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Mustache fashion and what does it mean for a man?

According to statistics, the number of marriages is declining, technology is separating us, and loneliness is spreading like a disease. Nowadays, especially in big cities, it is very difficult to find a mate. In attempts to dominate in our ever-competitive society, where appearance is of great importance, in an effort to find a partner, women want to look younger and men older and more experienced.

Girls resort to makeup or plastic surgery, men pump muscles with all their might and grow a beard. In Russia, the number of men wearing a beard has grown 1.5 times. There are obvious advantages to wearing a beard, for example, you can hide some defects on the face or shape the face. And in the winter in Russia with a beard is much warmer. Beard as a way of self-expression of men, or is they just too lazy to shave?

Why do men grow a beard?

Of course, due to hormones such as testosterone and androgen. By the way, an excess of these hormones leads men to baldness. It happens that a man has already matured, and his beard does not grow. The reason for this may be a genetic predisposition or hormonal failure.

If everything is in order in the body, then the young man will acquire a beard from 14 to 17 years. In addition to hormones, regular stress, bad habits, chronic diseases, and unhealthy diet affect the growth of facial hair.

Interesting fact: fashion for a beard appears in times of lack of women and an increase in the male population.

The value of beards for men

The beard has been of great importance to men since ancient times. In Egypt, for example, all men shaved, and only a pharaoh was supposed to have a beard. Peter 1 generally came up with a tax on his beard. (it’s good that in our time the government has not thought of this yet).

  • Symbol of gender.

A man proves his masculinity by appearance, because a beard is a secondary sexual attribute.

In Orthodoxy, it is believed that if a man shaves, then he violates the law of God and goes against the Creator, making himself look like a woman.

Muslims usually wear a beard, maybe Prophet Muhammad did it

Buddhists, on the contrary, shave with their heads. So they express renunciation of the vanity of the world.

Jews shave only with kosher machines and on all days except Saturday.

Previously, elders, sages wore a beard, and of course they enjoyed authority. So, men with a beard are perceived as more serious and reliable partners. Plus, a beard always adds age, which many young people strive for.

The beard not only gives masculinity and hides flaws, but also is a way of self-expression. Now men are creating a beard shape depending on the shape of the face, lifestyle and lifestyle.

For those who are especially keen, beard jewelry is already sold, such as rings, elastic bands, clips, ribbons and hairpins :)

Need a beard care?

If a man does not visit prosperous barbershops now, then he will have to make considerable efforts to maintain the beauty of his ford. Naturally, the beard needs to be washed. With shampoo. And also with air conditioning and balm. But masters do not recommend blow-drying to avoid dry hair.

Then the beard needs to be combed and laid. Laying most often requires the purchase of special styling products. Well, a haircut, trim to maintain shape. You can also dye your beard.

Psychologists' Opinions on "Fashion for a Beard"

For well-groomed bearded men, they even came up with a special term - lambersexual or "sexy lumberjack". Psychologists assert that their arrival is a logical stage in the development of society. At first there were metrosexuals - men caring for themselves no less than women. Then - teenagers reminiscent of hipsters. And now men are striving to regain masculinity and remind of it with such obviously masculine features as a beard and mustache.

An Australian psychologist Robert Brooks (from the University of Sydney) conducted an experiment by showing men and women photographs depicting a man shaven, with two days of unshaven hair and a thick beard. Opinions of the sexes diverged. Among women, the image of a two-day stubble prevailed, and among men, a thick beard. But both of them agreed that a man with a beard is more suitable for the role of a father.

Another scientist, Nigel Barber, noted that with an excess of unshaven men, a beard is gradually losing its value and fashion comes out of it.

Australian scientists conducted another experiment, which showed that of the bearded men, the girls chose those whose beard was neat and well-groomed.

Girls, do you like bearded men or not? and why?

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The meaning of mustache

What does a mustache mean for a modern man? They not only complement the brutal image, but also reflect the character and preferences, speak of a subtle or strong emotional world. In any case, against the background of greasy smooth-shaven guys, the mustachioed representatives of the stronger sex clearly stand out, which speaks of individuality and strength of character. Sometimes facial hair is used as a mask for scars, malocclusion, heavy jaw and other imperfections.

