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What they don’t talk about: hemorrhoids exercises that help

The circulatory system of the rectum, anus, anorectal zone is an extensive network of vessels, the main function of which is to guarantee the tightness of the anus. With hemorrhoids in the pararectal space, an accumulation of blood is formed, stagnation occurs, causing deformation of the varicose cavernous anus, capillaries of this area. The result is the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes, which progress over time, become complicated, require attention, adequate therapy.

The treatment of hemorrhoidal disease is complex, it includes only diet therapy, systemic and external drugs, surgical techniques, intimate hygiene, but also mandatory, regular, dosed physical activity, exercise therapy. To motor activity, as a rule, include walking, jogging, swimming. But the highest expectations are associated with physical exercise and physiotherapy.

The goal that the doctor pursues when prescribing a set of exercises is as follows:

  • increase the tone of the muscles of the pelvis,
  • to restore the elasticity of the longitudinal muscle of the anus,
  • remove congestion in the vessels of the pararectal zone,
  • enhance microcirculation of problematic anorectal tissues,
  • balance the motility of the digestive tube,
  • remove constipation
  • to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids, prolong remission,
  • block the progression of the pathological process.

Gymnastics with hemorrhoids is not a panacea, but it has sufficient effectiveness at different stages of the pathological process, improving a person’s mood.

Prevention requires the activation of their own motor functions: does not allow sitting for more than 6 hours / day. The way out of forced long sitting in the chair is constant breaks associated with walking around the house or office.

The formed hemorrhoidal nodes are corrected by complexes of special physical activities.

What can and cannot be done?

If we talk about the degree of usefulness of different types of physical activity for hemorrhoids, then the palm belongs to walking. Simple and clear: move, walk to work, to visit, theaters, museums, take at least 10,000 steps / day and don’t think about hemorrhoidal problems.

In second place - Cardio loads: swimming, slow running, walking different types (with and without sticks).

Third place for gymnastics, normalizing blood flow and digestion. The most popular hemorrhoids exercises that do not have gender differences, effective for men and women, are:

  • Kegel gymnastics
  • exercises for hemorrhoids according to Norbekov,
  • yoga.

Any physical activity must be approved by a doctor. A complete taboo is imposed on hemorrhoids physical exercises that increase intra-abdominal pressure, excessively strain the abdominal muscles, stimulate blood flow to the hemorrhoids, and prevent normal blood flow in the pelvic organs:

  • lifting heavy equipment,
  • sharp swings with legs,
  • low squats
  • excessive press loads,
  • horse riding and cycling,
  • rowing.

Proctologist can suggest the best projectile, sport, training complex.

Exercise Rules

Special rules are created for practicing hemorrhoids exercises at home. Their observance is extremely important, because in the absence of a trainer is a guarantee of minimizing side negative effects. It is necessary:

  • Exercise on an empty stomach, having previously emptied the intestines,
  • use gymnastic rug, clothes made from natural fabrics,
  • a suit for classes should be comfortable, light, not obstruct the movement,
  • with exacerbation of hemorrhoids or its progression, rectal suppositories with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect are inserted into the anus, the anus is lubricated with a similar liniment,
  • any discomfort is a reason to abandon the exercise,
  • the absence of pain during exacerbation of hemorrhoids is not a reason for refusing gymnastics,
  • the basic principle of gymnastics against hemorrhoids is a gradual increase in loads,
  • it is necessary to monitor proper breathing.

The duration of classes is 15 minutes, the main condition for success is regularity.

List of Effective Exercises

All exercises for hemorrhoids can be divided into a complex for the treatment of pathology, which helps to stop negative symptoms, exercises for the prevention of the disease and gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the pelvis. The most effective for women are: “birch” and “scissors”, for men - “bicycle” and tight buttocks, for pregnant women - Kegel gymnastics.

