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Men's haircut

Well-groomed appearance allows you to achieve almost any set goals. The peak of popularity of a male haircut is in the 90s of the last century, but today, representatives of both sexes prefer this hairstyle. Stylists note that due to the wide variety of caret varieties, every man can choose a suitable haircut for the shape of his face, type of appearance and character.

Modern fashion does not contradict the haircuts of the square for both long and short men's hair, depending on the preferences of the man and the recommendations of the master. Initially, only men wore such a hairstyle, and the history of its occurrence goes back to the Middle Ages. Today, a men's haircut is combined with any age of a person, his professional activity and lifestyle.

Hairstyle for men: description and photo

Initially, the caret hairstyle is based on two criteria, versatility and variety of hairstyles. The length of the hair can be different, starting from a square on the legs or a bob, when the longest part of the hairstyle does not fall below the line of the ears, there may be a square covering the ears, as well as an extended square to the shoulders. Haircut can be done on hair of any length, shade and structure, in any case, it will look fashionable and spectacular.

Today, a bob haircut implies perfectly straight hair of medium length, cut by a straight line. Or maybe a multi-level square with a textural shape. Hair can be perfectly straight, asymmetrical, with or without bangs, smooth or bulky. But most often, men's fashion practices three types of caret - classic, graduated and double caret. Hairstyle for men in the three indicated types will be presented in the photo below.

Who will suit a male square

It’s hard to believe, but Kare’s haircut is for everyone, only you need to choose the right look for it. The only limitation may be too thin and oily hair. Looks gorgeous "Kare" and curly hair. When choosing a variety, you should pay attention to the following factors:

    Hair structure - if the hair is stiff, it is better to choose a graduated version, while a classic haircut is suitable for soft ones. The presence of bangs - lovers of long bangs will appreciate the "double square". Chubby men are better off choosing longer and graded options. The curly hair will look chic and royal like a "classic square" to the shoulders.

In other cases, all types of "Care" are suitable for any hair and face type. The only condition is to wash your hair in time and comb your hair more often while styling your hair.

Men's haircuts - photos of fashionable hairstyles

Haircuts for men and boys came into fashion in the early 90's. In the Middle Ages, women were forbidden to wear such hairstyles.

Kare was considered a truly masculine hairstyle. However, in our time, hairstyle has become popular among both males and females.

The main feature of this type of hairstyle is the ability to experiment with styling and change your image depending on the variety of moods and events.

Who should have a bob haircut? Surprisingly, a men's haircut under the caret fits absolutely everyone. The main thing is to choose the right image. This business can be entrusted to professionals.

A good specialist will help you decide on a haircut, hide any flaws and highlight the advantages and facial features.

Types of bob haircuts

There are several types of hairstyles for this popular hairstyle, both for men and women, children and adolescents:

- with shaved temples,
-French (it is also called quads on a leg),
bean bob
-kara for medium hair,
- short square,
car with bangs.


Double caret is the decoration of any man. Haircut is suitable for wavy hair and straight. An ideal complement to the image is a small stubble or beard and mustache.

A light brutality and mystery will give an oblique ragged bangs falling to the forehead. The main feature of the hairstyle is that the hair is cut in two levels.

First level: a haircut is performed in the upper part of the head from the toe to the ears and includes a long bang. The second level is performed from the crown to the shoulders.


The classic square is rigor and restraint in style. Hair is laid back without parting. This style is mainly characterized by straight hair not lower than the level of the chin.

A classic square can be diluted with bangs, which are milled in a torn way. And for everyday wear use a straight parting. A feature of this style is the same hair length.

How to care for a hairstyle

Men's caret requires more attention than, for example, a short haircut. The hairstyle will suit both sports style and business style.

Similar haircuts are worn by men who do not spare minutes for styling. Such men devote a lot of time to their appearance.

However, you should know how to care for your hair if you have chosen a caret:

- clean hair is the main rule of any hairstyle. An unwashed head will spoil not only the haircut, but also the overall appearance,
- do not go to bed with a wet head. If your hair is dry at night on a pillow, feel free to go wash your hair again,
- it is necessary to use a hair dryer for styling hair, as well as mousse and gel. Usually men are against these means, but if the choice fell on a square, then you have to use it,
- if you have chosen a caret, then you need to visit a hairdresser once or twice a month to keep fit.

