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How to circumcise a member of the photo, especially whether it is worth trimming

The procedure for circumcision of the foreskin is a fairly popular surgical operation.

It is resorted to by those to whom it is really indicated for medical reasons, while others pursue aesthetic appeal.

One way or another, but this procedure is complicated. This means that you need to find out what kind of operation it is, and most importantly, what it consists of, its main nuances and difficulties.

The essence of the operation

The essence of the operation is to shorten the skin, which covers the penis of a man. Depending on the goal the patient is pursuing, as well as the verdict of the urologist, the question of which part of the skin must be removed during surgical intervention is decided.

From a medical point of view, it is believed that you need to remove only the necessary area of ​​the skin, which directly and interferes with the necessary processes of life.

If we talk about aesthetics, it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the patient. Tight circumcision is one of many varieties of the circumcision surgery. A significant difference from conventional classical circumcision is the style of such an operation.

In medical practice, there is no such thing as tight circumcision of the foreskin. It was bred by doctors, who carried out surgical intervention in order to give the penis an aesthetic appearance. Let's look at what this type of intervention is.

We have already said that such a procedure is performed only at the request of the patient, and cannot be the result of a doctor’s verdict. The bottom line is that the fold of skin is removed in such a way that it disappears altogether.

Unfortunately, sometimes this type of circumcision makes the size of male dignity visually a little shorter. Therefore, owners of not so impressive sizes should think a few times before agreeing to such an intervention.

This is the peculiarity of such circumcision, however, there are many nuances that can accompany such an operation, as well as its consequences.

How is the circumcision operation in this video:

Circumcision increases the length of the penis

Unfortunately for many men, this is a myth. The length of this organ depends only on the heredity and genetic code of a person. Circumcision of the foreskin does not affect him in any way. Just because of her lack of a member, it seems a little longer.

Allows you to get rid of arbitrary ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse.

But this is true. The skin of the head is very tender, but when it is not covered by the protective folds of the skin, it gradually coarsens and becomes less sensitive. This means that to achieve an orgasm, a man will need to make more efforts, which means that the sexual intercourse will be longer. But this does not affect the quality of his sensations and the power of orgasm.

Circumcised men suffer less from sexually transmitted, infectious and other diseases that are transmitted sexually.

And this is also true, which is confirmed by numerous studies. Not only does the foreskin create excellent conditions for the reproduction of bacteria, it is also more permeable to bacteria than other skin. Studies confirm that circumcised men are 60% less likely to become infected with HIV. Similar statistics exist for other diseases.

How to circumcise in men

For a newborn child, anesthesia is not used, for children after eleven months and up to 14 years of age, a single anesthesia is used, and circumcision for men occurs under local anesthetics. A member should be disinfected with a special disinfectant. Then you need to press it with a plait. The treating specialist introduces an anesthetic into the tissue on the penis.

Doctors from our country, in most cases, are guided by the eye during the procedure, because of which there may be a risk of removal of the necessary tissues on the surface of the penis or the preservation of the "excess" part of the foreskin.

In foreign hospitals, the formation of personal patterns is used, which completely repeat the configuration of the glans penis, for this reason the process of removing the foreskin is much easier and more efficient.

The principle of working with patterns can be seen in the video materials. The skin is removed with a scalpel or special scissors.

At the end of this procedure, suturing occurs, which after the operation to remove and do not need to be removed - after the healing of the tissue, all the threads will independently resolve. A member should be wrapped with a medical disinfectant bandage. In some cases, foreign doctors circumcise with clamps; in this case, the flesh needs to be fixed using special devices that do not allow blood to flow; after that, “pinched” skin begins to die over time.

The foreskin on the penis is eliminated in the area of ​​the whole circle according to medical requirements. Circumcision is most often performed using local anesthesia.

The male member should be treated with an antiseptic, after the base of the organ is tightened with a small tourniquet, an injection with painkillers is injected into the penis, as such substances are most often used: lidocaine, ubitezine, as well as ultracain. This is the final moment in the whole procedure, when the patient is able to feel at least some pain.

After the flesh is strongly pulled back and secured for support by specialized means. The peel is cut, and then cut along the set circle.


In an adult male, the foreskin has a surface area of ​​37 square centimeters, which is about 1/3 of the length of the entire penis. On it there is a fold of skin that straightens when it increases. Like the rest of the body, the crease plays an important role in keeping the foreskin clean.

While the child is small, the foreskin is adjacent to his penis and closes it completely, so during the first three years the boy needs to show during bathing how to wash this part of the body. This is the same necessary procedure as cleaning your ears and washing your hair. But do not go to extremes: to wash the area of ​​the mucous membrane under the foreskin several times a week for the boy will be enough.

Indications for the procedure

Recall that There are no medical indications that would be the reason for tight circumcision. This type of surgery depends entirely on the patient's desire. Tight circumcision is also called complete, and, according to men, their sexual dignity will look somewhat more aesthetic.

Usually, this type of operation is done for religious reasons, in families in which they honor traditions. If the man is severely disturbed by the hanging skin from the penis, and he believes that moderate circumcision will not be able to help him in this problem, then he can do it completely.

The advantage of this circumcision is the fact that the skin does not cover the head of the penis even in a position when it is relaxed. For many, this turns out to be a significant plus, since this situation does not allow infections to accumulate inside, under the skin.

For the rest, everyone chooses for himself the pros and cons of carrying out this procedure, and he decides whether to agree to this type of impact or not.

The following video tells about the indications for removal of the foreskin and the types of procedure, including high tight circumcision:

Circumcised men have higher / lower potency

Oddly enough, there are both versions, and both have no foundation. The potential of a man depends on his mood, well-being, relationships with a partner, natural inclinations and hormonal levels, but not on the presence or absence of foreskin.

Circumcised men enjoy less sex.

It is difficult to say anything concrete in this matter. Studies give very conflicting results. Canadian scientists have found that only 2% of men complain of a slight decrease in sensations during sex. A study in Korea claims the opposite. The same can be said about personal reviews of men who have been circumcised after the onset of sexual activity.

One conclusion can be made: perception depends on the individual characteristics of the body, such as surgery, relationships with a partner, but not on the very fact of the presence or absence of the foreskin.

Operation types

The decision to choose the type of operation is taken by the surgeon. The method of the procedure should be directly dependent on the size of the foreskin, which should be removed.

  1. Partial Circulation - The foreskin on the penis should be circumcised, but not completely. Ultimately, the head is not completely exposed.
  2. Minimum Circulation - dissection of one place of the flesh. This type of operation is used in the absence of round scars, for example, formed due to excess foreskin.
  3. Free Circulation - after the cutting procedure, the head opens fully. An indication for her is the development of the groove in the coronary sphere.
  4. Tight Circulation - during this procedure, the entire foreskin is cut off from the very beginning of the male organ, this can lead to a stretching of the skin at the very base of the organ, with all this the head becomes almost completely immovable. This method is used very rarely.
  5. High circulation - eliminate most of the skin. As a result of such an operation, a postoperative round scar is formed, which can develop at different distances from the base of the penis.
  6. Low circulation - the complete elimination of tissues in the last flesh.


It turns out that the foreskin performs a very simple function - it protects the head. Under the fold of the skin, fluid is produced, due to which the mucous membrane of the penis remains tender and sensitive. There is an opinion that the penis, covered with a fold of skin, is an internal organ, and in the absence of one, it should be called external. In the second case, the head becomes drier and the skin coarser. In a man who was circumcised, there is an increase in the mucous tissue on the organ and the formation of several layers of skin. It becomes somewhat rougher than a person who has not undergone such an operation. His penis remains smoother, more sensitive and gentle. It is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion and form the correct attitude to such a phenomenon.


Surgery to remove the foreskin of the genital organ is called circumcision. It is made for several reasons:

  1. Religious . Toddlers of some nationalities are excised. Muslims on the 8th day after birth. Jews at 13 years old.
  2. Medical. Regular infections of the genital area, urinary system, penis, abnormal development of the frenulum (shortened). Balanitis, papillomas, tumors, phimosis.
  3. Aesthetic . Many men who like to travel, circumcision is an excellent way to keep a member in constant cleanliness. Work related to flights, lack of timely hygiene procedures.
  4. Intimate character. Improving the appearance, preventing early ejaculation, prolonging sexual intercourse.

Uninformed men believe that after removal of the foreskin, there will be protection against sexually transmitted, dangerous latent infections such as HIV. But this is not so! Use a condom is necessary for all doubtful sexual contacts.

What is exposed?

With such an operation, many men are interested in the question of which part of the skin will be affected by circumcision. It is very important to prepare in advance to determine the outcome of the operation.

With tight circumcision, the surgeons deviate somewhat from the rules of moderate circumcision, the skin is captured, which is concentrated not only in the foreskin, but also in the region of the penile shaft. That is why the head after surgery is not covered by the skin.

Tight circumcision acquired its name due to the fact that if a man still wants to at least partially stretch the skin on the head of the penis, it will be very difficult to do this, because the body tissue is tight enough, or rather even tightly wraps around the trunk, preventing him move.

A cropped penis looks prettier

Perhaps this is the most subjective question that can ever be. In countries where the number of circumcised men is large enough, many women really do not like the look of the foreskin. In others, for example, in Russia, this fact is treated quite indifferently.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from everything said above: circumcision does not affect penis size, orgasm strength and potency, but prolongs sexual intercourse and reduces the risk of developing some inflammatory and infectious diseases. The aesthetic side of the issue and the brightness of sensations remain individual in each individual case.

The essence of the operation is to shorten the skin, which covers the penis of a man. Depending on the goal the patient is pursuing, as well as the verdict of the urologist, the question of which part of the skin must be removed during surgical intervention is decided.

From a medical point of view, it is believed that you need to remove only the necessary area of ​​the skin, which directly and interferes with the necessary processes of life.

If we talk about aesthetics, it is necessary to listen to the opinion of the patient. Tight circumcision is one of many varieties of the circumcision surgery. A significant difference from conventional classical circumcision is the style of such an operation.

In medical practice, there is no such thing as tight circumcision of the foreskin. It was bred by doctors, who carried out surgical intervention in order to give the penis an aesthetic appearance. Let's look at what this type of intervention is.

We have already said that such a procedure is performed only at the request of the patient, and cannot be the result of a doctor’s verdict. The bottom line is that the fold of skin is removed in such a way that it disappears altogether.

Unfortunately, sometimes this type of circumcision contributes to the fact that visually the size of male dignity becomes somewhat shorter. Therefore, owners of not so impressive sizes should think a few times before agreeing to such an intervention.

IMPORTANT! Another nuance of this operation is that during the procedure of ejaculation, as well as erection, the skin on the penis is very tight, which may lead to some discomfort in the initial stages.

This is the peculiarity of such circumcision, however, there are many nuances that can accompany such an operation, as well as its consequences.

How is the circumcision operation in this video:

Postoperative period

As a rule, after any surgical intervention, special care should be performed. The issue of care after circumcision should be discussed with the attending specialist.

Consider how to care for the penis after circumcision:

  1. Cleanliness is most important . After surgery, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the genitals and carefully observe hygiene.
  2. Doctor's supervision . It is mandatory to undergo recovery under the full supervision of a treating specialist. In addition, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the general condition of the penis, so that if there are obscure signs of deviations immediately seek medical help.
  3. Bandages . It is worth immediately after the operation to regularly keep the genital in a dressing state. The main dressing should be done immediately for two days, and it is also worth doing the first wash. By the way, such a procedure should be done with hot and soapy water.
  4. Bactericidal drugs . On the recommendation of a doctor, you can use various types of antibacterial ointments.
  5. Comfortable underwear . It is very important to choose comfortable postoperative underwear for the patient. If circumcision was performed in an infant, it is best to pick up thicker underwear so that the child during play and entertainment could not accidentally touch the organ and do not experience pain. If circumcision was done to an adult, then it is best to choose spacious linen.