The basic rules of gymnastics with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal disease should be treated comprehensively. You can not defeat a problem without using medication, without adhering to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity also plays an important role, which includes not only simple walking or jogging, but also special exercises that help restore normal tone to the sphincter muscles and muscles of the rectal canal. They work in the following areas:

  • Provide an outflow of blood from venous congestion in the anus.
  • Eliminate blood stasis in venous and capillary vessels.

Additionally, charging helps to strengthen the vascular walls, normalizes bowel movements, allows you to get rid of constipation and improve overall health.

Thanks to the complex of exercises, you can extend the period of remission, prevent exacerbation of the disease, and slow its progression at the beginning of the development of the disease.

Permitted and forbidden load for hemorrhoids

Regardless of the form of the disease (in addition to severe exacerbation), doctors advise patients to move more and try not to be in a standing or sitting position for a long time. But it is important to know what is allowed and what prohibits playing sports with hemorrhoids.

Both with external and internal locations of hemorrhoidal nodules, cardio loads, such as slow running, swimming, simple walking or skiing, are useful. There are also a large number of special complexes aimed specifically at treating this disease.

However, with hemorrhoids, not every type of activity is allowed. Some classes can provoke a deterioration in the patient's condition if they overstrain the muscles of the peritoneum and contribute to increased pressure in the pelvic organs.

With hemorrhoids The following activities are recommended to be avoided:

  • weightlifting, accompanied by lifting heavy weights,
  • sharp swings with legs,
  • sharp and deep squats
  • specific abdominal exercises.

There are also conditionally permitted sports that are allowed during the period of remission. These include riding and cycling, rowing. But with an exacerbation of the disease, these types of activity are prohibited. Read more about sports with hemorrhoids, read the article.

Gymnast with hemorrhoids: basic rules

Performing exercises for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, you need to perform the exercises correctly, while focusing on your own state of the body. Experts advise to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Before practicing, it is recommended to empty the intestines so that possible urges do not distract you.
  • If you feel some pain when doing exercises, then you must first anesthetize the hemorrhoid, using sessile baths, anesthetic ointments, suppositories.
  • If pain still occurs when performing certain exercises, discard them, replacing them with more neutral ones.
  • Start exercising with minimal loads, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
  • Each exercise must be performed carefully, adhering to a calm pace, avoiding sudden movements and jerks.
  • Do not hold your breath while doing exercises, as this can provoke an increase in intraperitoneal pressure.
  • You need to exercise regularly, devoting to charging 10-15 minutes every day. Then you can feel the positive results in 2-3 weeks.

Hemorrhoids Exercises for Women

Creams and suppositories used for treatment relieve the patient’s condition only temporarily, and to achieve a lasting result, you need to increase your level of motor activity. For this, a special complex of physiotherapy exercises is used, which must be performed regularly and over a long period. The main emphasis in such exercises is on the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis, almost all of them will be available to perform at home.

Hemorrhoids can equally develop in men, in women. Women often acquire it during pregnancy and childbirth, encountering the manifestations of the disease for the first time in this period. The following exercises can be used both for treatment and for the prevention of hemorrhoids:

  • In a standing position, stretch your arms forward, put your feet shoulder width apart. Turn the body to the sides, without taking your feet off the floor, while the arm should be tucked away in the direction of rotation and back.
  • In a sitting position, rest your hands back, bend your legs at the knees without taking your feet off the floor. Return to starting position.
  • In a sitting position with straight legs apart, bend down, trying to get your feet.
  • While sitting on a stool, stretch your left arm to the side, and with your right, bent at the knee, try to cuddle up to your stomach. After exhaling, sit down and inhale. Do the same for the second leg.

Also Kegel exercises for hemorrhoids are useful for women, the essence of which is in the alternate compression of the muscles of the anus in the supine position. The program is supplemented with swings in different directions, repetitions of movements that mimic a cycling. Thanks to this, normal blood supply to the pelvis and legs is ensured, which prevents the expansion of veins.

