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What are the differences between sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, cardigans and pullovers

As soon as the cold season comes, there is an urgent need for warm and cozy things. Thanks to the development of designers and fashion designers, every man can choose different options for such things, whether sweaters or sweaters. But before choosing clothes for the fall-winter season, it is worthwhile to understand their features and characteristics. Few men know for sure, pullover, sweater, cardigan, cardigan: what's the difference?

Despite the fact that all the listed clothing models have many common features, they still differ stylistically, visually, in style, size and design. Sweaters, sweaters, pullovers, as well as cardigans are most often knitted products, today they are produced by machine knitting of different densities and textures. But in matters of combining with other wardrobe items, the difference between them is significant, as is the stylistic load.

What is the difference between a sweater, pullover, cardigan, cardigan and sweatshirt?

The big mistake of many people is that they all knit products for autumn and winter are called sweaters or sweaters. Stylists insist that every modern man is obliged to distinguish between pullovers, sweaters, sweaters, cardigans and other types of sweaters. To get answers to such questions, a man needs to consider the definitions and characteristics of each sweater name separately.

What is a pullover?

A pullover is a knitted product of a whole shape without fasteners, a distinctive feature of which is a V-shaped neckline. You can only put on a pullover over your head, hence the name - pull over, which in English means putting on top. Initially, the pullover was a purely sports uniform, then it began to be actively used in academic circles. In modern society, pullovers are casual, and women and men of different ages prefer to wear them.

Sweater: an indispensable attribute of the cold season

English has a great expression for sweater weather. This is the name of the first autumn cold, when one wants to wrap oneself in a cozy sweater in search of warmth. Naturally, a knitted sweater is ideal for warming up in chilly weather. Although initially this thing was used by people who want to lose weight (sweating was accelerated in warm clothes). Hence the name, which literally can be translated as "sweatshirt": sweater - to sweat (sweat).

The sweater has a mandatory detail - a high collar, often multi-layered. Long sleeves, lack of fasteners - all this is a sweater. If you remove the collar, but add a fastener, you get the same "grandmother" jacket. Another once sports thing related to a sweater is a sweatshirt. It is sewn from thick knitwear with cuffs on the sleeves and hem. Today, a sweatshirt is an attribute of casual, not training clothes.

What is a sweater?

A sweater is the most common knitted thing, which differs from other similar products in the absence of fasteners and the presence of a high collar. The sweater first appeared in the north of Europe in the 19th century, when people used it to save from the cold. Sweaters were later used for effective weight loss when doing sports and sweating in a warm wool sweater. Hence his term - to sweat, that is, sweat. Previously, the sweater was the subject of a sports wardrobe, but today it is universal in this regard.

Jumper: from men's to women's wardrobe thanks to Coco Chanel

The great Frenchwoman knew a lot about good clothes, not hesitating to turn men's things into women's ones. Jumpers also suffered such a fate - sports tops, which were an indispensable attribute of the shape of athletes. The name is translated as follows: jumper - jumper.

The jumper is sewn of knitwear or fine wool. Usually he has a classic crew neck. Jumpers are allowed fasteners. The latter can be either asymmetric along the line of the shoulder seam, or a standard fastener in the middle. Put a jumper on a naked body or on top of a shirt, allowing a collar to peer out.

What is a jumper?

The main question that arises in men, a sweater and a jumper, what is the difference, since these two items of clothing are very similar visually. Indeed, a jumper looks like a sweater, the main difference is the absence of a collar. For the rest, this is the same knitted product without fasteners and without a neck, which must be worn over the head. Sweaters are often worn by young men, they look harmoniously in the style of classic, casual, grunge. It is difficult to determine whether the pullover and cardigan is the difference, since these are two prototypes, but the pullover will have a narrower cut and another neck.

Pullover: younger brother of a sweater

Lack of fasteners, V-shaped, deep collar, thin woolen or knitted material are signs of a pullover. Its name literally translates as "don over your head." Although pullover is a delicate, soft thing today, its creation was inspired by traditional Irish sweaters worn by sailors hiding from the piercing northerly winds.

Understanding the concepts will be easy for anyone. But everyone who wants to create the perfect wardrobe needs to know them!

Stylish and fashionable sweaters, jumpers and pullovers are here.

What is a cardigan?

A cardigan is the same knitwear, but it is a prototype of a coat. Initially, it was worn by the military, appreciating practicality, the degree of comfort, and the thermal insulation properties of a cardigan. The name of such a jacket came from the name of the British general of the seventh Earl of Cardigan, in his time cardigans were worn under clothing for warming the military. Features of the cardigan - the presence of buttons or fasteners along the entire length of the product, the absence of a collar, the materials are wool, yarn, viscose and knitwear.

What is a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is something between a sweater and a jumper, but more often in a sporty style. The main difference between a sweatshirt and a sweater is in the production materials. If sweaters consist of warm, dense materials, mainly wool.