In some cities and even countries, men have long worn a mustache. This element of their image is mandatory, and if you meet a clean-shaven man on the street, this may cause confusion and a questioning look of compatriots.

Let's look at some of the most common reasons why men decide to grow a mustache:

  • to add masculinity. The main significance of the mustache for their wearers is to emphasize their masculine essence and convince others of their masculinity,
  • to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The bulk of women at a subconscious level perceive the fact that mustache means a willingness to create a family. Others believe that having hair over your upper lip adds sexuality,
  • to change images and hide their emotions. Changing the type of mustache, you can significantly change the appearance to make it more rigorous and even unique. A slight smirk or discontent can also be hidden under a thick mustache from the eyes of the interlocutor,
  • to change age. Young people often grow a mustache to look older than their age. Whereas men at the age when they shave off facial hair, visually look younger.

For reference! A neat and well-groomed mustache speaks of the collectedness and responsibility of the owner. Only a person with a high internal organization is able to maintain a high level of his hairstyle and mustache.

What are the types

After you understand the topic of the mustache - what is it, you can dwell in more detail on their shape and size. There are many different designs of vegetation above the upper lip and the fashion for them is constantly changing. Let's look at the most popular forms of mustache today.

Chevron. This shape of the mustache is characterized by a thick wide stripe and a neat laying of hair. To visualize it, just remember the face of Joseph Stalin.

English This form is probably the most popular star preference. A wide strip of hair above the lip with narrowed slightly lowered corners.

Pyramid. The name of the mustache speaks for itself. The vegetation above the upper lip is located in such a way that it resembles a narrow pyramid at the top (near the nose) and wide at the base (near the corners of the lips).

Pencil. This is a thin aristocratic mustache that does not extend beyond the corners of the lips and resembles a pencil, both in length and in width.

Handlebar. Another popular mustache shape that resembles a sports bike handlebar. As the handlebars are turned up, so mustache tips are drawn in the same direction.

Mustache fashion

Throughout the history of mankind, there has been a time when the mustache praised and considered them simply a necessary attribute of a real man. And in certain periods, the attitude towards the mustache drastically changed to almost contemptuous.
There is nothing sadder than looking at a groomed mustache sticking out in different directions.

How long will such a fashion last? History prepares us for the fact that sooner or later everything is forgotten or becomes inappropriate, like once trendy fluffy hairstyles based on chemistry or flared trousers. Also, trends in the field of facial vegetation can sink into the summer, but so far it is impossible to argue that the mustache is at the peak of its popularity.


After we figured out what a mustache is and what value they represent for a man, we can confidently say that in most cases even serious brutal guys have a special reverent attitude towards them. Perhaps for good reason the mustache is at the peak of popularity. The barbel is confident in its irresistibility and in the sense of its main accessory. And we can only watch them and draw our own personal conclusions!

Reason # 1 - to be modern

Do you know the nickname for neatly combed guys in smoothly ironed shirts and trousers with arrows? They are called office plankton. This is a slang term used to refer to white-collar workers. Funny jokes and funny songs are written about such guys, they are not allowed to go to night clubs and do not want to print on the covers of fashion magazines.

Why it happens? The reason is clear: the time when successful men were supposed to look like first graders has passed. Today, employers are not worried about the speed with which you rush to the heights. What is important to them is completely different: the presence of a creative streak, creativity and the ability to think broadly. A strip of hair on the lip “hints” to others about your originality and unbanality. Therefore, mustachioed men always achieve success in work and quickly move up the career ladder.

Reason # 2 - Be Yourself

What best emphasizes masculinity? Naturally, this is a mustache. Nature has put everything in its place. She seemed to foresee that people would pay great attention to observing moral standards. The point is that men should not show primary sexual characteristics to society. Therefore, nature has endowed representatives of the stronger sex with secondary signs.

Mustache gives my image a special masculinity. They act on others at a subconscious level. It is no accident that Sigmund Freud associated a mustache with a phallic symbol. The same applies to the all-Russian emperor Peter the Great, forcing subjects to shave their mustaches. He spared no one and ordered him to abide by the law. But Peter the Great himself made an exception for himself and did not part with his mustache. This is clear evidence that the representative of the Romanov dynasty considered a mustache a sign of greatness and masculinity.