How to cut a man's square

Any kind of male square is based on the classic look. Classic is always fashionable! Classic is always in trend!

The technology for performing this haircut is the simplest. Therefore, let's get to know each other step by step with the haircut of the classic variant of the square. For this you will need thinning scissors, straight scissors and a comb.

Stage 1. The head is divided into two parts: the right side and the left. And the haircut itself is performed horizontally, each part being parted. Haircut is done on wet hair.

Stage 2. Haircut must begin from the lower part of the occipital area and gradually rise. Parting should not be far apart. So the haircut will be better.

Stage 3. The first cut strand is the control for the rest of the strands. It is made parallel to the floor. The length of the hair in a men's classic square should be one.

Stage 4. The following strands are measured and cut at the first control strand.

Stage 5. It is necessary, starting from the low occipital part of the head, to cut the strands at an angle of 45 degrees. This method of cutting allows you to further bend the ends of the hair on their own. Symmetry of the left and right sides must be required.

Stage 6. Hair styling is done using a gel. You can give your hair carelessness.

If you are stylish and fashionable, then the men's square is just for you! Here you can fantasize and change styling, thanks to long strands.

Do not forget only about the rules of hair care and you are on top! Spent time and hair care are worth it.

Fashionable men's hairstyles for long hair, see here.

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A man with a caret instantly attracts the eye, and no wonder: this haircut helps to make the image incredibly elegant. Care helps to soften facial features, ennoble the look and even lighten the silhouette, if necessary. Another good news: four of a kind is practically for everyone! It is only important to determine the variation of the haircut.

Features of a men's haircut

Haircutting is performed on medium or long hair, but on short curls to create the desired shape is almost impossible. If you have not gotten a “mane” of the appropriate length, but are already thinking about a bob, read this article to the end - specially for you, we asked SalonSecret experts to give some professional recommendations for those who want to grow their hair soon!

A caret is primarily associated with symmetry and straight lines. Indeed, the classic square implies perfectly clear outlines, but today we have many options: graduation, torn strands and asymmetric lines help to create our own unique image based on a traditional haircut.

How is male caret different from female?

In fact, practically nothing - the haircut technique is almost the same. The only feature that, due to its brutality, is not too popular among girls, is shaved whiskey. For guys, this technique helps to remove the extra volume of hair and give the image masculinity.

Graduated caret

A multi-level (graduated) caret helps to achieve volume and give the hairstyle uniqueness: hair is cut in layers, and the lowest level is much longer than the highest. By the way, such a haircut will also help to discipline naughty curls!

Who is it for?

Hair styling by stylists is more perceived as a fashionable and youth haircut for men aged 20-35 years, at a more advanced age they practice more strict and restrained hairstyles. For each man, the version of the caret should be selected by the master, evaluating criteria such as age, structure and shade of hair, face shape and overall appearance.

For example, on obedient and soft strands, an ungraded caret looks beneficial when the hair takes a smooth, even look and is cut as straight as possible under the machine. If a man prefers to wear a bang, in this case it looks spectacularly double bob, it is recommended to owners of thin and sparse hair, as a haircut gives volume to the hair on the crown.

You need to choose a caret according to the shape of the face, namely:

  1. For a triangular shape, a three-dimensional square with the presence of a bang, which corrects the shape of the face, is suitable. In this case, the hair length should be lowered slightly below the chin.
  2. For a round face shape, a graduated caret with torn strands is more suitable so that the tips form an uneven brush. At the crown, the volume of hair will gradually pass to the thin tips of the face, thereby covering its rounded features.
  3. For a square face shape, experts recommend an elongated version of the square, as well as the presence of an oblique bang.
  4. The elongated face shape is ideally corrected by a caret with a hair length below the chin and the presence of a bang.

If a man by nature does not have enough volume at the roots, experts recommend considering the option of a bob or a bob on a leg, in which a multi-level haircut creates additional density. A long version of the haircut helps to hide an excessively long neck, and a graduated hairstyle will rejuvenate and refresh the image of a man of respectable age.

Haircut Varieties

If we consider the version of the male haircut, today hairdressers most often practice three haircut technologies - graduated, double and classic. Each type is intended for a certain type, although it is a universal haircut. And in order to choose your own from the proposed options, you need to familiarize yourself with the distinctive features of each type of square.