Opinions and reviews

The debate about the benefits and dangers of circumcision is based on discussions about how sensitive the penis of a man who has not been circumcised is. Is the proliferation of the mucosa reduces the threshold of pleasure in a man during intercourse, and its presence can add a pleasant sensation? Opinions are divided. (reviews after the operation to remove the foreskin are generally positive) there are no particular problems associated with a decrease in the sensitivity of the genital organ. Research in the field of sexual relations is quite rare and very few. Therefore, it remains in doubt what circumcision means for this sphere of human life, and whether it is capable of upsetting the harmony of feelings. For example, those who do not have foreskin did not feel any disturbances in proximity. On the contrary, the operation contributes to a longer sexual intercourse. Therefore, the advantages of circumcision from this point of view are obvious.

Pros and cons

The advantages of the procedure, perhaps, include the elimination of serious diseases of an intimate nature. After her, the man returns to a full life.

  1. The risk of cancer is reduced.
  2. Prolonged intercourse.
  3. The appearance of the body becomes more attractive.
  4. Pathologies that worsen the quality of life and threaten the general condition and health are eliminated.

  • Postoperative complications.
  • Difficulty in hygiene in a boy. Nature did so that the penis with a closed head cleans itself, there is no entrance to bacteria. And with excised foreskin, the need for water procedures increases until the child reaches an older age.
  • It does not prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases, latent infections.
  • Pain during the procedure, collapse. This condition occurs in countries where anesthetics are still not used.

The decision to circumcise should be well-founded, considered. It is advisable to allow the boy to come to this independently, even if it is from religious motives, national customs and rituals. Only in this way the future man will not have psychological discomfort in the future.

Which circumcision is better full or tight?

Some are trying to figure out what is the difference between full circumcision and tight circumcision. Let's look at these concepts.

As we explained above, tight circumcision is a type of surgical intervention in the urogenital system of a man, in which the skin covering the glans penis is removed, with the capture of a small part of the skin on the trunk.

Thus, upon the fact of the operation, a man can observe that the skin is stretched, or partially stretched to the head. This is the specificity of tight circumcision.

Well, what is complete education? After all, it was he who was carried out in religious families, occasionally, at the request of the man himself, replacing it with a tight one.

As well as tight, complete circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin that crowns the penis is removed.

The essence of such an operation is that there is a shortening of the leaf located inside the foreskin. Due to this intervention, the head of the penis is constantly open, while it is completely impossible to stretch the skin onto it.

To make tight circumcision is not at all difficult. According to statistics, almost a fifth of the male population filling our planet suffered a similar type of operation.

It can most likely be attributed to plastic rather than medical, due to the fact that the reasons for such an intervention are religious views, as well as the aesthetic look that men want to give their genitals. Therefore, we can conclude that these two types of operations have more in common than differences.

Therefore, Before deciding on this or that kind, be sure to weigh the pros and cons, because it is quite possible that a small nuance, which is the difference, will matter to you.

Pluses of operation

Circumcision has the following advantages:

  1. Significantly reduced the risk of contracting various infections and STDs.
  2. The possibility of developing diseases such as pyelonephritis (an infection that disrupts the kidneys) is greatly reduced.
  3. The smegma development process is substantially reduced, which allows for better hygiene.

Properties of "excess" skin

The truth is that the foreskin is a unique material resembling tissue with an unusual cellular structure - it is called fibroplast. It is able to grow and perform the function of the skin. It is these properties that were used in the development of two companies that, using special technologies, create new materials. They are able to restore the skin of people affected by the fire, to heal ulcers in people suffering from diabetes. A specialist in the creation of new materials said that a fragment of the foreskin allows you to grow a piece of new skin. whose area would be comparable with the area of ​​two football fields, and this work is carried out on the basis of material having an unusual cellular structure. And only after the research, many began to understand what important body parts were lost.


Pagan ceremony through circumcision is a kind of sacrifice that has been long since in Judaism. Many peoples put such a ritual at the level of tradition, after which the young man becomes a man.

Israel still circumcises boys eight days from birth. Saturday among the Jewish people is considered sacred, so the baby is given such a period to see if he lives for 7 days and 1 Saturday. The boy, according to custom, only after the procedure belongs to the Jewish people, is rightfully considered full.

Muslims find the foreskin a vice. A man follows the path of the prophets Muhammad, Ibrahim and Abraham. Boys in these countries are manipulated at 8-14 years old.

Here the guy himself can make a decision or his parents. Circumcision here is not considered mandatory.Some young men may have a ceremony at the age of majority.

  • In the Herodotus book of Euterpus, it is narrated about the peoples of Egypt who successfully used manipulation with excision of the foreskin in pagan rites.
  • The Egyptians are considered the ancestors of circumcision.
  • Some wild tribes circumcised to become closer to their gods and drive away evil spirits through sacrifice.
  • Only after manipulation, the man had the right to start a family.

Muslims are allowed to circumcise at will. It is recommended to excise the foreskin at a tender age, then it can be dangerous both in terms of physiology and psychology.

  1. Using special tools to grip the skin, after which the flesh is excised along the edge.
  2. Clips do not remove until bleeding stops.
  3. Guillotine. Pulling the skin of the penis, placed in a special device, excision occurs.
  4. The wound surface completely heals on 10-11 days.

Process Types

Tight circumcision has its own classification, due to the fact that it can be performed by various techniques.

One or another doctor performing the intervention has his own opinion on how the operation should be carried out. Consider the main types of tight cutting.

Depending on where a particular suture is located, the level of intervention also depends, namely, what level of the inner or outer sheet of the foreskin has been excised.

This means that the patient may experience pain and unpleasant, uncomfortable sensations in the first few days after surgery. However, you should not think that you will suffer severe pain. This is not true.

The main disadvantages of the procedure

As such, there are no drawbacks to circulating. But do not forget that circumcision is a fairly serious intervention, which means that it can have its negative results.

Circumcision can cause a number of complications: the formation of scarring on delicate tissue, the likelihood of developing infections, and mechanical defects of various shapes. These consequences may occur if the procedure was carried out in bad faith.

In addition, there are cases when there was a real deformation of the genital organ. It is worth noting that this happens extremely rarely and largely depends on individual characteristics.

Of course, before you start carrying out such an operation, you should weigh all its advantages and disadvantages, as well as consult with relatives and friends. If you still decide to go for circumcision, then you should discuss all its features and do with your doctor, as well as follow all its instructions to maintain the body during and after the procedure.

Inability to recover

It is still unclear what exactly circumcision in men deprives. Before and after the operation, it must be borne in mind that this material will be lost forever, and it is impossible to restore it. No stretch marks can replace genuine leather. Replacing something lost with something artificial is the best that men who want to restore their foreskin can count on. But it is impossible to restore the nerve endings and sensitivity of the genital organ, as well as the muscle tissue that covered the foreskin. This feature will be lost forever.

Some parents pay homage to fashion when they agree to circumcise their foreskins with their sons. It seems to them that the procedure improves the appearance of the penis, and some fathers want their sons to become like them. A small child is indifferent to the appearance of its organ, and the term “circumcised or not circumcised” causes unpleasant associations. Most people agree that you cannot make a decision for the sake of fashion.


Circumcision is considered a simple surgical procedure. The patient can return home on the same day.Local anesthesia is mandatory, babies may not need pain relief in the first weeks of life.

Boys aged 4-14 years are given general anesthesia. Therefore, it is very important to choose a qualified surgeon, anesthesiologist and clinic that has established itself well and performed more than one such procedure.

The cropping area before manipulation is indicated by a special medical marker. The operation has several techniques for excising the foreskin - minimum, partial, maximum (tight) and moderate.

Before circumcision, you must certainly clarify this point with the doctor, see a photo of the penis before and after the manipulation. Be sure to follow the rehabilitation period, the rules for the restoration and processing of the wound surface, suture.

  • Narcosis - local, general.
  • The crop area is marked.
  • Antiseptic treatment of the intimate zone, genitals.
  • Removal.
  • Cauterization of the wound surface, a suture is applied.
  • A bandage that can not be removed on the first day.

The duration of the operation takes no more than an hour. Working men take a vacation of 3-7 days, boys attending kindergarten or school, this time must be released.

After excision, the patient is still in the hospital for several hours, this is necessary to assist in case of bleeding and other unforeseen circumstances.

It is advisable to observe bed rest on the first day. Intimate contacts are prohibited until the wound is completely healed. The pain of the penis should be present in the first days, then go into decline.

Laser surgery is an alternative to bandpass. Local anesthesia, epidural anesthesia are used. The procedure lasts half an hour.

How much is? The price varies from 16,000-30000 rubles, this includes the operation itself, local anesthetics, one day of the hospital, repeated consultation and examination of the doctor, dressings in the rehabilitation period.

Photograph of a member, male circumcision before and after surgery.

Detailed procedure description

  1. Tight circumcision is rarely performed under local anesthesia. This is explained by the fact that the operation is quite long, and in this case, the patient is better to sleep so as not to experience a painful waiting time. Therefore, most likely, you will be offered complete anesthesia.
  2. Further, the doctors will once again talk with the patient as if he would like to see his penis after the intervention. They consider how much the head of the penis should be open, whether the skin will go on it or not. After that, the operation begins.
  3. After the patient has fallen asleep, the foreskin is dissected to the desired size. Depending on the type of tight circumcision selected, a seam is left. It can be at the base of the head, in the middle, as well as at the base of the root of the penis.
  4. As a result of the operation, the penis will look like it will be in an unexcited state. The doctor imposes a special cooling dressing on the site of intervention, puts on a suspensory.
  5. After this, the patient is transferred to the ward, where he regains consciousness, and also spends several days until complete recovery. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the procedure, doctors make only a few incisions, and a suture.

It is very important to choose a competent doctor, because the imposition of a circular suture is jewelry work that should only be carried out by a trusted professional with extensive experience. Then your genitals will definitely look attractive, while it will not bring you any pain.

Truth and myths

The circumcision procedure has overgrown with a fairly large number of myths. Below we will try to dispel them (or confirm):

    1. It will be easier to monitor general hygiene if the organ is circumcised - smegma no longer continues to accumulate under the lower flesh. This is often considered a real advantage for a man with a circumcised penis.That is why circumcision is most often carried out in countries where there is a special lack of water, and a hot climate predominates.
    2. There is a statement that penile cancer is much less likely to develop in “circumcised” ones. Given the peculiarity that cancer of the intimate organ is a very rare phenomenon, circumcision will not be able to significantly affect such statistics.
    3. During sexual intercourse with a partner, in most cases, the foreskin is deformed, and infections can penetrate through such small cracks. Those men whose penis is circumcised are less likely to get infected during unprotected intercourse. In the preputial sac, various microbes develop, which affect the formation of genital infections. That is why the risk of infection of the circumcised penis is lower.
    4. Doctors noticed the fact that the possibility of developing cervical cancer in women who had a sexual partner with circumcised dignity is much less. But this opinion is not scientifically confirmed.
    5. Some women become sexually aroused when they see a circumcised penis. But this directly depends on the culture and upbringing of the woman.
    6. On the inner surface of the foreskin there are special sensitive receptors that also take an active part in the process of arousal in men. By eliminating this skin fold, you can lose them too, which negatively affects the whole organism. Many circumcised by their desire at an older age regret such an operation, as they lose their sensation during sexual intercourse. To argue with this fact is quite difficult, since any person has an individual sensitivity, and even those males who have been circumcised in childhood, simply do not know another option.
    7. Most women say that oral sex is much more pleasant with circumcised men: everything happens simply, and also there is no unpleasant odor. But if you follow the basic rules to an uncircumcised man, then there will definitely not be any unpleasant odors.

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Even in ancient times, male circumcision existed in a number of countries adhering to Islamic traditions. Why is this needed? "You ask.

In the 19th century, American John Harvey Kellogg proposed in such a way to combat masturbation. And very soon after that, in the USA, male circumcision began to be done everywhere. However, in European countries, the above operation did not find a response among most doctors. So circumcision in men. Why carry out this procedure?

In modern conditions - this is not so much a way to combat masturbation as an effective measure in the prevention of various diseases. Of course, today there are both proponents of this procedure and its ardent opponents.

