acids that are essential for the construction of cells.
  3. Nuts, in particular hazel. They include arginine, folic acid, various vitamins.
  4. Tomatoes Contain an amazing antioxidant called lycopene. This substance has become famous due to its ability to fight cancer cells. According to recent studies, the risk of developing a malignant tumor in the area of ​​the prostate gland, with the consumption of lycopene, decreases very significantly.
  5. Soy, green beans.
  6. Broccoli, as well as other types of cabbage. They are excellent antibacterial plants,
  7. Seafood. Most preferably mussels and oysters - they contain zinc, which positively affects the body of men.
  8. Cranberries and Barbados cherries (acerola). They contain vitamin C, as well as beneficial micro and macro elements.
  9. Bran. Contain a record amount of zinc.
  10. Honey, propolis.

Almost all beekeeping products fight well with inflammatory processes, strengthen the immune system, and support it with unique beneficial substances. That is why in folk recipes for the prevention of prostatitis, honey often appears in the quality of one of the main ingredients, along with various herbs.

Folk recipes

  1. About 500 grams of pumpkin seeds must be ground. Then mix with 200 grams of honey and make a few balls, the diameter of a walnut. They must be eaten 2 times a day, half an hour before meals, in the amount of one piece. It is important that the consumption process should take place slowly - stretched for about 3 minutes. Keep balls in the refrigerator.
  2. Parsley seeds are an extremely effective tool in the prevention of prostatitis in men. Two tablespoons of ground seeds must be poured into 500 ml of water, brought to a boil and then let it brew. Tincture is drunk 3-4 times a day, one sip.
  3. Infusions of linden, celandine, St. John's wort and chamomile are mixed according to a ratio of 1: 1: 2: 2. Before consumption, the resulting mixture should be heated in a water bath. The daily norm is half a glass, after the first and closing meals.
  4. 20 grams of chopped red root (tea penny) is poured into 400 ml of boiled water, and infused in a thermos. Sweeten the broth with honey, and drink like regular tea.
    Chopped green chestnut shells are poured with boiling water, and infused overnight. Two tablespoons of the shell are poured with 500 ml of water. Drink one teaspoon before the first meal.
  5. Extremely useful vegetable juices. They can also be mixed to make a delicious mix.
    Exercise for the prevention of prostatitis

Of particular relevance are motor actions when a man is eager to avoid a relapse of the disease. However, for preventive purposes, they are no less relevant.

After waking up, it is necessary to massage the perineum for five minutes. This action helps to get rid of stagnation of the prostate gland.

Before eating, you should perform one more element. Standing at full height and shifting your legs together, you need to sit down 1/3 and from this position alternately move your knees forward.The exercise should be performed similarly to the first, about five minutes. Before dinner, you can repeat the procedure.

Over time, this rite ceases to cause inconvenience, but at the start it is worth to be patient. Fans of walking should not be afraid of prostatitis, since walking is a great way to prevent it.

Helper Method

In ancient times, men struggled with prostatitis in a simple way. They filled the trough with a special broth, and the man simply sat in it. Now baths are available everywhere, so the task is still simplified. As for the decoction, he made their mixture of celandine, dried cinnamon, string, lily of the valley, blackcurrant leaves, sage, chamomile and linden. The ingredients were combined in approximately equal proportions.

In current realities, the collection collected is poured with boiling water in a basin or bucket, infused and cooled to 36 degrees, poured into the bathroom. It is enough to sit in it for 10 minutes, once or twice a month. After the procedure, it is recommended to lie down a bit, after warming up well.

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Prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies should be carried out in consultation with your doctor. It is very difficult to choose herbs or fees from various plants on your own, since each of them will help well with certain symptoms and cases. Traditional medicine treatment is one of the most common ways to defeat prostatitis.

Is prostatitis prophylaxis beneficial for traditional medicine?

Any problem with the prostate gland is currently commercial. In order to remove all doubts about this, you just need to go to the pharmacy and see that the medications that contribute to the treatment of prostatitis take several stands at once, and their cost varies in quite different ranges.

It would not be surprising for anyone if the attending physician immediately writes down the remedy, the manufacturer of which concluded a “contract” with this physician. At the moment, such things can be found in almost all medical institutions. Do not forget that the composition of all drugs includes a large number of chemical and synthetic elements that can cause side effects in a person and worsen his state of health.

Of course, before the appointment of a particular drug, various tests are carried out in order to find out whether the body can normally take the medicine.

But still, not everyone wants to pay big money for drugs that will be ineffective in treatment and will cause side effects on the body. That is why traditional medicine comes to the aid of everyone.

Today, you can find many different ways, recipes and techniques that involve the treatment of prostatitis with the help of traditional medicine.

Each man will be able to choose for himself an excellent treatment option that will take place using plants, baths, fees or tinctures, the ingredients for which are very inexpensive and affordable for everyone.

A very big advantage of traditional medicine is that all the methods have been tested for years and have managed to prove themselves only on the positive side.

Therefore, we can conclude that it is very beneficial to carry out prophylaxis or self-medication with the help of traditional medicine because:

  • The cost of the ingredients will be very low.
  • The availability of each component is very large and it will not be a problem for anyone to find one or another ingredient on the market.
  • The effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Minimal amount of side effects.

Prevention of prostatitis in men with folk remedies: who is at risk?

Prevention of such a common male ailment is needed, first of all, for those who are in the “risk group”. And it usually consists of:

  1. Men after forty
  2. Patients with chronic diseases
  3. Not having regular sex life or, on the contrary, practicing illegible sex,
  4. Faced due to work or for other reasons with frequent hypothermia,

Healthy foods

First of all, the stronger sex should remember good nutrition.

For preventive purposes, it is advisable to include the following products in your usual diet:

  • Honey, propolis and other bee products. Such funds strengthen the immune system, actively fight against inflammatory processes and support the body with vitamins and other beneficial substances that make up their composition. It turns out excellent disease prevention. The usefulness of honey was also known to our ancestors, who actively used this product to treat many ailments.
  • Dairy: fermented baked milk and kefir, restore intestinal microflora and normalize the digestive system. They have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Bran, mussels and oysters contain zinc that your body needs.
  • In meat of low fat content there are amino acids - the builders of cells. They are also used to prevent male diseases.

  • Vitamin C It is found in cranberries, which have anti-inflammatory effects, and in nuts that are rich in vitamin E, folic acid, and arginine.
  • In tomatoes contains lycopene. This antioxidant actively fights cancer cells and significantly reduces the risk of a prostate tumor.
  • In order to prevent prostatitis, it is necessary to use a product such as green beans. This is a very effective preventative measure.
  • It is recommended that broccoli be included in the diet as an antibacterial product.
  • Treatment and prevention of prostatitis folk remedies:

    Pumpkin seeds in the prevention of prostatitis

    Pumpkin seeds, with the help of which both prevention and treatment of prostatitis are carried out, is considered one of the best methods of dealing with this ailment.

    The great advantage of this method is its availability to everyone and low cost. It is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with such a remedy in a special way, since simply adding pumpkin seeds to your diet simply will not do anything.

    In order to bring this method to life, you will need live pumpkin seeds. Fried or dried, they will not be suitable for treatment. From them you need to prepare a healing mixture by grinding them and adding to the formed mass of honey. The resulting mixture needs to be slightly warmed up, and then left in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

    Each man chooses for himself what of this "pumpkin mass" he will do: whether it will be pills or balls, it does not matter. The main thing is to make them convenient and accept, strictly observing the regime. You need to use this mixture every day before eating. A very good option would be to dissolve it in the tongue, since the action from this begins much faster and goes better.

    The use of pumpkin seeds will be appropriate:

    • In the prevention of prostatitis and adenoma.
    • In combination treatment with medications.
    • In the process of treating the initial forms of prostatitis.

    Step by step recipes

    Quite often, for the prevention of prostatitis, formulations are used, the main component of which are propolis, honey or milk. There are many decoctions made on medicinal herbs. Here are some of them.

    Recipe One:

    Propolis tincture. The propolis bee product is ground and mixed with honey in a 1: 2 ratio. The container with the resulting mixture is placed in a dark place.

    After three weeks, when the mixture is infused, it is filtered and stored in a glass bowl. In the morning and evening, before eating, half a glass of water gets 35 drops of liquid and is taken inside.