Kegel exercises can be performed in accordance with the following algorithm:

  • Lie on your back, bend your lower limbs, press your feet to the floor. Squeeze the pelvic muscles so that you feel the squeezing and retraction of the sphincter in the anus. Hold this position for 3 seconds.
  • After that you need to gradually relax and contract the muscles of the perineum - first compress the sphincter, and then relax it.
  • Then increase the force of contractile movements to the maximum, and then gradually decrease as well.
  • Then you need to simulate attempts that resemble the movements of the anus and perineum when going to the toilet or during childbirth.

It is recommended to do such exercises 10 times, first in a prone position, and then, when the muscles adapt slightly to the loads, you can perform them while standing and sitting.

Hemorrhoids Exercises for Men

A fairly common cause of hemorrhoids in men is hard work, in which it is necessary to lift weights or stay in a sitting position for a long time, for example, while driving. This contributes to the violation of the outflow of blood from the pelvic region, which suggests increased pressure on the veins and provokes their expansion. Exercises for the treatment of hemorrhoids for men help increase the contractility of the sphincter, improve vascular elasticity and the general condition of the venous system. The same Kegel technique, adapted for men, can be used. It involves the tension of the pelvic muscles, and the muscles of the abdominal wall are not involved.

The first exercise is performed lying on the floor. You need to bend your knees and lean on your feet. Muscles of the anus are made, in which they seem to be pulled inward, then you need to relax. You need to start classes by retracting and relaxing these muscles for three seconds, gradually increasing this time to ten seconds.

To bring the body in tone and facilitate the functioning of blood vessels for men, you can apply the following exercises against hemorrhoids

  • Bike. You need to take a supine position, bend your legs and lift them up. Simulate a bicycle ride in a circular motion, then go to an exercise resembling scissors - spread your legs left and right, returning them back.
  • Bridge. Take a prone position, bend your legs, lean on your feet. On inspiration, tear off the pelvis, lift it, squeezing the buttocks.
  • Press Exercise. Lie on the floor, cross your arms over your chest, raise and lower the body.

Exercises are recommended to be repeated 10 times in 3-4 approaches.

Exercises for hemorrhoids according to Bubnovsky

A long stay in a sitting position impairs blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which negatively affects the patient's condition. Proper gymnastics for hemorrhoids at home helps to ensure a normal blood flow to these organs, improve your mood and just have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Effective exercises are those proposed by Dr. Bubnovsky:

  • Smooth arching of the back upon inhalation and flexion upon exhalation.
  • Maximum stretching of the back muscles while standing on all fours with arms bent at the elbows. As you inhale, slowly lower yourself, while exhaling, try to reach your buttocks with your heel.
  • Lie on your back, place both hands under your head, bend your knees and try to reach your elbows with your feet.
  • Pose Swallows: lie on your stomach, inhale gradually raise your arms and legs, as you exhale lower them.
  • Stretching hands with an elastic bandage. You need to stand in the middle of the bandage and pull the ends of the bandage with your hands to the side.

The entire system of the doctor includes more than 20 types of exercises aimed at eliminating hemorrhoids. Depending on the characteristics of the development of the disease, an individual training system is selected.

Gymnastics itself may not help cure hemorrhoids, but in combination with other treatment measures it can significantly improve the condition and have a beneficial effect on the human condition. The main thing is to perform exercises regularly and rule.

The benefits of physical activity with hemorrhoids

Charging from hemorrhoids is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis. Its advantage is that a strong press prevents an increase in pressure in the stomach.

Press exercises massage the intestines and make their work more intense. The muscles of the pelvis do not allow its organs to sink.

It is forbidden to professionally engage in weightlifting, cycling, horse riding, rowing, strength training, extreme sports.

ATTENTION! When carrying out a complex of exercises, hemorrhoids are set, anesthetized with medicines. We make movements smoothly, we do not hold our breath. We don’t lean back and forth. When any pain occurs, physical activity is immediately stopped.

