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Beautiful shave beard

Not so long ago, the beard and mustache in men returned to fashion, as a result of which many men began to choose stylish and suitable types and shapes of beards. Experts point out that a beautiful beard is a neatly trimmed and shaved form of facial hair that must be neat and fit. To obtain this result, barbers practice shaving.

Today, a huge number of forms and types of beards is considered fashionable, it can be a minimal neat beard or a voluminous and laid beard shovel. The main rule for getting a neat shape is a correctly performed curly shave by a specialist or by a man at home. To perform this type of procedure, you need to clearly determine the shape of the future beard, draw lines and stock up with all the necessary tools.

How to choose a beard shape?

To learn how to shave a beard beautifully, a man first needs to grow facial hair on an optimal length (4-8 weeks without shaving), and then choose the shape of the future beard that is suitable for the type, face shape and external data. Today, experts offer a huge number of varieties of beards, but the following are considered the most popular:

Curly shaving is a great opportunity to beautifully shave facial hair with a razor to achieve your chosen style. In any men's salon or barbershop, a specialist will be able to consult and suggest what forms of beards will be acceptable for a man's face shape, his appearance, height and type.

How to prepare before shaving?

It is imperative to prepare for the shaving procedure, as correctly performed preparation procedures are 50% success. For this, a man needs:

  • determine the desired type of beard,
  • prepare the necessary tools for curly shaving,
  • wash the hair on the mustache and beard with a softening shampoo,
  • steam the face skin with a warm compress (moisten a towel in hot water and apply to the face),
  • put the machine in warm water,
  • prepare cosmetics for shaving and after shaving.

And only when the face skin is steamed, the hairs are wet, the man can be applied to the desired area of ​​the face with a prepared shaving product. It can be a foam, gel or cream from a well-known and trusted manufacturer. Without such tools, it will be almost impossible to shave a machine beautifully, since the blades will glide poorly and leave stumps of hair.

What is needed for the procedure?

In the event that a man decided to perform a curly shaving with a machine tool or razor, he needs to prepare an arsenal of necessary tools. Specialists advise avid bearded men to possess the following types of tools:

  • small sharp scissors in order to cut off excess hairs and their length in tandem with a comb comb
  • dangerous razor with interchangeable blades for the most accurate curly shaving,
  • a safety razor for men who value comfort and safety while shaving,
  • an electric shaver to correct the shape of the beard and remove excess bristles without irritation on dry skin,
  • a mirror and a set of towels,
  • shaving and after shaving products for face skin care.

In a specialized institution, barber most often uses a professional hazard razor, thanks to which you can avoid the risks of irritation and infection. At home, they often use safe razors or an electric razor, but in the second case, a smoothly shaved face cannot be achieved.

How to make a stylish bristle?

Stylish bristles are a great alternative for those men who do not like long facial hair, but want to keep up with fashion. You can shave beautifully so as to leave a neat stubble and not irritate your face. Bristles can also be modeled in various forms, for example:

The bristles should not be longer than 5 mm, as this will already be a full beard. To make a beautiful and even bristle, you just need to give up shaving facial hair for 4 weeks. Next, the man selects the desired shape of the bristles, after which it is necessary to mark the unnecessary areas and shave with a machine tool according to the above principle. Further to maintain the length of the bristles so that it looks evenly and neatly, you can use a trimmer.

Shape correction

In the future, the shape of the beard needs to be monitored so that it looks all the same stylish, neat and fashionable. Correct the shape of a beard or bristles according to the following rules:

  • actions are performed in front of a mirror in a well-lit room,
  • you can cut the unwanted length with a machine or trimmer with a nozzle or with a scallop and scissors,
  • you only need to cut your hair dry,
  • remove excess hairs to the place where the border ends,
  • you need to cut and trim the beard from the ears to the chin to achieve maximum symmetry,
  • Be sure to remove excess vegetation on the neck with a razor or machine tool.

Only a razor or a machine can shave the bristles on the face to smoothness, and to trim the optimal length of the beard or bristles, use a trimmer or clipper with appropriate nozzles. A razor or a machine can only be shaved with cosmetics, but there is no need to wet and moisturize your face and hair for an electric shaver, trimmer or machine.

Trimmer or machine?

To make you happy with the result, you need to decide on the tool. You have, in fact, only two options.

  1. Clippers / razors
  2. Trimmers.

Frankly, from my own experience: a trimmer is more convenient, cheaperand more practical. When I flew to the Philippines with a clipper, my tip broke. And I could not find her anywhere on the island. I would be with a trimmer, I could calmly trim my beard without a nozzle. I had to shave everything off.

Now consider where you can buy a trimmer.

  • If you have 5-10 thousand rubles, then go to some M-Video or Eldorado (I do not advise you to take cheaper in stores, because you will buy a frank “G”).
  • Buy in specials. a store that specializes in a particular product (the so-called "one-page"). They are not spent on advertising, other product groups and have a good discount from the supplier - therefore, in such stores offers are always cheaper. Moreover, the goods are selected qualitatively. Is always. Do not count for advertising, I bought a trimmer here. Convenient, universal, with nozzles. He served me for a year and so far without breakdowns.

In this case, of course, you decide, depending on the thickness of the wallet. More about additional tools later in the text.

How to Wear a Beard for Chubby Men

Dear chubby friends, a big tip to you: avoid a whisker, put a beard and mustache (there should be no lush beard on your cheeks). Your goal should be to lengthen the shape of the head, where your savior will be a long or triangular shape of the hair. Also, you can safely resort to such solutions:

  • goatee,
  • goatee,
  • duck tail,
  • island,
  • anchor.

How to make a beautiful beard for triangular face owners

For visual expansion of the lower part, men with this type of face are best suited for such haircut options:

  • balbo
  • Hollywood, "zakos" under Ryan Gosling,
  • full classic
  • Spanish beard.

Your goal is to hide one third of the face (count from the chin) with vegetation, so that the image turns out to be harmonious and complete.

Inventory "bearded man" or how to cut a beard

A big mistake for many men is to save on beard shaving tools: using a disposable razor more than once, for example. From my own experience I can say that it’s better to spend some money and walk with neatly cut hair than to save money and wander around with nothing. After all, you do not save on parts for a car? For cutting a beard, I advise you to purchase these shaving products and other items:

  1. Scissors for cutting a mustache and beard. Such beard scissors are usually smaller than usual. The tool has a convenient shape - trimming the beard with such scissors is much easier.
  2. Trimmer or electric machine for mustache and beard. Often used to equation the length of a beard. Putting the nozzle on the machine and adjusting it in one direction or another (depending on the type of trimmer) you control the length of your beard.
  3. A comb for mustache (with small teeth) and for hair on the cheeks (with wide teeth), since you must be able to comb it properly.
  4. A dangerous razor, as in the movie Sweeney Todd the Demon Hairdresser.
  5. A large mirror or a more convenient cosmetic mirror with magnification.
  6. Towel.