Modern tendencies

Fashionable mustache - for some it is a sign of aristocracy, someone just saw enough of the 20th century Hollywood films, and someone wants to look modern and stylish thanks to the graceful vegetation on the upper lip and a small beard.

The mustache that has become a trend in men's fashion week 2019 has nothing to do with the pompous, rude style of the dictator. Today it is a tendril of a more modest size, well-groomed and neat.

Take, for example, the dandy guys at the Palomo Spain exhibition. Most men showed a very thin, like a pencil line, mustache. It is believed that if you wear them since John Waters - style accuracy, masculine charm and elegance are provided!

At Y / Project, the models looked more bold thanks to their disheveled mustache and frivolously shaped beard.

What about the most fashionable mustache this season?

    Chevron like Tom Selleck

Popularized by actor Tom Selleck, the mustache (also known as chevron) is based on coarse hair that can grow for months. This style is one of the most simplistic views of the mustache. Before you try this, you should consider what kind of facial hair you have. It is best suited for those with straight hair that is easy to cut and supports a brutal look. "Pencil".

Pencil mustache became more popular when movie stars such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn adopted this style. You can grow your hair for this version of the mustache in about a month. This stash style needs to be maintained quite often, requiring much more attention to care. In general, this is the most neat, most vintage style. Street style.

Such whiskers have curved ends that are spirally wrapped towards the cheekbones. A fresher, more youthful style that has replaced the classic favorite. Laying them is very simple - use a small amount of mustache wax to wind each end outward, creating curved lines. "Horseshoe".

Remember the Hulk of Hogan and Aaron Rogers. Distinctive and very bold, this mustache is stylish and shocking. It will take you several months to grow your hair. This style probably does not suit many, so make sure that it suits you. If not, you run the risk of looking like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball. "Cowboy."

Appeared long before Woody left his mark on Toy Story. This is basically a longer and disheveled version of the selleck mustache. This style should not be too neat, but rather casual and seemingly less well-groomed. This is the choice of world actors, musicians and celebrities. Such a mustache is not very expressive and is usually accompanied by careless bristles. You do not need much time to grow facial hair to the length necessary for this style. For inspiration, remember the image of Johnny Depp, James Franco and Ryan Gosling. These are perfect examples!

On style

In Hollywood, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Ronald Coleman wore a mustache and could easily faint the heroine with just one look. But when the world fell into economic depression, the mustache on the street became an endangered species.

In 1932, W.C. Graham published an article entitled "How to Get a Job in Depression." This was not the time to grow facial hair: “Drop your mustache if you are looking for work,” he advised.

After several decades, the mustache returned to the spotlight. In the 1980s, Tom Selleck's mustache at Magnum won the hearts of housewives from New York to Moscow.

Today, among prominent young people who choose a stylish image with a mustache:

But the sexiest image was demonstrated at the Brillo award - a lanky guy captured in a recent Paris-style review of Vogue impressed everyone with his sports jacket with a zipper, a burgundy jacket and a luxurious, shiny, healthy mustache.

Why do men have a mustache

A mustache for a modern man is a complement to his image, affects his spiritual and emotional world, and may also reflect any of his preferences. Against the background of a society in which there are an absolute majority of beardless men, the mustache attracts the attention of others, being a hallmark and distinguishing such a man from the crowd. A man who wears a mustache gives the impression of an independent and successful person, with his own views, regarding his appearance.

Also, a mustache can hide any flaws - an incorrect bite, scars or a not very beautiful upper lip (and this happens).

In some regions or even countries, wearing a mustache is a tribute to ancient traditions. There are frequent cases when foreigners in Middle Eastern countries are asked the question: “Why are you without a mustache? You're a man!".
There are enough reasons why a man can wear a mustache:

  • 1. "To be a man." Some believe that the mustache, which emphasizes masculinity and is a secondary sexual characteristic in men, acts on a subconscious level among others.
  • 2. To attract women.Women are very curious, so a mustache can work, like an invitation to come up, examine, and, asking: "Are they pricking?", Ask to touch.
  • 3. The ability to change images. The variety of images that can be created by experimenting with the type of mustache will not leave everyone indifferent. For many, this is the freedom to change their appearance.
  • 4. Some men can, as they say, "laugh in a mustache", while hiding their emotions and, at the same time, not giving out a true opinion about others.

