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How to use a beard trimmer: instructions

A hair clipper has become commonplace not only in hairdressing salons, but also in many homes due to the ease of handling. It is used to cut family and friends. The more often this happens, the more carefully care of the device should be. Experienced users are well acquainted with its various nuances - they know when, what and how to properly lubricate the tool used. But for beginners, some difficulties may arise. But they can be easily eliminated by understanding the issue.

Why lubricate the machine

The working part of the machine consists of 2 knives (cutting surfaces): static and dynamic. In different models of the instrument, they can be arranged and look different. A mandatory element of any device of this type is a vibration motor.

The technique for cutting animals and people is different, which is associated with different stiffness of hair and wool, as well as an abundance of cover.

The hair clipper should be lubricated regularly. This should be done to achieve the following beneficial effects:

  • reduce friction between the knives during tool operation, which will reduce their heating,
  • clean the working unit from contamination,
  • reduce the blunting speed of the cutting parts,
  • extend the operating time of the device.

As a result, after lubrication, the haircut will go smoothly, more gently.

The ideal option, according to the recommendations of professionals, when a lubricant is applied to the instrument’s cleaned working area after each haircut, a maximum of two. Frequency also depends on the price (and, accordingly, quality) of the machine used. The device of expensive models is more complicated than cheap varieties, they have to be lubricated less often, but they need to be carefully looked after.

Before operating any machine should be lubricated. Proper care, as well as the use of the device, taking into account the requirements of the instructions from the manufacturers, is the key to the long service life of the tool.

Suitable lubricants

If you choose which oil to lubricate the machine, then priority should be given specialized products. Often manufacturers provide it complete with the device. Such oil is made from refined oil. It is an odorless, oily liquid that differs from the machine counterpart. In fact, such products are both a lubricant and a tool for cleaning and caring for knives.

Oil from the MOSER company, which produces cars, is also popular. Oster, Dewal are not far behind him.

In practice, hairdressers also use mineral or synthetic oils that have a low viscosity index. Such materials are affordable and penetrate well into the lubrication channels. Silicone Grease (for example, Silicon-electric OIL), designed for electrical products, can also be used quite effectively.

It is strictly forbidden to lubricate with vegetable oil.. In the best case, the machine will jam, and in the worst - you need to buy a new one. It’s safer to work “dry”. At home, when there are no lubricants at hand, it is permissible to use petroleum jelly or children's, for example, "Johnson Baby."

Device selection

Shaving with trimmers can save a lot of time: they provide both perfectly smooth skin and bristles with different lengths. The kit includes several nozzles for a different result.

In some models, only one nozzle is presented, but thanks to a special regulator, you can adjust any suitable length.

  1. Only for beard or mustache. This narrowly focused technique comes with accessories designed to care for facial hair. Special nozzles allow you to change the length of hairs, provide a smooth shave.
  2. For ears and nose. To keep the appearance neat and attractive, men should regularly remove excess hair. Scissors are not suitable for nose and ears - there is a risk of damage. Special trimmers with small heads provide gentle hair removal.
  3. For cutting hair on the head. Some manufacturers (Rowenta, Wahl) offer multifunctional devices that are suitable not only for face care. The kit includes special nozzles to create various hairstyles.

Narrowly targeted instruments do a better job of their core function. Options for a beard and mustache allow you to achieve a neat shape, make a border, and easily remove excess hair.

  • durable body material
  • number of nozzles. The more of them, the better - you can give any kind of vegetation,
  • pen shape. Convenient position of the device in the hand contributes to the ease of the procedure,
  • blade material. Modern models are additionally coated with a titanium layer - this ensures long-term use and constant sharpness.

It is better to choose a model that can work both from a network and autonomously. This is convenient if long trips and trips are coming. Trimmers charge quickly, some have an express charge function that provides several minutes of continuous operation.

Machines with powerful motors show themselves well in work - this is an important factor when buying.

What is a trimmer?

The trimmer is a compact beard and mustache care machine. But, the design has some features, due to which the removal of hairs is possible from open, closed, inaccessible, sensitive areas of the face, neck.