Sweatshirts are a lightweight version of thin knitwear, which is more suitable for the autumn-spring season. The neckline has a rounded shape, the cut is free and spacious, cuffs are provided on the sleeves and hem. Literally, the name translates as “to sweat” - to sweat and “shirt” - means a shirt.


The main items of the autumn-winter wardrobe, for both men and women, are sweaters, pullovers, sweaters and cardigans, young and active people also prefer to wear sweatshirts. The difference between such knitted products in addition to materials and fabric density lies in the style, cut, neck shape, the presence or absence of fasteners. And the stylistic load of each product has its own individual. Cardigans are the only models that are more outerwear than a sweater.

What is a sweater

Blouse - This is a loose knitwear with a zipper from top to bottom, for example, with a zipper or buttons.

Jacket is the basis of outerwear. Sweatshirts were worn even in ancient Egypt. But she began to perform the warming function in Europe only from the 18th century. It was worn by Scottish and Irish sailors. Sweater can be confused with a cardigan. It's okay, it is only now that a clear separation of clothes with a fastener has appeared, before things with a button closure were also called a sweater. A sweater can have a wide collar, a stand-up collar and be completely without a collar.


Now I will clearly explain to you what are the differences between a sweater, sweater, jumper, pullover and cardigan. And if earlier you were limited only to a sweater and a sweater, then after reading this record it will be easy for you to operate with new words and surprise your friends with your erudition!

What is a jumper?

Jumper - This is knitted clothes without fasteners with a round collar.

The word comes from the English "jumper" in translation "jumper". Why is such a strange name - a jumper? Now we will tell you everything. Here again, the point is in sports. The jumper used to be exclusively sportswear for athletes involved in athletics. After the 50s of the 20th century, everyone began to wear a jumper, even women. Jumper recognized even in a business style. In fact, a jumper is the most common type of knitted clothing; it is a collarless sweater with a round neck. Jumper is more related to men's wardrobe, and sweater - to women's. But today no one is looking at this, as the popularity of knitwear is growing, and women are increasingly choosing knitted jumpers instead of sweaters.

What is a sweater?

Pullover - This is knitted clothes without fasteners with a high collar.

The word comes from the English “sweater” in the translation “sweat”. These unusual associations caused a sweater at the time of its appearance. In this case, a sweater is a real knitted thing. If the jacket and cardigan can be simply knitted, then the sweater was originally created as a knitted product from wool with an ornament, patterns from large braids or relief patterns. Remember the most important thing: a sweater always has a stand-up collar. All other products without a collar can not be called sweaters.

What is a sweater

Blouse - This is a loose knitwear with a zipper from top to bottom, for example, with a zipper or buttons.

Jacket is the basis of outerwear. Sweatshirts were worn even in ancient Egypt. But she began to perform the warming function in Europe only from the 18th century. It was worn by Scottish and Irish sailors. Sweater can be confused with a cardigan. It's okay, it is only now that a clear separation of clothes with a fastener has appeared, before things with a button closure were also called a sweater. A sweater can have a wide collar, a stand-up collar and be completely without a collar.

What is a cardigan?

Cardigan - This is a kind of collarless jacket with a deep neckline. It can be on buttons and on a figure or without a fastener at all.

The cardigan got such an interesting name thanks to its creator - the seventh Earl Cardigan. It was Earl Cardigan who invented buttoned clothing as a warmed uniform. In our time, knitted cardigans, both male and female, are very popular. Cardigans are worn with trousers, jeans and even with chiffon dresses.

What is a pullover

Pullover - This is knitted clothes without fasteners with a V-neck.

The word comes from the English “pull over” in the translation “drag from above”, “put on from above”. A distinctive feature of the pullover, of course, is a V-neck. Initially, only men wore pullovers, it was in the 1880s. Pullovers fell in love with English athletes because of their incredible practicality. Later, in the 1920s, pullovers began to be worn not only by athletes, but also by other men, the pullover became casual clothes, not a sports uniform. Unrivaled Coco Chanel at the beginning of the 20th century began to introduce pullovers into the women's wardrobe. The clothes seemed so comfortable that the pullovers firmly entrenched in the list of the most favorite wardrobe items. And to this day, men often wear pullovers with pleasure.


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She is badlon (or banlon) or golf. Officially, the word “turtleneck” is recognized as colloquial by dictionaries, however, this item of clothing can definitely be distinguished from other similar ones. A turtleneck is considered a tight sweater made of thin (unlike a sweater) knitwear. The origin of the name comes from tight-fitting clothing with a collar that divers wore under a suit.

Seven clothes: multi-layer kits that you will definitely not freeze in

Cardigan, sweater, cardigan, sweatshirt, hoodie ... What's the difference?

Quite often, I pay attention to the fact that people either call all these wardrobe items sweaters, or simply get confused in the names. For my favorite readers, I decided to conduct an educational program. Let's figure it out once and for all!

In this article I will not delve into the details of the history of this or that clothing. This is a quick reference guide that describes the characteristics of these wardrobe items so that you can easily determine what things are called. I hope that after reading this article there will be no more questions on this issue. Let's get started!