Which of the guys is suitable for a caret cut?

Caret goes to almost everyone - it is important to correctly determine the variation of haircuts. The following parameters must be considered:

  • age: the older the man, the more the classic shape of the square will suit him,
  • hair color: light curls often do not have enough volume, so it’s better to choose a graduated or double square, dark-haired are more likely to fit a French square or a square with shaved temples,
  • straight or curly hair: straight hair will look good in any variation, asymmetrical shapes are more suitable for curly hair,
  • face type: Asymmetric options help smooth out sharp lines and hide your cheeks, while classic versions emphasize the correct facial features.

How to make a classic square for a man: execution technology

A square is a complex haircut, and here it is best to trust a professional. However, if you decide to take a chance, we will talk about how this is done!

  1. To begin, divide the entire volume of hair into two parts: the first part will include the temporal zones, and the second - the occipital. Separating the strands, draw a silhouette of lightning.
  2. If the haircut involves graduation, divide the strands vertically, at a distance of one centimeter from each other.
  3. Separate one strand from the temporal zone and fix it: this strand will serve as a guideline for the length.
  4. Haircut is carried out in the direction from the temporal zone to the occipital - as the strands move, they will become shorter and shorter.
  5. The last step is the parietal zone: here the strands are processed clockwise.
  6. Do not forget about the edge treatment: it is important to walk with scissors along the perimeter of the entire haircut from the forehead to the back of the head on the left side, then on the right. The cut should be smooth and accurate.

Hair Care & Styling

A men's hairstyle will look spectacular and fashionable if the man regularly visits the salon for her correction. It all depends on the chosen shape of the caret and the rate of hair growth, but on average a visit should be 1-2 times a month. The main rule that a man requires a haircut under the caret is perfectly clean and healthy hair. Greasy hair and dandruff will ruin the hairstyle and make the image of a man unsuccessful.

For hair styling, you must perform the following steps:

  • wash your hair and apply a small amount of mousse to fix it,
  • using the round brush of brushing and hair dryer to set the direction of hair and their volume,
  • when the hair is dry, the comb sets the comb again,
  • after that, a little varnish is sprayed onto the hair to fix the result.

If the hair is naturally smooth and voluminous, it is quite simple to wash and comb it in a timely manner. In order for the hair to give in to styling, maintain their shine, silkiness and elasticity, it is necessary to use conditioner in addition to shampoo. It is also worth protecting the hair from thermal and mechanical effects, even if styling is carried out, there are cosmetics of this profile.

The difference between a bob and a bob haircut

The main competitor of a double bob is a bob or bob-haircut. But the initial version of the square has several distinctive features, namely, the presence of a bang, while the bean does not have a bang, and only one basic hair length is implied. The master, in turn, can be sheared in a multilevel way or in torn strands, forming a texture form.

Hairdressing requires a perfectly even hair, while a graduated version of the caret is ideally visualized on wavy and curly curls. Also, a clear requirement for cutting a bob is the symmetry of the strands, while the bob can be accompanied by pronounced asymmetry and different lengths of hair throughout the head. And if the caret is unpretentious to styling, these types of caret need regular care.

Men's square: photos of fashionable images

The men's hairstyle is ideal for young men, it smashes spectacularly on even and wavy strands, which can be seen in the following photos.


It is no accident that a bob haircut was originally a purely masculine option, as many stylists and hairdressers recommend this hairstyle today.Caret perfectly emphasizes the correct facial features, while beneficially hiding any imperfections in appearance and irregular shape of the head. Choosing any option for such a haircut, you need to understand that she needs regular styling and 100% clean hair.

Care Care

Since caret is performed on medium or long hair, it is assumed that the curls are always clean. This means that it is better to wash your hair daily, otherwise the hair simply does not have enough volume.

Another important point is hydration: if the curls are too dry, it is difficult for them to keep the shape of the haircut. Do not forget about the balm after each shampooing and moisturizing masks once or twice a week.

Thermal protection for those who use a hairdryer is the number one thing on the shopping list: a hairdryer makes hair brittle and painful.