The number of operations depends on the device, the availability of nozzles in the kit. Regardless of the configuration, any model quickly, carefully:

  • will cut a beard and mustache,
  • tidy up the bikini zone,
  • remove hairs from the sinuses, auricles,
  • aligns the eyebrow line if necessary.

Modern models have a wider functionality: self-sharpening knives, built-in vacuum system for suction of cut hairs.

Tool Lubrication Algorithm

To lubricate the device yourself, you will need to go through a number of simple steps. For applying oil you will need nipple or syringe with a needle. The algorithm of actions during the work is as follows:

  • using a brush, clean the blades of the working tool from the hair remaining on them after trimming,
  • wipe the knives using soft damp wipes or a cloth,
  • according to the instructions for the device, a little oil is applied to the corresponding points (a couple of drops will be enough),

  • so that the lubricant is distributed evenly over the surface of the knives, include a machine,
  • wipe the surface of the tool to remove excess oil.

To clean the machine from the hair must be carefully, because, mixed with grease, they will accelerate the failure of the device. It is recommended to apply oil in three places: along the edges and in the center.

According to this scheme, lubricate models of Scarlett, Vitek, Philips and others. Only the way to remove the blades differs. Also some products have special grease holeswhile disassembling them is not required.

It is a mistake to apply oil directly to the comb, because the remaining tiny particles of hair will quickly blunt the cutting edge of the tool.

The entire lubrication process of the clipper is shown on the example of the Moser 1400 model in the video:

Oiling the knives of a hair clipper does not take much time. In this case, you should carefully handle the blades so as not to get injured. Regularly performing the procedure is one of the factors ensuring the device’s operability for a long time. Despite the wide range of products of this kind, the lubrication algorithm is the same for different models.


Given the rating for 2018, the following are recognized as the best brands of trimmers:

  1. Philips with a fairly broad functionality. The characteristics worthy of attention include: the presence of a double-sided blade for removing hairs up to 5 cm in length, equipping the device with 4 nozzles for cutting hair and beard in different ways, cleaning the working head in a wet (dry) way, the presence of a built-in battery for the device to work offline. This is an ergonomic, stylish, easy-to-use trimmer with the ability to use when leaving the shower.
  2. Moser, a professional appliance. In the arsenal - 1 working nozzle. The trimmer is not distinguished by high functionality, but is able to remove hairs up to 21 mm in length. In the configuration - a working head with the ability to work in 1 of 7 modes, taking into account the length of the beard, the battery capacity to ensure uninterrupted operation in standalone mode. This is a simple device with an energy-intensive built-in battery.
  3. Braun, affordable, reliable, inexpensive beard trimmer. The BT 320 brand has earned recognition. The components include: a working nozzle with up to 20 different positions, the ability to cut hairs up to 10 mm in length from different parts of the face due to the easy adjustment of the working head, giving the desired position. The machine is weightless, comfortable to hold in hands. Equipped with sharp blades. Operation is possible in wet, dry mode.
  4. BaByliss with a retention on the 4th line of the rating, thanks to the high-end device. The device brand E875E belong to the professional class. In the configuration - a working head with the ability to install in 15 positions for cutting hair up to 5 mm in length with removal in hard to reach places. The device is made of plastic. The device is cleaned in dry mode.
  5. Rowenta, in particular, a TN-3600 brand device with a waterproof housing. In a complete set - a rotating working head for cutting hairs up to 5 cm in length. The device has an excellent device with excellent operation in 4 modes, up to 4-5 hours in a row, the presence of wear-resistant, durable blades with a titanium coating. The device is convenient in maintenance and operation. It can be used at the time of taking a shower.
  6. Gillette, one of the best trimmers with standard nozzles, a device for use as a beard shave and hair cut, regardless of length.

Additional functions

Trimmers are not just machines designed to trim and shorten facial hair. A set of additional functions allows the device to adapt well to the requirements of the owner.

  1. Vacuum system for collecting trimmed hair.

This is a good opportunity to keep the bathroom in perfect cleanliness. All shaved hairs fall into a special tank, which, after handling the bristles, is easy to clean. The function allows you to trim the vegetation in any clothing - it will not be contaminated by cut hair.

This additional functionality allows you to achieve symmetry. A laser pointer with a thin beam will show in which direction the trimmer needs to be guided. This facilitates the contouring and modeling of the beard.