    Recipe Two:

    Bath with healing broth. Our ancestors using this recipe used troughs. But a herbal bath will also be an effective option.

    To do this, you need sage, medicinal chamomile, cinnamon with celandine, then - the leaves of May lily of the valley, the leaves of ordinary blackcurrant, as well as a succession and leaves of linden.

    They mix in proportion 2:2:2:2:2:2:3:3. 7 collection spoons are brewed in a bucket of boiling water, infused. The infusion is cooled to 36 degrees, filtered. Sitting in such a bath takes 10 minutes. Then cover yourself warmer and lay in bed for a while.

    The sitz bath is repeated 2 times a month. It stops the development of prostatitis.

    Recipe Three:

    Prophylactic decoction of a red (or bearish) root. The resulting product cleanses the body, relieves fatigue and prevents inflammation of the prostate. The tool is easy to cook at home.

    To do this, add 20 ml of boiling water to 20 g of finely chopped bear root. For some time, the broth is infused in a warm place (you can use a thermos). After that, they drink it like regular tea.

    Recipe Four:

    An excellent prophylactic against prostatitis - chestnuts. The green peel of the chestnuts is crushed. Two tablespoons of the peel are poured with 0.5 liters of boiling water. The liquid is infused overnight and taken in the morning. Norma is a teaspoon.

    Infusion should be stored in a cool place. It is taken until it ends. Thus, the resulting tincture is enough for a whole course of treatment.

    Recipe Five:

    Prostatitis Prevention parsley seeds.

    They help prevent prostate inflammation.

    2 tablespoons of the crushed seeds are poured into 0.5 l of boiled water, the resulting mixture is brought to a boil, infused and drunk 3-4 times daily every day, one sip.

    Recipe Six:

    A good prophylactic is fresh asparagus juice. It is taken every day: morning and evening. It is diluted 1 to 1 with beet, carrot or cucumber juice. Asparagus juice improves the functioning of the prostate and urinary system. Vegetable juices can be mixed with each other. They act as a prophylactic no less effective.

    Chestnut is an excellent remedy for prostatitis

    A lot of processes in the male body are stimulated by substances that are part of the seeds of some types of trees.

    Prevention of chestnuts allows a man to strengthen his body and will not allow an inflammatory reaction to appear in the prostate gland.

    Representatives of the male, who have already had many years of life behind them, can use chestnuts without any doubt, since it does not, in general, have any side effects on the body.

    Most often, tincture is made from it, which can be easily prepared at home. To do this, peel the chestnuts and peel them very finely. Then the whole mixture should be filled with boiling water. It is enough for her to insist in a thermos one night, and she will be ready for use.

    For preventive purposes, the use of such a tincture should take place every day. It is worth saying that with an already begun illness, chestnut will help relieve unpleasant sensations and will have an excellent effect on inflammation.

    After a full course of treatment, the duration of each of which may be different, a man will undoubtedly feel the positive effect of such a tincture.

    Chestnut can also serve as an additional ingredient in:

    • Decoctions.
    • Vodka based tinctures.
    • Teas.
    • In the baths.

    What methods are considered the most effective?

    Adding burdock root to your diet will be an excellent prophylactic against prostatitis.

    It consists of:

    • Inulin.
    • Tannins.
    • Various vitamins.
    • Essential oil.
    • Protein.
    • Useful acids.

    All these elements contribute to the improvement of the immune system, which in the future will not allow the body to pick up any disease, including adenoma and prostatitis.

    It is worth saying that the burdock root needs to be collected only in the fall, so you need to deal with the planting process of this plant in advance.

    If necessary, it can be rubbed into most of the dishes, added to a wide variety of salads.

    Treatment of infectious prostatitis also involves the use of such a plant. If you want to be treated with herbs, you must include the burdock root in the decoction or herbal collection that will be applied.

    Many doctors advise for preventive purposes there are many pears. When the season comes, you need to eat fresh fruit, the lovers of which are many men. In winter, an excellent option is to prepare stewed fruit or teas on their basis. Prevention of exacerbations of such an ailment is carried out precisely with the help of pears, which once again proves their effective and positive effect on the body.

    The best recipes for the prevention of prostatitis

    Treatment with herbs and various folk methods can take place in a variety of scenarios. The preparation of decoctions, tinctures and mixtures of ingredients of plant origin is the most used in traditional medicine.

    Further, the article will present a list of well-proven recipes for which treatment and prevention are carried out with good results and in the shortest possible time.

    Among these recipes, the following can be noted:

    • Propolis tincture. In order to cook it, you need to grind propolis and mix it with honey, in a ratio of one to two. Further, the resulting mixture should be infused in a dark place for three weeks. After this period of time, you need to start the second stage: strain the formed mixture and pour it into a convenient bowl (it is desirable that it is dark in color). Before breakfast and dinner, you need to consume 35 drops of the prepared tincture. It is best to stir it with water: for such a number of drops, half a glass will be enough.
    • An excellent prophylactic is considered a decoction of red root. Such a plant is able to improve the general condition of the body, increase the physical strength of a man, and have an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect. Very often, the red root is used as a painkiller. To prepare the tincture, you need only 20 grams of such a plant and 400 ml of boiling water. It must be infused either in a thermos or in a vessel, but in a warm place. It is used as tea. If desired, it is possible to add honey.
    • For many years, calendula tincture has been widely used. One tablespoon of the flowers of this plant should be poured with a glass of boiling water, and then infused for about half an hour. Then you need to strain it and add water again to the initial amount. Take this tincture only before eating a third of a glass. With this tool, the blood in the body is very well cleansed, and existing wounds heal. I must say that taking such a remedy regularly, over time, the likelihood of prostatitis is minimized.
    • Clove-based alcohol tincture. To prepare such a product, you need dried cloves, water and vodka. All components must be mixed and left to infuse for several days. It is worth saying that tincture should be concentrated to achieve a more pronounced result. It is taken in drops throughout the day before each meal.
    • Infusion of parsley seeds. You need to take a couple of teaspoons of such seeds and add boiling water (1 cup) to them. An educated infusion should stand for half an hour, after which it can be taken throughout the day in one spoon. Excellent effect on diuretic processes and relieves inflammation. For prevention, it is advised to use it regularly. A very great advantage is the excellent effect of parsley on the potency of men.

    Prevention of such an ailment as prostatitis, herbs should be carried out only with the consent of your doctor and only according to his recommendations and dosages. In folk medicine, the treatment and prevention of any disease of herbs has always occupied a leading position. Prostatitis will never appear if you choose the right components and carry out preventive actions.

    For thousands of years, people have not parted with plants, carefully cultivated, carefully observed, carefully studied the healing properties of representatives of the "green pharmacy". The ancient recipes used by our ancestors were carefully preserved by healers, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous studies of official medicine. Prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies is an affordable, convenient, safe and simple way to preserve the natural health and strength of men, preventing the development of prostate damage.

    In order to prevent prostatitis, you can resort to recipes of alternative medicine

    Before you start using natural methods of preventing disease, you should study a few rules.

    1. To achieve the desired and lasting results of herbal medicine, long-term formulations should be used, avoiding the omission of taking the drug.
    2. The main condition for a noticeable effect of herbal medicine: the use of exclusively high-quality raw materials grown in environmentally friendly regions, collected, sorted and stored in strict accordance with the rules.
    3. It should be remembered: even the most outstanding “agents” of the plant world can be dangerous, harmful and cause men to feel unwell. Therefore, any remedy from the "green pharmacy" must pass the filter of pharmaceutical science: it is necessary to study contraindications, possible side effects, individual reactions to taking dosage forms.

    Method 1. Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seed is the main tool in the hands of healers, which is used to get rid of the painful signs of prostatitis and prevent changes in the prostate gland. The main merit of seeds of plants of the pumpkin family is the presence of valuable ingredients in the composition: linolenic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids, vitamins C, B1, K, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc.

    Eating pumpkin seeds prevents the development of inflammation of the prostate

    It is the last component - zinc that plays an important role in the stable functioning of the male reproductive system, ensures the growth and development of cells, and normalizes metabolic processes. It affects the activation of the immune system, the timely suppression of bacteria, viruses. It depends on the presence of zinc in the body: the neoplasms will remain benign or the cells will transform into cancerous tissues.