  • 5. Mustache helps many men to change their age, figuratively, naturally. They add to young people, at least for several years, and to adult men, they help to “rejuvenate” overnight when they disappear from their faces.
  • 6. One of the important, as well as not clear to everyone reasons for wearing a mustache lies in the delivery of additional pleasant sensations of an intimate nature to the beloved woman. Many women say that a mustache, with a kiss on the neck, is an undeniably great addition ... However, we will leave this point as the basis for your imagination.

Wearing a mustache is an individual matter, and for many, it is very reverent and personal. Hussars said: "A man without a mustache, that a woman with a mustache." Perhaps it really is, the mustache has meaning, in addition to beauty and convenience, which only men can understand. And we can only observe the result.

Reason number 4 - change the image

With the help of a mustache, I can change the images and surprise women. In appearance, not everything suits me. But I do not go to plastic surgeons. I use a trimmer and mustache wax. These are essential attributes of a mustachioed man. With their help, today I imitate the Hulk of Hogan, and tomorrow I will create a charming image of the musketeer d'Artagnan. Well, the day after tomorrow I become like an American actor and sex symbol Clark Gable.

My “antennas” gave me freedom. Additionally, I got a mystical connection with famous barbel. This is not my invention, but reality. For example, Maxim Gorky specially grew a mustache, because he dreamed of becoming like the famous Friedrich Nietzsche. Thus, the Russian writer wanted to understand his idol and his philosophical sayings.

Reason # 5 - seem smarter

All men want to be respected for their intelligence and professionalism. There are certain difficulties in this matter. Not everyone endowed with high intellectual abilities. Therefore, some guys resort to tricks. They put turtle-rimmed glasses on their nose and take a serious look. This option does not suit me for two reasons. Firstly, I have normal vision. Secondly, I have a mustache. During a conversation with the interlocutor, they move and, as if hypnotizing a pendulum, fascinate a person.

Practice has shown that words, even the most commonplace, but passed through a mustache filter, cause a desire to agree with the speaker's opinion. No wonder dictators and conquerors had a mustache. They give the face a serious look. But what about Napoleon, you ask? This is an exception.

Of course, the rule that a man with a mustache seems smarter does not always apply. It is relevant only if the guy is not a clinical nerd. This does not apply to me. I'm sure to you too.

Reason # 6 - Have a topic for conversation

At the first date, at a speech in front of a large audience, at a secular reception, the necessary words, like evil, do not come to mind. As a result, people get bored and look around with their eyes, diligently trying to find a topic for conversation. But, alas, they do not find her. Mustache - a life buoy for a drowning man. They attract the attention of others. Therefore, many conversations begin with the words: "Imagine, my father and great-grandfather had the same mustache."

Reason # 7 - hide emotions

People don’t have to know what I think about them. Why do they need it? If my girlfriend shared her innermost thoughts or the boss froze stupidity, I quietly smile in my mustache. I do not offend anyone and do not risk getting on the neck for my laughter. With the help of a mustache, I skillfully hide my true emotions. I am proud of this advantage and always use it.

Reason # 8 - change age

If you are called a young man with a mustache, then no discussion of the meaning of being will raise you in the eyes of others. This is a non-negotiable fact. To back it up with arguments? You are welcome! For example, you made a proposal to a girl, and she stroked you gently on the head and said: “You grow up, you become courageous, then we'll see.” Is it a shame? Still would! This is exactly what happened to me. Therefore, I did not wait for gray hair to appear on my head and my face would become wrinkled. I took drastic actions, changing my appearance. With a mustache, I became at least five years older. Moreover, I have increased authority in the eyes of women and work colleagues. But when I get fifty, I will shave off my mustache. Then everyone will be surprised and say: “How young you are!”

Reason number 9 - take your hands

Psychologists say that small monotonous actions with hands activate the thought process. I have repeatedly tested this statement in practice. To do this, I, indulging in thought, poked around in my nose, tugged at my ear and knocked out a drum roll on my teeth. It even reached the point of absurdity when I burst bubbles on a plastic film. Kindergarten, honestly. Such actions made a negative impression on others. People began to shun me and avoid my society. Therefore, I abandoned such classes. Now I, thinking, twist the mustache. This effect has a positive effect on people. They communicate with me and enter into a discussion.

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