  1. Adjustment for voltage indicators.

This is an important feature for those who travel often. It allows you to use the device in any conditions - from 100 watts to 240 watts. The trimmer adjusts itself to the conditions of electrical voltage and ensures full operation.

The device saves the last selected haircut length. During the next use, just select it again and not set the parameters again.

Built-in lighting allows you to notice even the smallest hairs during shaving. They can be immediately eliminated if necessary.

Some devices can be used in the shower - they are waterproof.

Additional features make using beard and mustache clippers even more comfortable and effective.

How to use?

To know how to use the trimmer, it is enough to read the operating instructions, check the device for correct operation when turned on. Why you can drip a few drops of lubricant on the blade. The process of shaving is as follows:

  • plug in the device,
  • apply a little grease to the blade, wipe with a dry cloth,
  • make sure that there are no hairs between the blades,
  • let the device idle for a few seconds,
  • start the process of shaving by cutting off long hairs and gradually moving to shorter ones,
  • pick up the extra hair, look at yourself in the mirror,
  • in the absence of the desired result, set the trimmer tip to zero and go around the neck, under the Adam's apple again.

Apply the nozzle to the face with the flat part. To achieve the best results, start shaving hair from the face, then from the neck. If the length of the beard does not change, then it is worth changing the nozzle, replacing it with No. 2, as a shorter one. After shaving, the face area will gradually go to the neck (Adam's apple), starting to cut off short hair, setting 1 nozzle speed mode. Drive along the chin from bottom to top.

If necessary, give the hair length 4-5 cm, you can use a trimmer blade, for which to remove the nozzle and limiter. If you need to achieve perfectly smooth skin, then you will additionally have to use a safe razor to eliminate hairs, in particular under the Adam's apple in full.

If you need to get the shortest possible stubble and shave problem areas (around the mouth), it is recommended to use the nozzle number 3. Next - smile, close your mouth, shaved off the remaining hairs along the upper lip. To understand how to shave with a trimmer, it is worth noting that you need to make movements against the growth of the bristles, i.e. upwards.

Trimmer Care

If you had to shave off thick facial hair, you should prepare for the fact that a lot of small hairs will begin to pour from the device. It is worth immediately placing a bin in order to avoid the appearance of disorder around the circumference. At the end of the shave you need:

  • shake the hairs from the appliance into the basket,
  • remove the nozzles, put in the sink, wash with soap and warm water,
  • clean from small hairs,
  • proceed with cleaning the trimmer, for which take a brush, remove the head and blades from the device by pressing a button, remove the remaining hair,
  • wipe the individual parts of the device with a cotton swab, then with a dry cloth,
  • attach the head to the device,
  • connect for 2 3 seconds to shake residual hair phenomena.

It is better to lubricate after each shave, for which drip a few drops on the blade, holding the device over the sink. Then turn it on for 25 seconds, which will eliminate excess oil.

It is important for men to understand how to properly use a beard trimmer and care. After all, this will ensure the device a long service life.

Expert Advice

  1. In order for the trimmer to last for a long time, you need to clean it from hair in a timely manner, lubricate it with oil.
  2. To facilitate shaving, making skin smooth, it is advisable to wash your face with mild shampoos.
  3. Before using the trimmer, you need to make sure that the charge is maximum.
  4. Driving the device across the face is slow, starting from the chin.
  5. With proper maintenance, the tool will last a long time.

If the trimmer is not sufficiently charged, it can begin to pull out the hairs, which will lead to redness, itching, burning on the skin. Charging must be checked before using the device.

The trimmer gearbox also needs periodic lubrication. Why periodically you need to remove the skin, treat with gasoline, then dry well.It is not recommended to use solid oil for lubrication. The trimmer is a device adapted for lubrication exclusively by special compounds. Ideally, lubricate 2 times a year. How to lubricate the device correctly can be found in the instructions. If it is time to carry out urgent prophylaxis or replace parts with new ones, then the noise, overheating of the nodes will tell you.

Proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmer

Before starting the scythe, you need to prepare the fuel mixture and pour it into the plastic tank of the tool. An important role is played not only by the quality of gasoline and oil for 2-stroke engines, but also by their ratio in the mixture.