Types of male caret

Among modern young men, graduated caret is especially popular. It allows for the presence and absence of parting. This model of a man's haircut goes to the owners of curly hair (as in the third photo).

There is also a double caret, characterized by creativity and style. Its essence is that the master makes the hair on the crown the longest (up to 8 cm).

Due to the cascading cutting technique, the strands form two levels. This model is better for men with thick and straight hair.

What kind of men are quads?

Men's square can be attributed to the relevant and stylish haircuts for modern young people. However, in each case, it is necessary to select the caret version individually. So, on soft and obedient hair, an ungraded caret looks good.

For those who like to walk with a long bang and are ready to do their hair every day, you can advise such a men's haircut as a double bob.

Many stars prefer caret to other models. This, for example, American actors Johnny Depp (see photo at the beginning of the article), Jake Gyllenhaal, Ian Somerhalder.

Haircut care

Care for the male square (especially graduated) must be especially carefully. You will need:

  • monitor the cleanliness of your hair (nothing will ruin this haircut like an unwashed head),
  • use conditioner and never leave your hair wet at night,
  • style your hair using products (usually with contempt rejected by men) such as foam or gel (it’s best not to use varnish).

Haircut technology

A square is considered the basis for many haircuts, so many masters must learn to perform it in order to move to a different professional level.

Double bob has the following cutting technology.

  1. First, you need to separate the temporal and occipital zones with a zigzag parting.
  2. On the temporal region, you need to select a strand that sets the length of the hair on the crown of the head.
  3. Then, using vertical parting, you need to select strands for graduation (its direction is from the temporal region to the back of the head).
  4. After processing the occipital region, it is necessary to twist the tourniquet from the lock on the crown and select the required length of the haircut.
  5. The last step in this male haircut should be to align the trim around the entire perimeter with a sliding slice. You should start from the middle of the forehead (if the caret involves a bang) to the middle of the head. Then you need to go back to the middle of the bangs and do the same on the other side.

Popular male models include bob-car. It differs from double by the obligatory absence of bangs and two levels. The technology for cutting a male bob is simpler.

  1. Hair is divided into two parts with a vertical parting from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. Haircut begins with the parietal strand (the length of the entire bob-car is set on it).
  3. At the final stage, the symmetry of the haircut is checked (the length of the strands is compared under the chin or when combing on the face). After that, you can do a thinning.

The men's square can be recommended to those who prefer both sports and business style. However, this haircut requires more attention from a man than shorter models.

To preserve the perfect shape of the caret, you need to visit your master once or twice a month (the frequency of visits to the hairdresser depends on the individual hair growth rate and on the season).

In addition, every day you will have to devote at least ten minutes to styling with a special tool. However, the time spent is worth being in front of others a confident and stylish man.

What a haircut looks like: options

When women’s squares are considered, there are about ten variations. They differ in length, method of cutting, the presence of parting and other factors. When performing the male version, the first place is the type, hair volume and division into zones. There are several options for a male square, characterized by the features of design and styling.


The male version of the classic in the execution of a caret hairstyle suggests the presence of medium-length hair, which remains at shoulder level or slightly lower. A haircut allows its owner to apply different styling methods:
Strict style - for important events, work, when the man’s hair remains smooth and there is no parting (combing back).
Parted - Suitable for everyday wear while maintaining straight strands located no lower than the chin line.
With a bang - in men, this haircut supplement can be done in a torn way or by milling. The bangs are combed sideways or back.

A classic square for men with curly hair looks spectacular when there is volume at the roots.


The option is additionally known under the name "Kare on the leg." Men's French caret is similar to women's hairstyle, but differs in the size of the base and volume of hair. For men, the “leg” does not stand out, although the silhouette of the French form remains.

With highlighted bangs

Men's bangs with bangs, if desired, can be put in various options for men's hairstyles. The length of the bangs varies relative to the rest of the length and height of the forehead. If desired, a stylish option is created without a bang, when it is stacked with the rest of the hair in a bun.

When growing up for men, you can easily remake the bangs into graduation by changing the hairstyle option.

With shaved temples and a nape

Male square, when some part of the head is shaved, refers to an extravagant image. The fashion trend is close to young guys and athletes. Most prefer tail styling. Additionally, the effect of light unshaven or a neatly trimmed beard is applied.