At the same time, in an attempt to find out the question: "Circumcision in men - why do it at all?" - It must be emphasized that this is the oldest rite that was known in ancient Egypt.

The above tradition is revered to this day. Currently, the foreskin of the penis is cut off for boys in some families professing Islam and Judaism. Undoubtedly, this operation is carried out solely for religious reasons.

At the same time, medical experts are ambiguous in their approaches to addressing the issue: "Circumcision in men." Why, and most importantly, is it worth it to perform this procedure? Some argue that the male genital organ helps protect against cancer and a number of other ailments. Others, on the contrary, claim that the above operation without fail will lead to health complications.

Why is circumcision necessary for men from a medical point of view? It is believed that if a representative of the stronger sex does not have a “pocket” in the genitals, it means that viruses and pathogenic bacteria will not accumulate in it. In addition, it will be much less susceptible to genitourinary infections, and during sexual contact, the risk of the spread of the papilloma virus is reduced significantly.

At the same time, opponents of "male circumcision" believe that by performing the above procedure, external bleeding can be discovered and wound infection can be easily obtained. In certain cases, complications can even lead to genital amputation. Moreover, circumcision of the foreskin of the penis can cause damage to the nerve cells responsible for sensitivity.

One way or another, the question of whether men need to be circumcised or if there is no need for it, everyone should decide for themselves.

Circumcision of the foreskin has been performed since ancient times, however, there are still many contradictions about the appropriateness of this procedure. Naturally, before and after the circumcision operation, men have a lot of questions to which there are answers in our article.

Circumcision is a surgical procedure for removing the foreskin of the penis in boys and men. In this case, the most diverse goals are pursued:

  • circumcision for medical reasons, most often with phimosis, is a congenital or acquired pathology, which manifests itself in the inability to completely remove the head of the penis due to narrowing of the foreskin (however, surgery is not recommended until the age of three),
  • to prevent the development of balanoposthitis - this is a very common urological disease, characterized by an inflammatory process of the head of the penis and inner sheet of the foreskin due to the accumulation of sebaceous gland secretion (smegma) and the attachment of various microorganisms. Among other things, the infection can enter the genitourinary tract and cause urination disorders, cystitis, prostatitis,
  • to lengthen the sexual intercourse - since after removal of the foreskin, the density of the epithelium of the head increases, and the sensitivity decreases,
  • the most basic reason is the religious characteristics and national traditions of Muslims and Jews.

The benefits of surgery

Male circumcision suggests several reasons for it. Firstly, if a crack has formed on the foreskin, the man experiences pain while removing the damaged tissue. Similar trauma can be prevented in infancy. Doctors believe that the fissures of the foreskin are the most innocent of the problems that can be prevented in advance by circumcision. It is believed that surgery reduces the likelihood of developing penile cancer in adult men. Indeed, if male circumcision is done, reviews after surgery do not indicate the occurrence of genital cancer. This form of ailment they simply do not occur. But this is not an argument, because the disease is already quite rare. The risk of penile cancer occurs only in those men who never push the foreskin and have chronic diseases, and sometimes a whole bunch of infections.


  • Inflammatory processes of the genitals, urinary system.
  • The acute phase of the prostate gland.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: gardnerella, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc.
  • Member abnormalities.
  • Blood diseases, lack of coagulation.
  • Urological abnormalities, accompanied by discharge of various nature.
  • Tumors of the organ.

Before the operation is performed, the man (boy) must undergo a full examination, pass the necessary tests. Medical history, internal examination, psychological state and readiness for the procedure.

The doctor should tell and show what the cropped penis looks like, what complications can arise in case of poor hygiene.

High tight cropping: before and after photos

Below are photos of tight cropping:

Historical Circumcision

Ever since ancient times, circumcision existed as a pagan rite of sacrifice. Later, in most nations, this action becomes a kind of initiation of young men of 10-17 years into men - it was believed that after that they become sexually mature. In Israel, all newborn boys aged 8 days were circumcised and circumcised - this period is explained by the fact that there is just enough weeks to see if the child is healthy, and also according to beliefs, he must live one Saturday, which is considered sacred to them. And circumcision is a necessary external sign of belonging to the Jews.

In some old scriptures, the foreskin is metaphorically compared with the depravity of man and, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it. For Muslims, the removal of the foreskin is part of the path of Muhammad, as well as of Abraham and other prophets.

Recently, however, male circumcision has gained popularity in Western countries, mainly for hygienic purposes.

The dispute between supporters and opponents of circumcision

The probability of infection among babies who underwent circumcision in the first year of their life is 1 case per 1000. The number of infected adult men who have not had surgery is small - only 1 per 100 people. All arising inflammations can be cured with the help of special creams without resorting to the removal of the foreskin. Another argument in favor of circumcision is as follows: a man whose penis is covered with foreskin is easier to acquire and transmit sexually transmitted diseases, in particular HIV. In the presence of foreskin, viruses enter the mucous membrane and remain viable in small cracks and scratches on its surface, but this is just an assumption. According to studies, the factor of human behavior, rather than circumcision, is the price of a direct risk of getting sick. Probably, not the presence of the foreskin, but promiscuous and unprotected sexual contacts become the causes of dangerous diseases.

Circumcision is performed in infancy so that the boy does not experience pain at a later age. An adult experiences severe pain during male circumcision. Reviews after surgery using anesthesia, however, do not indicate discomfort. Most of the reasons for circumcision are based on the fact that the presence of the foreskin creates a number of problems for a man.

A bit of history

Male circumcision - An integral part of such religions as Islam and Judaism, has found wide application in Egypt and Africa. Currently, male circumcision is widespread throughout the world. Why is it needed?

In the 70s and 80s, the boom of circumcision waned. After summing up on the basis of many years of research by the American Academy of Pediatrics that circumcision in infants has its own “advantages” from a medical point of view, it also has drawbacks and consequences. Due to the lack of a single point of view whether circumcision is necessary, to this day there is a confrontation between the adherents of the two points of view. Some argue that no matter what the benefits of the operation, it does not justify the pain and psychological trauma caused during the operation.


If you neglect the rules of care and treatment of the wound surface, avoid negative points will not work.

  • Raising the temperature to 38.0-38.5 ° The norm is considered to be 37.0-37.1 ° C on the first day.
  • Isolation of uncharacteristic etiology, unpleasant odor.
  • Erectile dysfunction for a long time, lack of sensitivity of the penis and sex drive.
  • Sepsis of blood.
  • A wound may not heal for a long time, bleed, or fester.
  • Scar, scars, deformation, necrosis.

Sensations considered normal in the early days:

  1. Pain, discomfort.
  2. Isolation of an insignificant amount of sucrose.
  3. Edema around excision, on the swelling, you can put ice to alleviate the condition.
  4. When heals, the penis can itch.

All this is minimized daily, and not vice versa.

Sexual life of a man after

Many men are afraid that after the intervention, sexual life will come to naught. Well, really, in the first week after the operation, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • First, there is a great opportunity to apply various sexually transmitted infections to the newly operated organ, which, due to the peculiarities of immunity, will immediately begin to multiply and settle in a weakened environment.
  • Secondly, there is a great risk that the seams can go apart, which means that the operation will be carried out in vain, and you will have negative consequences in the form of repeated surgery and suturing. Therefore, in the first weeks after the procedure, you will be assigned sexual rest.

Then, you can begin sexual activity, while not overworking yourself, choosing only standard, comfortable postures for you.

Over time, you will return to normal, and within a month your sex life will be full of various colors.

Another fear of men who decide on such an operation is that you will lose sensitivity.

Well, for the first time after surgery, you really will feel a little pain due to the fact that the nerve endings cut during the operation have not yet healed.

Therefore, do not assume that for the aesthetic appearance you have to pay with your pleasure. This is far from the case.


Male circumcision is a very common occurrence - every sixth to seventh man undergoes this operation. In this case, despite centuries of practice, there was no consensus on the appropriateness of circumcision . There are ongoing active disputes, and we will give several arguments for and against the operation - you yourself draw conclusions.

Positive aspects of circumcision:

  • Aesthetic side - the appearance of the genital organ is improved,
  • After removing the foreskin, it’s easier to maintain hygiene,
  • An increase in the duration of sexual intercourse (for the onset of orgasm in men it will take more time and this does not mean at all that the head will generally lose sensitivity),
  • Reducing the likelihood of contracting AIDS, since it is the mucosa of the foreskin that is most susceptible to constant microtrauma, which creates the conditions for the active introduction of the human immunodeficiency virus,
  • The probability of infecting a partner with human papillomavirus (which, by the way, is oncogenic and dangerous for a woman’s health) and sexually transmitted diseases, is reduced
  • Some scientists suggest that circumcision reduces the chance of developing penile cancer, but this has not been proven in practice.
  • Prevention of the development of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system - this is due to the fact that the foreskin creates excellent conditions for the existence of microorganisms that enter the prostate through the urethra and cause a huge number of problems in the future,
  • For many, circumcision is the observance of national traditions and is therefore greatly appreciated and respected.


Of course, there are also negative aspects of male circumcision:

  • In men after surgery, as well as after any other surgical intervention, their adverse effects are possible: extensive bleeding from the cavernous bodies, which can deposit a lot of blood, may open possible infection of the wound surface with bacteria and the development of inflammation After healing, quite unpleasant scars may remain. Fortunately, all this happens extremely rarely due to the professionalism and experience of doctors, however, any patient should be aware of the possible complications,
  • There are also opinions that circumcision of the foreskin is unnatural and contrary to the nature of man,
  • Hygienic problems may also arise - now you need to carefully observe the toilet of the genitals, in particular the head, which was previously protected.
Men have many concerns before and after surgery. However, if circumcision does not contradict your ethical standards, and you have found a great experienced surgeon - there is nothing to fear in this case, the operation is absolutely safe.

How is the operation

Circumcision is a surgical operation that involves circular circumcision of the foreskin.
If you need to be aware of what is done during the operation, you can look at the photo of circumcision, as well as the appearance of the penis before circumcision and after. Before the operation, medical tests are required: a general blood and urine test, a biochemical blood test, a coagulogram, HIV tests, syphilis, hepatitis, an ECG.

The duration of the operation is 50-60 minutes. Patient position: on the back.

Anesthesia: local circular infiltration is performed (anesthetics chipping the site of surgery) anesthesia, or anesthesia can also be used.

Technique of operation: a circular skin incision is made at the level of the palpatory palpable head of the penis. On the peripheral edge of the cut off skin, torsion clamps are applied in several places in a circle and pull it to the periphery. At the level of the edge of the head of the penis, a second circular excision of the inner sheet of the drawn foreskin is performed. The cut off part is removed.

They stop the bleeding and impose sutures that connect the outer and inner sheets of the foreskin. A dressing is made with an antiseptic in the form of a roller or bridle. Sutures do not need to be removed - absorbable sutures are usually used. After 2-3 weeks, complete recovery , and a man can return to a full sexual life.

Penis after circumcision

If circumcision is carried out in a clinical setting, in compliance with all the rules and precautions, then complications are almost impossible.

After the operation, the patient, of course, experiences unpleasant and painful sensations - for relief, the doctor will definitely prescribe an anesthetic, which is usually taken within three days. Periodically, it will be necessary to go to the hospital several times for dressing. If you have no complications, you can start working on the fourth day after surgery.

After a couple of weeks, after healing, a slight circular scar will remain at the site of excision of the foreskin - it is almost invisible and does not spoil the aesthetic picture.

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After circumcision, the inguinal region , penis and scrotum can get a red tone. This is due to the use of a specific chemical to flush the skin before surgery. The part of the penis with which the skin was removed will look damaged and may swell slightly. Over the next few days, this simple swelling will pass.

At the end of the procedure the baby is usually watched for two to four hours. Doctors make sure that the member of the children does not bleed, and at the end of the circumcision process, the beginning of the male flesh can be wrapped in a gauze bandage with petroleum jelly. If a member is wrapped in bandages, then they may not be removed for a whole day. Before removing the bandages, you need to moisten them in hot water and carefully unwind.

What is the difference between a circumcised member and a regular member?