Each manufacturer indicates in the instruction manual the proportion that will be optimal for the respective model. The operator is required to comply with this norm every time, as otherwise the garden tool motor will quickly fail.

Some brands recommend a 1:25 fuel mix. In practice, this means that in 1 liter of gasoline, you need to dilute the engine oil for the brushcutter in an amount of 40 ml per 1 liter of gasoline. If the manual indicates that the proportion should be prepared in a ratio of 1:50, then this suggests that the oil for gas trimmers should be diluted in gasoline in an amount of 20 ml per 1 liter of fuel.

It is very important to choose the right fuel and engine oil for the trimmer. It is strictly forbidden to use car oils, as they contain additives that can harm the engine of the scythe. It is best to use oils for 2-stroke engines from well-known manufacturers: Stihl, Husqvarna or Makita.

You need to buy gasoline for refueling trimmers only at refueling stations of proven brands. It is best suited for use with AI-92 fuel. It differs from the 95th gasoline in that it does not contain excess impurities that are used to increase the octane rating of the fuel.

Motokosa greasing - how to choose gear oil?

Often working under high loads, the trimmer gearbox is susceptible to increased wear. To reduce it and extend the life of the unit, you need to use a suitable oil.

The grease for the trimmer must meet a number of factors:

  • viscosity - the oil used for the gearbox should relate to highly viscous materials that begin to change their consistency when exposed to high temperatures,
  • high adhesion - gearbox oil must have adhesion to the parts of the mechanism. In this case, the lubricant should not be squeezed out of the gaps of the assembly,
  • brand - the quality of modern lubricants directly depends on their manufacturers. Lubricants from Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna and Huter have proven themselves best in practice.

An important role is also played by the amount of lubricant added to the gearbox. In most cases, service centers do not give a direct answer to questions about how much and how often it is necessary to change the oil in the gearbox. In this regard, each owner of the trimmer must independently determine the volume and frequency of lubricant replacement, based on their own experience in operating garden tools.

How to start a brushcutter - a step-by-step algorithm for beginners

The correct start of the trimmer is one of the most important factors affecting the stability and durability of the working mechanisms of the tool. Each time starting the braid in a certain sequence, its owner will prevent increased wear of the piston group, starter and ignition system of his tool.

Starting electric trimmers is easier than gasoline models. To turn on the engine, a button is provided on the body of each electric braid, pressing which activates the motor, which, when the corresponding lever is pressed, activates the cutting organs of the tool. At the end of the work, the operator just needs to press the same button. After that, the motor will immediately stop working.

The process of starting gasoline trimmers is more complicated.

The correct startup procedure is as follows:

  1. The instrument must first be placed on a flat surface. In this case, the cutting organs of the trimmer should not touch the surface of the earth or any foreign objects,
  2. After that, you need to pump fuel into the cylinder. To do this, you need to use the appropriate pump,
  3. Then you need to move the throttle lever to its highest position,
  4. Next, you need to pull the starter lever toward you. As a result, the trimmer motor should start and stall on its own,
  5. After that, you need to fix the throttle lever, move the throttle lever to the middle position, and pull the starter cord again,
  6. As a result, the engine will start and begin to work at maximum speed. In this mode, the motor should run for about 10 seconds,
  7. At the end, with the engine running, you need to move the flap position lever to its lowest position, press the throttle lever, and start working with the trimmer.

All actions to start motokosa need to be performed in goggles, a suit of dense fabric and gloves. Also, the operator must ensure that outsiders are not behind the brushcutter, since when working at maximum engine speeds, a large number of exhausts harmful to health will be emitted.

How to use the trimmer?

To extend the working life of the motor and other nodes of the trimmer, you need to use the garden tool correctly. In this case, it will be necessary to observe a number of rules aimed at preventing premature breakdowns of the spit in the household. The list of these rules includes:

  • Before each launch of the braid, you need to check the reliability of all installed fasteners, the strength of the fixing of the cutting equipment, as well as the correctness of the set carburetor settings,
  • To work with an electric trimmer or a scythe, you need a protective, well-ventilated suit. The operator needs to wear safety glasses and, if necessary, headphones,
  • during operation of the trimmer it is necessary to avoid its overheating. It is best to take breaks every 20 minutes of work. If the braid is used in hot weather, then the engine must be allowed to cool every 10-15 minutes,
  • during operation of the braid, the operator must avoid dropping it. To do this, wear a shoulder strap. Also, do not allow the body to strike against trees and cutting equipment about stones that are accidentally caught,
  • if necessary, timely lubricate the gearbox. The life of the unit directly depends on this,
  • the operator must change consumables in a timely manner: spark plug, air filter and other spare parts,
  • For refueling gas trimmers, use only high-quality fuel and engine oil.