  • Detailed description of the various stages: first, second, third, fourth,
  • Features of the internal course of the disease and external manifestations,
  • The list of medicines, suppositories and ointments that are used in the treatment of this disease can be found here.

There are also materials that may be of interest to you:

You can find out about harmful and useful products for the male organ here.

Now let's talk about gymnastics with hemorrhoids at home, which exercises are best to perform, and which should be excluded.

Therapeutic exercises at home

Charging is repeated twice a day, exercises are repeated 15 times. Below are the most effective exercises for hemorrhoids at home, which do not have a name, but are simple to perform:

  1. Lying on the back. Feet rest on the floor. Hands down palms. On inspiration, we raise the pelvis as much as possible, squeeze the buttocks. Chin on chest. In the initial exhale.
  2. Lying on the back.In knees we bend legs. As you exhale, grab them, pulling them to your chest. Head, lower back pressed to the floor.
  3. We rest our palms on the parquet, forming the inverted letter V. We rely on socks, also at shoulder width. Raise your legs one by one, inhale up, lower your exhale.
  4. Lying on his back, five times raise, lower his leg. We change the leg.
  5. Lying on its side, raise, lower the leg. We change the side and leg, repeat. Eight times in each direction.
  6. Rotate the pelvis to the left, then to the right. Five times.
  7. The man rests on the bed, moving his right knee to the left, crouches. On the contrary.
  8. Standing on all fours, pull the leg to the opposite arm. Changing legs and arms. 6 times.
  9. Lying on your back, simulate a bike ride.
  10. Reclining on his back, knee touch the other leg. We are changing.
  11. On all fours we rely on the elbows. Face down. Squat to the buttocks, tilting left and right in turn.
  12. We lean on our elbows, standing on all fours. Face down. Squat to the buttocks, arching the back and legs stretching in turn. The same from the pose of lying on one side.
  13. We march on the spot. Knees are taller.
  14. We march in place, raising our knees as high as possible across the opposite leg.
  15. We wave legs in different directions in turn.
  16. Tilts in different directions in turn.
  17. We sit on the buttocks and “walk” them on the floor from one corner of the room to another.
  18. Reclining on the back, hands at the seams, slowly retract the rectum as much as possible. We relax the muscles.
  19. Reclining on the back, with our foot we draw circles in the air near the floor in different directions. The leg is straight.

Now, let's move on to the list of exercises against hemorrhoids, which have names and are familiar to many:

    "Cat". Get on your knees. Head down. Palms rested on the floor. On inspiration, we bend our back down, slowly lifting our heads.

On the exhale we lower it, the chin at the chest, the back with the bridge. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks, retract the sphincter.

  • "Scissors". Lying on its side, we take one leg to the left, the other to the right. We change the legs. We change the side.
  • "Ironing." Lift, hold at an angle to the legs. longer.
  • "Birch". We stand on the shoulder blades, legs up.
  • "Plow". Having become a "birch", feet, without bending, we wind behind the head.
  • Becoming "Birch", legs, without bending, we wind behind the head and touch the floor with socks.
  • "Swallow". We stand on one leg, pull the other back.
  • "Relaxation". From the starting pose on our knees we sit on our feet. Lie down. Have a rest.
  • "Castle". Pull the foot to the chest, lying on the back. The second straight. We are relaxing. We change the leg.
  • "Rocking chair". On the back, legs near the chest. We swing back and forth.
  • "Snake". Lie on your stomach, palms at your shoulders. We straighten the arms, raise the head and upper body. We bend as much as possible.
  • Standing in "Bridge".
  • Separately, I want to mention the Kegel exercise, which is easy to perform at home without outside help:

    1. Straining, relaxing the muscles of the rectum. Tightened the muscle breath. Relaxed exhalation. We pull in the anus, as if we want to hold the gases.

