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Types of facial hair in men

A beard and mustache allow you to veil such facial imperfections as, for example, an underdeveloped chin or scars. In the presence of a beard, the image of a man takes on a completely different look - brutal and sexy.

The male individual image is formed both with the help of a hairstyle and a beard. Many different variations provide the opportunity to select a specifically acceptable option. At the same time, specialists pay attention to the features of the skull, take into account the types of faces of men, since everything should look harmonious, beautiful and original. A beard and mustache allow you to veil such facial imperfections as, for example, an underdeveloped chin or scars. In the presence of a beard, the image of a man takes on a completely different look - brutal and sexy. How to choose a beard shape?

Determination of the shape of the face of a man

Men's beards look beautiful and natural when harmoniously combined with the shape of the face. To do this, consider your type or shape of the face. Related article: How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face

    Triangular face. It is characteristic for him that the upper part is wider than the lower. Owners of this form dream to visually increase their chin. Vegetation completely balances the proportions. With this task, such types of beards as Russian (full), Balbo and others with a round and square shape will help to cope. In these cases, deficiencies are leveled by vegetation in the cheek area,

Ryan gosling

  • Round faces. Chubby men want to lengthen the shape visually. A good tool for this is a trapezoidal beard - massive vegetation from temple to temple, forming a solid line. A good option is a goatee beard combined with a mustache, and a wonderful solution is a goatee. She, complete with a mustache, is great for many. Chubby Taboo: King’s Beard,
  • Rectangular faces. For this type, it is not recommended to wear bristles that visually lengthen the face. A great option is a horseshoe-shaped look and smoothing corners, whiskers,
  • Square type. A distinctive feature for such people are sharp features. This form should be softened, if possible. The best solution is a moderate beard all around. Light bristles, skipper or stylish Hollywood beard will do. The length can be adjusted by selecting the best option,
  • Oval face. The owner of this type can easily pick up the look that he likes best. You can safely experiment, giving your vegetation a different shape. The perfect design will be picked up quickly,
  • Face shape - heart. The disadvantages of this type require the addition of masculinity to the image. A full and long beard copes with this task perfectly.
  • Rhomboid face. This type of face is usually found in men with wide cheekbones. Here it is necessary to try to soften facial features, focusing on the lower part. Dense vegetation is an amazing solution. Alternatively, the style of “wolverine” or “screen” is practiced.

    Ask a professional barber for help

    Beard types are well studied by salon masters, so in order not to waste time experimenting, the first time it is best to seek their help. To select the optimal solution, many salons, barbershops, use 3D software modeling of beards and mustaches. A photograph of a client will help you make the right choice, an image with various options will appear on the screen. The consultant’s help will not be superfluous, his knowledge will help to not be lost among the abundance of varieties of vegetation: chinstrap, skipper beard, Scotch, espaniola, rogie beard knot, Canadian, Spanish and others.

    The most popular and trendy beard species in 2019

    Classic beard. Classic, as you know, does not go out of fashion. What is needed for such a beard? Good facial hair and patience for growing four weeks. The master, in the hairdresser or beauty salon, will give the bristles a shape, taking into account the fashion trends and the specific nuances of the front of the head. A classic beard with a smoothly changing mustache, this is an exceptional accuracy of forms that experts can give.

    Classic beard

    Balbo Beard. The masters of austere chic know exactly how to complete the face framing attractively and beautifully, giving the vegetation the shape of the letter T. It will also require a magnificent mustache, but they will not connect with a beard. This is the famous Balbo beard.

    Balbo Beard

    Brett's Beard (Hollywood). It differs from the rest in that a neat bristle covers the lower part and chin. Such a beard is neatly trimmed and is quite short. Ideal for triangular and rectangular faces.