The inventory is ready, go to the preparation of the face before the haircut? Now let's figure out how to form a beard.

Care Features

Any beard or bristles need regular maintenance. First of all, the beard should be clean and fresh, so you need to wash it 2-3 times a week with a special shampoo. Hard and naughty hairs need to be treated with balsam or conditioner, as well as vegetable oils. Periodically, a man should cleanse the skin of the face with a peeling or scrub.

In the morning, the beard needs to be combed and laid in the desired shape using fixing cosmetic products, for example, wax, foam or varnish. After each shave, it is important to moisturize and soothe the skin after shaving, namely gel, balm or cream. If naughty hairs stick out from the beard, they must be constantly trimmed with scissors, otherwise the beard will look untidy.

Preparing face and hair for haircuts

It is customary to think that cutting a beard and mustache in men is accompanied by woodland, an ax in his hands and a serious expression on his face, as in the photo in the advertisement. Alas, everything is not so prosaic. I will tell you honestly that your facial hair looks neat and you feel good, you need to carry out a number of procedures - preparation before shaving, so to speak.

How to wash facial hair and how to steam facial skin before shaving

Facial hair is distinguished by its delicate structure, and to be more precise the roots, respectively, pouring shampoo into them is not an option. An exception may be shampoo in small quantities, and provided that the composition of this consists mainly of natural ingredients. If the procedure takes place at home, then I advise you to wash your beard and steam your face in the shower, at home.


Not every man is capable of shaving, so without skills, experience and abilities it is better not to spoil your facial hair, but to visit a barbershop. There, a specialist will be able to demonstrate firsthand how to beautifully model and shave a beard or stubble to give it a fashionable and neat look. In the future, a man will be able to get used to adjusting his shape independently and taking care of his hair cutting on his face at home.


We need this part in order to straighten hair and get rid of unnecessary curls. You need to comb in the direction of hair growth: comb along the jaw. Start combing from the ears and further to the chin. To make a mustache obedient, you need to comb them on the same principle.

Alika Zhukova

She knows absolutely everything about beauty and fashion trends, and easily writes about it.

Now the beard is a fashion trend that has not been losing ground for several years.And although it’s not so easy to grow it, it’s even more difficult to care for it (yes, you need to constantly moisten it with oil so that it is not so stiff), men still make it to look stylish and brutal. In addition to constant care, a beard requires regular haircuts. If you are tired of going to the barber every two weeks, we will tell you how to do everything yourself.

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All in your hands!

More to the point: how to trim a beard?

Finally, we come to the final stage, where we will analyze several methods of cutting, which will be applied depending on the length and density of your beard.

Step by step, consider the universal design of a beard at home:

  • Sweeping cheeks and neck. Here I use a trimmer and its longest nozzle. I shave my cheeks and neck with smooth measured movements.
  • How to cut a mustache. Scissors will help you with this: at your discretion, align the contours of the mustache, according to the chosen style.
  • The bottom of the face. You will also cut the chin, starting from your own choice. The only thing I can tell you is to use scissors, so you can give shape.
  • Final actions (fringing) - it remains only to trim the remaining hair on the neck and trim the hard-to-reach areas of the hair, where a trimmer without a nozzle will help you. The beard line should run along the jaw line.

As you have already seen for yourself, making a beard beautiful and tidy is not so difficult.

Alla Astanina

Beauty is an author who not only writes about cosmetics, but also is well versed in its composition.

Wear a brutal weekly stubble or a full beard? One way or another, facial hair has to be controlled - trimmed or trimmed. In the new material, we will tell you how to properly shave your beard and mustache, beautifully avoiding asymmetries, cuts from a razor and other troubles.

Beard - to shave or not to shave?

With a smooth shaven, everything is clear: a warm, friendly atmosphere of the bathroom, a razor and a lot of shaving foam. Sometimes cuts, where without them. In the hope of saying goodbye to this almost daily routine, men decide to let go of their beards. Will there be less trouble? We will deal with our experts.

Pros and cons of wearing a beard

First of all, it is necessary to determine the pros and cons of facial hair - something will definitely outweigh.

  • Beard - it is stylish, relevant and sexy.
  • You can forget about shaving and spend a maximum of a minute trimming the edges.
  • A beard hides small but annoying flaws in the structure of the skull (for example, a diminishing chin).
  • Farewell, ingrown hairs and cuts!
  • Saving on razor blades.
  • The question, “Will a beard suit me?” Does not exist - a good barber will select a form that will improve your image at times.

  • You still have to trim the contours and length.
  • You need to spend money on caring for a beard and mustache, and its price is comparable to the price of a set of modern interchangeable blades.
  • Wash overgrown bristles a little harder than shaved skin.
  • It is difficult to independently choose or change the shape of a beard without resorting to a barber for help.

Conditional flaws include some common beliefs of opponents of the beard. How much they correspond to reality is a separate conversation.

Myths and legends about the beard

The path to a gorgeous beard is full of pits and potholes, whose name is stereotypes. With a number of popular myths, it's time to say goodbye.

  • Beard - a hotbed of bacteria. The remnants of food in the bristles are some of the stories about forest inhabitants! Modern men wash their beards every other day and know for sure that they are always perfectly clean.
  • Women do not like bearded men. If the facial hair looks neat, you can fall in love before losing your pulse. Hard bristles, of course, few people will like, but finding a softening serum is no longer a problem.
  • Caring for a beard is difficult and expensive. In fact, men's cosmetics come in different price categories. You often don’t have to go to the barbershop either. It is enough to grow at least something from which the barber will simulate the desired shape, and maintaining it at home is a matter of practice.

How to shave a beard? How to shave a beard so that stubble remains? Dry shave.

In addition to scissors and a trimmer, you don’t need anything else. You will use scissors so as not to hammer the trimmer. The beard shaving technique adhere to universal. After you shave your beard, you will still have a slight stubble, remove the nozzle and walk again. At the end of the procedure, apply a moisturizer that is appropriate for your face type.

After completing the haircut, you can use basic methods of caring for facial hair: rinse it again, apply oil or apply hair with a special wax.