In a stay of calm the beginning of the penis is closed by a narrow fold of the skin, which, during an erection, stretches and moves away. As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex do not experience almost any difficulties with the foreskin, except that due to poor hygiene, it happens that secretions accumulate under the skin, and multiplying bacteria give a special aroma. Simple everyday washing is easier than usual to resolve this issue.

Circumcised representatives, on the other hand the stronger sex is practically not concerned about the cleanliness of their own intimate place, even if in the extreme heat they have everything clean and fresh, something that their sexual partners do not tire of fixing as a positive moment. If the penis is tense, the difference is very clearly determined visually - a bridle is not considered in the stopped sex of the stronger sex (a refined strip, a cord extending from the head by 1 - 2 cm), due to the fact that it is no longer directly there.

Complications and Risks

The main argument of the opponents of the operation comes down to the fact that they pass with complications. Often this leads to modifications of the head, the shape of which can no longer be corrected, especially if the circumcision heals poorly after an unsuccessful procedure. Any surgical intervention is fraught with risk; death cases during surgery are also known. Sometimes, after surgery, the penis became shorter, and serious injuries occurred. In addition, genital surgery is very painful. And if the doctor does not circumcise often, then he does not have the skills. Most surgeons rarely remove the foreskin, and due to the lack of experience with such a doctor, patients are not able to get qualified help.


If in the near future you will have an operation for tight circumcision, then you should not be afraid of it. Tune in to the fact that after a couple of weeks you will return to the usual rhythm of life, and your male organ will completely suit you, and cause admiration for the beautiful half.

Therefore, do not be afraid of the operation itself and its consequences. It is plastic, which means that it will not bring with it any serious complications, the main thing is your attentiveness and fighting spirit.

"Do no harm!"

Fortunately, complications are quite rare. Inflammation of the urogenital tract and penis cancer are also rare. All arguments are not in favor of circumcision. Is it really necessary? One of the ancient commandments of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, says - "Do no harm." And before taking on the scalpel, the doctor must be sure that the operation will benefit the patient or the patient will receive more benefit from the treatment than harm.

Indications for circumcision

And what does medicine say about the benefits or harms of circumcision? It all depends on how to present the information received. Risks are also increasing with the preservation of the foreskin in men. All these considerations are politically motivated. But there are significant arguments of the opponents of such an ancient operation. like circumcision in men. Reviews after surgery are too emotional and do not have a clear medical justification, which is also bad. A strange situation arises when people discuss centuries-old traditions, the usefulness of which is difficult to understand. Millions of foreskin circumcisions have already been done, but it is necessary to explain why this is happening. Recent studies show that circumcision has positive aspects, but doctors do not have statistics to confidently recommend the procedure to everyone without exception.

The procedure is a partial or complete removal of a fold of skin located on the foreskin and covering the head of the penis. If earlier the removal of excess skin was carried out for social and religious reasons, now it is recommended for some medical reasons. Among the most common are various kinds of phimoses associated with narrowing of the foreskin.

Often, a similar procedure is performed to eliminate premature ejaculation, since a permanently open penis head loses its sensitivity, which affects the duration of the act. The circumcision procedure serves as a prophylaxis against some pathologies, oncology, AIDS, balanitis, and genitourinary infections.

The indication for an operation for a modern man can be the presence of various deviations from the norm in the structure of the organ. For example - xerotic obliterans balanitis, benign formations of the foreskin and some other problems. Adults circumcision can be performed at will. After surgery, nothing prevents the free opening of the head of the penis. Special rehabilitation and antibiotic treatment is not prescribed.

For children, the circumcision procedure is performed for medical reasons: difficulty urinating, which is chronic.

The benefits of circumcision in some cases are in reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. It also simplifies men's hygiene. For circumcision, the price in Russia ranges from 15 thousand rubles.

Religious practices

Circumcision among Jews takes place without any conditions, only because tradition so commands. Everything is predetermined in advance. This phenomenon in the Jewish faith symbolizes the agreement between man and God. The rite has become an integral part of culture, and even unbelieving Jews insist that circumcision should be done to their sons. The first one to conclude an agreement with the Lord was Abraham, and since he is the patriarch of Islam, the rite passed on to Muslim culture. It so happened that circumcision is done at different ages in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Sometimes circumcision is performed (the age of the child is shocking) on ​​the 7th day after birth, sometimes it is postponed until adulthood. Islam does not give clear instructions on the timing of the ritual.

Circumcision has become an integral part of the culture of many nations, this procedure for more than 4000 years. Even those who oppose the operation in infancy for medical reasons attach great importance to this. It is believed that all Jewish boys should undergo this ritual. Circumcision among Jews is an integral part of the culture of the people, for them it is a very simple and completely safe operation. And it is useless to refer to the Bible if a group of people believes that the rite is part of their religion.

Circumcision among Muslims and men of other nationalities

The Islamic religion calls circumcision among Muslims the most ancient rite. Opinions about the mandatory procedure for a true Muslim are sometimes disputed: the desired intervention on the genital organ is said.

When a boy approaches puberty, parents decide whether to expose their son to traditional manipulations. In Persia, four-year-old children are usually allowed to be circumcised; in Turkey, boys of the age range of 8-14 years undergo this procedure. Sometimes circumcision is carried out by adult boys.

Usually, a Muslim’s desire to undergo circumcision is perceived positively and is identified with his consent to follow the path of the prophet Ibrahim.

The rite of circumcision has an ancient history:

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  • From the testimonies of Herodotus, we know about the Kolkhs, Egyptians, Ethiopians who practiced manipulations with the foreskin in men.
  • It is believed that the ancestors of the process were the Egyptians.
  • In some tribes, circumcision was identified with sacrifice and networking with evil gods.

Circumcision helped to create certain hygiene conditions: in hot countries, due to unsatisfactory hygienic procedures, men often suffered from inflammatory processes.The circumcision procedure to some extent solved this problem.

A male person who went through the circumcision process had every right to start a family. According to the philosopher Filon, the procedure of “self-mutilation” was supposed to tame the passions: because of the pain, the man could not fully enjoy the intimacy.

Although the Qur'an does not indicate this male rite, many traditions categorically declare the need for this procedure. The Prophet Ibrahim underwent the removal of the foreskin at a venerable age, some theologians talk about the possibility of the independent choice of every Muslim man about a kind of dedication.

If an affirmative decision is made, then it is better to circumcise Muslims at a tender age: an incomprehensible and painful action can injure a child. On the other hand, surgery in a newborn can be fatal. The opinions of parents and territorial beliefs are taken into account.

Often, circumcision among Muslims ends in celebration. The father tries especially hard: he invites relatives to share the joy (the son has embarked on the righteous path). Unfortunately, to set off a sumptuous feast, parents put off circumcision. Carrying out the procedure for an adult child is dangerous.

How to circumcise:

  1. A clip is used: the skin is wrapped around a special device, circumcision is performed on the edge. The clamp is not removed until the blood stops in the boy.
  2. The Guillotine Method. The foreskin is pulled back, placed in the Guillotine and cut off. Usually a wound ceases to bother a Muslim for 10 days.

Muslims usually neglect anesthesia to demonstrate fortitude.

Recovery period

Rehabilitation after surgery with proper care for the sutures, the wound will not be protracted and with consequences.

  • On the first day it is forbidden to remove the bandage.
  • Moisten the second ones, carefully remove after a few minutes.
  • Treat the wound surface, before doing this, wash the penis with purified warm water without antibacterial agents.
  • Use antiseptic drugs, ointments (Methyluracil, Levomekol), a weak solution of potassium permanganate, baths of soda, iodine. All these manipulations should be done at least 4-5 times a day.
  • It is recommended to wash after 3-4 days, change clothes daily.
  • Sutures are removed on the 10th day. Now more often sewn with thread, which itself is absorbable.
  • Sex is prohibited until complete recovery.

Following all the rules, you can avoid complications. Before deciding on a procedure, a man or the parents of a little boy should first watch a thematic video, weigh the pros and cons.

If it is for religious reasons, it is better to carry out circumcision in infancy. Unfortunately, medical indications can occur at any age. Subscribe to our site. There is a lot of useful information ahead.

After the circumcision procedure, the inguinal region, scrotum and penis itself can become inflamed red. This is due to the use of a particular chemical to flush the entire skin before the surgical process. The part of the penis from which the skin was removed will look damaged and may also begin to swell sharply. After some time, such swelling should automatically go away.

At the end of the procedure, the child should be observed for 2-4 hours. Doctors must make sure that the penis does not bleed, and after the circumcision process, they can wrap it in a special gauze bandage, in which there will be a vaseline substance. If you wrap a member with additional bandages, then you can not remove them for a whole day. Before removing the bandages, they should be moistened in hot water and unwound gently.

Why do circumcisions of the foreskin of the penis

Why do people agree to member circumcision? Consider the main causes of the operation.

  1. For professing Islam or Judaism circumcision - mandatory procedure . For example, Jews believe that their people will have a special relationship with God. To refuse is to oppose society and religion. It doesn’t matter how old it is, whether it’s a baby or a teenager, but every man must go through circumcision. If a man converted to Islam or Judaism, the procedure should be carried out soon. Circumcision for Muslims is more a celebration than an operation.
  2. Male circumcision is one of the most effective methods for treating phimosis . Other medical indications are mechanical damage to the foreskin of the penis.
  3. It turns out after circumcision the woman’s risk of contracting infectious diseases is reduced .
  4. Sexual intercourse lasts longer . After circumcision, the foreskin ceases to cover the male organ, due to which the skin on the head of the penis becomes slightly rougher, which causes a decrease in sensitivity. This is why intercourse lasts longer. Such an operation is recommended for men who have problems with premature ejaculation.
  5. Aesthetic aspect . The male organ after circumcision becomes more aesthetic or not, it is a matter of taste. The difference between the circumcised member and the uncircumcised you can see in the photo.

"Pros" and "cons" of circumcision

Whether male circumcision is necessary is everyone's personal choice. We will try to figure out what circumcision gives, and what the consequences may be.

To begin, consider why you need to do circumcision. So, the "pluses" of circumcision are as follows:

  • Reproductive Cancer Prevention. For this reason, it is not only Muslims and Jews who preach Islam and Judaism that circumcise children when they are very young.
  • Duration of intercourse increases
  • The appearance of a member improves
  • Australian scientists in their studies argue that circumcision is an effective AIDS treatment. Circumcised men are less likely to be affected by genital infections.

There is a point of view that the "advantages" of circumcision are incomparable with what psychological consequences await a circumcised man. So, "Cons" of the operation are as follows:

  • Painful shock. Circumcision is done to newborns without anesthesia, from which they experience strong pain.
  • Hygiene issues. When the child’s age is very small, the boys' genitals, or rather his head, is cleaned independently. And after circumcision, you need to carefully care for the head of the penis, since skin folds in the frenum are the place most susceptible to the development of bacteria.
  • Ethical Controversy. In the 90s, organizations for the protection of human rights actively defended the rights of people. Since an infant cannot express its position, circumcision in infants must be prohibited.

Circumcision of the foreskin (circumcision) is the surgical removal of the foreskin. It is a very ancient religious rite to which all boys born in Jewish and Muslim families were subjected. Currently, this operation is done by up to 20% of the male population of the whole world.

Sometimes the procedure is carried out in adulthood. Often men agree to it, following the wishes of their partner, who is not attracted by the appearance of wrinkled skin covering the glans penis. Some women ask a man to do circumcision, as they are afraid of infection due to the possible accumulation of microbes under the foreskin.

But often it is carried out for purely medical reasons. These include, for example, phimosis (the foreskin fuses with the glans penis, which prevents its exposure). Until the child reaches puberty, there is hope for self-healing. You just need to very carefully observe personal hygiene.

If self-healing has not occurred, phimosis must be treated. Otherwise, impaired renal and bladder function. In addition, sexual problems can occur. Sexual intercourse is accompanied by painful sensations, or it may even become impossible at all.Therefore, surgical intervention is necessary.