    The easiest way to prevent damage to the prostate tissue is to consume 50 grams of raw, fried, calcined pumpkin seeds in the oven daily. You can cook a tasty and healthy treat. Peel the pumpkin seeds, twist in a meat grinder or grind in a paste on a blender. 250 grams of the resulting mass combine with 2 tbsp. l thick natural honey and form balls the size of a tennis ball. Put in the refrigerator to freeze. In between meals, eat one ball. Pamper yourself with such a sweetness is necessary for a month.

    Contraindication to the use of seeds is gastric ulcer. The disadvantage of this product is its high calorie content, so you should not be overly carried away by this gift of nature to people with excess body weight.

    Method 2. Walnut plants

    Hazelnuts and its wild-growing fellow hazel, despite their calorie content, are easily absorbed by the body and save men from prostatitis. Hazelnuts and hazel kernels are rich in vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

    Regular use of hazelnuts contributes to the normal metabolism and intestinal function.

    As you know, magnesium is a source of bloodstream health, an activator of enzymatic reactions, without it normal metabolism and the removal of toxins from body tissues are impossible. Potassium is necessary for the smooth functioning of the intestines and the excretory function of the kidneys. Therefore, it is advisable to have snacks, treating yourself to healthy nuts.

    Not only the fruits of the bush will retain masculine strength, but also the infusion made from the hazelnut bark. Place the dry ground material in a glass container, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1:10. Cork tightly, wrap with a towel and insist one hour. We filter the composition through a sieve. The resulting liquid is consumed in 50 ml as follows: the first dose is on an empty stomach, the second and third portions are half an hour before meals. The duration of the preventive course is at least 21 days.

    Method 3. Medicinal infusions and decoctions

    You can cook and complex formulations of a healing drink. The recipe for decoction for internal use is the same. We fill the glass vessel with the starting material with hot water in a proportion of 1:20, place it on a steam bath and stand 15 minutes after boiling. The cooled broth is filtered through cheesecloth. We take 50 ml after each meal with an interval of half an hour. Do not forget that you need to store the liquid in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

    To prevent prostatitis, you can prepare infusions and decoctions from the collection of herbs

    We take in equal quantities dry raw materials:

    • hazel bark
    • the root of the field steel,
    • grass of the blue-headed ploskolovnik.

    The miraculous properties of the field steel are indicated in numerous treatises. The substances that make up the root of this herbaceous plant have a pronounced positive effect in case of difficulty in urinating. Stalnik has long been used as a powerful diuretic and laxative. Under the influence of the active substances of the plant, inflammatory processes are eliminated.

    Sinegolovnik is a perennial whose grass is actively used to enhance the sexual activity of men. The plant is used for painful urination, chronic diseases of the urinary system. Preparations from the herb of the bluehead have blood purifying, detoxifying, diuretic, choleretic, action.

    We connect in the same proportions:

    • bloodthirsty gorse root,
    • blooming aerial part of Dubrovnik ordinary,
    • leaves of the source.

    Herbal decoctions favorably affect the male body

    These plants are endowed with a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, tonic effect. A decoction with such a composition will prevent stagnation in the pelvic organs and protect against impotence.

    We mix dry raw materials in a glass pan:

    • rhizomes bought fragrant,
    • horsetail grass,
    • Umbrellas are an umbrella in the grass.

    Attention! Purchased pharmacy shows strong anti-inflammatory properties, but the plant is poisonous, so the reception of such a collection must be agreed with the attending physician.

    Horsetail preparations are used as a diuretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent for diseases of the urinary tract. However, a decoction of the grass can not be consumed with jade.

    Zimolyubka has been widely used in folk medicine to disinfect the urinary tract and prevent inflammation of the prostate gland.

    Method 4. Medicinal tinctures

    Also, healers often resort to treating diseases of men with tinctures - drugs made by insisting on dry plant material combined with 70% alcohol or 40% vodka. At home, the healing substances of plants are most often extracted using vodka.

    Herbal tinctures are an excellent way to prevent prostatitis.

    The formulation of the tincture is as follows.Pour the original plant components into a glass bottle. Pour vodka in a ratio of 1: 5. We cork the container and infuse the healing drink in a darkened cool room for seven days. The mixture is filtered and stored in refrigerators. We consume 20 drops three times a day before meals.

    For preventive purposes, healers recommend preparing tinctures:

    • from aspen bark,
    • from the shell of chestnuts,
    • from propolis
    • from the ground parts of celandine,
    • from hemlock spotted.

    Aspen bark is a source of glucose, fructose, sucrose, tannins, populin glycosides and salicin. It has pronounced antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, choleretic characteristics.

    Preparations from fruits and shells of horse chestnut increase the tone of blood channels, eliminate venous congestion, stimulate the synthesis of adrenal hormones, and reduce swelling of tissues.

    For the prevention of prostatitis, tincture from the chestnut shell is used.

    Propolis is a natural product that has established itself as one of the leaders in traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system of men.

    Celandine shows a wide range of actions: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal, antitumor, diuretic.

    Attention! The plant contains about two dozen toxic elements that can kill pathogens. It is very important to strictly observe the dosage of tincture in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

    For the prevention and overcoming of prostatitis, stems, leaves, hemlock flowers are used, however, remember: the plant is very poisonous, therefore safety rules must be strictly observed.

    About what should be the treatment of prostatitis, you will learn below:

    How does prostatitis appear?

    Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate that is responsible for the production of a special secret, as well as affecting erectile function and urination. The first is due to the fact that the prostate gland helps the synthesis of testosterone, as well as its conversion to another compound - dihydrotestosterone, which positively affects potency. The second connection is that the organ is located directly under the bladder and a section of the urinary canal passes through it. With inflammation, it increases in size, pressing on the bubble and pinching the channel. From here, one can distinguish the following symptoms of pathology:

    • Increased toilet urgency, especially at night
    • Painful urination, interruption of the stream, drop by drop urine output
    • Sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder
    • Pain in the groin, perineum, extending to the anus, lower back, legs
    • Painful ejaculation, premature ejaculation
    • Weakening erection, sex drive
    • Fever

    With exacerbation of prostatitis, the appearance of symptoms of intoxication is possible - nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness. If stones began to form in the prostate before treatment, then pain can be felt after a long sitting or standing, strong shaking. When an abscess occurs, impurities of blood and pus appear in the urine.

    Prostatitis is inherent in older men, after 50 years the probability of its occurrence increases to 50%, i.e. every second suffers from this disease.

    The causes of the ailment can be various factors: hypothermia, malnutrition, bad habits, hormonal failure, long sexual abstinence. Stagnation in the small pelvis and the entry of pathogenic microorganisms into the organ are capable of affecting the development of inflammation. In the latter case, the disease is much more difficult, because parasites manage to produce toxins that disrupt the functioning of the gland.

    For the treatment of pathology, doctors use medications, physiotherapeutic procedures, diet, exercise therapy. It is important to observe the principles of prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies and other methods, becausewithout them, the likelihood of developing complications or concomitant diseases is high. Traditional medicine is not always able to help in treatment, especially you should not rely on it in severe cases. For prophylaxis, it fits just fine, because it does not harm your health and allows you to organize the work of the prostate in a couple of months.


    Medicines prepared according to popular recipes always have a natural composition and therefore can not harm the body. The patient knows exactly what the product is made of, and can be 100% sure of it. A variety of plants and food products allows you to make such combinations that would not cause allergies, would not be contraindicated due to the presence of other diseases. Among their positive actions can be noted:

    1. Improved blood circulation
    2. Establishment of metabolic processes
    3. Speeding up tissue regeneration
    4. Pain management
    5. Potency increase
    6. Mood improvement

    Below we will consider those herbs and products that are commonly used for prostatitis, as well as recipes with them.

    Weak potency, flaccid penis, lack of a long erection is not a sentence for a man’s sex life, but a signal that the body needs help and male strength weakens. There are a large number of drugs that help a man gain a stable erection for sex, but all have their drawbacks and contraindications, especially if the man is already 30-40 years old. Drops of "M16" for potency not only help to get an erection HERE AND NOW, but act as a prevention and accumulation of male power, allowing the man to remain sexually active for many years.