As you already managed to make sure, cutting a beard at home is quite a worthy occupation, since cutting hair is a kind of art and we are all artists to some extent.

A beard is not just facial hair. This is, first of all, part of the image. If you thought about growing a beard, then you need to familiarize yourself with the minuses and advantages of having facial hair, design options, and how to make the right haircut at home.

How often do I have to shave my beard?

It seems that you still voted for the courageous facial hair? Welcome to the bearded club! The first rule of the club: be prepared to regularly trim off the overgrown stubble and cut off the hairs that break out of the contours.

On the contours of the beard and mustache, the bristles are removed every two to three days. And maintaining a given length is a very individual matter: the intervals directly depend on the speed of hair growth and on the type of beard. For example, the anchor and the goatee are very demanding on the length of the bristles, and bandholz, if it looks aesthetically pleasing and neat, can not be touched for a long time.

The general recommendation is: clean a couple of millimeters of length weekly so that the quality of the hairs remains at a decent level.

Shave or grow

Shave or not to shave? Many men ask a similar question, because over the past 4-5 years, facial hair has thoroughly become fashionable. On the one hand, a smooth face is considered a classic, to which many are accustomed. On the other hand, a beard will allow you to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality. The disadvantages and advantages are both in daily shaving and in the growth of facial hair.

Usually, facial hair adds age to a man

Over the past five years, the frequency of hair transplant procedures in the beard area has increased by 600%.

Beard Shaving Types

The second rule of the club bearded: "iron" must be of high quality. Barbers consider instruments an important component of success and do not like to use other people's scissors, just like musicians do not like to play other people's guitars. However, only “iron” is not limited to hair removal methods. Which ones are right for you?


What else, if not the good old machine tool, to shave the stubble over the beard or under the whiskers - provided that you do it right. Barbershop masters argue that the razor should be with two or three blades, and it should be directed according to the growth of the bristles, and not against. This minimizes cuts and irritation, especially if the hairs are very stiff. The procedure can be repeated as necessary, when fresh vegetation already begins to catch the eye and blurs the borders of the beard.


Indispensable for trimming the lower line of the mustache and modeling the shape of the beard, as well as to maintain the length if it already exceeds 1 cm.Professional scissors provide a perfect cut and do not require frequent sharpening. You will have to resort to their help from once a week to once a month - depending on the speed of hair growth. This tool has one minus: it requires skills and developed fine motor skills, since the chance to cut a beard unevenly always remains.

Table: Pros and Cons of Beard

Men with a beard look
more courageous.
Beard adds age (minimum 5 years).
Beard adds solidity.
Facial hair perfectly conceals skin imperfections (acne, scars,
scars, etc.).
Not all women love bearded, because facial hair is annoying
skin during kisses.
No need to shave your face
every 1-2 days.
Vegetation protects the skin on the face from exposure to sunlight.It is hot in the summer, rashes may appear.
In winter, the beard warms.
A beard will add personality to your look.If you do not care for the beard, then it will look untidy.

Laser hair removal

Another effective way to remove stubble along the beard line is by laser. After a series of procedures, the hairs will disappear for up to seven years. Laser hair removal on light brown and dark hair is especially effective. If this method suits you, carry out the procedure only with a dermatologist. Regarding soreness, everything is individual. Perhaps, on the neck, hair removal can be compared to applying a tattoo - uncomfortable, but tolerable.

Beard Myths

People who wore a beard most likely came across the most common stereotypes that relate to facial hair, but most of them are fiction:

  • Regular trimming of the beard makes facial hair thicker. This is not true. The fact is that immediately after shaving or cutting, the hair seems more dense and thick, but this is only a visual effect.
  • The beard is inconvenient in the form of itching and tingling. In fact, all the unpleasant sensations pass already in the second week of growing.
  • A beard grows everywhere at the same speed. This is another misconception, because the hair on the chin grows faster than on the cheeks.
  • Only dark beards look beautiful and attractive. Absolutely not! It does not matter what color your hair is, the main thing is to choose a suitable design.
  • A beard is formed by 2-3 weeks of growth. Everything is individual, but on average this process takes about two months.

Not only a dark beard can look attractive

Necessary tools and tools

It is more convenient to keep all accessories in one place - on a shelf in the bathroom or on the sink top in a storage container.

A thin comb will be required for the scissors, and a shaving foam and aftershave for the machine. And, regardless of the method of hair removal or trimming, softening protection in the form of cream, serum or beard oil does not hurt.

Design options

Fashion is changing: today one thing is popular, tomorrow another. But there are basic things that remain unchanged. There are those in the field of beard design. If desired, you can do anything with facial hair. However, if you are a beginner "bearded man," then check out the most popular beard styling options:

  1. Anchor. A small beard has the shape of an anchor, and the mustache is made thin, dividing them with a strip in the middle.
  2. Russian beard. This design is suitable for men with thick hair, because the vegetation in this case covers the entire face: chin, neck, cheeks and the area above the upper lip.
  3. Hollywood Beard (Brett). It is made as follows: the vegetation around the lips smoothly connects with the hair along the lower jaw, not reaching the sideburn.
  4. Goatee (Spanish). In common people it is called a goatee. The hair around the lips with an elongated bun of hair on the chin.
  5. Chinstrap. Literally translated chin strap is a chin strap. Hair girdles the face from one temple to another.
  6. Burnside.This simple design implies a thick sideburn, and the chin should be shaved smoothly.
  7. Dali. It got its name in honor of the artist Salvador Dali. Thin antennae directed upwards. The rest of the skin on the face is smoothly shaved.

Safety regulations

Shaving accidents happen. Laughter, laughter, and many men ignore safety as a solution for wimps. In vain!

  • If you have to work with the machine, steam the skin with a hot towel - this will soften the bristles and reduce the risk of irritation.
  • Do not use an electric shaver (or trimmer) in the shower. An exception is rubberized wireless devices if their manufacturer allows shaving in water.
  • Beard and mustache scissors should not reach the eyes with the blades when you hold them vertically at the level of your mouth.
  • Change the blade of the machine or trimmer as it becomes dull and disinfect and dry the tools as indicated in the operating instructions.
  • If a bro came to visit and asks if you can use your razor ... He is no longer your bro. In the matter of hygiene, foreign bacteria are not the most welcome guests.

For weekly bristles

Thanks to famous actors and athletes, bristles are no longer considered synonymous with untidiness. It is better to maintain its length with a trimmer or a nozzle machine than a machine tool. This speeds up the process. And with what else to shave the beard so that the stubble on the face remains uniform and without bald spots? We can say that there is no better invention for barbershop.