All these recommendations will help extend the life of the garden tool and make its work on the site more efficient.

The trimmer does not start - how to find and fix the breakdown?

There is a whole list of failures, as a result of which the household trimmer stops starting. In electric and gasoline braids, the reasons may be different. This is due to differences in the device electric and motokos.

Most often, electric braids do not work due to cable problems. It is possible that as a result of accidental contact of the cutting organs with the wiring, the latter remained broken. In this case, you will need to replace the cable by first stripping and insulating the contacts.

Another reason for the breakdown of the electric braid is the jamming of the protective relay, which is triggered with every short circuit in the network. In this case, the relay must be replaced, otherwise there will be a risk of ignition of the internal wiring by electric trimmers.

The reasons why a gas trimmer does not start are much greater.

Their list includes:

  • loss of properties by the fuel mixture - if fuel is left in the tank during storage of the brushcutter, then the garden tool will most likely not start. In this case, you will need to drain the fuel, purge the cylinder, fill in the fresh mixture and start the trimmer. Motokosa also ceases to start because of the poor quality of fresh fuel, so to refuel the braid you need to use only gasoline from gas stations of proven brands,
  • the wrong proportion when preparing the fuel mixture - in this case, the mower is poorly started due to the filling of its spark plugs with engine oil. The operator will need to remove, clean and dry the candle, then install it back and try to start the trimmer. If this does not help, then the spark plug will need to be replaced with a new part,
  • accumulation of debris or malfunction of the air filter - in both cases, the element will not be able to pass air, which is necessary for mixing with the fuel mixture. A dirty filter will need to be cleaned, and a defective filter should be replaced,
  • breakage or deformation of a flexible shaft placed inside the rod - to eliminate the breakdown, you will need to remove the gearbox, remove the shaft and install a new one instead,
  • muffler malfunction - the trimmer may not start due to clogging or deformation of the muffler. In both cases, harmful emissions will accumulate in the cylinder, which will lead to serious engine damage. To avoid this, the operator will need to replace the muffler as soon as a malfunction is detected.

In order to prevent serious malfunctions, motokosa need to regularly inspect its main components. This will help to detect and timely eliminate minor defects, avoiding increased wear of more important mechanisms.

Universal model

Philips BT9297 / 15 is a trimmer, the functionality of which has incorporated all the latest developments.

A small pitch of 0.2 mm allows you to choose the most accurate hair length. The range is from 0.4 to 7 mm, which makes it possible to work with a beard of any length and density.

The housing is fully waterproof; after use, the nozzles can be washed under running water.

One of the main features of the model is the presence of a laser pointer.

This innovative feature makes it possible to achieve perfect symmetry. The kit includes two nozzles: for the main haircut and the creation of clear contours.

Double sharpened blades are distinguished by first-class sharpness. With a full charge of the battery in one hour, you can achieve continuous operation for 80 minutes.

The external LED display shows the selected hair length. Three illuminated divisions signal the charge. The Lift & Trim system uniformly raises the hairs in the direction of movement of the machine, so it is possible to achieve a uniform haircut and good trim.

Nozzle selection

The set of trimmers includes several different nozzles - changing them, you can achieve the optimal length of facial hair. A step of several mm allows you to select the necessary head for various types of beards and mustaches.

Some models are equipped with only one nozzle - a special wheel and a clamp are designed to control the length of the hairs.

Hair trimmer - distinctive features and types

The hair trimmer allows you to quickly, accurately and efficiently trim your hair anywhere. In them, the process of cutting hairs is carried out thanks to the translational movement of the upper teeth relative to the lower. In addition to convenience and simplicity, such a device provides an opportunity to independently carry out the procedure at home, in the country, on the road and in any suitable place.