This look is suitable for an elongated or triangular type of face. In clothes there is a casual style. Although there are often men in tuxedos, but with a shaved nape and temples.

Men's classic square: haircut technology

    Moisturize your hair and comb thoroughly. Collect the hair on the top of the head in the tail, leaving the lower part, as in the diagram below. With the help of straight scissors, shorten the left hair (whiskey can be shaved) - on the temples and behind the ears it is very short, leave it longer behind. Using a thin-blade electric razor, process the whiskers and the clipping path to make it clear. Dissolve the remaining hair and comb.

    Divided into three zones - parting from ear to ear, separating the lower and upper parts from each other, divide the upper part in half with the central parting. Shorten the lower part with scissors to shoulder level - this will be a control strand. Separate a little more hair from each half-cut half and cut it to the length of the control strand - cut it to the level of the temples. Stand on the side, separate one hair from one of the halves, stab the rest. Cut them to the level of the finished back - this will be a control strand. Lowering the rest of the hair a little, make their haircut based on the length of the control strand. To do the same on the reverse side. Correct flaws. Dry hair and blow dry.

Men's square with shaved temples

Shaved whiskey will help to add extravagance to the image, and the familiar “Kare" of originality. This variation looks perfect on curly hair, making its owner irresistible. Although straight hair is also suitable for such a haircut.

Men's square with bangs

Men's square is combined with any bangs. It can be long or not very long, straight or oblique, laid on the forehead or combed to one side, smooth or wavy. Here the main role is played by the preference of the man and his type.

Thus, a man's square is perfect for those men who are tired of boring and short haircuts. And also to those who want to plunge into the Middle Ages and feel like a king, count or knight and those who believe that nobility is the best decoration of a real man.

General description of haircuts

The history of the haircut is associated with Ancient Egypt. According to legend, Queen Cleopatra was the first to use the original square shape. It is believed that it was thanks to the hairstyle that the imperious ruler retained beauty and attractiveness. Men began to wear a square during the Middle Ages. Elongated locks were let out by kings, warriors, commoners, all wore locks to their shoulders. Therefore, the male square is associated with valiant knights endowed with courage, courage, determination.

Classic, graduated or double - it is always easy to recognize by the characteristic rectangular shape of the hairstyle. It is performed at a length from the earlobe and can reach the shoulder line. It differs from the female version in the absence of an even, thick bang, and careless laying. The male version preserves the natural lines, a simple, practical haircut has corrective properties. It is performed on soft, hard, thick and sparse hair.

Thanks to the strands in the face, it is possible to harmonize the shape of the oval, to hide external flaws. Not the most popular haircut among the representatives of the strong half, since It requires frequent washing and more styling time, as opposed to short haircuts. But still, some men decide to wear elongated, falling strands.

Attention! A classic hairstyle gives freedom of expression, the ability to highlight features of temperament using an external image.

Can I cut my hair myself

Creating a classic hairstyle is best left to a professional. It is difficult to make a haircut on your own, choosing the optimal shape, length, technique. The wizard will help determine the option that is suitable not only for the type of appearance, but also for the structure of the hair.

The hairdresser takes into account the features of growth, the texture of the strands, thereby facilitating subsequent care, styling. The price of a haircut in the salon depends on the model chosen, the care and styling products used. On average, the cost varies from 400 to 1000 rubles. It is also possible to supplement the classic version with coloring or creative elements.

To complete a caret cut, the length of the strands must reach the chin. There are general recommendations that allow you to quickly grow hair:

  • include fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood,
  • choose a shampoo of a natural or organic series, the composition can be enriched with pharmacy vitamins in ampoules,
  • It is worth giving up bad habits, smoking, alcohol, fast food, snacks,
  • normalize the water balance by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily,
  • Perform regular head massage, stimulating hair growth.

Tools for haircuts:

  • crest,
  • spray gun
  • classic and thinning shears,
  • clamps
  • machine or trimmer
  • blow dryer, comb
  • styling products.

The execution technology of the classic version

Men's caret involves not only straight sections of smooth hair. It is possible to perform haircuts with graduation, asymmetry, bangs. Hairdressing trends allow everyone to find their own style, but the basic technique is classic execution.