Pick a nozzle up to 5 mm and shorten the hairs against their growth on the sides, then go to the neck, and lastly, shave the chin and upper lip. Walk along the bristle growth lines with the same trimmer without a nozzle or with an ordinary safety razor. Repeat the procedure weekly.

How to shave and cut a beard at home

Preparing for a haircut is an important and indispensable step if you want your beard to look attractive. So, before proceeding directly to the procedure, you need to wash your beard with shampoo. Prefer dry hair with a moisturizing or softening effect. Then blot the clean vegetation with a towel, wait until it dries, and comb the beard by hair growth from the ears to the chin.

To prepare a beard for a haircut, you need to wash and comb it

Now you can proceed to the design of the beard. To do this, purchase a comb with small teeth and a convenient mirror, as well as special tools for cutting:

  • trimmer,
  • clipper,
  • hairdresser's scisors.

For starters, you can choose one thing. If you are staying on a trimmer, buy several tips for him to adjust the length of the hair on the beard. If you decide to work with scissors, make sure that they are quite sharp.

You can choose hairdressing scissors for your beard, but make sure they are sharp enough

For hair on the neck

To remove the stubble on the neck or just shorten it is a personal matter for everyone, but remember that a small neat beard looks much better without thickets to an Adam's apple.

On the neck, hair grows in many different directions, so it’s safer to work with a trimmer. To completely remove the bristles, use a trimmer without nozzles every two to three days, spending a device against the growth of hairs.

Step-by-step instruction: the procedure for applying a beard

First decide on a specific beard design. If you have little experience in cutting, it is better to have a template picture in front of you. After that, you can proceed to the design:

    Get rid of excess hair on the neck and cheeks.

First of all, get rid of excess hair on the neck

When shaping a beard, it is important to move from the ears to the chin

Mustache must be cut from the middle to the edges

The temporal area is issued last

For mustache

A universal method of trimming a mustache is a haircut, but before you start the process, comb the hairs from top to bottom to find out which bristles stick out and violate the smoothness of the growth lines.

With small scissors, cut a millimeter of length above and below the mustache, pressing the bulk of the hairs with your fingers. Similarly, remove excess stubble on the sides. If the mustache is already too thick and long, walk along it with a trimmer with a nozzle from nose to lip and shorten the hairs along the upper lip with the same device, but without a nozzle.

In a similar way, it’s easy to control whiskers.

Scissor haircut

The option of cutting with scissors is more suitable for those who already have experience in modeling a beard. The tool is better to use a professional. A couple of combs are also useful: a small one for a mustache, a large one for a beard.

You need to cut from the outside of the comb, removing the length of the hair. There is one caveat that will facilitate the process: to obtain a symmetrical result, model one half of the face from the ear to the chin, and the other - vice versa. This also applies to the mustache: start the right part from the middle to the edge, and the left - from the edge to the middle.

You need to cut the beard from the outside of the comb

Trimmer haircut

When designing a beard with a trimmer, you need to start with the longest nozzle. This will allow better control of the process. If after treating the hair with a long nozzle you don’t like the result, resort to a smaller one. Experiment until you are satisfied with the effect. Symmetries are achieved in the same way as when cutting with scissors. Small errors are better to trim the smallest nozzle.

Each trimmer head has its own purpose.

How to shave a beard so that stubble remains

If you prefer not to bother with the design, but still want to have a little facial hair, then bristles are an option for you.

It would seem that it could be easier than to grow stubble? You just need not to shave your face. But it was not there. The “three-day stubble” style is created as follows:

  1. You will need a trimmer with a 3 mm nozzle. Trim your entire beard.
  2. Shave the hair on the neck and upper cheekbones to zero. In this case, whiskers should also be removed, then you will look more attractive.

To create the “Three-Day Stubble” style, you need to perform a few simple steps

How to form a contour

To get clear beard borders, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror with a small mirror in your hand to better see the beard.
  2. Identify the line that connects the earlobe and the place where the lower jaw goes into the chin. Everything below - shave. Try not to make this line too high: it will appear that the beard is small for your face.
  3. Turn in profile and imagine a line that will be perpendicular to the first. It should start from the outer edge of the whisker and go down to the neck. Remove all unnecessary.

To get a clear outline, you need to focus on two guide lines

How to trim a beard around your neck

The neck is a moody and tender place. It is here that there are reliefs that are difficult to qualitatively shave. In order for the beard clipping procedure on the neck to be successful, follow certain rules:

  • the edge of your machine should be sharp
  • use shaving products (foams, gels),
  • remove hair in the direction of their growth,
  • do not push the tool
  • steam the skin a little before the procedure,
  • moisturize your skin after the procedure.

Using foam or gel while shaving your neck can help you get the most out of it.

How to cut a mustache

Mustache design is an integral part of the beard design. If you want to cut them at home, you can do this as follows:

  • Comb the hair before the procedure. No need to cut your mustache if it is wet.
  • Define a clear outline of the mustache with a trimmer, holding it with the blade in an upright position.
  • Give your mustache the right shape. Scissors or a trimmer will help you with this. Work with the middle or shortened nozzle the line of the upper lip or carefully remove all unnecessary with scissors.
  • In conclusion, you can fix the mustache with a special wax, so they will keep in shape all day.

After the haircut, the mustache can be fixed with a special wax, and they will keep their shape all day

How to care for a beard

In order for your beard to create the right impression of you, you need to take care of it regularly. Otherwise, facial hair will look sloppy.

Beard Care Tips:

  • Keep fit. If you find the beard design that suits you, then try to stick with it. Trim your hair more often, because the haircut should have a clear and beautiful contour: in this case, it looks the most advantageous.
  • Wash your beard. Facial hair is beautiful, but sometimes unhygienic. She needs a regular wash. You need to do this every morning or evening. Lather hair with shampoo or soap, massage a little, rinse with warm water. After the procedure, you can dry the beard with a hairdryer.
  • Watch for the mustache. They need to be carefully looked after. Cut off all the excess, because the hair can grow unevenly, and in this area it will be most noticeable.

How to care for a stiff beard while shaving?

Sometimes the bristles on the face feel like a wire. Our experts tell how and how to shave stiff stubble on the face and how to care for it.