The operation is called circumcisio. It is performed in the surgical department of the hospital, using local anesthesia. The procedure is bloodless and almost painless.

But if there is no medical indication for circumcision, is it necessary to conduct it, or is it better to refrain from it? Let’s discuss with you all the pros and cons. The decision, in any case, is up to you.

Male circumcision. The pros

Circumcision helps keep the penis clean. The fact is that smegma accumulates under the foreskin of the male member. This contributes to the reproduction of microbes. This can subsequently cause various inflammatory processes.

Also, according to many experts, men with foreskin are less likely to become infected with gonorrhea and syphilis. But most doctors still believe that this has nothing to do with the presence or absence of the foreskin, but only with personal hygiene.

Circumcision is useful for older men in those cases when the foreskin does not move away from the head for a long time, which leads to its growth. In this case, the operation will facilitate urination, as well as simplify hygienic care.

The circumcision also includes the fact that after it the glans penis becomes much less sensitive. This gives the man the opportunity for longer sex. After all, if the sensitivity of the head is reduced, then the excitation increases more slowly.

But you need to keep in mind that the vast majority of such men no longer experience the pleasure of sex as before when they use a condom. Therefore, you have to choose a different method of contraception.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the most convincing argument “for” circumcision is to keep the penis clean. Well, and in addition to this, the arguments of some men and women who consider the bare head of the penis more attractive.

Let's look at this problem from the other side:

Why get rid artificially of what is granted to man by nature? If this, of course, does not apply to diseases and certain pathologies. The glans penis has a large number of nerve endings. It is thanks to them that a man enjoys during intercourse. After removal of the foreskin, the thin skin of the head becomes dry, lacks lubrication. This deprives a man of vivid sensations. Plus, there is constant friction on the laundry, which in general can cause pain.

Although the risks of complications from surgery are minimal, but they still exist. Therefore, of course, a man must decide for himself whether to circumcise or not. The success of the procedure depends on the qualifications of the surgeon - because the penis of a man is a very vulnerable place and it is easy to cripple him.

How is circumcision performed?

The operation is performed with or without anesthesia. Breasts less than 2 months old. do not do anesthesia from birth. If boys under 14 years old undergo the procedure, then general anesthesia is mandatory. Adult men undergo local anesthesia.

Before performing the manipulation, an anesthetic injection (lidocaine, ubistesin, ultracaine) is injected into the penis. This injection is considered the most painful moment in the general process of circumcision. After a short time, the penis loses its sensitivity, and the surgeon proceeds directly to the circumcision process.

He pulls and fixes the foreskin, and then cuts it in a circle. The cut on the skin is sutured. Half an hour after the procedure, you can go home. The seam is removed after 7-10 days. During this time, daily and thorough care is required, after which dressing is necessarily done.

After removing the stitches and ending the dressings, usually there is an unpleasant sensation of friction of the naked head on the underwear. From this, an erection can also occur quite often.But then the body adapts to new conditions and inconvenience no longer arises.

In general, it is up to you to do circumcision or not. However, if you do not have this urgent need, it is better not to do this.

Male circumcision occurs for social, medical, or cultural / religious reasons. Male circumcision has now become an elective option that parents do for their sons on an individual basis. Families who practice Judaism or Islam rely on religious practice.

The disadvantages of male circumcision

Some studies show that circumcised men may be less at risk of contracting HIV infection. Genital hygiene and safer sex practices, however, are still critical to preventing the spread of this disease. Other studies show that circumcised men are less likely to become infected with human papillomavirus, however, the prevalence of the virus remains minimal if men are in a monogamous relationship. Considering all these factors, doctors argue that although there is scientific evidence to show the medical benefits of male circumcision, these benefits are not strong enough to recommend the procedure as normal practice. In addition, the foreskin of the penis protects the sensitive head of the organ from irritation, infection and accidental injury.

Why and why do circumcisions

How does traditional circumcision happen:

  1. Disinfectant properties are applied to the penis.
  2. The base of the organ is clamped with a tourniquet.
  3. Anesthetic is injected into the tissue of the penis.
  4. In world clinics, patterns are made that repeat the shape of the organ. The required amount of flesh is removed.
  5. The skin is removed with a scalpel, scissors.
  6. Stitches are applied to the penis.
  7. Organ bandage.

Circumcision may be complete and partial. If the genital organ does not have anomalies, resort to partial circumcision. Modern clinics, in addition to surgical intervention, can offer laser excision of the flesh. This method is considered safe and bloodless. Due to the thermal capabilities of the laser, the flesh is removed.

Laser cutting benefits:

  1. No bleeding: laser intervention is indicated for patients with hematopoiesis.
  2. Using local anesthesia is enough: laser exposure does not cause pain.
  3. There is evidence of minimal complications after circumcision.
  4. The postoperative period is more easily tolerated by men and children: pain from surgical intervention is stronger.
  5. The penis heals faster.
  6. The highest cosmetic effect.
  7. Exposure is limited to 20 minutes.

How is the healing process going?

Often, the healing rate is determined by individual indicators of regeneration. It is not worth fearing a seam gap, but it is worth arming yourself with general recommendations regarding the recovery period.

The basics of proper care:

  1. Before the procedure for removing the seams, the bandage is wetted with peroxide (we prevent unnecessary injuries).
  2. Apply an antiseptic ointment.
  3. The first days regularly (up to 6 times) we change dressings. You can refuse dressings on the 12th day.
  4. Often advised to take methyluracil.
  5. Soda baths will help get rid of puffiness.
  6. Adult patients are recommended 2 months of sexual rest.

Not only religious beliefs push men to go under the knife. What are the other motives in connection with which men decide to undergo surgery, why are they circumcised?

  • Compliance with traditions: a man does not want to be an outcast, decides not to shy away from family traditions.
  • Aesthetic appeal of a circumcised penis: proponents of circumcision (including ladies) say that after circumcision, the genital organ looks sexier and more attractive.
  • Male nature determines the appearance of smegma on the penis.In hot countries, often this biological fluid becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. If a man abstains from sex, smegma begins to decompose. To avoid trouble, a man should pay attention to water procedures twice a day. If traces of smegma are not removed in a timely manner, the inflammatory process is guaranteed, as a result of which a white coating appears on the head of the penis.
  • After surgery, due to a decrease in head sensitivity, the duration of intercourse increases. For men suffering from premature ejaculation, circumcision becomes salvation.

The following medical problems include surgery:

  1. Pathological phimosis.
  2. Frequent inflammation of the head.
  3. According to doctors, excision of the head can save boys from frequent cystitis, and men from sexually transmitted diagnoses.
  4. Circumcision reduces the incidence of HPV.
  5. The partner is less likely to experience oncological problems “feminine”.
  6. A man is more likely to not get cancer.

Pros of the operation:

  1. Cleanliness: after cutting dirt, there is nowhere to accumulate, a man is no longer tormented by itching and redness.
  2. Appearance: the circumcised genital is not only more attractive, it visually seems more impressive.
  3. Medical indications: after circumcision, a man and his woman are less likely to have serious problems with reproductive organs.
  4. Sexual pleasure: it is believed that a man after removal of the foreskin is more sensitive, sex brings him great pleasure. True, not all partners can control excess emotions and prolong sexual intercourse.

  1. If the operation technique is not followed and the surgeon is inexperienced, the patient may experience genital deformity.
  2. No one is immune from complications after excision of the foreskin.
  3. Not everyone accepts the aesthetic effects of circumcision.

What to expect from the procedure: the technical side of the operation

We understood why circumcision is needed. Let's dwell on the technical side of the process.

The operation is very painful. Newborns are often made to dissect the flesh without the use of anesthetics, but modern specialists go for blocking the spinal cord. The suffering of the baby during the operation is eliminated, but in the next 2 weeks the child experiences pain, with each urge to the toilet.

Sometimes adults who decide to have surgery are dissatisfied with the decreased sensitivity of the penis. Friction about linen is annoying: a constant erection interferes with life. At a venerable age, it is better not to tempt fate: such an intervention can bring trouble.

A man who decided on circumcision should carefully plan the operation, it is better to contact specialized clinics. The urologist must be credible, do not neglect the recommendations.

Circumcision has been used by residents of different countries since ancient times. Men were driven by different considerations: religious, hygienic, national. Circumcision is still popular today, and many men care about the aesthetic function and the ability to prolong sexual intercourse by excising the flesh. Intervention has supporters, many are wary of circumcision.

Each patient should independently examine the possible risks and advantages of circumcision. There are medical indications in which circumcision will be the best solution. A competent specialist will evaluate men's health, individually select anesthesia, and offer traditional circumcision or the use of modern techniques (laser).

Each man must responsibly prepare for the operation, contact experienced urologists, and follow the postoperative instructions. Especially worth paying attention to the recommendation on abstinence: a chaste lifestyle will help to avoid inflammation and various infections.

Circumcision is a surgical operation that is performed on the male genital organ.It was committed in ancient times in many countries and has not lost its relevance in modern times.

This operation is only religious in nature and most often it is performed in infancy. Its essence lies in circumcision and removal of a separate area of ​​skin tissue (foreskin) on the penis.

In the modern world, a certain tendency is observed, which indicates that circumcision can be performed far not only for religious, but also for personal purposes at one’s own will or the will of parents.

This operation takes its initial beginning from the first traditions and foundations of Orthodoxy. Moreover, the Bible claims that the “Circumcision of the Lord” is one of the greatest Orthodox holidays for believers. But at the same time, in many other ancient countries, for example in Egypt or Africa , there are also hints of a similar rite.

Even before the twentieth century, approximately 80% of the total male population, which adhered to a certain Muslim faith, had to carry out this rite.

In accordance with this, there are a number of countries where circumcision is still relevant:

  • In all Muslim countries. This procession is an obligatory adherence to faith, and it is performed as early as childhood, until the child reaches the age of one. Since the child is small, his parents make this decision for him.
  • However, it is worth noting that modern views on circumcision have made adjustments and many Muslim countries dominated by the Arab male population, prefer to circumcise boys after twelve years
  • Only some parents who adhere to the Muslim religion prefer that their child can make an independent decision about whether he needs circumcision or not. He makes such a decision only when he reaches his full age. Such an opinion from the part is considered true, because only in this way can a person go through the path of torment and doubt similar to the fact that he fell to the lot of the prophet

circumcision in Muslim countries

However, Muslim countries are not the only ones among those in which male circumcision is carried out. It is also carried out in Jewish countries and some African communities.

  • If you compare Muslim and Jewish customs , then we can say with confidence that the Jews have a more strict attitude to circumcision and are subject to clear canons. So, newborns who survive only their eighth day of life undergo this surgery
  • It is practically impossible to transfer children's circumcision from Jews, an exception can only be a serious illness of the baby, which will cause poor healing of the wound. In such cases, the event can be rescheduled as much as on the eighth year from birth . Only after circumcision does a Jewish boy gain his status in society and can be considered a full-fledged man
  • And if we talk about the procedure circumcisions in some African communities, then it is worth noting that more than half of the male population is exposed to this action. In this case, religious beliefs of a person also remain relevant. However, not every settlement boasts advanced medicine and civilization. For this reason, such circumcision is not rarely "gives" a person a lot of infectious diseases, tissue infections, and there are cases of fatal outcome in men from circumcision

Jewish circumcision ceremony in the infant

What is the meaning of male circumcision?

After learning about where the circumcision ceremony is done, it is also worth understanding the numerous reasons for its completion:

  • Religious canons - these are the very beliefs that their religion dictates to society.Such canons are strictly adhered to by Jews and Muslims, where the procession is carried out even in the unconscious infancy by the decision of the parents (most often before the child is one year old)
  • Aesthetic beliefs - such a decision to perform the operation is only aesthetic and cosmetic in nature. Such an intervention is often performed in adulthood for the reason that such an operation seems beautiful to him, able to open and defiantly show all the benefits of the penis. It is attractive or not - each person decides individually
  • Sexual Beliefs - many couples are convinced that such surgery can correct their sexual relationships. So, some scientific studies have shown that women experience more pleasure when they have sex with a circumcised man
  • Medical recommendations - in some cases, the doctor himself is able to convince a man that he needs circumcision. This is due to the fact that the very foreskin, which is represented by a small fold of skin, is a place of accumulation of many unpleasant and harmful infections. Such infections often lead to many inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs and even sexually transmitted diseases, as a result of which the genitourinary system suffers

These reasons are the most decisive in the implementation of this operation. It is worth noting that over time, such surgical intervention has acquired its perfect form with high-quality disinfection and the presence of all the necessary tools.