    Fractures in the rectum

    Before a visit to the toilet, we do exercises designed to stimulate the activity of the press and the intestines located behind it.

    They will help to quickly and painlessly visit the restroom with minimal irritation of cracks formed at the sphincter, and also are a prevention of their occurrence.

    So, below is a list of exercises against hemorrhoids and cracks:

    1. Deep breath. We draw in the stomach, hold our breath. Exhale quickly, "throw" the stomach forward. Repeat ten times.
    2. We sit exactly on the hard chair, the body is slightly forward. We strain the muscles of the anus.
    3. Lie down on your back. Alternately raise the straight legs. We pump up the muscles of the pelvis in this way.

    The following exercises are performed with the expander.:

    1. We attach the expander to the support and leg. Lie down on your stomach and raise your leg. We change the legs.
    2. We stand on one end of the expander, attach the second to the leg. Raise the leg as much as possible. We change the legs.

    Constipation exercises for men

    Constipation is divided into atonic and spastic. With atonic constipation, bowel movements may not be up to three days, at this time, feces accumulate and contract. They come out in a mass of uneven density from dense to liquid.

    With such constipation, squats, jumping, running and walking will help. We carry out exercises designed to help promote stool, with weights or resistance, to strengthen the press, general strengthening.

    Below is a list of exercises that should be included in exercise for hemorrhoids and constipation:

    1. We lay down on our stomach, fold our arms in front of us, stretch our legs straight. Opposite arm, leg, spine stretch. Inhale. In the initial, exhale. On the contrary.
    2. On the stomach, in front of us we fold our arms, legs are straight. We bend the right leg, move to the side, inhale. In the initial, exhale. On the contrary.
    3. On the stomach, in front of the arms we fold, straight legs are closed. Hands forward, head down, exhale. Hands to the sides, head up, inhale. Hands along the body, continue to inhale. Palms to the shoulders, exhale.
    4. On the stomach, head on clasped hands. Relax, shaking your hips.
    5. On the stomach, palms at shoulder rest, legs closed. Inhale, knees on the floor, push up. We sit on your heels, pull your hands forward, exhale. Again knees on the floor, palms touch the floor, inhale. In the initial, exhale.
    6. From the position on the stomach, we rise to straighten the arms, the body and legs are one straight line. We look at the feet over the left shoulder. In the original. Again, we rise, looking over the right shoulder. We return to the original.
    7. Pose on all fours. Leg straight up, inhale. Bend your leg, lead to the stomach, exhale. We change the legs.
    8. Knees on the floor, palms with the lock behind your head, elbows out. We sit on the floor on the right, inhale. We sit on the floor to the left, exhale.
    9. Knees on the floor, palms behind the head. We touch the left palm of the right foot, exhale. We return to the original, inhale. We touch the right palm of the left foot, exhale. In the initial inhale.
    10. We sit on the floor, hands on the belt, we place our legs wider. Hand touch the opposite foot, exhale. In the initial, inhale. We change the hand.
    11. On the back, hands behind the head, straight legs. We connect the elbow with the opposite knee, exhale. In the initial, inhale. On the contrary, exhale. In the source. Inhale.
    12. We carry out "bike"until your abdominal muscles are slightly tired.
    13. Reclining on the back, breathe in the diaphragm. Hands on stomach, knees bent. Inflate your belly by inflating your belly. Exhale in a trickle through the mouth. The abdomen is slightly retracted, deflated.
    14. On the back, straight legs, arms outward. We bend the right leg, press it to the stomach with our hands. Raise our heads, exhale.

    In the initial, inhale. We bend the left leg, squeeze our hands to the stomach and exhale. Inhale, to the original.

