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Aggressiveness table for T-shaving machines - an overview of the 9 best shaving machines

Tehco, thanks, - corrected mamba.

Serj, before you are about to throw it out, tell me about the partisan - what assessment of aggressiveness would you give him? In the relevant topic, the machine has just been softer than BBS-1 and Wolfman.
They say that it is softer than rocky, but equally with Timeless 0.68 http://myshave.ru/showpost.php?p=68322&postcount=218.
Only here http://myshave.ru/showpost.php?p=67744&postcount=183 there is a comparison with Progress L3.
Blackoff described as a diary.
Those. in my opinion, 3.5 is quite an adequate assessment of aggressiveness, judging by the reviews of members of the forum.
But once again I will smoke topics about BBS-1 and Wolfman WR1 - we can confuse them with them.

Aggression table:
iKon X3 - 4.0
Mercur 37, 39 - 5.0
iKon Shave Craft 102 Slant, B1 Slant - 5.0
ATT S1 - 5.5
Phoenix (bakelite) - 5.5
Fine (plastic) - 6.0
Wunderbar - 6.5
ATT S2 - 8.0

Colonial Razors General - 4.0
Mongoose v.2, Alumigoose v.2 - 5.0
Razorock Hawk - 6.0
ATT SE1 - 6.5
ATT SE2 - 7.0
Mongoose v. 1, Alumigoose v. 1 - 8.0
iKon SE - 9.0
Cobra - 10.0

Rockwell 6C L1
Feather AS-D2 / Popular
RiMei, Baili 176
Merkur 42, Gillette 1904
Razorock mamba
Rockwell 6C L2 / Merkur Progress L1 / Parker Variant L1
SS Pils 101
Razorock Baby Smooth, Old Type OC, DE1, Teck II (Gillette Tech clone), Mission
Timeless Bronze 0.38
Muhle Rocca R96
Edwin Jagger DE89
Muhle r89
Merkur 23.34.38
iKon B1 OC
Wolfman guerrilla
Rockwell 6C L3 / Merkur Progress L2 / Parker Variant L2
Timeless 0.68
Razorock MJ-90
iKon Shave Craft 101, Short Comb
Baili 131
Rockwell 6C L4 / Merkur Progress L3 / Parker Variant L3 / Merkur Futur L1
Blackbird OC
ATT R1 - 5.5
Rockwell 6C L5 / Merkur Progress L4 / Parker Variant L4 / Merkur Futur L2
Wolfman wr1
Timeless 0.95 (Open Comb Blackoff

Aggressive T-Shaver

When buying a t-shaped razor, in addition to cost, its aggressiveness is an important parameter of choice. This term refers to the ability of a blade to effectively cut bristles, and, as the name implies, it indicates how careful you need to be when moving the blade across the face.

With an aggressive razor you can achieve the smoothest possible shave. The hairs are cut closer to the root, and if you select a suitable blade, then just two passes are enough. On the other hand, in the process of using such a machine, the risk of cuts, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs increases.

T-shkas with less aggressiveness help to avoid microtraumas and are more tolerant of errors and drawbacks of technology. Beginners, without risking anything, can even put a little pressure on such a machine, although, of course, this is not worth it, because with a good shaving technique and a properly selected blade, the razor cuts the hair under its own weight.

Drawing from the Internet. (1) Blade extension - the distance between the edge of the blade and the tangent to the razor head. (2) Clearance - the distance between the blade and the blade support. (3) Span - the distance between the edge of the blade and the edge of the guard. (4) Garda - part of the base of the razor head that also protects the face from the blade.

The degree of aggressiveness of the machine is determined by its geometry, but it is impossible to unequivocally state which parameter is the main one when evaluating it. The indicator is influenced by:
• clearance (the larger it is, the more aggressive the razor),
• blade overhang (by analogy - a larger overhang indicates a higher aggressiveness),
• head weight
• location of the center of gravity in the machine,
• weight and length of the handle (the heavy and long handle allows you to more accurately adjust the angle between the skin surface and the protruding blade. The short handle has better maneuverability),
• razor blade and shaving technique itself.

Contrary to popular belief, the type of head does not affect this indicator. Both “closed” and “open” razors can equally be both soft and aggressive (in the table below you can see that, for example, Merkur razors with a closed cut are more aggressive than with an open one, and Muehle's vice versa - “closed” R89 is softer than “open” R41).