    Prostatitis begins to develop after 35 years. The risk group includes patients with excessive body weight and people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Subcooling, bad habits, infections of the genitourinary system contribute to the onset of the disease. To get rid of the problem, you can treat prostatitis with folk remedies at home. But this method is used only in combination with traditional medicine and after consulting a doctor.

    Inflammation of the prostate occurs for various reasons, so there are several types of disease, each of which has its own manifestations. Since secret stagnation is observed during organ damage, the condition worsens even more. Pathology is acute or chronic.

    Medicinal plants

    Among herbs for the treatment of prostatitis, a large number of them are suitable. Moreover, inflorescences, roots, leaves, fruits, seeds, etc. are used. For prevention, plants such as:

    • Ginseng
    • Red root
    • Blooming Sally
    • Nettle
    • Rhodiola rosea
    • Celandine

    Consider how these plants can help the stronger sex, and what benefits they can provide.

    Ginseng. Ginseng root can be called simply a miracle cure. It is able to fight against diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus, prevents cardiovascular diseases, slows down the aging process, and increases human performance. In its composition, you can find vitamins (B, C, PP) and amino acids, essential oils, saponins, trace elements (manganese, chromium, zinc, iron). Thanks to them, ginseng is able to provide the following actions:

    1. Restore strength after heavy loads
    2. Help the respiratory system
    3. Relieve anxiety, depression
    4. Disinfect and accelerate wound healing
    5. Help digestion
    6. Strengthen immunity

    It is contraindicated to take the product with arterial hypertension, acute respiratory infections, disorders of the thyroid gland, increased nervous irritability, allergies to it. To prepare a folk remedy with ginseng, it is worth following these steps: take the powder from the root in the amount of 1 tablespoon, fill it with 10 tablespoons of boiling water and wrap the container with a towel.After 20 minutes, take a drink, repeating the action three times a day.

    In the pharmacy you can find a ready-made extract of ginseng, its alcohol tincture. It should be used according to the instructions, the duration of prevention can be about 1-2 months.

    Red root. The red root or penny has long been used to get rid of genitourinary diseases. It brings benefits in case of urination disorders, potency, helps the kidneys work. It can provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the activity of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system. In pharmacies, it can be found in the form of tea or tinctures, both types are suitable for the prevention of prostatitis. To make a medicine at home, you need:

    • Prepare 25 g of chopped root, 1 liter of boiling water
    • Combine the ingredients in a thermos and let stand for 1 hour
    • On cooking, strain and take throughout the day, adding honey and milk to taste

    To increase the body's defenses, you can prepare alcohol tincture. For it, take 50 g of root and pour 1 liter of vodka. For 2 weeks they are placed in a dark place, periodically shaking the container. After the necessary time has passed, filter and consume 1 tsp. thrice a day, diluting in 50 ml of water. Another decoction will help to establish an erectile function and improve the functioning of the prostate gland: 25 g of raw materials are poured into 250 ml of 40% alcohol, for 1 week they are insisted in a dark place, shaking every day. The medicine is taken in 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

    Acute development of the disease

    If the disease appeared suddenly, the symptoms will be bright and pronounced. The following signs of prostatitis are distinguished:

    • an increase in body temperature to high rates (38 degrees or more),
    • feeling of aches, chills,
    • pain in the lower back, sacrum, perineum,
    • disability, general weakness,
    • mood changes,
    • pronounced problems with sleep.

    There are specific symptoms of prostatitis:

    • difficulty urinating, increased frequency of using the toilet (especially at night),
    • the presence of mucus particles in the biological fluid,
    • urine reduction, discoloration,
    • sharp pain at every attempt to use the toilet.

    With every minute, the discomfort intensifies and spreads to other parts of the body.

    Manifestations of the chronic process in remission and exacerbation

    If a patient with an acute form of prostatitis does not consult a doctor, one should not think that the problem will go away on its own - this is a myth. It becomes chronic. Manifestations periodically fade and worsen. The following signs of the disease are distinguished:

    • Itching in the urethra.
    • Weak periodic pain in the perineum, rectum, lower abdomen.
    • Increased nightly urination, as well as the retention of a small amount of fluid in the bladder.
    • Problems with sexual function: erectile dysfunction, ejaculation.
    • Increased discomfort during sexual contact.

    If chronic prostatitis is in the acute stage, then the intensity of the symptoms increases slightly. The patient becomes irritable, the emotional background is destabilized. A man often develops a depressive state, he closes in himself. If treatment is not started on time, then there is the possibility of the appearance of adenoma, cancer.

    Distinctive symptoms of different types of prostatitis

    There are different types of prostatitis according to the etiological factor:

    Type of pathologyCharacteristic
    InfectiousSuch prostatitis is caused by various pathogens. It is characterized by a violation of the genitourinary system, there are changes in the composition of blood and other body fluids
    BacterialSuch prostatitis is caused by various pathogens.It is characterized by a violation of the genitourinary system, there are changes in the composition of blood and other body fluids
    CalculousIt develops due to the presence of calculi (stones) in the gland. This type of disease occurs mainly in elderly patients. A person has such signs: pain in the pelvis or sacral region, which intensifies after sexual contact or other physical activity. Due to damage to the walls of the organ and ducts, a small amount of blood is found in the urine. Erectile function is disturbed, irritation appears, apathy
    StagnantThere are no changes in the composition of biological fluids. Symptoms of prostatitis are mild. The patient has difficulty urinating, sometimes the temperature rises, pain is felt. The patient is in a state of anxiety. He can lead a sexual life, but it is accompanied by discomfort, a weakening of the intensity of orgasm
    PurulentThis case is considered the most severe. Over time, symptoms become more intense. A person develops pain, fever, and pus from the urethra

    Symptoms of prostatitis in men are very similar to each other and have only a slight difference in the features of the manifestation. In the absence of treatment for the disease, the patient develops impotence, problems with urination, and psychological disorders.

    El Macho for potency

    El-Macho is a multicomplex highly effective due to its active components. His study showed the absence of side effects and a high rate of assimilation, which leads to an instant effect.

    El Macho Drops contains guarana extract, L-arginine, glycine and magnesium - substances to relieve tension, improve blood circulation in the pelvis, and increase blood flow to the penis. The drug is suitable for patients of all ages.

    Blooming Sally. From this plant, you can get many positive actions for the genitourinary system, it is known for its help to the stronger sex in the prevention and treatment of various pathologies. This is not only prostatitis, but also impotence, prostate adenoma, urethritis, etc. Also, help from ivan tea can be obtained with colds and tonsillitis, nervous disorders, and insomnia. It is easiest to be advised to use it as a tea infuser; it can be sold in pharmacies already packaged in tea bags.

    With self-preparation, take 2-3 g of dry raw materials and pour 200 ml of boiling water. They cover it with a saucer and let it brew for about 5 minutes, after which they carefully drink it. People with thrombophlebitis or varicose veins, as well as arrhythmia, should be careful when drinking a drink.

    Nettle. This plant has a rich chemical composition, which allows it to help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. As a folk remedy, you can make tinctures and decoctions from it, with prostatitis, seeds and roots are most often used from all parts of nettle. For example, you can make a decoction of seeds with grape mulled wine (5 tablespoons 500 ml). They are boiled for 5 minutes over low heat, after which they take one third of a glass before bedtime.

    Prostate treatment at home

    Many patients hope that the disease will go away on their own, but the reality is completely different. The more people drag out a visit to the doctor, the faster the pathology will become chronic. It is treatable, but this requires timely examination and an integrated approach.

    Therapy of prostatitis should solve such goals:

    1. Destroy the pathogenic microflora that causes the inflammatory process.
    2. Improve microcirculation and blood circulation in the prostate.
    3. Remove swelling and congestion.
    4. Provide increased potency.
    5. Intensify the production of prostatic juice by the gland.
    6. Block symptoms of pathology.

    Treatment at home is allowed if the disease has no complications.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    If you decide to use alternative methods at home, you must first get the doctor’s comments. Old proven recipes have the following advantages:

    • Some herbs contain natural antibiotics, so the fight against the disease is more effective.
    • Medicinal plants combine a large number of useful substances, therefore they have a multilateral effect.
    • Stimulate the body's defenses.
    • There are fewer side effects from herbs than from medications.
    • Herbal remedies can be used for a long time.
    • They relieve stress and nervous tension that accompanies prostatitis.
    • The presented drugs can be used for prevention.
    • They are able to get rid of several problems at once.
    • There is a possibility of combination with medicines.