    Brett's Beard

    Spanish beard - goatee, whose third name is Van Dyke. The man's cheeks are perfectly shaved, his mustache and beard are harmoniously connected into one whole. This type of beard categorically does not suit chubby men, but for all other face shapes it can be an ideal option. This beard at different times was chosen by James Hetfield, guitarist of Metallica, actor Mel Gibson, football player David Beckham and many other famous men. Goatee can be made in the classic version, or in variations - round, without a mustache or with a gap between the mustache and beard.


    Skipper Beard - Chinstrap. It is also called captain or boatswain. A strip of bristles from the temples to the lower jaw resembles a belt. An elegant line noble emphasizes the contour of the face. Chinstrap can be combined with a mustache or work independently. The length can be different, the main distinguishing feature is the smoothly shaved lower part of the jaw.

    Garibaldi Beard. The name came to her from General Giuseppe Garibaldi. The wide vegetation with a round base is connected with a thick mustache of a beautiful shape and sideburns. The length can be quite large - up to twenty centimeters.


    Royal beard. It is distinguished by vegetation around the mouth. It looks chic and always stylish, royal, gallant. She is also called the Beard of Henry IV. The beard should not be too long, and the shape may be triangular or more round.

    Ducktail - a solid beard, which the masters cut from the top to the bottom. The name received from the similarities with the tail of a duck. The peak of popularity was reached in the sixties. Today is in fashion again, although it is rare. Her perfect decoration is the hussar mustache.

    "Box" - A wide beard, such as OldDutch, along with a mustache. For tall men, a great element to complement the brutal appearance.

    Island - a small piece of hair located under the lower lip. Minimalistic option.

    The popularity of the beard is gaining momentum every year. These and other options can be offered by specialists in a professional berber shop. Each of them adds an image of originality and individuality, charm and elegance.

    Here are some more beard options you might like:

    goatee variations

    It is also important to consider that a long beard is not suitable for a man of small stature. And remember: no one likes groomed men. If you want to wear a beard, look after it, use special tools and remove the leftover food in time. And then the image of brutal and sexual macho will become quite achievable.

    A sign of brutality of a man is a classic beautiful beard. The type of beard, types of beard and its shape can vary significantly depending on the preferences of the owner. Some people like the minimalist beard options, while others prefer a horseshoe-shaped beard or a duck tail beard.

    The reasons why men begin to grow facial hair are different. This desire to compensate for the flaws in appearance, to give the face a more masculine expression, to gain popularity among girls, as well as much more.

    We will talk about which beards are in fashion now.

    Determine the type of person

    Beard design depends on many factors. In order to choose the right style, in addition to fashion trends, pay attention to the shape of the face, the general parameters of the male figure. For example, any kind of beard in short men with fine features will cause a mixed reaction from others. Suvorov’s beard or “Garibaldi” will evoke associations with the gnome Gimli from the famous saga, and a small beard concentrates additional attention on the size of a man.

    Stylists recommend the types of beards to be built in accordance with the shape of the face. If a man has an oval face, almost all varieties of a beard will suit him. If the face is diamond-shaped - the style of the beard should include an abundance of vegetation, for example, “wolverine”, or a beard - a screen. If the face has an oblong shape - the beard in men should be of medium length. A short beard will also be relevant.

    When the shape of the face resembles a circle, male beards should visually lengthen the contours of the face. The “French fork” or French beard will look great. The so-called "goatee" is also appropriate.

    The boatswain beard or the Scandinavian, Norwegian beards that became fashionable at the turn of the 20th century will look good on male faces, visually resembling a square. Men's beard haircuts, suggesting a rounded ending, will give the face the necessary roundness.

    A beard style with rounded or square visualization will look elegant on triangular faces. A model haircut of the Garibaldi beard, named after the Italian revolutionary, the commander of the nineteenth century, is a good option for this type of person.

    Stylish whiskers, a small stubble on the chin will help holders of heart-shaped or pear-shaped faces.

    The standard scheme for determining the type of person may not be applicable to a particular person because of his physiological characteristics. The types of beard haircuts that a man wants to try should be selected individually, preferably with a professional beard hairdresser.