At first, cars were used exclusively to cut hair on the head. However, over time, various types and modifications of trimmers designed for different purposes began to appear on the market. Depending on the classification, conditionally all models can be divided into the following groups and subgroups:

  • by engine type (rotary and vibration),
  • by type of power (mains, hybrid and battery),
  • by functionality (universal and specialized),
  • as intended (for beard, for mustache, for eyebrows, for ears, for nose, for animals, etc.)

As you can see, there are currently a large number of different types of trimmers, which differ in size, shape, weight, technical parameters and other characteristics. Professional hairdressers prefer to use more powerful rotary universal models with network power, where many different nozzles are included. This allows you to quickly serve a large flow of people with different needs and requirements. For home use, low-power vibration trimmers are also suitable, possibly on batteries, with 4-5 tips. In addition, the devices in question may have different haircut capabilities. The length setting may also vary.

Important! Depending on the material of the knives (ceramic or steel, with or without spraying), the life of the device and the sharpness of its teeth will depend.

General rules

Before you start using the trimmer, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions, which indicate: which nozzles and modes in each case will be optimal, how to properly operate, store and care for the device, what safety measures must be observed. However, there are general recommendations for using trimmers, regardless of model. These include the following rules:

  • it is necessary to correctly select the nozzle for a specific hair length,
  • if minimum length is needed, nozzles should not be used,
  • to cut the hair as short as possible, you need to remove the length adjustment and hold the trimmer knife at the base of the hair,
  • need to cut against the growth of hairs.

Advice! For first time use, it is better for beginners to take the nozzle for the maximum length, so that in case of failure it would be possible to correct the situation, for example, to trim incorrectly clipped areas.

Shaving face

Using a trimmer when shaving, of course, there will be no effect of smooth and clean skin. For this, the device does not have the corresponding capabilities.. He will not be able to fully replace the electric shaver, but with its help you can shorten the hair on the face or trim them. So, to create the effect of a one-day bristle, you can use the length adjustment from 1 mm to 10 mm. And if you need a longer length, then you should take additional nozzles.

On a note! The advantage of using trimmers is that there is no need to use creams for and after shaving, you should not steam the skin, and there is no irritation on the face after the procedure. It is enough to hold the device against the growth of dry hair, and that’s all. No additional measures and means for shaving are needed.

Philips has developed custom face shaving trimmers. They can shave almost as cleanly as machine tools, and these devices are as easy to use as conventional clippers. It is very convenient for them to shave their beard and mustache with the help of special nozzles that come with the kit. The hairs do not clog the mechanism (as in machines), and there is no risk of getting cuts from sharp blades.

Beard and Mustache

The trimmer is ideal for cutting beards and mustaches. It gives you the opportunity to do it yourself without leaving your home. It is enough to acquire a minimum of skills and practice. The procedure itself consists of two parts:

  • creating the right length
  • the design of the growth line of the beard and mustache.

To carry out the procedure, you need to install the necessary nozzle on the trimmer, but do not take the minimum, it is better to make a margin of several millimeters.

Important! Hair should be washed before use with an air conditioner to make the beard softer and more supple. After this, you need to comb it with a comb or comb, which is still useful when working with the machine.

Walkthrough on how to shave with a trimmer:

  1. The machine needs to be moved along the hair growth from the temple or ear to the chin.
  2. Then the mustache should be cut - you need to move from the nose to the corners of the lips and chin.
  3. To align the lines, only a knife without nozzles is used. The device should be pressed as close as possible to the skin and directed against hair growth.
  4. To create the correct symmetrical shape of the area around the mouth and on the cheeks, it is recommended to use a cosmetic pencil with which you can draw lines.

Advice! Professional barbers recommend using a Braun trimmer. In addition to various nozzles, the device is equipped with a floating head, which follows the contours of the face. Therefore, not only the haircut will be more even, but also the shape of the beard more accurate.

Bikini zone

The machines in question are excellent not only for the head, but also for the body. For example, using trimmers, you can trim the bikini area. This does not make the skin perfectly smooth, but avoids cuts and irritation.. What is needed for this:

  • lubricate the skin with cream, foam or just soap,
  • move the machine against hair growth, while it is desirable to stretch the skin slightly with your hand to raise the hairs,
  • for the first time, the minimum speed will be enough,
  • no need to make much effort
  • After the procedure, it is advisable to lubricate the skin with after-shave cream or just with a baby remedy.