If earlier this action was carried out in religious institutions, now it can be professionally carried out in a medical clinic quickly and efficiently.

How common is male circumcision?

Although the incidence of male circumcision has decreased from 90% to 60% in the past forty years, it is still the most common surgical operation in some countries of the world. Male circumcision rates are much lower in parts of the industrialized world, with the only exception being the United States. In the UK, for example, this is done only within the framework of religious practices or to correct a particular health condition of the penis.

What circumcision do men do?

It is worth noting that there are two types of circumcision. Distinguish:

  • full circumcision
  • partial circumcision

What circumcision is supposed to happen is decided only by the physiological predisposition of the man and the size of the skin fold and the amount of flesh to be removed.

Most often it is a partial, not complete circumcision of the flesh. It is worth noting that some clear certainty or severity in the amount of cut flesh does not exist. The main thing is to excise the tissue so that the glans penis in a relaxed position always has its open position.

Increasingly, circumcision takes on a quite popular and sought-after surgical operation, regardless of what religion the man adheres to.

In some civilized countries, already in the maternity ward of the hospital, the baby is offered such an operation in the first days of his life.

In adulthood, such an operation is extremely rare, because circumcision is best done when the boy has not yet formed into a man. In adulthood, aesthetic and medical beliefs about beauty or the need for health can push a man for surgery.

In any case, this operation should be performed only by that person who has a high medical qualification. So you can be sure that the procession will be successful, without infection, blood loss, disruption of the urinary system and the wound left will quickly heal.

a schematic representation of the consequences of an operation to cut off the foreskin in men

How circumcision is performed

When circumcision of infants, the foreskin is tightly drawn in by a special device. The pressure from the clamp stops the bleeding from the blood vessels that supply the foreskin. In older boys or adults, an incision is made around the base of the foreskin, the foreskin is pulled back, and then cut from the tip of the penis. Sutures are commonly used to close the edges of the skin.

Where to circumcise in men?

Every adult going to this operation or parents giving the child circumcision should know that it should be done only by a professional with medical education and only in the best conditions. Many modern private and public clinics offer this operation at any age.

Before performing the operation, you should carefully study the selected medical institution:

  • Each modern medical clinic necessarily has its own personal website on the Internet. It is recommended to visit the page of the clinic you have chosen to familiarize yourself with the services it provides, examine all prices and opportunities, “get to know” the staff and get acquainted with copies of all documents of the medical institution
  • You can always sign up for an additional and often completely free consultation with a leading surgeon who will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision, dispel fears and give recommendations
  • Doubtful reputation or insufficient financing of the clinic may lead to the fact that the staff is not sufficiently attentive to the operation or processing of medical instruments, which in turn will lead to consequences and infections

Before performing an operation to circumcise the foreskin, you should carefully examine the reputation of the clinic and staff

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Differences between a simple and a circumcised genital

In complete calm, the penis is closed with a special narrow skin fold, which during an erection is stretched and moves away. As a rule, the male sex does not suffer almost any problems with the foreskin, except sometimes because of a severe allergy it happens that a large amount of secretions begins to accumulate under the skin, and a large number of bacteria give an unpleasant odor. Regular washing will quickly fix this problem.

On the other hand, circumcised men are almost not concerned about the cleanliness of their own organ, as their sexual partners may note. If the penis is in a state of stress, then this difference can be very easily seen visually - a circumcised man cannot be seen a bridle (a strip that goes from the head for 1-2 cm) as a result of the fact that it is simply not there anymore.

Laser male circumcision, modern laser excision

Modern medicine opens up many opportunities for operations with minimal complications, pain and time costs. So the process of circumcision in men has acquired a faster and almost painless form. Laser removal of the foreskin helps to perform the operation accurately and quickly and leads to the fact that all the consequences of the operation remain not significant, and the wound heals very quickly.

Laser cutting allows you to accurately cut the skin folds clearly in a circle. This method is considered the best and has many positive aspects.

Pros of laser surgery:

  • Laser surgical intervention helps to ensure that all blood vessels are literally “sealed” when cut. This phenomenon contributes to minimal blood loss and most often does not allow blood vessels to bleed at all.
  • Laser surgery helps the patient to completely avoid any swelling of the surrounding tissue. Healing is very fast.
  • During such an intervention, only local minimal anesthesia is used, and the operation itself is painless and almost imperceptible
  • Such an intervention occurs with all observance of sterility standards, which in turn favors a calm and quick healing and the absence of inflammatory processes after surgery
  • This method of operation is fast enough and the circumcision itself does not take more than twenty minutes (unlike the traditional operation, which takes about an hour)

Healing of tissues after laser surgery is much faster than from traditional and therefore this method of cutting is a favorite in the modern world. The only negative of such an intervention is its tangible cost in private and professional clinics.

Features of male circumcision

For babies, anesthesia is not used , for boys at the end of 12 months and up to fourteen years of age, a single anesthesia is used, but circumcision for men is performed under local anesthetics. A member is washed with disinfecting special equipment. The base is pressed by a plait. Anesthetics such as scale are injected into the tissue on the penis with a needle.
Behind this, the flesh is first pulled and removed.

Russian doctors, as a rule, are oriented "by eye" , because of what there is a danger of tissue removal on the penis or retention of a fraction of the foreskin. In foreign hospitals practice the formation of personal patterns, which correctly repeat the configuration of the head of the penis, why the elimination of the foreskin is more effective.

Sample Action the pattern is given in the video material. The skin is removed using scissors or a scalpel.

At the end of the action, stitches are placed that should not be removed afterwards - after healing, the strings themselves can resolve. A member is wrapped in a medical disinfected bandage.

Sometimes foreign doctors practice circumcision clamps, in this case the foreskin is fixed with special devices that interfere with the access of blood, after which the material dies away after that.

Male circumcision, photo before and after surgery

The procedure for circumcision in men is becoming increasingly popular and is carried out regardless of the age of the man. However, most often it is performed in childhood from a year to fourteen years.

The operation is quite simple:

  • first complete and thorough disinfection of the male genital organ
  • using a special clamp and tourniquet, the penis is fixed
  • a special analgesic is injected into the base of the penis (local anesthesia)
  • the skin fold is pulled and at this moment it is trimmed
  • stitches are applied to the tissue and the penis can be ligated

photo before and after cropping

Operation description

Penis treated with antiseptic , then the base of the penis is pulled in with a thin flagellum, an injection of anesthetic medicine is performed into the penis, the most commonly used are ubitezin, lidocaine, or ultracain. This is an exceptional moment in the entire operation when the patient feels some kind of pain.

Then the flesh is pulled back and fastened with the support of special special means. The skin is cut, and then cut around the circumference.

In which cases circumcision is contraindicated

Circumcision should not be performed in infants with certain deformities of the penis. The most common condition for surgery on the foreskin is hypospadias, congenital deformity of the penis, where the opening of the urinary tract is not located on the tip of the head of the penis. In addition, children with certain diseases may experience complications after circumcision. Premature babies and children with severe infections are also not good candidates for circumcision, this category also includes babies with hemophilia, other blood diseases or whose mothers took anticoagulant drugs. In older boys or men, circumcision is an insignificant procedure and can be performed in almost any person without a serious illness or unusual organ deformation.

Circumcision surgery

Type Decision timely intervention is taken by the doctor. The method of procedure directly depends on the volume of the site of the flesh, which must be excluded.

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Women's perspective on how circumcision affects sex

The US Medical Association has published findings based on a survey of women who had sex with uncircumcised and circumcised men. According to the processed results, with men who decided to cut off the foreskin, vaginal orgasm in women occurs less often, premature ejaculation often occurs. With circumcised, women were more often uncomfortable with an intimate act due to dry vagina. Many ladies could not experience with circumcised men, but reached it with uncircumcised. On a ten-point scale of sex with uncircumcised partners, women rated 8.03, with circumcised - 1.81 points. Most women after intimate encounters with circumcised men felt disappointed, underestimated, which can tell a lot about how circumcision affects sex.

The results obtained are explained quite simply. During frictional movements, gliding of the foreskin reduces friction, preserves vaginal discharge. Due to the lack of foreskin, the trunk of the penis against the surface of the vagina is rubbing strongly, there is a need for artificial lubrication. A member of a circumcised man partially loses sensitivity, to compensate for the lack of foreskin, to increase friction requires a deeper penetration of the penis.

Is circumcision anesthesia necessary?

Despite the long-standing belief that babies do not experience severe pain from circumcision, doctors believe that local anesthesia is necessary. Local anesthesia is often given at the base of the penis or under the skin around the penis. Anesthesia blocks key nerves and provides a significant reduction in pain perceived by the patient. After circumcision, the wound should be washed daily and antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly applied. If there is an incision, then a wound dressing is needed, which should be changed every time a diaper is replaced. Sometimes a plastic ring is used instead of a bandage. The ring usually falls off after five to eight days. The penis will heal in seven to ten days.

Male circumcision, healing time, care

Simply put, this disease is characterized by too narrow foreskin through which the head of the penis cannot be completely released.

Such a disease often gives a man a lot of discomfort and pain in both ordinary everyday and sexual life.

During surgery, a man is injected with a special painkiller that allows him not to feel pain during the intervention.

However, in the postoperative period, the doctor prescribes some medications that allow you to not feel discomfort during the healing period.

If you performed a traditional operation (not laser), then most likely the rehabilitation period will be delayed by two weeks. Within a month after the operation, it is worth restricting yourself from sex so as not to harm the scarring process.

If after this time you observe healing and do not feel any discomfort, you can have sex, but only if you have a condom (at least two months).

postoperative circumcision

Penile care after surgery:

  • After the intervention the next day, the doctor will independently perform a dressing, in the future you will need to do this yourself
  • Sutures should be treated daily after surgery for the duration of their healing.
  • If after surgery the place has a small inflammatory process, the penis should be treated with a small amount of antiseptic ointment

Depending on the method of operation, consequences such as:

  • swelling
  • soreness
  • excessive sensitivity

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The main methods are:

  1. Partial circumcision - The foreskin is circumcised, but not entirely. In consequence, the head is not exposed until the end.
  2. Minimal circumcision - dissection of a single place of the foreskin. Assign in the presence of rounded scars, for example, arising from an excess of the foreskin.
  3. Free circumcision - as a result of circumcision, the head is fully opened. For this method, the development of a groove in the coronary sphere is inherent.
  4. Tight circumcision - all the foreskin is cut off from the beginning of the male flesh, which can lead to a stretching of the skin at the beginning of the penis, while the head itself becomes almost immovable. This method is used extremely rarely.
  5. High circumcision - elimination of a significant part of the skin. As a result of the action, a postoperative round scar develops, which can take place at different distances from the base of the male flesh.
  6. Low circumcision - Absolute cutting of tissues inside the last flesh.

The opinion of men: how circumcision affects sex. Fiction and truth

Some men who decided to cut off the foreskin claim that the pleasure of sex has become less pronounced, others say that new sensations have become available to them. Let’s try to consider a number of frequently encountered statements of men about how circumcision affects sex.