  • To soften hair, wash your beard regularly and apply an indelible conditioner to moisturize your hair. In the professional segment, you can find multifunctional products that combine shampoo and conditioner: for example, this can boast of Redken Brews 3 in 1.
  • Comb your beard before shaving and in the process. This will help to detect and neutralize naughty "gadgets".
  • Do not shave the stubble with a machine against growth - the inevitable trauma to the skin will lead to even more coarsening of the hair.
  • A stiff beard trimmer is preferable to a machine tool.
  • After each shave or haircut, apply emollients. Such products from the professional segment outperform the mass market dry: they do not stick together and do not weight the hairs, do not create the effect of oiliness, but they act powerfully and quickly.

Recommendations for beard and mustache stylists

Finally, we share the most important - the principles of SalonSecret experts, which they themselves adhere to when it comes to shaving and finding the perfect beard shape.

  • “Van Dyke and balbo - for chubby, box - for angular or elongated faces” - such reasoning can be attributed to the number of general recommendations, but not strict rules.

Beard waxing

The information that only women resort to waxing is out of date. Among men, this procedure is also in demand. The only difference is that male hair is stiffer in structure and harder to remove. But is it worth using waxing on the face? In order to find out for sure, you need to consult a specialist, since this method of hair removal has contraindications:

  • oily skin prone to acne and acne,
  • rosacea,
  • skin after peeling,
  • oncology,
  • lupus or AIDS,
  • diabetes.

Also, after the procedure, side effects can be observed:

  • redness and inflammation of the skin,
  • acne
  • bruising
  • ingrown hair.

If you nevertheless decided on wax depilation, check out the stages of its implementation:

  1. Skin cleansing.
  2. Application of special powder or talcum powder. This will dry the skin.
  3. Wax distribution in the desired areas.
  4. Wax removal.
  5. Application of a special gel or tonic.

Waxing will help leave your skin smooth for a long time.

If you feel that a beard is for you, then start small: grow facial hair to the desired length. This, as it turned out, is the hardest part of the process. Have patience and strength, because the result is worth it!

Not so long ago, the beard and mustache in men returned to fashion, as a result of which many men began to choose stylish and suitable types and shapes of beards. Experts point out that a beautiful beard is a neatly trimmed and shaved form of facial hair that must be neat and fit. To obtain this result, barbers practice shaving.

Today, a huge number of forms and types of beards is considered fashionable, it can be a minimal neat beard or a voluminous and laid beard shovel. The main rule for getting a neat shape is a correctly performed curly shave by a specialist or by a man at home. To perform this type of procedure, you need to clearly determine the shape of the future beard, draw lines and stock up with all the necessary tools.

Alexander Reshetov Stylist and technologist Redken

  • Choose tools and methods to combat bristles with your master. Professional scissors and heavy-duty trimmers at home are probably not needed, and a smart barber will always discourage you from buying fashionable devices that plan to settle in your home and collect dust.
  • The key to a neat beard is the regular application of indelible after-shave care. Its task is to moisturize, nourish and protect the bristles from temperature and mechanical damage. In the composition of such funds, alcohol should not be higher than fourth in the list of ingredients.

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After the face has steamed, the pores have opened, the hairs have softened, proceed to the next stages.

  1. Tool preparation
  • One of the most popular shaving options is the disposable machine.

    Reusable models with removable cartridges can quickly become unusable due to dense vegetation, which is uneconomical. Better replace it with a T-shaped machine with a removable blade,

    To make the bristles look neat and have a clear shape, it is recommended to use a special stencil. In its form, it resembles a pattern. Applying it to the desired area, you can define a fairly clear line of shaving. Correctly and beautifully shaving a beard with a razor will help such a stencil.

    Shaving using a machine and a stencil is carried out according to standard technology. Apply foam or gel to the marked areas and then treat with a tool. Remove any remaining product with hairs with a napkin or towel to continue shaving if necessary.

    Check if the same number of hairs has been removed from each side, if there are slight errors, repeat the procedure if necessary.

    To perform a clear edging, it is better to use a special trimmer. A few nozzles and a change in the length of the hairs will achieve the optimal result.

    If there are whiskers, they must be carefully trimmed with special scissors.

    1. Skin Treatment Lotion

    The skin after shaving is very sensitive and needs to be protected. To close the pores, wash thoroughly with cool water, wipe your face dry, and then apply aftershave or balm.

    These are the main stages of how to shave a beard beautifully with a machine tool.

    The main thing in this process is to clearly define the boundaries and not to shave off a lot of superfluous. It is always better to leave some hairs than to remove where you do not need to.

    Rinse the instruments and disinfect them so that they are ready for the next use.

    Using the machine and suitable tools can make the face completely smooth.

    There is a way to completely shave off a beard with a machine tool.

    1. First, wash your face thoroughly with a suitable cleansing gel or a special soap. Wash vegetation with shampoo and conditioner too.
    2. Trim the bristles with special scissors - so the machine will quickly cope with the hairs.
    3. Spread the gel or foam evenly over your cheeks and neck. Use a shaving brush or apply the product with your palms.
    4. Begin processing from the cheek area, smoothly moving the machine from top to bottom. All movements should be directed from the temple area to the chin, strictly along the hairline. Otherwise, you should not shave - you can injure your skin.
    5. Proceed to the neck area. All movements must be very careful, there is a big risk of cuts. Move the machine or razor up from the base of the neck to the chin. Tighten the skin near the Adam's apple in order to penetrate a hard-to-reach place.
    6. The final stage is shaving the mustache. Place the blade at a slight angle relative to the face, the direction is from the nose to the upper lip.

    After the procedure, smooth skin with lotion or after shave balm. This will calm the epidermis, relieve irritation, and stimulate the healing of small cuts.

    Details on how to properly shave a beard

    Compliance with shaving techniques is the key to the success of this procedure.
    Proper shaving not only allows you to achieve smoothness and cleanliness of the skin, but also prevents cuts, irritation and inflammation.

    Initial shaving should only be done on hair growth! Otherwise, you risk damaging the hair follicles, which is fraught with the risk of ingrown hair.

    In order to observe the correct shaving technique, follow a certain sequence of actions:

    After Shave Skin Treatment at Home

    After you shave off unwanted bristles, you should definitely pay attention to skin care.
    After all, the shaving procedure is quite traumatic even if all the rules are observed, therefore, every effort must be made so that microtrauma of the skin does not cause inconvenience and does not develop into irritation and inflammation.