    But this type of treatment also has some disadvantages. Herbs are also able to give an allergic reaction, they enhance or weaken the effect of traditional remedies.


    Patients are prescribed the following medications:

    1. Rectal suppositories: Prostopin, Viferon. They are used to improve metabolic processes at the lesion site, eliminate spasms, inflammation.
    2. Immunomodulator injections: Polyoxidonium.
    3. NSAIDs: Diclofenac. Such tablets stop the pathological process and relieve symptoms by reducing the intensity of inflammation.
    4. Enemas based on solutions with medicinal herbs.
    5. Instillations in the urethra with drugs.
    6. Antibiotics: Amoxicillin, Norfloxacin. They are used only after consultation with the doctor and passing on the sensitivity of bacteria to the active substance.
    7. Muscle relaxants: "Midokalm." They are prescribed by prescription and are used only if other drugs are ineffective.
    8. Corticosteroids: Prednisone.
    9. Alpha blockers. Such drugs contribute to the relaxation of smooth muscles and the restoration of urination.
    10. Vitamins
    11. Means, restoring blood circulation in the pelvic area: "Eskuzan."

    There are also specific medications that help eliminate symptoms and restore the gland: Prostamol, Afala, Vitaprost, Prostatilen, Erectitis. Their price ranges from 450-900 rubles. for packing. It is important to consider the dosage of drugs, especially if the same remedy is prescribed in different forms.

    Home appliances for physiotherapy

    It is possible to cure prostatitis in men at home using physiotherapeutic procedures. To do this, it is not necessary to visit the clinic. Modern devices are compact, so they are allowed to be used at home. The most effective devices are:

    1. Vibrators: "Vitafon". They help get rid of pain, eliminate stagnant processes (thanks to the influence of the product from the gland, it is possible to obtain prostatic juice). The muscles of the perineum are toned, the intensity of inflammation decreases.
    2. Electrical Impact: Darsonval. Electrodes can be rectal or cutaneous.
    3. Magnetic effect: "Almag-01". This technique allows you to remove the swelling of the prostate gland, pain. At home, it is allowed to use a regular magnet. It is enough to put it on the perineum daily before bedtime.

    The presented devices give a good effect, but they also have some contraindications for use. You can not use them in the presence of proctitis, neoplasms in the rectum, with an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

    Completely cure prostatitis in such ways, if it is in an advanced state, will not work. However, when using special devices in conjunction with medicines, as well as other methods, recovery can be accelerated.In complex cases, the patient requires surgical intervention.

    The benefits of physiotherapy and massage

    A patient will come to the aid of a patient to combat pathology. Reviews about it are positive, since kneading the prostate helps to eliminate stagnation, restores erectile function, relieves edema and pain. Blood circulation in affected tissues improves. Even the patient’s wife can do it. It is important that her movements do not cause discomfort. Reviews of therapeutic massage are positive, but it should be performed correctly, observing contraindications.

    Equally useful is gymnastics with prostatitis. It is enough to do the simplest exercises every day to very soon improve the condition of the inflamed organ. A man needs to take a half-sitting position and alternately raise his knees. It is possible to contract and relax the muscles of the anus for 10 seconds.

    Nutrition rules

    Acute prostatitis is characterized by very bright manifestations. In the chronic type of pathology, periods of deterioration and remission begin. Diet helps to stabilize the process of life. The diet should include vegetables and fruits, fresh juices, salads, nuts, lemon, celery. For each patient, the menu is selected individually. If he follows the nutritional rules for prostatitis, he will be able to achieve this result:

    • Normalize blood circulation in the affected organ.
    • Strengthen the immune system.
    • Stabilize the intestines.
    • Reduce irritation of the mucous membrane of the bladder and remove pain.
    • Reduce the frequency of toilet visits at night.

    Fatty, spicy dishes, spices, strong coffee, alcohol are best excluded. You will have to follow a diet after recovery to avoid relapse.

    Additional home treatment recommendations

    A feature of prostatitis is a slow and often asymptomatic course. This situation is characteristic of the early stages of development. To get rid of the problem, you need to take into account the following advice from doctors:

    • Keep your weight within normal limits.
    • Remove from the menu all products made from wheat.
    • Take probiotics.
    • Animal protein replaced with vegetable.
    • Do not endure if you want to go to the toilet (the risk of developing an infectious process in the urethra is excluded).
    • With prostatitis, it is better to refuse coffee, and instead use green tea.
    • Go in for sports (you should not overload the body, and all exercises are performed during the period of remission).
    • Drink plenty of fluids (this way you can avoid intoxication).

    Compliance with simple rules will allow you to quickly overcome prostatitis.

    Prostatitis Lifestyle

    For effective restoration of affected tissues after prostatitis, it is necessary to follow the treatment tactics chosen by the doctor. You can not abuse drugs. A man should not supercool or overheat the genitals. Better to avoid accidental unprotected sexual contact, so as not to get an infection.

    Behavioral change involves an increase in physical activity, diet correction, and regular sexual activity.

    If a person has sedentary work, then every hour he needs to walk for 5 minutes, perform simple gymnastic exercises.

    Sex therapy

    Sex is great as a prostate massage, as in the process there is a reduction in organ tissues, microcirculation improves, and the emotional state of the man stabilizes. Regular sex life prevents stagnation of prostatic juice. If there is no way to commit an act with a woman, a person can apply masturbation. The main thing is to achieve the effect of ejaculation.

    Complications and prevention of prostatitis

    If prostatitis cannot be cured in a timely manner, then a man will develop complications: urethritis, problems with an erection that can make an impotent healthy person. The disease is fraught with infertility.The long course of the pathological process triggers irreversible changes in the tissues. Subsequently, cancer develops. Prevention of prostatitis consists in observing the recommendations of the doctor by the patient:

    • Exercise regularly and do not sit for a long time in one position.
    • Follow the principles of proper nutrition.
    • Keep healthy (healthy lifestyle).
    • Refuse addictions.

    Prostatitis is a dangerous disease that must be treated when the first symptoms appear. Folk remedies, physiotherapy and medications will help get rid of the problem quickly and effectively.

    Folk remedies on guard of men's health - prevention of prostatitis

    Nowadays, men suffer from prostatitis much more often than our ancestors.

    There are many medicines against this disease. But not every man for various reasons can take them.

    therefore preventive folk remedies and today do not lose their relevance and popularity.

    And why treat prostatitis if it can be prevented?

    Treatment and prevention of prostatitis folk remedies

    Prostatitis is a disease of the prostate gland (prostate), which is caused by various pathogenic microorganisms and proceeds in acute or chronic form. These include streptococcal, staphylococcal, trichomonas, tuberculosis microflora and so on.

    Despite the fact that initially the disease may not bother the man, not cause discomfort, further development of dangerous diseases such as prostate cancer, infertility or infectious diseases of other organs of the urogenital system of the man is possible.

    Is there any way to protect myself from this disease? What traditional medicine can cure it? What are the factors that influence the formation and development of this disease? Consider all these questions in more detail and try to find the right ways to treat such a difficult disease as prostatitis.

    Causes of prostatitis

    Often you can hear that this disease affects only older men. However, statistics indicate the opposite - prostatitis can appear in young people, starting from the age of 25. This is facilitated by numerous factors, the most common of which are the following:

    • Sedentary work, which causes blood stasis in the pelvis. Given the current work trends of most men, this risk factor is present in almost everyone who is more involved in intellectual activity.
    • Hypothermia. The inflammatory process in the prostate gland can form due to general or local hypothermia.
    • Chronic constipation, colitisother stool disorders.
    • Chronic infectious diseasethat is local or general.
    • Prolonged sexual abstinence or lack of sex life per se.
    • Sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Decreased body resistance against the background of existing chronic diseases, the general depressed state of the body’s immune system is a man.

    The immediate cause of inflammation of the prostate gland is an infection that passes from the genitourinary tract to the prostate. In the presence of aggravating factors, the disease develops very quickly, while all the symptoms of acute prostatitis are present.