The technology of cutting a step by step:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner, comb thoroughly.
  2. Separate the lower occipital region with a triangular parting, the apex of which is in the center of the nape. Fix the hair of the crown and crown.
  3. Using classic scissors, cut the strands on the back of the head with an even cut. On the temples and behind the ears, you can trim the trimmer, giving a clear geometry of the lines.
  4. Dissolve the hair of the crown and crown, comb back.
  5. First, divide with a central vertical parting to the crown, and also parting from ear to ear. The result is 3 parts - the occipital and 2 parietal temporal.
  6. Cut the side strand on the back of the head at shoulder level or shorter, this will be the control length.
  7. Separate the occipital part with horizontal partings. Cut each level on the control strand, moving from bottom to top.
  8. After working the back of the head, go to the right side. Comb well and divide into horizontal partings.
  9. Cut the strand by strand, controlling the length. After proceeding to the next level.
  10. Repeat the process for the left side, focusing on the control neck length.
  11. Trim the entire head, eliminating defects with a comb and classic scissors.
  12. At the stage of thinning, you can dream up, give the teeth a serrated shape or thin out the central strands.
  13. Hair style, fix the form with varnish.

Graduated caret hairdressers recommend using for curly, curly hair. The technique allows you to create a characteristic square shape, to give a neat, tidy appearance to naughty strands. Haircuts can be performed with a straight or side parting, the latter visually corrects the shape of the oval. A haircut suits young men, combined with a business, casual and classic style.

You can make a short square on thick, straight curls, suitable for young guys with a model appearance. A stylish haircut requires daily styling, the use of styling products. Choose men who prefer a classic, elegant style. The hairstyle needs to be regularly updated at the hairdresser, representatives of creative professions often choose.

A square with shaved temples looks quite extravagant. This option is preferred not only by guys, but also by men who follow fashion trends. You can collect elongated locks in the tail at the back of the head or wear a loose, sloppy version. Free, slightly tousled styling emphasizes the charisma of the image. Recommended for men with an elongated, regular, triangular oval, can be combined with sideburns, a beard, complemented by coloring.

A rack with shaved temples and a nape allows you to use several types of styling. Actual hairstyle with a ponytail is a fashion trend of hairdressing, emphasizes the masculinity of the image. It is recommended to choose not only young men, but also men of athletic physique. It goes well with light unshaven or a neat beard. It looks harmonious not only with casual, but also with a classic tuxedo, a stylish business suit. Quite practical, comfortable haircut does not require daily styling, creating a hair-to-hair shape.

French rack suits guys with a refined, refined taste. A slight carelessness of the haircut looks natural, it is enough to straighten the hair with your hands to give dynamics. It is performed on straight or slightly curly soft hair, the length just below the chin is considered optimal. Hairstyle maximally focuses on the features. But it hides the imperfections of the skull, protruding ears, gives the correct proportions to the features. Suitable for tall, slender young men and mature charismatic men, trusting exclusively their own fashion preferences.

Double care is considered a universal option for thin straight, as well as for curly thick hair. The cascading haircut method allows you to create sloppy styling, men of different age groups choose. For round, square faces, you can combine with asymmetric bangs, guys with the correct oval need not use corrective techniques.

Bob is a model haircut, performed exclusively on straight strands. Suitable for men with a regular and elongated face, focuses on the oval line. Due to the uniform distribution of volume, the haircut looks balanced, can be used to correct a high forehead, to give symmetry to the features. It goes well with shocking street glamor, and is suitable for business style.

Men's square with bangs suits creative, expressive people who want to always be in the spotlight. Asymmetric elongated bangs have the properties of correction, focuses on the gaze, hides imperfections in appearance. Styling requires the use of styling tools, but takes no more than 5 minutes. It is recommended for men with a round, square face, an elongated shape gives a bold note to the image.

Kare without bangs can be performed on different lengths and hair structures. Similar models are suitable for young guys experimenting with their own appearance. An image inspired by chivalric novels can easily be turned into a modern version with the help of creative details. A classic haircut can be diluted with actual coloring, supplemented with shaved elements.

A haircut for medium hair is suitable only for young men of a certain type of appearance. Tall, slender young people often choose such forms, look organically, emphasize impeccable external data. Hairstyle requires not only styling, but also thorough care, the use of professional tools. The main emphasis on the healthy radiance of thick, strong hair, which serve as a decoration for a modern man.