Aggressiveness is a somewhat arbitrary concept, if not subjective. You can understand what shaving with a particular machine will be, perhaps, only in practice or using the experience and feedback of others - the benefit is that there is anything on the Web. On a popular foreign resource dedicated to shaving, users even created a summary table where they rated the aggressiveness of t-sheks on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is mild and 10 is the most “evil”). Here are some of the ratings that some popular models deserve:

We repeat: determination of the degree of aggressiveness is, on the whole, conditional, therefore the data in this table cannot be called true in the last resort. Rather, they give a general idea of ​​the issue.

By the way, in some T-shaped machines, such as Merkur Futur and Merkur Progress, you can adjust the angle of the blade, that is, when you turn the knob, change the angle of attack and aggressiveness according to your needs (for example, first make the razor more aggressive, and at the final stage of shaving set it to mild mode).

These are excellent machines; perhaps only high cost can be attributed to their shortcomings.

Pick a razor

Today, as before, the fashion for T-shaped machines has returned. A fairly large selection of such tools is on sale. When choosing a machine for yourself, you need to pay attention to:

  • cut type (crest). It can be closed (closed comb) and open (open comb) slice. The open type machine is recommended for beginners, as it is able to perform soft shaving of hair. A direct cut is more dangerous, so this option will suit an experienced user. There is also a combined type of razor. In this case, its one edge has an open cut, and the second is closed,
  • machine weight also an important parameter in the selection of goods. A heavy machine will be able to move under its own weight, and will not require additional pressure.

Classic machines can consist of 2 or 3 parts. Machine heads can be purchased separately and alternated at each stage of the shaving process. Their only drawback is the duration of the preparation of the machine for work.

There is a razor with butterfly lock system. Such a system is reliable and easy to use. The blade loads easily and quickly, but there is no possibility of replacing the head. Machines with the butterfly system are very inconvenient in the assembly and disassembly of the cleaning device.

Razors with a twisted and straight head are commercially available. In the first case, the device is very convenient and practical. The twisted head rotates so quickly and maneuvers in all directions, so that the process of shaving the bristles becomes fast, ensuring hair removal at a certain angle. A straight head will be more gentle, it will not save your hair in one touch, but it will save you from unnecessary cuts.

Advantages of using T-shaped machines:

  • its application guarantees a high-quality result, since the procedure involves the preliminary steaming of the bristles,
  • shaving technique involves a smaller number of contacts of the blade with the surface of the processed skin, which dramatically affects its condition,
  • a variety of models allows everyone to individually choose the most suitable option,
  • real money savings, because the blades for such a machine are much cheaper.

But the disadvantages can be attributed:

  • a little more time for the procedure,
  • the need for certain skills.

When deciding on the purchase of a razor, you need to consider not only a stylish design, beauty, but also the reliability of the device. Shaving devices have served their wearers for several decades. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to models of not the cheapest categories in order to use the razor daily with pleasure.


"Teshki" ideally shave stubble of different lengths. Recommended for all skin types. For sensitive skin, it is better to use a “soft” type of machine. A grooved razor head is a good option to shave 2-3 times a week. It can provide good adhesion to the skin, separating the hairs. Manages hard hair, does not pull them, does not break off. An oblique cut of the razor implies the cleanest shaving. The hair is cut close enough to the root. This type is "aggressive." The main thing for comfortable depilation is the correct installation of the blade so that it protrudes evenly from all sides of the working surface. There are classic collapsible t-shaped machines and non-collapsible. The first consists of a top cover and guard. The second have a mechanical butterfly lock system. All classic razors have a robust design that does not include mechanical parts. May have differences in the number of elements. Most of the "teshek" consist of 3 components. In rare cases, only of two. Connection in classical devices is made with a screw. Due to their efficiency and convenience, they almost completely replaced dangerous razors.

The choice of a razor depends on personal preference.

Pros and cons

Any shaving device has its advantages and disadvantages. T-shaped machine is no exception. Its main advantage is smooth and safe hair removal. Pros:

  • the quality of the teshka is close to a dangerous razor,
  • one or two passes ensure smooth skin,
  • no irritation
  • the cost of blades is lower than cassettes.

  • it takes time to select the optimal angle of inclination of the blade.


The machine of the t-type type since its release in 1901 has undergone modifications and changes. However, the principle of operation and form has been preserved so far. There are many varieties of the device, but they all involve the use of standard blades that come with a razor, which happens:

  • with a closed crest,
  • open
  • combined.

The first option provides safe shaving of the bristles. It is used by beginners. It is usually suitable for those who shave no more than 2 times a week. The disadvantage of the machine: it does not cope with hard hairs and does not clean as much as possible.

The second type is recommended for experienced men. It cleanses the hair as much as possible and removes the keratinized layer of the epithelium. Less: increased risk of getting cuts scratched.