    What is beard modeling

    With the development of the beauty industry, hairdressers specializing in hairstyles for vegetation on the lower part of the head began to be called barbers. For the Russian language, the term "barber" is a double borrowing. He came to our speech from English, and the British used the Latin word for the name of the profession. In fact, a barber is just a beard. But by ear it is perceived more unusual than, say, a barber, hairdresser or barber.

    Men's haircuts, modeling beards take time from half an hour to fifty minutes. Depending on the tool that the wizard uses, the complexity of the work may take longer. The most delicate operations are carried out with a dangerous razor. For minor adjustments to the beard shape, a trimmer is used. You can cut your mustache or trim your hair (for example, a plaid) with hairdressing scissors.

    Beards in men require large enough care to add presentability to their owner, rather than inducing others to think about cave dwelling. If there is a desire to have a beautiful beard, but there is no experience in caring for it, it is better to turn to the services of professional hairdressers, at least for the first time. Then it will be possible to follow the state of facial hair on their own.

    Any modeling involves the preliminary growth of hair, which is then cut or shaved, depending on the type of barbs in men. Short beards, beards with curly shaved edges (for example, a mustache with a goatee or a Mexican beard) require more frequent adjustments than the relatively long "boulanger" or Irish beards.

    Not all types of beards and mustaches will suit a person, even if they correspond to his face shape. The hair color, its natural density should be taken into account. Owners of dark, thick hair can afford both short beards and medium-long beards. Long and lush beards are suitable if a man in his temperament and behavior matches the chosen image.

    Blonde hair is less distinguished against the background of the European face, so the growth of wide, voluminous beards will not cause dissonance, even if their carrier is introvert and prone to melancholy.

    To quickly grow hair, the skin should be moisturized and nourished with masks. During the growth of vegetation, it is worth looking at what beards are and choosing your version using a computer program. To do this, upload your photo and substitute different versions of beards to it.

    After reaching the required length, discuss with the master the desired result and do the actual haircut and modeling.

    After creating the image, the work does not end. Like any hairstyle, a beard requires care and care. Depending on the complexity of the design, in addition to the usual washing and combing, adjustments are required with a trimmer, razor, scissors. If the hair structure is loose, oils are used to strengthen the hair and give shine to the hair.

    25 popular beard species

    There are several dozen types of beards in men. Names are given in honor of famous people, animals, professions, whose representatives were seen wearing a certain type of beard. The combination of a beard, mustache, whiskers give rise to various variations of the same hairstyle. Youth and classic styles are presented in various design options for facial hair.

    Often, the layman is unable to distinguish between similar hairstyles, it can only barbers or people who seriously delve into the topic. The most popular beard styles combine a mustache and, in fact, the beard itself. Consider the most interesting beard and mustache haircuts.

    Mustache Shaped Beard

    1. Stubble

      This is a peculiar kind of vegetation, representing an intermediate stage between a beard and a clean-shaven face. Bristles can be two to three days, or weekly. The main thing is to carefully adjust it with a trimmer and shave unnecessary vegetation from the cheeks. Otherwise, instead of a brutal man, others will see in front of them a victim of a weekly binge. For the same reasons, it is worth removing stubble from the neck.
    2. Classic beard
      It usually grows in a month and a half. Hair is neatly trimmed, designer alignment of the edges of the vegetation along the cheeks is not. The length of such vegetation depends on the tastes, preferences of the owner, as well as on the characteristics of his body. If the hair is thin and small, then a long beard will look dulled. If the beard bearer professes Islam, then he will not grow a beard to the waist for religious reasons, even if the structure of the hair allows. The classic beard is common in the culture of almost all peoples. The words "Russian", "Scandinavian", etc. in fact, they call one version of the beard in the national manner. A possible difference in length occurs, rather, due to the structure of the hair of carriers in different regions. Maintaining the beauty of the beard will take more time than serious skill at the barber. Care includes washing, combing and periodically cutting the hair to the desired length. Classics go well with a diamond-shaped or triangular face shape.
    3. French fork