    Symptoms of prostatitis

    Symptoms of the disease include two extreme cases:

    • There are absolutely no symptoms of the disease, only occasionally some violations in the genitourinary system can be observed, which, most often, are not even paid attention to. It is characteristic of the chronic form of the disease.
    • Symptoms appear so unexpectedly and in a sharp form that medical attention is required. It is characteristic for the acute form of the disease.

    However, most often with inflammation of the prostate there are symptoms that indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. These symptoms include:

    • Frequent urination. With inflammation of the prostate, the bladder is squeezed, which causes a persistent sensation of its fullness. Therefore, even in the presence of a small amount of urine, a man has false desires.
    • Difficulty urinating. The causes of this symptom are the same as in the case of frequency.
    • With urination observed severe burning or sharp pain.
    • There are general symptoms of the inflammatory process: fever, chills, headache, fatigue etc.

    In rare cases, spotting may occur during urination. They are characteristic, as a rule, in the acute form of prostatitis. Pain is also observed during ejaculation, with sudden movements in the pelvic area.

    It should be noted that the acute form of the disease is much less common than chronic. In chronic prostatitis, an alternation of the acute and remission phases is characteristic. During periods of exacerbation, discomfort occurs in the anus and perineum, a dull pain appears, which gives to the sacrum, inguinal region and rectum. With a long-term inflammatory process, the formation of concomitant inflammatory processes of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis) or the neck of the bladder is possible. Such phenomena complicate the course of the disease.

    Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

    Before resorting to the use of traditional medicine, it is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination. It is necessary to determine the cause of the disease and the direct pathogen (the microorganism that caused the inflammatory process).

    Without the diagnosis and use of drugs, a full recovery is impossible. Medicines of natural origin can only relieve the main symptoms and reduce the inflammatory process, but they can not save a man from the causative agent of the disease.

    It must be remembered that treatment with traditional medicine is auxiliary.

    Consider the most effective recipes and tips to help cope with prostatitis:

    • Everyone wants to remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease as soon as possible and get rid of constant pain. One of the most effective ways that helps with this is to use hazel. It is necessary to take several branches hazel with leaves, pour them with hot water and boil over low heat for half an hour. After the broth gets a reddish-brown tint, it can be used. The finished broth should cool slightly, after which it must be poured into a bowl and soared over it. Such steaming, which is carried out for 10 days, will completely get rid of all the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate.
    • Another effective treatment that occurs in almost all sources is pumpkin seeds. They contain a large number of various trace elements and minerals that will speed up the treatment of the disease. The easiest way to treat (at the same time as a preventative way) is to consume 30 pumpkin seeds daily. They contain a daily dose of zinc, which relieves inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. Another way is to eat raw pumpkin seeds with honey. You need to take 300 grams of honey (preferably high mountain) and mix it with 80 grams of peeled and raw pumpkin seeds. From the resulting mixture, you can make small balls, which are recommended to be taken 1-2 times a day.
    • A good treatment for prostatitis is chestnut shell. You need to take a fresh needle-shaped shell, brew it and drink the finished infusion like tea.The method is effective, but the enzymes that are contained in the shell increase appetite. That is why microclysters with a similar cooking recipe can be used.
    • In equal proportions (5-7 grams) are taken calendula seeds, elecampane, eucalyptus, lemon mint leaves, juniper, plantain and horseradish fruits. All this is carefully grinded in a meat grinder or blender. Heated 200 grams of corn oil. The finished collection must be moved to a glass dish and pour hot oil. Everything is thoroughly mixed. With stirring, 20 grams of propolis and 15 grams of peppermint are added. After preparation, the bottle is cleaned in a dark and dry place for 1 month. The medicine is taken 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

    People are increasingly turning to traditional medicine, to the experience of previous generations, and this applies not only to the treatment of prostatitis, but in general it is noticeable in the treatment of various diseases. Folk remedies do not have side effects, do not have a toxic effect on the body, much more gently show their therapeutic effect. This is due to the fact that in folk remedies only natural components of natural origin are used, unlike synthetic medicines. These are the main advantages of alternative methods of treatment, but there are also limitations.

    With regard to the treatment of prostatitis, these limitations are indicated by the origin of prostatitis itself. If it is congestive prostatitis, then folk remedies will give the best effect. If prostatitis is of a bacterial nature (staphylococcus, streptococcus, etc.), then alternative antibacterial agents exist, but the limitation lies in the long periods of intake and abstinence from all possible irritants (restrictions on nutrition, alcohol, smoking, etc.). If prostatitis is caused by sexually transmitted infections (mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.), then alas, folk remedies will be practically useless.

    How prostatitis was treated before

    Of course, prostatitis, as a disease, appeared not today and not yesterday. And before, they knew how to treat him with the same improvised folk remedies and methods. However, it should be noted that they were much less sick earlier and they succumbed to treatment much easier precisely because they were much less likely to have sexually transmitted infections, and bacterial prostatitis was a rarity at all, since human immunity was stronger than in modern times. People with a strong immune system today, of course, are found (especially in villages and villages), and they will never know about the existence of staphylococcus. How they manage to achieve this is the goal and theme of this section.
    Sexually transmitted infections, of course, also exist for a long time, but 100 years ago their number was limited to almost two main ones - syphilis and gonorrhea. However, they are so severe in manifestations - so simple to treat. And today's sexually transmitted infections are much more insidious.
    Returning to the topic of how prostatitis was previously treated - in general, it was the intake of products and decoctions of herbs that have an antibacterial effect. One of the most effective means is honey and chamomile. About how to use them will be written below.

    The effect of treatment with folk remedies

    In general, treatment with alternative methods is aimed at suppressing bacterial infections, relieving stagnation in the prostate and increasing immunity. But it should be understood that all these three components can be achieved only with prolonged treatment with traditional medicine. This is not a week or two, but rather you need to talk about months. And ultimately, this treatment becomes, no less, a lifestyle. This does not mean that a person is constantly being treated, rather, he, having been cured, constantly applies preventive measures so as not to get sick again.Those who relate to folk remedies this way ultimately benefit (from the disease), because in their case they manage to increase their immunity both in general and locally in the pelvic organs, which is especially important when speaking about the treatment of prostatitis specifically .

    Prevention and treatment of prostatitis folk remedies

    Traditional medicine has a whole arsenal of effective means to combat the inflammatory processes and congestion that accompany prostatitis. Decoctions and tinctures of herbs, roots, plants are used. Good results are achieved by apitherapy, as well as the use of urine for the manufacture of lotions. It is worth preparing well for treatment.


    A sedentary lifestyle, a disturbed daily routine, lack of physical activity and disgusting urban ecology are often the result of the emergence of "male" diseases in men of any age.

    It was previously believed that older men (45 years old) were exposed to them. These diseases (for example, prostatitis) are getting younger every year, and the initial detection age has approached the mark of 25 years.

    The disease is manifested by inflammation of the prostate gland. Common causes of occurrence are:

    • stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs due to a sedentary lifestyle,

    • body cooling. During local or general cooling of the body, the prostate gland is most susceptible to inflammatory processes,
    • constant disruption of the intestines,
    • various infections in the body or in individual organs,
    • lack of sex life, or its non-periodic nature,
    • impaired reproductive function in men. Thus, the use of artificial insemination with donor sperm is the only way to fertilize an egg,
    • sexual diseases and infections.

    At the first sign of discomfort during urination, you should immediately consult a urologist.

    Therapy process

    How to treat prostatitis in men:

    • chemical therapy
    • effective treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies by the selection of a combination of herbs,
    • changes in daily routine and lifestyle,
    • a specific diet
    • the introduction of periodic sports.

    The above options give a productive treatment of prostatitis at home and a future victory over it.

    Before Using Alternative Medicines

    The best folk remedy for prostatitis in men meets several requirements:

    • It does not harm the body - an incorrectly selected product can cause an exacerbation of the disease and lead to a rapid deterioration in well-being.
    • It is aimed at relieving symptoms and eliminating the causes that led to the development of inflammation.
    • Strengthens the immune system and the body as a whole.

    The fight against prostatitis with folk remedies should be conscious. To achieve good results, you must understand the etiology of inflammatory processes and remember about precautions.

    Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies at home carries several dangers:

    • Some methods of self-medication reduce the effectiveness of drugs, blocking the action of the active components of drugs and causing allergic reactions.
    • During the period of exacerbation, any methods are dangerous and require coordination with the attending physician.
    • Do not give in to complacency. Even if any method has brought relief, you must continue to regularly undergo a medical examination. Chronic congestive prostatitis is prone to relapse. The absence of symptoms does not mean that inflammation does not exist.

    Treatment of the initial form of prostatitis with folk remedies can be truly effective. It is not worth waiting for a quick recovery if the disease has become chronic.

    To choose the best treatment, you need to understand the causes of prostatitis and the main types of inflammatory processes:

    • Non-bacterial prostatitis - the cause of inflammation usually lies in the hypothermia of the body, the presence of microtrauma of the prostate gland, changes caused by exercise, sedentary work and other factors. Therapy will be aimed at improving blood microcirculation and relieving symptoms.
    • Infectious prostatitis - occurs against the background of the penetration of STIs, fungi or pathogenic microorganisms into the body. Bacterial prostatitis is strictly forbidden to treat on your own. Long-term antibiotic therapy is required. The development of a purulent form leads to death.
    • Congestive prostatitis is the second name for chronic inflammation of the prostate. As can be seen from the term, disturbances cause fluid stagnation in the pelvic area. The microcirculation of the blood is disturbed, the outflow of seminal fluid occurs irregularly.
      Chronic prostatitis is difficult to treat, as it requires the restoration of normal functioning and functions of the glandular tissue.
    • Acute prostatitis - at the time of an exacerbation of inflammatory processes, any drug can harm the body. Self-medication is extremely dangerous.

    Congestive or chronic prostatitis is the most difficult to treat and requires a long time to heal. The disease in this form is always preceded by acute inflammatory processes.

    Some features

    There are two types of disease: chronic and acute. How to treat prostatitis in men depends on the nature of the course, from which the doctor selects the appropriate combination of treatment methods. Regardless of the nature of the course, alternative medicine for prostatitis is selected in such a way that the following symptoms pass:

    The chronic nature is caused by an improper lifestyle, bad habits and rare physical exertion. It can also surprise men after 45 years of age due to weakening of the muscles of the prostate gland. These symptoms cause problems with urination and inguinal pain.

    The main methods of combating a chronic disease at home with folk methods is the treatment of:

    • herbs and honey
    • physical exercises.

    The acute nature causes swelling of the prostate gland and problems with urination. The prostate becomes inflamed, followed by the appearance of severe pain. This type of disease can occur in men of any age due to the presence of infection, germs and disturbed microflora. Therapy of an acute form of the disease at home with folk remedies consists in the use of decoctions of nettle yarrow and tansy.

    What folk remedies are effective for prostatitis

    Effective are those methods that help to cope with the main complications caused by inflammation of the prostate gland. The consequences of the disease:

    • Bladder obstruction - prolonged inflammation leads to the development of sclerotic changes in the neck of the bladder and the appearance of dysuric disorders. The man has frequent urination, the number of trips to the toilet at night increases.
    • Violation of the functionality of the prostate gland - inflammation leads to a decrease in the quality of the ejaculate. Tissues are not able to absorb and process testosterone, which causes a decrease in sexual desire.
      Restoring potency after prostatitis remains one of the main tasks of alternative medicine. Urological herbs, enemas, decoctions and infusions are widely used, designed to restore erectile function and enhance attraction.
    • Pain syndrome - a man experiences discomfort while going to the toilet during intercourse. Non-traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis quite effectively relieve pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

    The effectiveness of several folk methods is proved: based on herbs and gifts of nature, as well as beekeeping products.Reduce pain, eliminate inflammation and congestion in the state of the bath, and lotions based on herbal medicine.


    Among food products, seafood, sour-milk products, fresh vegetables or fruits are popular. But in the preparation of folk remedies not all of them are used, some just need to be added to your diet.

    Beekeeping products. It is worth noting honey and propolis as the most useful substances. Others are more suitable for treatment rather than prevention. What benefits can you get from them? Honey strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, helps improve blood circulation, improves digestive processes. Propolis is also able to destroy pathogenic microflora, anesthetizes and rejuvenates the body, helps the process of cellular respiration.

    The most popular recipe is in which honey is mixed with walnuts, because it increases potency. For cooking, you need to mix the ingredients in the same proportions, and then put in the refrigerator. The mixture is taken in a tablespoon per day.

    Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are characterized by a high content of zinc - a trace element necessary for the normal functioning of the prostate gland. With it, the synthesis of testosterone, the process of spermatogenesis, and sexual desire increase. What other qualities does the product have:

    1. The ability to fight helminthiases
    2. Prostate Cancer Prevention
    3. Normalization of heart contractions
    4. Normalize blood sugar
    5. Protection against thyroid ailments
    6. Ensuring normal blood coagulation

    For men, this product is very useful and is advised to eat daily. It is enough to eat about 50-60 pieces, so as not to worry about the appearance of prostatitis or problems with erectile function. You can also make a mixture of seeds with honey, for this 500 g of crushed raw materials are mixed with 200 g of honey.

    Parsley. This greens has a unique composition, easy to use and can be stored for a long period of time. Among its positive qualities: increased immunity, improved metabolism, decreased blood pressure, help the digestive tract, the removal of toxins from the body.

    Make it a rule, every day from the morning, first thing to start.

    In the stronger sex, parsley improves the functioning of the prostate, increases potency, stabilizes blood circulation in the pelvis, and reduces the level of estrogen (female hormone).

    You can make juice or broth from it, when cooking in the kitchen, you should add it to all possible dishes, because heat treatment does not particularly affect beneficial properties. You should be careful with products for men with kidney disease.

    5 additional prescriptions for effective medicines that can be prepared at home are shown in the video.

    A bit about other methods

    The principles of the use of folk remedies in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis are practically no different from each other. In both cases, it is necessary to observe the dosage, stop taking it when negative reactions occur. It is impossible to call them the main aspect in prevention, because There are ways that can prevent inflammation of the prostate gland even better. These include proper nutrition and exercise. With their help, you can not be afraid of stagnation or weakening of the body's defenses, hormonal disruptions, lack of vitamins and minerals. Not less important:

    • Lead a regular intimate life
    • Avoid stress
    • Sleep the prescribed number of hours, rest
    • To refuse from bad habits
    • Visit a doctor annually

    If a man adheres to these preventive measures, as well as taking folk remedies (taking at least 1 course per year), the chances of getting sick will decrease significantly.

    Herb-based recipes

    Herbal medicine uses a whole range of different compounds, decoctions, tinctures. Dry mixtures are brewed in the form of teas.The crushed grass is added to rectal suppositories, as well as decoctions intended for enema.

    The grass selected for therapy has several properties: diuretic, antiseptic, sedative and vasodilator. The recipes use a mixture of several plants described in the description below:

      Burdock - has a wound healing and antitumor effect. For the preparation of healing broths, leaves and rhizomes are used. A dried plant inhibits the development of tumor formation. Burdock tincture is sold in a pharmacy. If necessary, the decoction can be done independently.

    Here is one of the popular recipes to help with prostatitis. The composition requires the fruits of black elderberry and hawthorn, as well as the leaves of celandine and mistletoe, in approximately equal proportions. 2 tbsp. l dry composition pour 500 ml of boiling water. Insist half an hour. Drink 100 ml, three times a day.


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    • This time.
    • Without taking pills, surgeries, injections and other surgical procedures!
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    Preparation of medicinal products from the gifts of nature

    Optimal for treatment are vasodilating folk remedies for the urinary canal, as well as compounds that have a beneficial effect on the normalization of potency and improve the functioning of glandular tissues.