Cascade caret is a great option for owners of thin, soft hair. Stepped technique will create an interesting shape, adjust the line of the oval. A haircut is also suitable for thick curly hair, light carelessness gives a modern touch to the image. Similar models are chosen by men of different types of appearance, has no restrictions by age criteria.

Extraordinary personalities prefer a square leg Choose a lot of time hairstyles. They carefully monitor their appearance, create stylish styling that matches not only the mood, but also the event. Model haircuts require frequent shape correction, performed on straight or slightly curly strands. It is often supplemented by fashionable coloring, to which modern men regularly resort today.

Elongated squares are preferred not only by slender youths. Representatives of the biker movement, rockers often choose this particular hairstyle. A slight negligence of the form gives similarity to the Vikings, especially in combination with the obligatory attributes of “lords of the roads” - a beard and tattoos. A brutal image easily turns into an elegant one, you just have to collect the strands in a neat bundle. Hairstyle does not require careful care and correction, the benefits will be appreciated by active young people.

Guys with straight, thick hair will be able to make a haircut like the reference point of Lizer. The strands should be the same length, reach the earlobes. A simple classic shape looks impressive with black tar hair. A graphic haircut suits young people who prefer an expressive style, combining bright, original elements in one look.

Asymmetric option will be successful for different age groups. It has no restrictions on the types of appearance, allows you to adjust the data, to give a unique image. Hairstyle looks very stylish and courageous, does not limit ideas for styling. A practical option will be appreciated by people of different professions; it can be combined with many-sided casual or sophisticated classics.

Hair styling options and secrets

Long hairstyles require regular correction and styling. Despite the variety of caret types, there are traditional options used for different models.

Classic styling involves even strands with a uniform distribution of volume along the entire length. To do this, distribute the foam on wet strands, dry your hair with a blowed comb, slightly wrapping the slices inward.

Attention! The hairstyle is combined with a business and solemn way, suitable for men with regular, sophisticated facial features.

Careless options are performed on straight, slightly curly hair. They look creative, modern, suitable as an everyday option. The styling has corrective, anti-aging properties. It is easy to create the desired shape on dry strands. To apply a small amount of wax modeling clay on curls, to give disheveled hands.

Fashionable bunch on the back of the head allows you to complete styling in just a few minutes. The collected strands are easily fixed with an elastic band, the elegant image is worthy of a gala evening. Suitable for stylish, confident, charismatic men. It has no age restrictions, it is combined with a beard, whiskers.

Pros and cons

A men's haircut will be a great option for young, charismatic guys. Mature men who want to look stylish, elegant also choose. It is worth exploring the advantages, disadvantages of a classic hairstyle.


  • has various options - with and without bangs, multi-stage, double caret, elongated model,
  • it is possible to choose for different types of ovals, the hairstyle has corrective, anti-aging properties,
  • gives solidity to the image, the classic haircut looks strict and elegant,
  • performed on a different hair structure, thanks to various techniques, you can give a neat shape to naughty locks or visually increase the volume of thin hair,
  • combined with various styles and directions, men of different fields of activity choose
  • advantage is simplicity and practicality of care, daily styling does not require the use of styling products,
  • consistent with the latest trends in hairdressing.


  • not suitable for full men after 50 years,
  • it is difficult to give the desired shape to curly, stiff hair.

Star examples

Surprisingly, men's squares are no less popular among the stronger half than short, practical haircuts. Not only young expressive performers use it, mature men also choose it, returning to their favorite haircut after dozens of years.

Brad Pitt prefers elongated caret options, careless styling is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for meeting with the paparazzi.

Nicolas Cage from the image of a brutal handsome man more than once transformed into an urban madman. Caret in combination with colored strands looks quite extravagant.

Leonid Agutin at the beginning of his career he wore a square on curly hair, today the artist wears a short neat haircut.

Dmitry Nagiev, despite the lack of thick lush hair, he also used elongated caret options. Over the years, the actor completely shaved his hair.

Quentin Tarantino contrary to the advice of stylists, only in adulthood he let go of his hair for cutting a square.

