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Sweater, cardigan, sweatshirt, sweatshirt, pullover, hoodie - how not to confuse and understand them?

Men do not always distinguish between the difference between one or another element of the wardrobe. Be it a sweater, sweater or sweater with a hood, they should be warm and practical. A suitable option for the cold season is a men's pullover: what to wear and how to choose this thing, it is a matter of taste. The main thing is to follow the main rules of the fashion industry and choose things for your character.

What is a pullover?

Pullover - in shape resembles a sweater with a neckline in the form of the letter V. The fabric of the product can be from wool, cashmere, linen, viscose, cotton, knitwear. Clothing without buttons, fasteners, collar and other details, but there are exceptions. This element of men's wardrobe is very simple, stylish, comfortable to wear and wash.

The form in the pullover is fitted, but not tight, the sleeves are straight or slightly flared. Winter sweaters can be knitted or knitted. Such a thing is the basis for a men's wardrobe and can be equipped with jeans, trousers, a jacket, a blazer.

Types of Men's Pullover

  1. Pullover, the types of this product are distinguished by a neckline. So, you can define several variations:
    Crew-neck sweater is very common in many men. It can be made with any fabric and have a summer and winter version.
  2. A jacket with a neckline in the form of the letter V slim and slightly stretches the silhouette. Can be combined with a tie, jacket and pants. A typical example of a smart casual style.
  3. Models with a high collar are more popular among women, but the male half of society does not miss the opportunity to wear such a thing. It is relevant in cold weather and is suitable for a coat, parka or jacket.

How to choose and what to wear a pullover for a man

When choosing such clothes, you need to pay attention to where you will wear them. It will be a business meeting in the office, a romantic dinner, a walk with friends in the city or another direction. Also, you need to know for what weather the pullover will be appropriate. Large knit sweaters with a collar or zipper in the winter are ideal. Raglan with a hood is suitable for sports and evening walks. Slim sweaters with a classic calm color can be used for work.

Men's pullover how to wear to young people? For a classic style and everyday work in offices, it is better to choose a fitted sweater in bright colors. Underneath, wear a shirt, tie, trousers and shoes to match the look. The shade of the shirt should be a couple of tones lighter than the pullover.

For a simple casual style, you can combine a T-shirt, a cashmere pullover with a bright print or an unusual color on top. Cropped jeans, trousers and leg loafers are suitable for the bottom.

Design novelties every season delight the eye of the buyer. It is not necessary to follow the fashion direction in order to look impressive in the new pullover. It is enough to buy clothes of an average price policy and try on with a pair of trousers. Shoes or shoes will always be in the closet of any man. And finally adding a few accessories in the form of a watch or tie, you can consider the image complete.


You can, of course, call all of the above a sweater, but we modern and smart men should understand everything so as not to seem stupid with girls (and not only with them).

So what is a sweater? Pullover - an item of knitted clothing with a high collar, fitting a neck and not having fasteners. It has long sleeves and is worn over the head. It is usually warm and knitted from wool yarn.

The examples below show classic knitted sweaters:

With a sweater, everything is clear, let's move on.


Jumper It is very similar to a sweater, but it is thinner than regular sweaters, and the sweater also lacks a large collar and usually has a rounded neckline and can also have a short fastener.

Perhaps this is all the difference between a sweater and a sweater. Let's look at the photos, what a jumper looks like:


  1. Cashmere is one of the most expensive materials on the fabric market, so not every sweater made of this material will be available. The market is in short supply of such fabric, goat fluff is brought from India or Iran, and the manufacturing technology is complicated. But at the same time, goat hair is the softest, warmest and most pleasant to the body.
  2. Sheep's wool. You can choose not only goat, but also sheep’s wool. Such a sweater will cost less than cashmere, and there will be more choices. The softest of them is a young lamb fluff sweater. This is usually marked on the label.
  3. Cotton. Perhaps the most popular fabric is cotton, and for good reason. In such a sweater it will not be cold in the winter, and not hot in the summer. The material is durable and practical, but wears out quickly. Cotton itself is popular, so you need to be careful with fakes. There are many synthetics very similar to cotton.
  4. Linen. Less popular than cotton, as the material is thin but ideal for summer weather. In such a fabric, the skin breathes, but the material quickly creases. Such things often happen with a corner neckline, and when worn with trousers they embody a real classic style.
  5. Silk is a rare material, but still found among pullovers. In addition, one hundred percent composition of silk in things is practically not found. More often you can find combined fabrics of yarn with inserts. But you can look quite representative in such a pullover. With the help of combinations, you can create universal men's stylish things, counting on sophistication and practicality.
  6. Synthetics are least valued, but will benefit from other fabrics in terms of service life. The inconvenience of the fabric is that it does not allow air to pass through, so it is not recommended to wear such a sweater in winter.

Blue is an interesting idea for a sweater. On a hike or trip, you can choose a cardigan with a hood. The first advantage of things with a hood is practicality. With such a pullover, you don’t need to put a hat on your head. An openwork sweater is generally a rarity for men, but in some cases they look very democratic. Emphasizing the presence of vintage in men's fashion, an openwork sweater took a good position in popularity.


hoody - This is a blouse, usually with side pockets, a zipper and a hood.

A sweatshirt is a very popular thing, named after the great Russian writer L.N. Tolstoy. The British called such clothes Tolstoy blouse and Tolstoy shirt. Leo Tolstoy wore wide shirts with long sleeves or shirts. Today, a sweatshirt is a comfortable knitwear that keeps you warm.

Let's look at the photo example of hoodies:


Recently appeared, unlike other sweatshirts, an item in the wardrobe is something in between, between a sweater and a sweatshirt. Sweatshirt originally appeared as a type of sports sweatshirt.