    Alternative medicine uses: plant fruits, mushrooms, seeds and rhizomes. Some formulations are toxic, therefore, before use, consult your doctor:

    • Pear - to alleviate the condition, you can simply eat raw 2-3 fruits per day. For the preparation of broths, a dry pear is suitable. Half a kilogram of fruit is soaked in 2 liters of boiled water for 12 hours. After that, the resulting infusion of peanuts is boiled in a sealed container. No sugar is added to the finished compote.
    • Garlic - a large volume of essential oils is included. Garlic fights pathogens and viruses. It is used in raw form, as well as in decoctions. For cooking, take 5 teeth of large garlic, pour 400 ml of boiled water. Settled for 10 hours. Take 100 ml, twice a day before meals.
    • Chaga or birch mushroom - is prepared as follows. About 250 gr. pour 2 liters of mushroom. boiling water. The mixture is left in a dark place for 120 minutes. Chaga is ground. The composition is added viburnum 200 gr. and another 1 liter of water. The whole mixture is kept in a steam bath, after which it is insisted for a day.

    Pumpkin - both the fetus and the seeds are used for therapy. Pumpkin seeds are a good prevention of prostatitis. It is enough to eat 2 handfuls of seeds during the day. Make an infusion. Cut the cap of the pumpkin and select the seeds through the hole. Inside, pour honey. After 1-2 weeks of infusion, use the resulting mixture of 1-2 tablespoons before meals.

    For effective therapy, it is not necessary to prepare infusions or decoctions; some gifts of nature are beneficial even when raw. So, a patient with prostatitis is recommended to diversify his diet with baked pumpkin and raw seeds, hazelnuts.

    Beekeeping in the fight against prostate inflammation

    The old grandfather method associated with the treatment of the functions of the prostate gland is a therapy using bee products. Everything is used - honey, pollen, death, propolis, wax are used to some extent for therapy.

    In addition to alcohol tinctures and the use of a natural product in food, several treatment approaches are used:

    1. Making rectal suppositories.
    2. The use of bee stings to relieve pain.
    3. Honey compresses.

    Apitherapy is often combined with a visit to the bath. During an exacerbation of the disease, it is better to refuse this treatment method.Alcohol tinctures with prostatitis are less effective than decoctions and infusions on water. The choice should be made in favor of the latter.

    Baths and lotions for prostate therapy

    Alternative methods of treating prostatitis in men pay attention to heat therapy or warming the gland, as well as compresses and dressings using medicinal and anti-inflammatory compounds.

    There are several recommendations:

    • Hot baths are excluded - the water temperature should not be higher than 38 °. Medicinal phyto-collections in the form of decoctions are added to the liquid in the bathroom. Sea salt, especially collected on the shores of the Dead Sea, will benefit.
      Microwaves are designed to relieve pain and improve metabolism by eliminating fluid stagnation in the pelvic area.
    • Enema with prostatitis is done with the addition of drugs (Diclofenac and the like), as well as with the use of herbal compounds, beekeeping products. With ulcers and fissures in the rectum, enema can be dangerous.
    • Lotions - designed to relieve inflammation and swelling. It is strictly forbidden to use ice packs. As the composition of lotions, honey or wax is used.

    Baths, compresses and enemas are done exclusively during the period of non-exacerbation.

    Urinotherapy for prostatitis

    Another way that traditional medicine recommends in the treatment of prostatitis is the use of urine. Urinotherapy effectively eliminates the negative symptoms common with prostatitis: frequent urination, pain, inflammation, etc.

    Alternative medicine uses several methods of exposure:

    • Urine use - patients drink the average portion of urine released. The first and last 30 ml of urine are drained. It is believed that urinotherapy helps to heal wounds in glandular tissues caused by inflammation, as well as normalize the functioning of the genitourinary system and prostate.
      The positive effect is the elimination of pathogenic foci, erosion and ulcers, improving erectile function and getting rid of impotence.
    • The use of a diuretic - urine is placed on a slow fire, where it is evaporated until the volume decreases to ¼ from the primary. A rectal suppository moistened in the resulting concentrate is prepared from healing clay. Hold the suppository for 3-4 hours.

    Herbal remedies

    The actions of herbal remedies are determined by the set of herbs and plants in the correct proportions and the frequency of their use. Examples of the action of phyto-harvests:

    • the destruction of viruses
    • reduction in inflammation,
    • spasms reduction
    • microbial destruction,
    • blood stop
    • anesthesia,
    • normalization of the immune system,
    • increased sexual function of men and many others.

    This disease is treated with prolonged medication. Therefore, with prolonged use of medications, unpleasant and harmful effects can occur. Therapy with natural remedies strengthens the body with no side effects. The bonus of using herbal remedies is a pleasant taste.

    We recommend the following recipes:

    • Dilute 400 ml of hot water one tablespoon of rosemary, bearberry and tansy, let it brew in a thermos for 2-3 hours. Strain the resulting mixture using thick gauze. Take 3 sips in the morning,
    • One tablespoon of chamomile, echinacea and St. John's wort boil 10 minutes in 350 ml of water. This broth is recommended to drink in the morning. Effect - relieves inflammation,
    • To reduce stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, it recommends a decoction of licorice root, clover and nettle. One tablespoon of each type is mixed for 30 minutes in 350 ml of hot water. After filtering, the broth is recommended to drink 4 times a day,
    • Parsley is a folk remedy for male diseases. It should be used in the form of:
    • leaves
    • dry leaves
    • salads
    • herbal decoctions.


    Recommendations during treatment at home with folk remedies:

    • folk recipes are advised to make decoctions, tinctures, juices, taken orally or by urethral administration,
    • electrophoresis - a procedure coupled with herbs increases the therapeutic effect,
    • alcohol tinctures are made from the upper parts of plants fragmented into 5 mm pieces,
    • decoctions are made from the root parts fragmented into pieces of 3 mm in size. It is recommended to use enameled dishes in a water bath, followed by straining through cheesecloth,
    • shed hot broths due to the presence of astringents and tannins in the composition of plants. Each portion of the broth is prepared on the day of its adoption.

    To use various decoctions and tinctures should be after consultation with your doctor, who will select the funds in the right proportions and the right period of use.

    Thermal treatment

    This type of therapy is introduced after consultation with your doctor!

    The composition of the collection (proportion):

    • chamomile (1),
    • sage (1),
    • linden (1),
    • marsh marshmallow (2),
    • Ivan tea (2).

    5-6 tablespoons of the mixture pour 2 liters of boiled water and insist 1 hour. After 1 hour, the infusion should be poured into a container in which you can sit and sit for 15 minutes. It is also recommended that this infusion be douched into the intestines and held for 30 minutes. The duration of the procedure is 14 days.


    The actions of this plant are diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

    • pour a couple of teaspoons of finely chopped wheatgrass roots 200 ml of cool water and leave overnight,
    • pour this mixture of 1500 ml of boiling water in the morning and let it brew in heat for 1 hour,
    • in this form, then take a decoction 3 times a day.

    Propolis and Enema

    It is generally advised to take one teaspoon of propolis oil per 100 ml of warm milk daily before meals. But you can also use enemas. To do this, you should know the following:

    • The best combination of treatments is determined after consultation with your doctor.
    • Keep track of the quality of propolis when buying. Propolis contains a large number of different resins that affect the speed of achieving the desired result and the effectiveness of therapy. It is recommended to purchase propolis in a light color with a light and delicate aroma.

    • dissolve 40 gr. propolis and 2 gr. cocoa in 200g of alcohol,
    • 2 gr. dilute the mixture with a syringe, give time to dissolve during the day,
    • inject the mixture for 2 months,
    • after consultation with the doctor, the course should be repeated.

    Honey with herbs is a good way to get rid of the disease. To do this:

    • make a mixture of equal parts of linden, celandine, chamomile, hypericum,
    • 2 tablespoons of this mixture pour 500 ml of hot water with honey,
    • the daily norm of infusion is 50 ml after a meal.

    Pumpkin seeds

    • pumpkin's value is hidden in its seeds containing zinc - a useful chemical element for males, regardless of age. 30 pumpkin seeds daily are an excellent prevention of many diseases,
    • 500 gr. pumpkin seeds are crushed by a blender or meat grinder. A glass of honey is added. Thoroughly stirring this mixture until smooth, you should make small round balls. These balls are recommended to be consumed 30 minutes before eating.


    This herb is recommended to be eaten not only by the sick, but by healthy people without disease. In addition to the general strengthening of immunity, garlic contributes to the treatment of infectious and bactericidal diseases. 1 head of garlic can significantly accelerate therapy against many diseases.

    An important factor in the treatment of any disease is the patient’s psychological readiness to fight ailments. The combination of a positive attitude with the right means will give an immediate result.

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