  • On the back, we cross our arms on the chest, bend our knees. Raise, shoulders, head, exhale. In the initial, inhale.
  • On the back, straight legs, arms out. We bend our legs, press them to the stomach, grab our hands, we press our legs springy with our palms. In the source.
  • Diaphragm breathing, chest not involved.
  • We sit on the floor, pull straight legs, bend our arms. We walk back and forth on the buttocks until we get tired.
  • We lie down on the back, hands behind the head lock, legs straight. We connect the right knee with the right elbow. Exhale. In the initial, inhale. Changing arms and legs.
  • "Rezinochka". We spread our arms, pull upwards through the sides, turn the brushes upwards with a “lock”, palms, arms stretch upwards, heels down.

    Lightly forward the center of gravity. Slowly stretch the ridge. We open the hands, slowly lower our hands down, relaxing our shoulders.

    We do exercises daily or every other day, eight to twenty times each.

    With spastic constipation, feces come in the form of “sheep feces”. Such constipation is of a nervous origin. For its treatment, any set of exercises against ostechondrosis, exercise therapy as with neurosis is ideal.

    Exercises are designed to relieve intestinal cramps. We make them slowly. Press exercises are limited. Alternate one to one exercises for muscle groups and relaxing.

    Yoga classes

    Asanas for hemorrhoids are designed to overcome stagnation in the body of a man, especially in the pelvis. Yoga helps to establish the work of the intestines, to overcome constipation. With the correct performance of asanas, the muscles of the sphincter and perineum are actively involved, which normalizes blood flow in these organs.

    Our website contains the following materials about proper nutrition:


    Exercise helps treat hemorrhoids with medication. It is impossible to limit oneself to one exercise for treatment. It is worth recalling and most importantly in the prevention of hemorrhoids: hygiene.

    Among Arabs and other Muslims, this disease is practically not known. They have a custom of constantly carrying a flask of water, which they use in the toilet instead of toilet paper. At home you have a bathtub, at work in most toilets - a faucet with a sink. Remember that there you can (and need!) To wash not only your hands.

    Kegel exercises

    The gymnastics of the Kegel gynecologist was originally intended for women in the postpartum period to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, but it turned out to be so effective that it began to be successful in patients suffering from any pathology associated with a violation of the blood supply to the pelvic organs.

    Kegel gymnastics is especially appreciated by urologists and proctologists as a complex component in the process of treating pelvic prolapse or rehabilitation after surgery for incontinence, feces.

    Simple but extremely effective workouts are also prescribed for men: prostatitis, impaired erectile function, they are recommended for people of any gender and age to normalize the tone of the buttocks, lower abdominal muscles, urogenital system, and of course, to correct hemorrhoids.

    Kegel exercises during the formation or operation of hemorrhoids strengthen the muscles of the anal sphincter, improve veins, the walls of the rectum, and facilitate the outflow of stagnant blood. The regularity of gymnastics can significantly reduce the frequency of relapses, prevent loss of nodes from the anus, and reduce the size of the cones. Training daily, with the exception of exacerbation of hemorrhoids with severe inflammation of the nodes, bleeding, loss of cones.

    The essence of the rehabilitation or restoration of the pelvic muscles is their correct contraction. In technology, this is reminiscent of attempts to hold off out-of-time gases or to interrupt urination. Start classes on the floor, lying on the rug. In this way, healthy muscles of other regions located in close proximity to the anorectal zone are not affected.

    An absolute contraindication to gymnastics according to Kegel is the non-directed loss of hemorrhoids, infringement of nodes with necrosis, thrombosis, paraproctitis, abscessing of the rectal space.

    Kegel training is done horizontally on the floor. Knees are bent, feet rest on the floor. Pelvic muscles strain for several seconds and relax. You need to feel how the muscles of the anus are contracting. There is a sensation of retraction of the rectal canal inward. Multiplicity - 10 times. Gradually, the number and duration of exercises increases: from 3 seconds to a minute, while the period of muscle relaxation remains unchanged. As a rule, do four sets / day.

    As soon as you learn to control muscle contractions, they can be performed in any place convenient for you: at home, at work, in the car, standing, sitting.