    For proper skin treatment, follow these procedures:

    1. After shaving, rinse with warm water all foam and shaved hair.
    2. Pat your face dry with a dry towel. Try not to rub, as friction will create unnecessary conditions for the development of irritation.
    3. With patting massage movements, apply after shave to your face. Currently, various creams, lotions and balms are widespread. If you have a tendency to irritation and allergic reactions, use sensitive skin products.

    Remember that each person has a strictly individual reaction to different substances that make up creams and balms.
    If you experience burning, itching, or irritation, stop using this product immediately.

    How to choose a shaving agent

    Recently, experts have not recommended buying expensive foams or shaving gels, since they contain substances that are dangerous to the skin. However, do not take a word.

    Without a specialized tool, there is the opportunity to cut yourself or earn serious irritation.

    If you are worried about the composition of the product, then use one that does not contain soap components: the less foam, the better.

    To study the direction of hair growth

    Since facial hair grows in a chaotic manner, highlight the zones and remember the direction of growth. Doctors believe that, knowing his own face, a man will be able to shave perfectly with both a machine tool and a popular trimmer. You should start from the cheeks, and then draw from the beginning of the growth of the bristles from above to the line of the chin.

    It's important to know: Do not use blunt blades that can damage thin skin or cause irritation. Small pimples will appear on the surface, and if you do not finish a certain area, it will become practically impossible to do this.

    Turning to the mustache and beard, hold the razor diagonally. Thus, it will be possible to make the face smooth and prevent irritation and dryness.

    Shaving your face

    Often men lose sight of one of the most important points, wondering “how to shave without irritation”. Rinsing the face and chin, you can forget to wipe the neck.

    Experts advise to steam the skin before shaving. To do this, lower the towel for five minutes in hot water, then squeeze and apply to the face. Moisten a razor or trimmer in cold water.

    This will make the process easy.

    It's important to know: if a man has stiff bristles, then this method will not work, since a moistened blade and steamed skin will only aggravate the process and bring not only discomfort, but also irritation.

    With sensitive skin, it is worthwhile to apply several steps that will help maintain a healthy and tidy look:

    • Wash your face
    • Apply special oil (you can buy in a specialized store),
    • Apply shaving cream.

    Tip: wash the razor through each approach, as the hair and product collect under the blade. This will slow down the process.

    How to deal with hard to reach places

    The most inaccessible places are the areas above the lip and the Adam's apple. In order not to injure the delicate and thin skin, the man should tilt his head and use his fingers to pull a little stretch of skin. With smooth movements, remove the remaining hair with a trimmer or razor.

    It's important to know: even if unwanted hairs remain, you do not need to draw a blade over the skin several times. If mistreated, she will respond with irritation or dryness.

    After Shave Care

    After all the manipulations, clean the skin with warm water, do not forget to pay special attention to the neck and ears, since it is there that foam or hair can remain. Many people use colognes for the freshness and fit effect. But not all are suitable for this remedy. What can be used after the procedure:

    • Gel (Gillette Series Sensitive Skin)
    • Cream (Arko Comfort)
    • Lotion (D.R. Harris Arlington or Old Spice WhiteWater)
    • Balm (Nivea Soothing)

    However, not all young people can use a complete hair removal method. Many want to leave a small stubble or beard. According to the girls, this gives the guys brutality and height. Below we have compiled a list of rules that will help make a beautiful beard and observe the necessary care.

    What should I look for before deciding that a beard is your option?

    • The appearance of the bristles
    • Face and skin condition
    • Hair growth rate
    • Bristle areas

    Specialists advise, first of all, to look in the mirror and determine the shape of the face in order to choose the correct shape of the mustache and beard.

    Once this stage is over, you should start growing a beard. However, this should be approached wisely. If your age is from 20 years old, then a goatee, a small stubble that smoothly turns into whiskers, is suitable for you. For older men, experts recommend growing a massive beard.

    Advice from a dermatologist: the beard should be looked after as well as the skin of the face. There are specialized products, including even shampoo, that provide hygiene and good appearance.

    Hairdressers believe that you can give a good beard shape with a razor. However, it is not recommended to use it at home.

    It is better to contact a specialist with this question, who will ensure not only the process, but also proper care.

    Beard Care

    There is a video on the Internet that can “guide and educate” a guy how to properly care for a beard, how to properly shave with a machine or trimmer. But we will share tips.

    Beard Care Tools:

    • Hair clipper
    • Electric shaver
    • Machine

    A hair clipper plays a key role in this process, because only thanks to it can a man even his hair on his beard along its entire length. In the store, sellers will find the necessary nozzles that provide the necessary convenience.

    Follow these instructions while cutting hair:

    1. Choose a nozzle
    2. Need to cut from top to bottom, without missing skin patches
    3. There is no need to treat the beard with gels or ointments

    It's important to know: a trimmer and a hair clipper are two different things!

    What is the main difference? With a hair clipper, you can shape a thick and long beard. The trimmer is useful to trim a small beard or stubble. In any case, if you grow a beard, at home you need to have both tools that will provide a beautiful appearance of the face.

    How to use a trimmer

    To get started, select the nozzle. The flat part should adhere to the skin and not cause discomfort. The procedure will allow you to shave your beard or stubble efficiently and accurately, without causing cuts, burning and irritation. Movements should be directed against hair growth. To trim sideburns or hair in the neck, remove the brush head and trim the hair gently.

    It is important to properly care for the device:

    • After each use, clean the trimmer from any hair stuck in it. To do this, there is a special brush that comes with the device.
    • Some cars can be rinsed under water.
    • Remove the trimmer head with the button and remove the hairs from the grooves of the device. In this case, you can use a cotton swab or swab.
    • Once the device is dry, turn it on to get rid of unnecessary debris.

    Dermatologists advise on a regular basis to clean the trimmer, because using it for a month without cleaning is unhygienic.

    Interesting fact: greases exist that help the trimmer do the job better. In this case, there is no need to wash the machine after each procedure.

    And more tips to help you look 100%.

    An unexpected tip: color your beard

    If you want to emphasize your uniqueness or hide gray hair, color it. However, do not forget to carry out this manipulation with whiskers, so that there are no questions. Young men now do not disdain to paint a beard in all colors of the rainbow.

    Do not forget about the mustache

    In order to keep not only a beard, but also a mustache. Now it’s fashionable to completely shave them off, leaving only the vegetation on the chin. But not only mustaches require care. Eyebrows, groin and armpit areas also need to be “taken care of”. Paying special attention to these areas, you can feel more comfortable and brutal.


    Thanks to our tips, now for you to care for a beard or daily shaving will not seem something undesirable and painful. To shave your face with a machine, you must follow a number of rules: care before and after shaving, monitor hair growth, clean the tool.