  • Dick is getting longer. This opinion is erroneous; they depend only on genetic data. Just as a result of the lack of foreskin, visually the penis seems a little longer.
  • Sexual intercourse longer after circumcision. But this is the correct opinion. The head uncovered by the protective folds of the skin coarsens, its sensitivity decreases. A man will need to make more efforts to achieve orgasm, therefore, sexual intercourse will be longer. However, men with circumcision often complain of numbness and pain during arousal, due to the presence of scar tissue.
  • A circumcised man has low / high potency. Both versions are based on erroneous statements, male potency depends on many factors (mood, hormonal status, relationships with a partner, etc.), but not on the foreskin.
  • Sex is not a great pleasure. Various studies often give rather conflicting results. According to Canadian scientists, 2% of circumcised men complained about the deterioration in the quality of sex, studies in Korea showed the opposite. Each man who has circumcised has his own opinion on this matter, so the conclusion is that the perception of sexual contact does not depend on the presence of the foreskin, but on relationships with a woman, individual characteristics of the body, type of operation, etc.
  • Male genitalia after circumcision is more beautiful This statement is very subjective. In countries where circumcision is a common occurrence, uncircumcised men are really unsympathetic to most women; in other regions of the world, the attitude towards this issue is rather indifferent.

Summarizing the above, we conclude that circumcision does not affect potency, penis size, orgasm strength, but reduces the risk of certain diseases, prolongs sexual intercourse. The brightness of intimate sensations, the aesthetic side for a particular person are individual.

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Many guys have no choice in this matter. In the United States, for example, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 60% of boys undergo circumcision at birth. But the consequences of this small operation are quite significant. Judge for yourself:

Possible problems after the procedure

Circumcision babies can be restless for several hours after the procedure, cry, have problems with feeding and sleeping. As a rule, improvement occurs within one day. In older boys, the penis may hurt, but the pain gradually disappears. A local anesthetic ointment or spray can be used to alleviate temporary discomfort. Also, a hematoma can appear on the penis, which usually disappears quickly enough.

You can last longer ...

A recent study by Turkish scientists showed that circumcision leads to a delay in orgasm. Men measured the time to achieve orgasm before and after circumcision, and the second indicator was on average 20 seconds longer. At the same time, researchers note that this small difference should not become the reason for choosing circumcision or a method of treating premature ejaculation. Other scientists say that without foreskin, the penis becomes less sensitive, which explains the delay in orgasm, but opinions on this subject are still different.

Male circumcision risks

Complications after circumcision of newborns are found in two to six cases out of every 1000 procedures. Most complications are minor. Bleeding is usually easy to control, infections are rare and occur at the site of circumcision, in the bladder or on the tip of the penis as a result of contact with urine or feces. Infections are accompanied by fever and signs of inflammation and can be treated with antibiotics. When circumcised in men, the penis itself can be injured, usually due to the surgical clamps used in the procedure.

Is there any difference?

Let us clarify what the circumcised member visually differs in men in an un-erect state:

After circumcision, the glans penis is always visible, so it looks similar to an erect penis.
There is no overhanging skin fold at the top of the penis (or partially preserved if the size difference between the erect and non-erect penis is significant).
There is no frenulum of the penis in men who underwent surgery by modern surgeons.
In an erect state in men after circumcision, scars and traces of sutures on the penis can be detected. If plastic bridle was performed, then you will not find it. All of the above applies to professionally performed operation techniques. If the circumcision was not performed by a doctor or the quality of the technique used and skills leave much to be desired, then the picture of the circumcised penis may not look very aesthetically pleasing, sometimes resembling a “rosette” - when the head of the phallus is surrounded by remnants of the foreskin with uneven edges. Plus, pain and discomfort during an erection can disturb.

The procedure affects sensation and function. In men whose penis is circumcised, the head of the phallus is always in contact with the environment, as a result, initially delicate skin coarsens a little and loses sensitivity. As a result of this, an erection may be longer, which is often noted by women. But because of this they do not become more skilled lovers!

Circumcision does not affect the process of erection in any way, and if there were any violations, this can not be corrected.

... but she also needs more time

A study in Denmark found that wives whose husbands had been circumcised more often complain of problems in bed, including problems with orgasm. According to Debbie Herbenick, Men’s Health Sex Advisor, there’s something to it. In her book Sex Made Easy, she described her own feelings: “I felt his foreskin rub against the walls of the vagina during sex. "It was a new sensation for me, and it was wonderful ... Thanks to him, it was easier for me to achieve an orgasm during intercourse." This does not mean that women prefer the uncircumcised, as in everything else that concerns sex, individual preferences and anatomical features are different for everyone. But for some women, the foreskin of a man really adds sensation.

Arguments against"

As such minuses for circumcision is not available. But, do not forget that circumcision is an invasion.

Its implementation may have negative results. And cause a number of complications: scarring on delicate tissue, the probability of contagious infection, various kinds of mechanical defects. Without exception, this can provoke an unfair implementation of the procedure. In addition, various episodes are known. It must be correctly noted that this happens extremely rarely. Episodes of a similar plan are separate in nature.

Of course, before you spend a similar operation, you need to weigh the pros and cons, consult with relatives and friends. If you decide to have an operation, you need to discuss all the details with the doctor and follow all his instructions to perform the procedure and after it.

Male circumcision occurs for social, medical, or cultural / religious reasons. Male circumcision has now become an elective option that parents do for their sons on an individual basis. Families who practice Judaism or Islam rely on religious practice.

Facts and their authenticity

There are stereotypes that science debunks:

  • Follow hygiene, if the phallus is circumcised, easier - smegma no longer accumulates under the foreskin. This is often noted as an advantage for men with a circumcised penis. Therefore, circumcision is more common in countries with hot climates and lack of water.
  • There is also a statement that the incidence of penile cancer in circumcised men is much lower. Given the fact that penile cancer is a rare occurrence, circumcision does not significantly affect statistics.
  • During sexual contact, the foreskin is more often injured and HIV can freely penetrate through microcracks and cause disease. Men whose phallus is circumcised are less likely to get this disease with unprotected sex. Together with smegma, in uncircumcised men, various microbes that cause genital infections can accumulate in the preputial sac. Thus, the risk of infection in the circumcised is less.
  • It is noted that cervical cancer in women whose sexual partners were circumcised is less. However, this is not a scientifically confirmed opinion.
    Some women are delighted and instant sexual arousal only after the appearance of a circumcised penis. It depends on culture and upbringing.
  • On the inner surface of the foreskin there are sensitive receptors, also involved in the process of arousal of men. By removing the skin fold, you lose them too, which can affect the quality of the orgasm in men. Many circumcised of their own free will in adulthood “cry with bitter tears,” because they have lost any sensitivity during sex. It is difficult to argue with this fact, since the sensations of each person are individual, and men who have been circumcised since childhood do not know another option.
  • Many women claim that they enjoy oral sex with men who have a circumcised penis: everything is simple and there are no unpleasant odors. However, the observance of basic hygiene rules by uncircumcised men - and the smells will not confuse anyone.
  • After the circumcision operation, as well as as a result of any medical manipulation, complications are possible: injuries of the head of the penis, formation of bruises, divergence of sutures and others.
  • Pain shock during surgery can leave a negative imprint on the psyche of the child if circumcision took place in childhood.

Circumcision has long been rooted in the culture of many nations. An uncircumcised man in such societies is considered inferior. However, the big question is: do all men need circumcision, especially at an already mature age? Indeed, many allegations of the superiority of circumcised men are just myths and isolated observations. Another thing, if circumcision is performed for medical reasons, here the choice is small. If you are faced with the question of whether to circumcise or not, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons and not chase the ghostly fashion, which can also harm your health.

A circumcised and uncircumcised man ... what is the difference for us women? For experienced ladies, this question is not secretly covered by seven seals, but if you did not have the opportunity to evaluate this feature and you are frightened by the prospect of intimacy with a guy who has gone through this procedure, then our article will help you figure out a little what is what .

You have a lower risk of cancer

Before you get upset about the last point, you can thank mom and dad for this: the researchers found that men with circumcision have a lower risk of cancer of the penis and prostate. Under the foreskin, inflammatory processes and STDs, such as papillomavirus, can develop, and this is considered the growth factors of malignant tumors. Yet this does not mean that circumcision is shown to all men. A condom protects against STDs, and penis hygiene (showers after sex, including head exposure) from inflammation.

Circumcision operation: why is this done and how?

The ancient tradition of removing the foreskin in boys has been preserved and distributed in many countries around the world. Contrary to popular belief among an ignorant population, any man can be circumcised, not only for religious beliefs - a Jew, Muslim, etc.

In the USA, for example, this practice unusual for us has already become widespread, especially in large cities, despite the fact that most of the people living there are Christians.

The attitude towards circumcision over the past decades has been shaped by many factors:

  • medical indications,
  • hygiene considerations, especially in hot climates,
  • desire for aesthetic appearance (an independent decision of an adult man or the boy’s parents),
  • tribute to the religion in which the child is born,
  • traditions of initiation in some tribes.

Let us recall, for example, the cult series of the past years, “Sex and the City”, where the heroine Charlotte had a chance to meet an uncircumcised guy, and what feelings she had at the same time - unusual, strange, not aesthetically pleasing ... And not a word about faith or tradition. In our country, an uncircumcised man is normal and does not cause confusion in any girl.

But subjected to the removal of the foreskin - a real exotic, unknown and strange phenomenon. Hence the question that arises for girls - which is better? As with humor, but quite reasonably, another heroine of the same series remarked: “It makes no difference to me what a man’s penis is, if only it was! ".

As for the procedure itself, the Jews traditionally perform the operation on boys on the eighth day of life, on Muslims on 3-4 years of life (depending on the region of residence - 8-9 or 13-14 years). That is, the decision is made by the parents.

In addition, the transition of any adult man to Islam according to the canons should be accompanied by a complete shaving of the head and dissection of the foreskin - at any age, so this is a completely conscious choice of a Muslim convert.

The medical indication for the procedure is the so-called phimosis - an inborn narrowing of the foreskin. It is easy to notice it, it is simple to eliminate, the consequences are fearless, unless the mother needs careful care of the wound.

The operation itself is done under local anesthesia and consists of several surgical incisions: along the frenum on the penis, then around the head, to completely remove the foreskin. After proper care, the skin at the site of surgery heals, and the penis forever acquires a characteristic appearance.

You have a lower risk of STDs

According to the CDC, circumcision protects against HIV and some other STDs. In one study, men from Baltimore with contacts with HIV-infected partners received the virus two times less if they were circumcised. Scientists can not yet determine the exact cause, but one theory says that the virus can more easily penetrate through the foreskin than through the penis itself. Another theory: the extreme can break during sex, which gives the virus an easy way to penetrate your body. It is easier for bacteria and viruses to multiply in the folds of the foreskin. But be that as it may, circumcision is not a substitute for a condom and does not provide 100% protection against STDs. So gum should be used in any case.

Condoms don't fly

According to Herbenik, uncircumcised is more difficult to manage with a condom. The foreskin interferes with putting it on, is wrapped inside and can even push the elastic during frictions. If you're not circumcised, try using larger condoms. Bare the head before putting on the gum, and when you put it on, put the foreskin back in place, holding the base of the condom. This will allow the skin to move freely in the process. If you feel or notice that the condom is sliding, stop and straighten it.

To date, 6% of men across the Earth have undergone circumcision.

But, experts still cannot agree on the usefulness and safety of such a procedure.

But, in some countries (mainly Muslim), uncircumcised foreskin will cause ridicule, because its presence is considered unaesthetic.

What is the difference between cropped penis and uncircumcised

At rest, the glans penis is covered with a thin fold of skin that stretches and retreats during an erection. Usually, men do not experience any problems with the foreskin, except that due to insufficient hygiene it happens that secretions accumulate under the skin, and the multiplying bacteria give a specific smell.

Normal daily washing solves this problem as easy as shelling pears. On the other hand, circumcised men are practically not concerned about the cleanliness of their intimate place, even in the extreme heat they have everything clean and fresh, which they tire of celebrating as a plus of their sexual partners.

When the penis is tense, the difference is very clearly defined visually - a bridle is not visible in a circumcised man (thin strip, strand extending 1-2 cm from the head), because, in fact, it is no longer there.

On our territory, there are probably few men who decide on a painful procedure without good reason. There is no fashion for circumcision, and all arguments regarding the quality of sexual life are either exaggerated or pure fiction.

However, there are women singing the beauty and purity of the penis without the foreskin. What are their reasons for this? There have always been and will be ladies in whom the appearance of the penis (in fact, non-erect) causes slight disgust, in particular, because of the same strip of skin that does not hang too nicely or requires special treatment during foreplay.