The universal model has a regulatory system that makes the head with open or closed blades. It all depends on the needs of men and the characteristics of their skin. The machine with a complex design. Therefore, when used improperly, the blades become very clogged and decommission products. "Teshki" happen with a twisted head and motionless. The first type is considered dangerous by trauma. However, it shaves perfectly after the first pass. The second - it shaves off hair safely, but it takes from 2 to 3 passes. A type of razor with a butterfly system remains the most popular of the classic options. It is perfect for home use.

All T-type machines require a double-sided head with sharp blades. This increases their life by 2 times.

How to choose what to look for

A wide range of T-shaped machines raises a lot of questions for buyers. One of them: how to make the right product choice? Such models combine beauty, reliability, stylish design. They will serve more than a dozen years, which will significantly save money. Companies that produce "teshki" take into account the wishes of customers and the recommendations of specialists. All the little things are considered: balancing the handle and head, center of gravity, ergonomics and weight. The parameters that should be considered when buying:

  • closed, open or combined comb,
  • straight head of the machine or with an oblique cut,
  • mechanical type of machines or an easy option,
  • manufacturing material
  • Are other accessories suitable for the machine?

Well-known manufacturers of "teshek" accurately calculate their parameters, taking into account the geometry of the head and the physical dimensions of the handle.

Qshave Shaving Machine

Perfectly shaves stubble. Does not irritate the skin, does not cause redness. The sharp blades of the Qshave shaving machine are suitable for all skin types. In a set: holder, 2 cartridges. The first on 5 blades, the second on 3. A brush for cleaning. The material of manufacture is plastic. On the handle are two silicone pads for easy shaving in wet hands. Effectively and efficiently shaves stubble of any rigidity. Minus: the blades are quickly clogged with hair, poorly shaves thick hair.

Razor Yaqi

Has an open comb. Consists of 3 parts: handle, plate and curved lid. The head of the device is quite thin and light. Refers to soft "aggressiveness". A chromed product gently shaves facial hair. Leaves no irritation. Weighs 94 g. Suitable for all types. Departure of blades on both sides has the same length. Disadvantages: poorly copes with hard hair. The cost of 1200 rubles.

Classic Vostok Russian-made stainless steel

It is recommended only for wet depilation. Sharp blades are located in the closed head. Shaves hair of any hardness smoothly. It does not allow irritation and cuts. Does not leave "stumps". The head with blades is screwed to the handle of the machine. After the first pass, the machine leaves perfectly smooth skin. Available in stainless steel. It can be used with all types of double-sided blades. Consists of 3 parts. Suitable for all types. Minus: does not repeat skin reliefs. Shaving skill required. No longer available. The cost is from 500 rubles, depending on the condition.

Ideal with adjustable blade angle

The device is manufactured domestically in 1958. Aggression is adjustable from 1 to 9. Butterfly opening system with adjustable blade angle. The material of manufacture is high quality metal. Includes: plastic case, instructions for use. Suitable for any skin type. Not annoying. A comfortable grip is obtained closer to the head. Less: no longer available. The price is from 500 rubles.

Muhle r 89

Recommended for beginners. Differs in soft "aggression". Not irritating, does not cause redness. The handle with a relief surface does not allow slipping. The angle of the blade is standard, does not vary. The chromed machine effectively removes hair without leaving cuts or scratches. Quickly disassembled and cleaned. The length of the handle is 10.5 cm. The diameter is 1.5 cm. Weight is 89 g. Suitable for any type.

Mercury - adjustable

Sharp blades easily remove stubble under the root. Suitable for coarse and thick hair. Leaves no irritation. Made of stainless steel. It has a blade angle adjuster. Can be used by beginners. The laconic male design of a gilded item emphasizes the status of a well-groomed man. Disadvantages: no. The price is from 1700 rubles.


With safe interchangeable blades. Qualitatively shaves off stubble of any rigidity. It does not cause irritation. Sharp blades do not leave damage or scratches on the skin. The material of manufacture is metal. It is not recommended to press on the device. Cut hairs from the first pass. Suitable for beginners. It can be used for sensitive skin types prone to irritation. Butterfly mechanism. Minus: not detected. The cost is from 4000 rubles.


Aggressive machine, reminds an analogue of a dangerous razor. Perfectly cuts hairs at the root of any stiffness and density. Do not use for beginners. Disassembled into 3 parts. Has an open comb. The length of the handle is 8.4 cm. Weight is 64 g. The workmanship allows the razor to be used for many years. Chrome plating protects against rust. It does not cause irritation. Can be used in the bathroom in high humidity. Disadvantages: no. The price is from 2300 rubles. And how to sharpen a dangerous razor can be found here.