    If you grow a long beard, then you should choose a suitable shape for yourself and use an electric razor, trimmer or hair clipper.

    Fact: the hair on the chin should be looked after using specialized products, which include shampoo, gel, balm, cream and others.

    Proper use of tips will provide you with a good start to the day, and also allow you to remain irresistible at any event.

    Shaving curly: how to shave a beard beautifully? How to shave a beard with a razor, a machine tool, a trimmer, a machine

    Every adult male is sooner or later puzzled by the question of choosing a device for eliminating bristles in the face area. Many men leave their beards, as it looks stylish, beautiful, emphasizes their individuality. But for this, the vegetation must be in good shape. How to shave a beard? This problem worries different males.

    It is possible to perform a beautiful hairline trim at home, but is it better to shave with a T-shaped machine or an electric razor? And should I use it? Also, many representatives of the strong half of humanity are interested in moments regarding the negative consequences of this process - how to shave without irritation? Or how to shave a beard so that stubble remains?

    It is possible to make beautiful facial hair on your own at home, but for this you need certain tools, patience, experience.

    To get the desired effect, you must carefully consider facial features, its oval, also take into account hair color, skin, own growth.

    And only after that take up the process of growing bristles, shaving it, taking into account the above factors.

    Features of the procedure

    What is better to shave? Each man solves this problem individually, any shaving tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so the choice of method for removing bristles is based on the individual preferences of the man, based on his experience, lack of trauma, irritation, convenience and comfort of using this tool. If there are moles on the face, then it is necessary to very carefully carry out the shaving procedure to prevent the occurrence of wounds, cuts, etc. A special technique is also used to make the beard grow.

    How to shave a man with a machine? The classic way to use a razor with experience provides a clean shave, minimally injuring skin tissue. Shaving a beard is not difficult, for this we need:

    • Machine,
    • Blade,
    • Creamy soap, soap for the implementation of the process,
    • Shaving brush
    • Warm water
    • Mirror,
    • To avoid irritation - a substance used after removing vegetation from the face.

    You will need: dishes for whipping foam, a towel for the procedure of steaming the skin, substances from cuts. Many males use creams, lotions, oils before this procedure.

    • Preparation of skin, hair,
    • Whipping foam, distributing it on the front area,
    • Process implementation,
    • Skin tissue processing,
    • Cleaning appliances.

    To get a spectacular beard shape you will need:

    • Machine tool, brush
    • Substance for washing vegetation,
    • Comb,
    • Gels, ointments for the implementation of the process.

    Correction of the hair occurs after selecting the type of beard.

    It is recommended frill, a square for short males, for people of medium height - vegetation can be arranged at your own discretion, and high bearers of the strong half of humanity will fit loose beards that go well with body proportions. It is possible to choose your own beard style thanks to different photographs - portraits of people, you should also remember such moments as:

    • It is necessary to consider the features of your face, the size of your cheekbones, mouth, to compare this information with an imaginary kind of vegetation,
    • Gradually grow hair, watching the growth of hairs, their density,
    • In the head, clearly draw the image of a beard - compare it with the shape of your face. For example, chubby people are recommended to trim vegetation that does not reach the contour of the chin, this is done to narrow the facial oval. For elongated persons, the best design of a hairline in the form of a horseshoe,
    • When choosing a beard, various factors are taken into account - human growth, color of hairs. For example, fair-haired males are usually recommended a wide type of vegetation.

    How to shave without irritation? Today, there are a variety of ways to implement the shaving process, eliminating the occurrence of irritation after performing this procedure. Due to the strong pressing by the razor, the skin tissues are stretched, therefore it is necessary to conduct the device according to the direction of growth of the hairs, in this case the skin will not be injured.

    In the process of shaving, it is necessary to use special gels that help the sliding of the tool, preventing the appearance of wounds, microcracks. Many experts advise you to pre-use the gel - apply it on the depilated area a few minutes before the process, in this situation, the hairs will soften, they can be easily removed later.

    Main stages

    To grow a beard, you need to take care of the skin after the process. Wash your face with warm water, apply a good lotion.In the process of growing a beard, shaving should be done 1 time in 3-4 days. This will help to improve the structure of the hairs, make them soft, docile, normalize the growth rate.

    Specialists distinguish the following stages of the process:

    1. The front surface is washed, the vegetation is moistened, then combed - the hairs should look in one direction,
    2. If the male representative has hard hairs, then it is better to perform a hot compress in advance - this will help open pores, improve blood circulation. Dry skin is pre-moistened with cream,
    3. By means of a shaving brush, the hairs are covered with foam - skin tissues soften before shaving. Foam is also applied to the mustache area, then the hairs are removed in the area of ​​the cheeks, neck,
    4. For the first time, the procedure for applying the hairline is performed in the direction of hair growth. Then, re-coating with foam of vegetation is done, by means of the machine a movement against the growth of hairs is performed. At the end of the process - a mustache, hairs are removed on the lower lip,
    5. Using a wet wipe, the remaining foam is removed on the front surface. After which the skin is soaked in cream, you can also make a compress. The face is refreshed with special means (for example, toilet water).

    To get a beautiful beard shape (using a trimmer) you will need:

    • Razor,
    • Sharp scissors
    • Ceramic blade trimmer.

    • The hairs are shaved in the area of ​​the cheeks, neck,
    • The mustache is brought to the necessary density,
    • The hairs under the lower lip are removed, the beard edge is brushed off from all sides,
    • By means of a trimmer, scissors are given a certain shape of a beard.

    With the help of correctly selected

    Before shaving, inspect the skin of the face and make sure that there are no acne, erysipelas and other skin diseases.

    For light and smooth shaving an important action is steaming the face. This can be done with a simple wash with warm water or a hot towel.

    • The hotter the water for washing or for the towel, the better and more comfortable the shaving will be.
    • Hot water will calm and relax your hair and open your pores, you will feel that wet hair shaves much easier than dry or not steamed enough.
    • In order to prepare your beard and skin for shaving with a compress from a wet hot towel, you must:
    • pour hot water into a suitable container. It is good if the temperature of the water reaches 70-90 ° C. If you wish, you can add decoctions of soothing herbs, for example, chamomile or calendula, to the water.
    • Dip a towel into the water for about 30 seconds. The towel can be small: the main thing is that its size allows you to cover them with all areas subject to shaving.
    • Pull the towel out of the water, squeeze. You do not need to squeeze too much, but also should not drip from the towel.
    • For a few minutes, put a towel on your face. In this case, it is not necessary to cover the nose and ears, as the compress affects those parts of the skin and hairline where shaving will be performed.
      In order not to hold the towel with your hands, sit in a comfortable chair and tilt your head back a little. This will allow you to relax, which will beneficially affect the preparation of the skin.