It is such lovers who promote the idea, they say, circumcised much better, attribute to such men special abilities to satisfy them in bed, stamina in sex and so on.

However, such arguments are fiction, most likely born out of an individual experience in bed. As they say, to each his own, who likes what more. There is no reliable evidence that the circumcised guy is the best lover, and certainly will not. Because purely physical indicators for such a conclusion does not exist.

Complications after circumcision

After circumcision, the surgical wound heals quickly enough, while normal urination resumes immediately. In infants and older children, as a rule, there are no serious complications. After a period of recovery, an adult man has the opportunity to resume his sexual life.

Complications resulting from circumcision are usually minor. Severe penile injuries are rare, but they are serious and include amputation of the penis (partial or total), tears, hemorrhage and damage to the urinary tract. Other serious complications can occur, such as meningitis, penile necrosis, necrotizing fighting and sepsis. Some of them, such as meningitis and sepsis, can lead to death.

Latent complications include masses under the skin of the penis. This condition usually does not have any symptoms, but without treatment can lead to more serious consequences. Doctors should examine the penis at every examination of the baby during the first year. If subcutaneous mass is detected, it can be easily removed under local anesthesia and sent to a pathology laboratory.

Denial of responsibility: The information presented in this article about circumcision in men from a medical point of view is intended only to inform the reader. It cannot be a substitute for consultation by a professional medical professional.

Circumcision is a surgical operation that is performed on the male genital organ. It was committed in ancient times in many countries and has not lost its relevance in modern times.

This operation is only religious in nature and most often it is performed in infancy. Its essence lies in circumcision and removal of a separate area of ​​skin tissue (foreskin) on the penis.

In the modern world, a certain tendency is observed, which indicates that circumcision can be performed far not only for religious, but also for personal purposes at one’s own will or the will of parents.

This operation takes its initial beginning from the first traditions and foundations of Orthodoxy.Moreover, the Bible claims that the “Circumcision of the Lord” is one of the greatest Orthodox holidays for believers. But at the same time, in many other ancient countries, for example in Egypt or Africa , there are also hints of a similar rite.

Even before the twentieth century, approximately 80% of the total male population, which adhered to a certain Muslim faith, had to carry out this rite.

In accordance with this, there are a number of countries where circumcision is still relevant:

  • In all Muslim countries. This procession is an obligatory adherence to faith, and it is performed as early as childhood, until the child reaches the age of one. Since the child is small, his parents make this decision for him.
  • However, it is worth noting that modern views on circumcision have made adjustments and many Muslim countries dominated by the Arab male population, prefer to circumcise boys after twelve years
  • Only some parents who adhere to the Muslim religion prefer that their child can make an independent decision about whether he needs circumcision or not. He makes such a decision only when he reaches his full age. Such an opinion from the part is considered true, because only in this way can a person go through the path of torment and doubt similar to the fact that he fell to the lot of the prophet

circumcision in Muslim countries

However, Muslim countries are not the only ones among those in which male circumcision is carried out. It is also carried out in Jewish countries and some African communities.

  • If you compare Muslim and Jewish customs , then we can say with confidence that the Jews have a more strict attitude to circumcision and are subject to clear canons. So, newborns who survive only their eighth day of life undergo this surgery
  • It is practically impossible to transfer children's circumcision from Jews, an exception can only be a serious illness of the baby, which will cause poor healing of the wound. In such cases, the event can be rescheduled as much as on the eighth year from birth . Only after circumcision does a Jewish boy gain his status in society and can be considered a full-fledged man
  • And if we talk about the procedure circumcisions in some African communities, then it is worth noting that more than half of the male population is exposed to this action. In this case, religious beliefs of a person also remain relevant. However, not every settlement boasts advanced medicine and civilization. For this reason, such circumcision is not rarely "gives" a person a lot of infectious diseases, tissue infections, and there are cases of fatal outcome in men from circumcision

Jewish circumcision ceremony in the infant

Orgasm in men with a circumcised and uncircumcised penis

The only discussion topic that makes sense in practice is a longer sexual intercourse for those lovers who underwent this unusual procedure in our area.

The indisputable fact is, perhaps, only that over time, the skin on the head of the penis, not protected by the foreskin, becomes a little rougher. Friction on the fabric of linen is affected. The first conclusion, which suggests itself - the penis becomes less sensitive, which means that its holder will last longer in sexual intercourse. It is selfish or not, but many women are attracted to this prospect in bed.

Of course, the sensitivity of the organ of the lover and the onset of his orgasm are closely related, you can not argue.But any sexologist, and even more or less experienced in love affairs, a person will definitely tell you that for male orgasms (and not just for female ones), for their quality and onset time, temperament, the state of the body and nervous system at the moment are important.

Not a small role is played by psychological preparation and even by how suitable and exciting the partner is. Needless to say, an orgasm is at the same time a psychological and a physiological discharge, it does not get by with bodily sensations alone.

Does circumcised differ in some fantastic skills in bed? It’s ridiculous even to think about it, the question resembles a debate about the size of manhood and its connection with the ability to satisfy a woman in bed. The situation is the same: sex becomes good or bad for completely different reasons. Girls expecting enchanting sensations from a circumcised lover should perhaps be slowed down with fantasies.

A common myth must have arisen thanks to those hot guys who themselves made a fetish for seduction from their circumcision, and their special sex skills are the result of experience and efforts aimed at satisfying their lovers. Those of men who do not make noise from their own characteristics, can certainly be average and even bad partners.

Now circumcision (circumcision) is popular in all countries of Europe. In Russia, for the time being, surgery is performed only for medical reasons. Rarely does anyone resort to it for aesthetic reasons. Male circumcision is a simple surgical procedure, during which the foreskin is excised.

Today we will explain why manipulation has many positive aspects, when it is better not to do it. How to prepare correctly, what you need to know about the rehabilitation period in order to avoid complications.

Medical definition of circumcision

Such an operation in medicine is called circumcision.

This process is divided into several stages:

  1. Local anesthesia is used for adult surgery, general anesthesia for children.
  2. Self-cutting of the foreskin. This includes circumcision around the penis. But, part of the skin at the bottom of the head is left so that there is no pain during.
  3. After the operation is completed, bleeding is stopped, it is also called coagulation. The edges of the wound are cauterized immediately.
  4. The foreskin is connected using medical threads.
  5. Applying a sterile dressing with an antiseptic.

Such an operation usually takes no more than an hour, and immediately after its completion, the patient can leave the hospital building. After circumcision, you need to carefully monitor hygiene so as not to infect the infection.

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Medically circumcised

If the doctor reveals certain diseases in men, then he gives evidence to undergo circumcision.

Such diseases include:

  • Inflammation of the skin of the glans penis (chronic)
  • Phimosis (i.e., a reduction in the size of the foreskin). Such a disease, if circumcision is not done, can lead to difficulty urinating.
  • Paraphimosis is a complicated form of phimosis.

If the stage of the disease is mild, then you can do without such an operation. But, it is important to maintain hygiene, because its lack can lead to poor functioning of the kidneys, reproductive system, or bladder disease.

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In some cases, the initial stage of phimosis can lead to sexual problems, because during the act pain appears.

And in such a situation, it is necessary to do circumcision.

Also, one of the reasons circumcision is done is to reduce the likelihood of cancer.

Reasons for the operation

Medical recommendations - in this case, the specialist of the medical center himself advises to apply the intervention. The foreskin can serve as a place of accumulation of harmful infections that will lead to inflammation of the male genital organs and even sexually transmitted diseases.

One of the inflammatory processes is phimosis. . In other words, scarring, as well as problems with tissue extensibility. Hygienic reasons - it is noted that getting rid of the foreskin reduces the risk of dangerous diseases such as hepatitis C, AIDS .

Circumcised men (there is a photo of the penis after circumcision later in the article) are sick much less than those who chose to abstain. The advantage is that if the head of the penis is open on an ongoing basis, then the risk of balanoposthitis (inflammation), leukoplakia (damage to the mucous membrane) and other diseases will be reduced.

The way male circumcision looks for many is an aesthetic conviction - the reason is completely individual. Such a desire arises in men, because the operation seems to them beautiful. The strong half wants to show their scribble in all its glory, showing this their advantages. Religious canons - the only criterion here is religion.

Such views are very strictly held by Jews and Muslims. The rite is performed at an unconscious age, when the child is not even one year old. In this case, the decision is made by his parents.

Stages of the procedure

Before this is a short operation to circumcise the foreskin of the penis, a man is obliged to perform the following list of actions :

  • take a complete blood count (KLA),
  • general urine analysis (to identify problems or illnesses of the patient),
  • blood chemistry,
  • coagulogram (coagulability).

On the eve of pubic hair and groin shaved. Circumcision urologic surgery takes an average of a quarter to 40 minutes .

In most Russian clinics, a unified process of removing “unnecessary” flesh has formed:

  1. To begin with, the penis and the areas around it (testicles, hips, lower abdomen) are moistened with a disinfectant solution. Usually, Povidone-Iodine is used as an antiseptic. If the patient has individual intolerance, then he is replaced by alcohol or another antiseptic.
  2. After that, sterile underwear is applied to the patient's body, leaving only the area intended for the operation open.
  3. The next step is pain relief. The base of the penis is tightened with a thin tourniquet. This is necessary in order to inject an injection of anesthetic into the tissues of the penis, as the most commonly used are ubitesin, lidocaine, or ultracain.
  4. A clamp is taken and with its help the foreskin of the penis is slightly pulled.
  5. The doctor carefully cuts the skin in a circle, removing it either completely or partially.

In the first case, the head of the penis after circumcision will always be open, and in the second, in the absence of an erection, it will be partially covered by the skin. Sutures are placed on the penis. In conclusion, the operated organ is bandaged. left completely alone.


What does a member look like after circumcision?

It takes a certain time to heal the sutures, usually about 10 days .

  1. During this period, the suture must be treated with an antiseptic and make sure that dirt from the outside world does not fall into the postoperative area.
  2. When the surgical wound heals, an inconspicuous scar (up to 1 mm wide) remains in its place, which is circularly located at a distance of 3-5 mm from the coronal groove of the penis head.
  3. If before the circumcision, the head of the penis was completely closed, then after it opens and appears. The genitals of a man are noticeably embellished.

It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times, you will see the photo before and after cropping in the next paragraph of our article.

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After the company or entrepreneur completes the state registration procedure, specific codes are assigned to it.

Male circumcision photo

This section presents photos of male circumcision before and after the operation:

Before and after male circumcision: loss or gain?

On the topic of the pros and cons of such an experiment, one can argue for a long time, without reaching a final conclusion . What are the pros and cons of male circumcision before and after?

Here, the strong half of humanity is divided into two sides:

  1. Some say that the operation helped them a lot, changed their lives, and introduced something new.
  2. Others, on the contrary, claim to regret it a little.

We’ll try to figure it out. There are, of course, pluses here.

  1. Firstly, “circumcised” men stop worrying about hygiene. It persists even if they do not exert special efforts to this. They no longer have a question or concern about an unpleasant odor. Morning shower and freshness for the whole day.
  2. Secondly, the duration of sexual intercourse with a partner is increased at least twice. Well isn't that great?

But there are also consequences such as discomfort in the groin .

  1. Many of the test subjects admit the inconvenience that they had not noticed before. This applies to tight clothing. Forever something cramps and rubs.
  2. The second negative factor is a significant decrease in sensitivity. Before undergoing the procedure of getting rid of the foreskin, during intercourse, she constantly rubbed against the penis, thereby bringing the man to a sexual peak.

Now, the skin is absent and only the vaginal opening of the partner stimulates the penis.

In the future, men are forced to come to a sophisticated form of sexual intercourse. It takes a long time to get used to, but in the end, the sensations normalize, sexual intercourse will be as complete as before the operation.

In conclusion, it is worth clarifying that this procedure is not mandatory everywhere. Knowing all the pros and cons, to take this step or not is the individual opinion of each man.

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