These garments differ in the shape of the gate. If the sweater is round, then the pullover is V-shaped. Both men and women can wear both. However, the pullover is worn exclusively over the head, but the jumper can have buttons or fasteners. The name of the first comes from the English phrase pull over, which literally means "put on over your head." Until the beginning of the 20th century, pullovers were considered to be purely sportswear, attracting golfers and tennis players for their convenience associated with the lack of fasteners. The word jumper is also of English origin, derived from the noun jumper - "jumper". Initially, this garment belonged to the category of sports equipment for athletes, which is due to its name. Now, jumpers and pullovers are literally all, regardless of age, gender and occupation.

By the way, until about the mid 20-ies of the XX century, wearing a pullover was considered the prerogative of an exceptionally strong half of humanity. The legendary Coco Chanel contributed to the growth of popularity of this little thing among women - a lover of introducing purely male elements of clothing into female fashion. Thanks to her, the pullover acquired elegant and flirty notes. As a result, this wardrobe item has become especially popular among the wealthy public of the most expensive resorts. For the tailoring of modern jumpers and pullovers, a wide variety of materials are used, including cotton, wool, acrylic, viscose, polyester. Whatever these garments are made of, they are perfect for absolutely any season, which makes them even more popular.

What is a sweatshirt?

They are sewn from knitted fabric. Materials can be different, from fleece to footer, the main task of such materials is increased thermal insulation. The sweatshirt differs from its brothers in the presence of a fastener, short or full-length.

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The name of the payte is rarely used - this is the same as the sweatshirt. The presence of pockets or a hood is not necessary, but these are the most common options.

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What is a kangaroo?

This is a kind of sweatshirt with a patch pocket on the stomach. Differs from a sweatshirt in the absence of a fastener.

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Maybe with a hood and without it. Some models have knitted elastic cuffs.

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In other countries, for example in the USA, a uniform for pilots with a fur collar is called a bomber. With us, this name means knitted clothes with a lock.

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What is a rugby jacket?

It is also called a college jacket. This model is fastened with buttons. Sleeves usually vary in color. Cuffs from knitted elastic bands, with stripes. Patches with logos of sports teams, colleges or universities, numbers and letters are sewn on the chest, back or shoulders.

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Options without stripes have a place to be, but they can be found not so often. Previously, they were sewn only from dense knitwear, now there are models made of leather, jeans and other materials.

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That's what these clothes are called. Broaden your horizons.Remember and do not get confused! This information will be especially necessary for those who work in the world of fashion and clothing stores.

What clothes do you want to know more about? Write your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments. Subscribe to my VKontakte group. Posted by: TyttaYa

Types of knitted and knitted tops

Not everything knitted is a sweater 🙂 Let's see why a sweater is not a sweater, and a cardigan is not a pullover. Many of these things have come a long way to appear in our wardrobe, some of them fell in love with fashionistas immediately. Fashion stories are an interesting topic, let's dive into it. I hope that this article will help you expand your horizons and introduce a couple of new words into your everyday life.

What is a hoodie?

the difference between a cardigan, sweater, pullover, cardigan and sweatshirt "data-recalc-dims =" 1 ">

A hoodie is a long hooded sweatshirt with a hood.

The history of hoodies (from the English. Hood - hood) as clothes with a hood began in the Middle Ages. But in this form, as we know it today, hoodies were first made in the USA in the 30s. Champion touted them as the best clothing for workers in cold New York. Hoodies later became very popular in the 70s in New York's hip hop culture. But the peak of popularity began after the release of the movie "Rocky", when almost everyone wanted the same hoodie that Sylvester Stallone wore. One of the first designers to include hoodies in their collections was Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Today it can be found in the collection of almost any brand.

What is a bomber?

the difference between a cardigan, sweater, pullover, cardigan and sweatshirt "data-recalc-dims =" 1 ">

A bomber jacket is a zip sweatshirt with a stand-up collar.

Many of the things that can be found in the closet of any modern person were previously the working uniform of a certain group of people. For example, a bomber jacket. It was created for pilots of the US Air Force during World War II. In the 70s, this comfortable jacket made of durable and unpretentious material fell in love with skinheads and ravers, and from them went into the wardrobe of football hooligans. And now she has settled in the closets of urban fashionistas who wear her with dresses and heels. Could an American pilot imagine such a thing 80 years ago?

Of all the above, I personally prefer jumpers and sweatshirts. They look minimalistic, without unnecessary details, clean, elegant and combine with almost everything. I do not really like the presence of additional details - pockets, hoods or buttons. They make the image heavier, making it overloaded. Although, a good cardigan will never be superfluous in the wardrobe, since it can be thrown on a dress, and on a T-shirt complete with jeans, and on the top in combination with smart pants.

For beautiful and stylish illustrations, many thanks to my husband. In his intagram you will find even more interesting illustrations and paintings, I highly recommend a peek. Check it out!

And which of these items of clothing do you like most?

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