Some users try to shave their legs and trimmer at home. However, for this procedure, the device does not fit at all, since it leaves hair on the surface, albeit short. As a result, after a couple of days, the procedure will have to be repeated again. At the same time, constant shaving only stimulates hair growth, and they become even thicker and tougher.

Nose and ears

To remove hair in hard to reach places, special nozzles are used. In general, hair performs an extremely important function in the nose and ears, however, when it becomes too long and the tufts stick out, it is still necessary to give them an aesthetic appearance.

Important! Before cutting, you need to clean your nose well from all mucous secretions, rinse it from the inside. It should be remembered that the procedure cannot be carried out during a runny nose or exacerbation of allergies.

Only those hairs that are visible from the outside can be removed - no need to cut all the vegetation in the nose. To perform the procedure, a special round nozzle is installed on the machine. The device (or rather, its upper part) is placed inside the nostrils by 5-10 mm and rotates there. The whole process takes 3 seconds.

Similarly, the procedure goes for the ears. First, the ear canal is cleaned, and then quickly and easily with the help of a nozzle, the device is rotated, deepening 5-10 mm into the canal and removing all nearby long hairs.


There are also nail trimmers on the market for electrical products. And although they have nothing to do with a clipper, they are used to cut excess skin growths - this manicure tool is used to remove cuticles on nails. The essence of the device - its sharp blades are at an angle to each other and cut off pieces of skin that fall between them.

For manicure, this device is indispensable. He removes protruding areas of the skin so that the nail looks neat and well-groomed. Before the procedure, it is recommended to first steam the skin in hot water with a soapy solution, and then disinfect. After that, you can very carefully proceed to the removal of the cuticle, but not at the very base, but a little further from it, so that the skin acts as a natural barrier, protecting against microbes. After the procedure, you need to generously grease the treated areas with a fat cream.


Eyebrows are also very convenient to cut with a trimmer. For the correction procedure, in addition to the machine itself, you may need two nozzles (one for removing hairs, the other for cutting lengths), tweezers, a special comb and a pencil.

Advice! Among the most popular female models can be distinguished Veet - this is a universal machine 4 in 1. It is suitable for depilation of eyebrows and bikini area. The kit includes 4 nozzles to remove and trim hairs as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the eyebrow trimmer:

  • first you need to install a nozzle for this type of haircut,
  • then comb the hairs up and cut those that protrude strongly beyond the upper line of eyebrow growth,
  • then you need to comb the eyebrows down and repeat the procedure for the lower hairline,
  • Next, you need to comb the eyebrow to the temple in the direction of natural hair growth and cut all the hairs that go beyond the contours.

To smooth the shape of the eyebrows, it is first recommended to draw it with a cosmetic pencil and shave with a trimmer those hair that go beyond the contour. In this case, the knives should move against hair growth. If small hairs remain, the procedure should be repeated. After treatment, it is advisable to apply a nourishing cream to the skin. Before the first procedure, it is recommended to watch a video, which clearly shows how to do this correctly.

Storage and care of the trimmer

The device must be regularly cleaned and lubricated throughout its life. Using a special brush, you need to remove all small hairs after each haircut. For some models washing of knives under a stream of water is provided. It is also advisable to periodically lubricate the knives, since during operation the upper part of the teeth moves along the lower platform, and as a result of such friction, the parts wear out. To lubricate the tool, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • take oil from the kit or purchase WD 40 on your own,
  • drip a few drops on the entire surface of the knives,
  • remove excess oil and hair with a napkin,
  • turn on the trimmer and let it work for 20-30 seconds,
  • Wipe the blades thoroughly to dryness.

Important! It is best to keep the trimmer in its original packaging or purchase a special box with nozzle compartments for this. Of course, you need to store a clean and dry device along with all the additional elements.

So, the trimmer has become a universal device for removing and cutting hair on any part of the body, from the soft gun on the head of babies to the excessive vegetation in the ears and nose. To learn how to use it, you do not need special skills, but some nuances should still be known and observed.

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