At sweatshirt There are no elements such as a hood, a fastener and pockets - this is what distinguishes a sweatshirt from a classic sweatshirt. It is sewn, as a rule, from thin and light materials, unlike sweaters and sweatshirts.

An example of a sweatshirt in the photo:

Hoodie it looks like a sweatshirt, it also has a hood, but there is no fastener - this part distinguishes hoodies from sweatshirts and should not be confused. The hoodie may not have pockets, but the hood is the main element of this clothing.


Cardigan - knitted cardigan with buttons, with a deep V-neck, without a collar. Less common models of cardigans without buttons with simple cap halves.

This is how cardigans look:

Perhaps that's all. Now you can finally make out what is what.

Pullover - warm, knitted, always with a large neck.

Jumper - thinner than a sweater, instead of a neck a rounded neckline, sometimes with a fastener.

Pullover - a jumper, only with a V-neck, always without fasteners.

hoody - warm, with a hood, a fastener and side pockets.

Hoodie - like a sweatshirt, only without a zipper and always with a hood, sometimes with pockets.

Sweatshirt - the material is thinner than sweaters and sweatshirts, always without a hood, pockets and zippers.

Cardigan - a warm jacket with buttons, without a collar, with a deep V-neck.

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What to wear?

Before choosing what to wear a men's pullover with, you need to know several important rules for wearing and using it. The pullover is always worn out, and a t-shirt or shirt of any style is put on under it, depending on the goals, event and general style. The main styles that require the use of a pullover are unshakable classics, urban casual style, as well as preppy style.

  1. Classic. This style is perfect for middle-aged and mature men, as well as business people who observe business etiquette. The fitted pullover of monophonic coloring (gray, blue, beige, black or brown) will look ideal, they put on a classic shirt, tie, standard trousers and classic shoes. The shade of the tie should be the same with the trousers or pullover, the shade of the shirt is a couple of units lighter than the pullover.
  2. Preppy. For such a style, a man needs to choose a pullover in pastel colors, combining with trousers, a shirt and a tie. But shoe models like brogues, loafers, oxfords or boat shoes are better for shoes.
  3. Casual. Under such a pullover, it is better to wear a T-shirt, shirt, although you can wear such a knitted product on a naked body, but only if it is a cashmere or knitted pullover. The casual style accepts various bright colors and prints, it is only important that they resonate with other items of the wardrobe. Skinny or cropped models of trousers or jeans will look stylish, and as shoes, it is better to take brogues, loafers.

Since the pullover has a V-neckline, it is often worn over the shirt. Many modern designers consider the pullover a worthy replacement for a jacket, complementing the image of nobility and elegance. The only exception, with which it may not look completely harmonious, is clothing and shoes in sports style.

How to choose?

You can also determine how to wear a pullover by such an indicator as the variety and model of the product. Modern collections from designers offer several popular models, for example:

  1. V neckline - the pullover is different in cutout from a sweater, turtleneck or sweater. Such pullovers can be thin demi-season or dense for winter.
  2. Knitted - knitted pullovers warm, comfortable and natural, made by machine knitting. They look original in tandem with shirts and t-shirts.
  3. Coarse knit - Ideal pullover models for the winter season, made from mohair and wool with a small addition of synthetics.
  4. On the buttons - modern varieties of pullovers, which are analogues of cardigans and sweaters. In the second case, a collar is provided.
  5. With shawl collar - The last trend of men's fashion, these are just pullovers with such an original collar.
  6. Classical - a straight-cut pullover with a V-shaped neckline, as well as the presence of long narrow sleeves.
  7. Raglan - a pullover in this form with a special pattern of sleeves along with the shoulder region.
  8. With zipper - A fashionable and practical type of pullover in the form of a sweater with or without a collar, which is often worn over the shirt.
  9. Sleeveless Pullover - An original replacement for a vest with a V-neck, which differs from standard models by the absence of sleeves.
  10. Hooded - A sports kind of pullover, made more often from cotton fabrics. The second name of such pullovers is a hoodie, sweatshirt or anorak.

When choosing a pullover, a man should choose the right length of the product, the best option will be completed along the hips. If it is sweatshirts, sweatshirts or hoodies, the length may be lower than the line of the hips, while the classic version should cover the belt area on the pants.

Fashionable men's pullovers 2018: photos

In the current season, the classic trend is monophonic and monochrome pullovers of dark restrained shades. Such models are suitable for men of respectable age.

Printed models, for example, checkered pullovers and rhombus, geometric patterns, as well as animal and floral ornaments, are considered equally relevant.

For young and confident men, stylists advise actual colors - white, blue, brown, black, gray and pastel colors.

Models of a multi-colored pattern will look original and relaxed, but the main thing is that one of the colors of the pullover is present in other items of clothing or accessories.

Hits pullovers 2018 - these are products with ornaments in the form of deer, which is ideal for harsh Russian winters.

Items with textured knitting will look no less colorful and noble, especially on slender tall men.

Famous brands

Brands are well-known manufacturers of certain goods that have won the trust of specialists, consumers, and also have a sufficient image and reputation due to the high quality of luxury goods. As for men's pullovers, several brands were included in the list of leading manufacturers and brands of such clothes, namely:

There are also such manufacturers who sew and produce pullovers and sweaters from the most expensive fabrics in the world, releasing annually only a few exclusive units. When buying pullovers, stylists and designers advise choosing models from natural high-quality fabrics, since such products will last more than one year, preserving the novelty and form.


Regardless of whether it is a branded pullover or a product from a less popular manufacturer, it is important that it is made from natural hypoallergenic fabrics. Synthetic additives are acceptable, but in a small percentage, since they improve the functionality of the tissues. Pullovers look great in a classic style, and can also complement the styles of preppy and casual.

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