Siver Metal

Brand of domestic manufacturer. One blade is cut into 2 parts. It is installed in the product clip between the protrusions. At the same time, the blades cannot be moved. Next, install the liner, one-piece second blade, pad. The handle is twisted. The machine is made of durable metal. The handle is divided into 2 parts. Has a notch that prevents it from slipping out of hand. A budget option. Minus: not suitable for hard hair.

Aggressiveness table for T-shaving machines

The amount of aggressiveness can be estimated from 1 to 10, where the unit refers to the softest razor.

Merkur Futur No. 610
Muehle r419.5
Merkur Futur No. 59.0
Rockwell Razors R67.0
Rockwell razors r56.0
Muehle rocca5.5
Merkur 30C3.5
Merkur Futur No. 23.0
Merkur 34 G2.5
Merkur 23C2.0
Feather popular1.5
Feather AS-D20.5

Aggressiveness is regulated in two ways:

  • mechanical
  • using interchangeable plates.

In the first case, the owner adjusts the position and sets the desired mode. In this case, the geometry of the head changes, which in turn changes the departure and span. In the second case, removable plates tend to provide a different degree of aggressiveness. This allows you to find the most acceptable mode of shaving. You can find out about Venus shaving machine here.

T-shaving machine or cassette: which is better

The first option is more popular. Causes:

  1. Profitability. The price is lower than cassette machines.
  2. Efficiency. The procedure is not inferior in quality. Blades are produced in high quality.
  3. Availability. "Teshki" are used not only by men, but also by women.
  4. The sharpness of the blades allows you to quickly and safely cut hair under the root.
  5. Blades are easy to disinfect.
  6. Does not irritate the skin, does not cause cuts and scratches.
  7. A variety of varieties of t-shaped machines.


  1. The T-shaped razor is a type of safe machine with a long service life.
  2. It has distinctive features.
  3. Suitable for any skin type.
  4. It can be of varying degrees of aggressiveness.
  5. The cost of blades is lower than replacement cartridges.
  6. There are closed types, open and combined.
  7. The choice depends on individual preferences. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Dorco razor in this material.

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Type of cut (comb)

This is the design of the razor "head", which, in turn, happens with a closed (closed comb) and open (open comb) cut. In the first case, the machine will provide safer and softer bristle removal - this option is perfect for those who just switch to wet shaving, a classic example of such a machine is the legendary model MUEHLE R89.

With the cut open, the blade protrudes slightly above the comb, as in the MUEHLE R41. This allows you to quickly achieve perfect smoothness in fewer passes, but the comb does not protect against cuts and shaving with a razor requires more skill. This type of cut is considered more aggressive, sometimes even equated with shaving by some manufacturers.

On the left is a model with a closed slice MUEHLE TRADITIONAL R89,
aggressive on the right MUEHLE TRADITIONAL R41 open cut

There is also a combined type of T-shaped machines, where one side of the head has an open cut, and the other is closed. It should be noted that razors with a closed cut are not razors exclusively for beginners. Fans of classic wet shaving often have both open and closed cut machines in their arsenal. By the way, for this it’s not at all necessary to buy several razors; in the line of razors and accessories of MUEHLE there is a replaceable nozzle of the necessary type of cut, which fits all the handles of T-shaped machines of MUEHLE.

MUEHLE t-razors can be purchased separately with the necessary cut

Machine weight and stick length

This is another factor affecting shaving aggressiveness. A heavy machine allows the razor to move due to its own weight and helps to get rid of the habit of pressing on the blade (which should, in principle, be avoided, as this can lead to cuts and skin irritations). Also, the longer the handle, the more accurately you can control the angle of the machine in relation to the skin, ideally it should be 30 °, while the short handle is more maneuverable. MUEHLE has models of t-shaped machines, not only with the usual, but also with an extended handle, these are R41 Grande and R89 Grande.

The standard handle is considered more maneuverable, and the long one is more convenient for controlling the angle of shaving


This is also one of the important factors, as the blades of different manufacturers are different. There are softer ones, like MUEHLE, and tougher ones like Derby Extra, and really tough and aggressive like Feather.

In addition, such factors also affect aggressiveness:

  • the weight of the razor head itself (the heavier, the less effort you need to apply),
  • the location of the center of gravity (if it is closer to the comb, then the pressure on the blade will be greater),
  • shaving technique.

Summing up, I would like to note that it is still recommended for beginners to start with less aggressive models with a closed cut, but for those who are more experienced, we recommend adding an open razor to your arsenal or trying a model with an extended handle.

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