At the rapper Face A simple haircut in combination with tattoos on the face creates a unique image that fans of the musician’s creativity inherit.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a bob

One of the most popular men's haircuts is a bob, which is made on the basis of a graduated bob.

To realize this decision, two conditions must be met: the absence of a bang and the creation of two levels.

  1. With a vertical parting, the hair is divided into two parts.
  2. The master begins the work by determining the control strand (the entire length of the haircut depends on its length).
  3. At the end of the process, look the symmetry of the hairstyle. The comparison is carried out under the chin or by combing strands onto the face. After verification, perform a thinning.

Care Tips

To maintain the correct shape of the square, you must come to the master on correction several times a month (the number of visits to the master depends on how fast the hair will grow).

The key point is keeping your hair clean. Because nothing spoils this hairstyle like greasy hair.

It is worth buying a professional shampoo and conditioner.

Care should be taken to ensure that the hair is subject to minimal mechanical stress.

Also caret owner will need styling toolsto make a stylish hairstyle.

How to grow hair

To create a fashionable image (especially for a double haircut male haircut), a man must have an appropriate length of strands. Therefore, tips on stimulating hair growth will be helpful.

  1. Include foods containing magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron in your diet.
  2. When washing your hair, it is useful to add hair vitamins to the shampoo contained in ampoules.
  3. You need to eat more dairy products, vegetables and fruits.
  4. It is worth giving up alcohol and smoking.
  5. You need to drink as much water as possible.

On the Internet you can see many photos of celebrities wearing this hairstyle.

Caret is a great opportunity to emphasize individuality and sense of style, to create the image of a confident man.


The classic type requires long strands that go down below the shoulders. Pre-moisturize your hair and use a comb to give uniform smoothness.

  1. Form a bundle on the crown of the head and crown, leaving the occipital part open (a triangular parting with the vertex on the crown).
  2. Make an even cut of the length.
  3. If you want to shave whiskey, process whiskers.
  4. Dissolve the bunch.
  5. After combing, separate the hair with a parting to the crown.
  6. From ear to ear, draw another parting - you get three separate zones (occipital, two parietal).

When the edging is done, the process starts from the middle of the forehead and ends at the middle part of the head. The procedure is repeated on the other hand.

Bob square

A short bob of a bean in a man involves the formation of a graduated haircut without a bang. It is required to create two levels, so the instruction consists of the following steps:

  1. Divide the hair into two sections with a vertical parting.
  2. Select the control strand along which they are oriented to form a square.
  3. Work alternately on two zones relative to the cut strand.
  4. Analyze the symmetry by brushing on the face or comparing the lengths of both sides relative to the chin.

Milling is not recommended for men if the hair is soft and fluffy. Volume increases, and the hairstyle loses aesthetics.

Tip: For curly hair, a bob hairstyle is not recommended, since it is difficult to achieve smoothness.

Styling and Care Options

A men's haircut can be styled classically or combed to one side. Popularly bundled with shaved temples and a nape. But then you have to monitor the length of the main hair and the growing roots.

When choosing a caret for medium hair, it is often required to maintain even strands so that the volume throughout the head remains the same. To do this, apply styling mousse or foam, which are applied to wet hair. After they are dried with a hairdryer using a blown comb. You can wrap the slices when drying inward to create a voluminous hairstyle.

When you want to give your hair carelessness, for example, with a graduated caret, it is better to apply gel or wax for styling. They are distributed by the fingers. A small amount should be taken for even absorption to avoid greasy effect.

For volumetric care on medium hair, mousse is applied after washing. When drying with a hairdryer, you should take a round brush and direct it in the direction where you plan to lay the hair. A comb with thick teeth adjusts styling. For fixing it is necessary to spray with varnish.

When creating a bun from a square, you should have clean hair, which is fastened with an elastic band on the crown. After washing, you can spray with a special tool to prevent electrification. In addition, it is recommended to use the conditioner after shampoo, which protects the hair from temperature extremes and makes them silky.

Men's hairstyle in the form of a square is a way of expressing individuality. Charismatic, stylish and extravagant representatives of the stronger sex, when choosing such a haircut, feel confident and at ease. Its advantage is the variety of styling and the ability to hide imperfections on the face. If you want to make a caret, you should understand that you need to visit a hairdresser regularly to maintain shape and take care of your hair.

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