    Complex Norbekova

    Exercises of Mirzakarim Norbekov with external or internal hemorrhoids are borrowed from the practice of alternative treatment of diseases of the spine. The master’s system involves a separate set of physical activity for each department of the spinal column. As for patients with hemorrhoids, they are recommended training for the lumbar:

    • The patient is standing, trying to bend his back so as to maximize the tailbone up.
    • The starting position is the same: the legs are slightly bent at the knees and hips so that you can do shallow squats.
    • Legs shoulder width apart, arms raised up, patient stretching after them.
    • On smooth legs, perform smooth circular movements of the pelvis in both directions alternately.
    • Starting position on bent legs: tilt forward with the leg retracted to the side.
    • Standing on level legs, raise your hands up, bend in the lumbar and stretch to the arms.

    Since this combination of exercises is not recognized by experts, before proceeding with it, you should consult your attending proctologist.

    Yoga has proven its effectiveness in correcting hemorrhoids - one of the most difficult gymnastic practices. The essence of asanas is the elimination of stagnation in the pelvis, the activation of the intestines, the elimination of constipation. Performing movements in accordance with all the rules loads all the muscles of the anorectal zone, normalizes microcirculation. Trainings use the principles of the Kegel complex - consistent tension and relaxation of the muscles of the anus, but they cannot be performed without the supervision of a trainer. The rules of asanas impress with seeming simplicity:

    • start with the simplest poses
    • watch your breath
    • “sitting” postures are excluded,
    • load time is growing gradually.

    The following exercises are suitable for people without physical preparation for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids:

    • Mountain pose: after drinking a glass of water, a person stands, legs are slightly apart, you need to stretch out into a string, draw in your stomach, buttocks, try to push the pelvis up. Raise your arms vertically, rise on your toes - stretch your spine as much as possible. Relax, return to starting position. When lifting, inhale; when relaxing, exhale. Bottom line: relieves congestion in the pelvis, stimulates intestinal motility.
    • Bending tree. Extend as much as possible from a standing position, leaning in both directions alternately 12 times. Bottom line: activation of digestion.
    • Rotation. The legs are shoulder-width apart, one arm is extended in front of you, the other is bent at the elbow, and the fingers reach for the forearm. Turn to the side of an outstretched arm with its bend back. The waist works, the pelvis and legs are not involved in the movement. Daily 12 turns in each direction will relieve constipation.
    • Cobra Turn. A person stands on toes, legs 30 cm wide. Shoulders and head should be turned to the side and back so that it is possible to see the heel of the other leg. Multiplicity - 12 times in both directions.
    • Massage the abdomen. Squatting, with hands on their knees, make turns left and right, while tilting the opposite knee to the floor. You need to look back, twisting the torso to the maximum: the organs of the abdominal cavity and pelvis receive a good massage. 12 times in each direction. Bottom line: no constipation.
    • A root lock is a Kegel exercise from a standing position with the anus retracted for 10 to 15 seconds. In a day, do 3 to 4 sets of 10 times.

    This simple complex for beginners is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

    Gymnastics for pregnant women

    Expectant mothers are at high risk for hemorrhoids due to minimal motor activity, hormonal changes in the body, constant pressure on the vessels of the pelvis by the growing fetus. A high level of progesterone, stagnation in the anorectal region provokes constipation, deformed vessels of the anus - the formation of hemorrhoids. Kegel training during pregnancy and after childbirth, yoga, hiking, swimming, water aerobics helps in the prevention of hemorrhoidal disease.

    In other words, gymnastics becomes an excellent addition to the main therapy for hemorrhoids, helps to relieve negative symptoms, prolongs remission, and prevents exacerbation. The only condition is a preliminary consultation with the doctor, his constant monitoring.

    Watch the video: Hemorrhoids. Piles. How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids Treatment (April 2020).

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