      A variant of a classic beard is a “French fork”.The beard and mustache grow at the initial stage as well as in the previous version, however, the tip of the beard bifurcates, which resembles a double-toothed fork. In the Middle Ages and modern times, France held a leading position in broadcasting fashion for hairstyles, clothes and shoes.
    4. Duck tail

      The next classic is the duck tail. This is also a beard with a mustache, grown according to the classical principle. The tip is given the appearance of the tail of a duck. This hairstyle is popular with many media personalities. Ordinary inhabitants also strive to keep up with fashion trends.
    5. Round

      This is a beard-free version of the beard, easier to care for than the previous ones. The cheek area is shaved and the beard itself is trimmed with a trimmer. This type of vegetation is suitable for owners of persons resembling a circle or oval. It goes well with a business style in clothes, does not irritate a beardless management. A round beard is a great compromise between the desire to stand out and the need to adhere to office rules.

    Kinds of beard without a mustache

    1. Dutch

      Lush vegetation on the face, combined with a smoothly shaved line above the lip and under the lower corners of the lips, gives an unusual look to its owner. The fashion for such a face design comes from a new time, from Dutch merchants. The length of the vegetation varies, but, as a rule, is not less than 10 - 15 centimeters. To give shine and smoothness to the hair, balms and oils are used. Wax, used mainly in the formation of a mustache line, is not needed here.
    2. Scottish or "screen"

      It looks like skipper, but the length of the hairline is usually much longer. The bearer of such a hairstyle is depicted on a five-dollar bill. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth national leader of the United States, introduced it into government circles. Now most often such a hairstyle in America is worn by representatives of the religious movement of the Amish. Important is the fundamental absence of a mustache, as a symbol of militarism, military aggression, completely unacceptable to the Amish. Hairdressers often call such an option to shave a screen, because it quite successfully disguises many of the appearance flaws.
    3. Island

      A tiny piece of hair remains under the lower lip. Everything else is shaved smoothly. In fact, it is an option for the lazy. The vegetation is small, the hairstyle does not require frequent and thorough trimming and combing. Such a beard turned out to be a good find when creating the image of the villain Sorge in The Fifth Element. The islet looks better on dark hair.
    4. Goatee

      The shape and size of the beard is similar to that of the representative of artiodactyls, from which it is difficult to wait for milk. Simple enough to model, it is successfully grown at home without the help of a hairdresser. To create an image, hair is shaved in the cheeks and above the upper lip, the hairline remains only in the chin area, and also, partially, under the lower lip. Looks good on square or slightly oblong faces, and for owners of pear-shaped or rounded faces it is better to choose a different image.
    5. Goatee

      Another type of beard, akin to Napoleonic Ivan Deykovskaya. The mustache version was the favorite beard of the musketeers who adopted such a fashion to shave from the Spanish giants. In the Middle Ages, the military and trade contacts of France and Spain were close, fashion trends in clothes and hairstyles wandered from one country to another. Unlike the goat, the shape of the beard is round, covering the chin area. Goatee without a mustache is often chosen by men whose lower face hair has a different growth direction or color. A small hairstyle hides these features of the body of a man.
    6. Insect

      When forming such a beard, designer imagination gives the ends of the beard the appearance of insect antennae. A specific image that is not suitable for all representatives of the stronger sex. The image must match the chosen hairstyle.
    7. Tanks

      A more compact version of the sails. The border for shaving runs along the line of the lips. The length of the tanks does not exceed one and a half centimeters. The composition is simple to create, care at home, but the image of the rock and roll king Elvis Presley, who wore such a beard, does not let the hairstyle go by the wayside.
    8. Walrus

      When considering hairstyles for the lower part of the face, one should not forget about the mustache. One interesting option is the walrus style. It is possible to call this hairstyle a beard in the full sense of the word with a big stretch, since it is the chin that remains open. The composition is a magnificent mustache, 1 - 2 centimeters passing over the border of the lip line. Walrus mustache owners should pay attention to their appearance after each meal, since drops of food can remain on their hair and instantly turn the image of a courageous man into a sloppy one.

    How to choose the type of beard, with the help of a stylist, a computer program or relying on your own opinion - it is up to the beard carrier to decide. The process of growing vegetation, forming a hairstyle takes a long time, during which a man looks, at best, exotic. It is convenient to grow long hair while on vacation, away from the office dress code. After shaving an elegant composition on your face, you will have to regularly devote enough time to maintain the beard in its normal form. Usually more time is spent on this than just shaving. Be prepared for the fact that regular visits to the hairdresser will be required, it is possible to use cosmetics to give the hair the desired texture, shine.

    The fear that when hair is growing on the lower part of the face, baldness sets in - there is little reason for it. The tendency to hair loss is determined at the genetic level, and little depends on the presence of vegetation. A correctly selected beard, beautifully designed, undergoing care will help create the image of a successful man who knows his own worth. Often the growth of beards is aimed at attracting the attention of women. The beautiful half of humanity carefully evaluates the quality and well-groomed hair, therefore only marginal personalities can attract untidy vegetation with traces of food. When choosing a complex hairstyle instead of a smooth shave, weigh the pros and cons.

    In recent years, fashion trends have been provoking men to leave facial hair untouched. Today, stubble is no longer considered a sign of groomed and stale look, but, on the contrary, in combination with expensive things and stylish accessories adds an image of masculinity and sexuality.

    Let's see why thick stubble is so important for men today, and what types of beards they prefer to wear to stand out from the crowd. We will try to find answers to these exciting questions.

    What is stubble in men?

    Bristle is a short hairline on the face. If you put the razor away and do not use it for at least a few days, then a bristle appears on the man’s face. Depending on how dense and long the vegetation he prefers, the longer it takes to grow it.

    In order for facial hair to become soft and look stylish, you need to take care of them, giving them the correct neat shape.

    At some point, the hairline on the face will reach the required length, and it will be possible to begin its design. There are several forms of bristles in men. We will dwell on the most popular in more detail later.


    Almost all women consider a man with a small stubble and a well-groomed beard more sexual. This is laid on a subconscious level as an external difference in gender. A man with facial hair is perceived as an adult, mature individual for sexual activity.

    A man with stubble looks courageous, it is easier for him to prioritize the male team and arouse respect. Well-groomed beautiful beard - adds status, which is an important factor for the stronger sex

    Light bristles and a neat beard can correct the shape of a narrow chin making him strong-willed, adding volume, and also hide skin irregularities, scars and other unpleasant external defects on the face.

    Another important advantage is the protection of the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and harmful allergens. If the skin is too delicate and sensitive, it is recommended to leave a little stubble to protect it.

    Types of bristles in men

    Before deciding to grow facial hair, it is recommended to study the types of bristles in advance in order to understand how long the hairline needs to be grown to make the shape perfect. I would like to clarify that there is no fashionable beard or not fashionable, there is a well-groomed shape and sloppy, and that is the whole difference.


    This type of full beard is also called wide. She has no breaks with whiskers. Hair completely covers the jaw, turning into a mustache and touching the neck.

    Only brave and determined men decide to let go of such a large beard. The most brutal form of all existing is Russian.


    Ideal for those men who want to have a thick beard, but do not want to look after her daily. Caring for this form does not involve trimming all hair.

    It is quite enough to shave the extra hairs on the chin and cut off the regrown hair that hangs on the upper lip. The task is not to ensure uniform and dense hair growth, but to ensure that even a rare beard has a clear semicircle shape.


    This form of beard also does not require scrupulous care. Outwardly, it resembles an anchor and consists of a mustache and a vertical strip of hair on the chin, while the beard does not connect with the mustache and has a pointed shape.

    To maintain an intricate pattern, you just need to trim your mustache and stubble. Haircut is carried out as necessary.


    This design is suitable for medium-length bristles, moreover, if the owner will constantly look after her. A distinctive feature of this form of beard is the clarity of the lines. The acute-angled fragments should have a precisely defined border.

    In order to achieve this effect, you will have to master the art of working with a dangerous razor or visit the craftsman regularly so that Balbo's stylish beard does not lose shape.


    This form is also called a Hollywood beard. Hair covers the entire lower part of the face, seamlessly connecting with a mustache and sideburns. The vegetation on the cheeks is then selected so that the line from the sideburn to the beard resembles the shape of a semicircle.

    Care involves regular cutting of the mustache and beard so that the hair does not lose its general shape and looks neat.


    If you translate the name literally, it will sound like a stripe on the chin. And the translation corresponds to the external form. This is a thin strip of bristles that girdles the chin from one temple to another and resembles a horseshoe in shape.

    This form looks spectacular when the bristles are light and facial hair has not grown too long. In a classic form, the Chinstrap form is worn without a mustache and vegetation on the cheeks above the jaw. Precise straight lines require constant care using a trimmer and razor.


    This decision looks very extravagant. Only long whiskers are left on the face. The chin area is clean shaved.

    Some may find this form funny, but in combination with a stylish haircut and costume, it looks stylish.

    Bristle Garibaldi

    This bushy beard with a wide mustache is named after an Italian general. It was he who wore a beard of this shape. It should be neatly trimmed and have a rounded shape.

    Such a broad beard completely covers the lower part of the face and emphasizes the shape of the cheekbones, making the chin more weighty. Like a Russian beard, she adds to her possessor courage and external strength.

    Weekly stubble

    If you do not shave for a week, then the stubble will grow quite thick. The ideal solution to create an image of a brutal macho. Weekly facial hair does not require special care.

    Eccentric brunettes can afford to wear this option and not worry about the appearance becoming untidy. In their case, sloppy stubble will add to the image of sexuality and masculine charm.

    10 day bristles length

    10 day stubble can rightly be called a beard. The hair length in this case is already more than 5 cm and without specific care a man may look untidy. This neglected bristle is also called a two-week. It is suitable only for confident, strong men with the right features. The “trick” of such a bristle lies precisely in the carelessness and indicative inaccuracy.

    The only condition is dense facial hair. Rare and thin hairs will not look brutal, but rather funny. The owners of such a beard bristle are recommended to become brunettes or dark brown, but redhead a running beard will look completely unattractive.

    Three day stubble

    One-day and three-day stubble is also called light unshaven. It is very easy to grow it without unnecessary trouble. It is enough just not to shave the specified time and remove the hairs that are knocked out of the total mass.

    It is recommended to trim the hair on the neck and trim the total volume. Even the gray-haired three-day stubble looks stylish, and combines perfectly with the business style.

    How to grow and care?

    It’s not difficult to grow stubble. You just need to stop shaving, but proper care of it will help not only to make the image more accurate, but also soften the hairs and remove itching.

    • scrub your face twice a week to remove dead skin cells and renew skin,
    • wash yourself with exclusively cool water in order to activate blood flow and thereby improve facial hair growth,
    • use special oils for the beard and make hair masks to make the bristles softer,
    • review the daily diet and enrich it with vitamins A and E,
    • change your lifestyle and eliminate bad habits,
    • Actively engage in sports to increase testosterone production.

    Photo of handsome bristles in men

    In order to make sure that the correctly selected shape of the bristles on the face is sexy, we recommend that you review our photo gallery. The photo shows the most diverse styles of facial hair. Both the 1 mm stubble and the full beard look amazing with a neat design and the right shape.

    There are different options for the design of bristles on the face, the main thing is to decide to put the razor to the side and grow the required hair length. It is also very important to choose a suitable beard shape that fits the shape of the face and adds masculinity and charm to the whole image. Running stubble, light unshaven or a full-fledged beard will look stylish only if you look after it correctly and adhere to established rules!

    Watch the video: Top 10 Men's Facial Hair Styles 2019 EVERY Man Should Know (April 2020).

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