    Beautifully shave your beard yourself at home

    A correctly selected beard shape will emphasize the individuality and style of the man. You can make a beautiful haircut not only in the salon under the supervision of a specialist, but also on your own. One must have desire, patience, skills and tools at hand.
    To achieve the effect, it is enough to study the features, oval of the face, and also take into account the color of hair, skin, own growth. After this, you need to grow stubble, shave it, taking into account all of the above factors.

    How to choose a beard?

    1. Experts recommend looking at the facial features. This is especially true for the size of the cheekbones, mouth.Standing in front of the mirror, you must mentally compare these details with an imaginary beard.
    2. For a couple of weeks you need to forget about shaving, grow stubble and continue to study your own face.

    It is important to observe the features of hair growth and the place where they grow densely. Mentally need to imagine a future beard. If it should be wide, it is recommended to cut the hair in the neck, as well as at the top of the cheeks. For chubby women, you should choose a haircut that does not reach the chin line. So visually you can narrow the oval of the face.

    The same effect is achieved when leaving vegetation around the mouth, and completely cut off on the cheeks.

  • If the hairline on the face is thick, a smooth connection of the mustache and beard is observed, then a trapezoidal haircut can be done. To make the face visually look elongated, the mustache is chosen medium in size. For owners of an elongated oval of the face, you need to grow facial hair so that then create a horseshoe beard. If you look at the photo, it is noticeable how clearly the difference is traced between this version of the haircut and the goat beard, as well as the goatee.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the color of hair, facial skin, and male growth. If a person is tall, then a fluffy, bulky beard should be grown. Low-cut men are suitable options for haircuts in the style of minimalism. Owners of dark hair and light skin color can pick up compact, voluminous beards. It is recommended to carefully trim the hairline in the cheek area. Blond-haired experts advise to grow a wide beard.
  • You can choose your beard style from the photo. A man needs to grow stubble, wait until she covers her face.
  • How to make a spectacular beard?

    It is easy to trim facial hair on your own. The main thing is to have the necessary accessories on hand:

    • a shaving machine equipped with a spare blade,
    • beard detergent,
    • a suitable comb
    • ointment or shaving gel,
    • shaving brush.

    You can correct the bristles after choosing the shape of the beard. Haircut Kare or Jabot is suitable for short men. For owners of medium height, any beard design is recommended. Tall people should choose broad beards. They will be effectively combined with the proportions of the body.
    Thanks to a well-chosen type of haircut, you can hide some flaws and highlight the best sides.

    How to shave a beautiful beard?

    After you have managed to grow facial hair, you should proceed to its beautiful design. For such a procedure, you will need:

    1. ceramic blade trimmer
    2. a razor needed to treat vegetation on the cheeks, chin,
    3. ordinary sharp scissors.
    • The hair in the cheeks and neck area is shaved, reaching the border, where the beard begins.
    • Bring a mustache to the required density.
    • The hairs under the lower lip are removed, and the edges of the beard are carefully shaded.
    • Using a trimmer and scissors, give the necessary shape to the beard.

    What beard is fashionable?

    There are many options for barbs that you can do yourself.

    1. Suvorov beard. As shown in the photo, the design starts from the temples, then gradually descends, bordering the cheekbones, reaching the corners of the mouth. There is a smooth connection with a mustache. The chin remains bare.
    2. Anchor beard. The main part of the hairline is concentrated in the chin area. This haircut is characterized by a thin small mustache, a beard extending along the chin, covering the area under the lower lip. On the cheeks, temples, vegetation is completely absent.
    3. Goatee. The design procedure begins immediately below the lower lip and is represented by a narrow strip. The round part of the chin is covered with hair.
    4. Goatee. Looking closely at such a haircut in the photo, you can find a lot in common with Kozlina beard. However, goatee has a more rounded shape. In this case, the vegetation covers the entire round chin.
    5. Hollywood beard.Looking at such a haircut in the photo, you can see how it combines with a small mustache. The lower jaw and round chin completely covers the hairline. In this case, there are no whiskers.

    Having certain information, it’s easy to choose and carefully design a beard, which will become a spectacular addition to the image.

    How to shave a beard is a question that interests many men

    Many modern men are interested in the question - how to properly and efficiently shave a beard. This applies not only to those who want to grow a beard, but also to all men in general.

    Moreover, if you decide to grow a beard, then you need to regularly and beautifully shave it to maintain its shape. This technique, like many other cosmetic procedures, requires certain experience and skills.

    First of all, it should be a safe shave of the beard, which would not cause discomfort and damage to the skin.

    Correct Beard Formation

    Before you start shaving, you need to do the correct formation of a beard. To do this, you must first understand what shape you have. This is to understand what type of beard is best for you.

    Obviously, before shaving, you must first grow a beard, and then the formation of a beautiful, regular form begins. In addition, you need to carefully study where your hair grows.

    They can grow either closer to the nose, or farther from it.

    The next step will be a mental representation of what kind of appearance your beard will have. Here you need to decide which type should be chosen.

    If you have a combination of mustaches, chin and cheekbones, as well as intense hair growth, then the best option is a full, uniform beard. People with a round face should choose goatee or beard according to the type of goat.

    If your liquid mustache is typical, then the best option would be to create a beard like the one that Abraham Lincoln had.

    After you have decided on a specific model, the hair needs to be allowed to grow somewhat. Only after that you need to take a high-quality machine and try to correctly simulate its appearance.

    Shaving Features

    Before you start shaving, you need to choose the tool with which you will directly try to shave your beard. Many people prefer razors with dangerous blades. True, they can dull quite intensively. In this regard, they must be changed periodically so that the procedure remains safe and hygienic.

    In order to shave the hair with maximum quality, it is best to carry out this procedure in the morning. Before it, you should thoroughly wash yourself with warm water and use a special cream to soften the skin.

    These preparatory measures will make it possible to make the bristles and skin softer, making the shaving process much easier.

    After preparation, a napkin is applied to the face for several minutes, after dipping it in warm water.

    As soon as the skin is prepared, a special foam is applied to it. This is done with the help of massaging movements. After that, foam on the face that needs shaving is simultaneously covered with foam. Next, when shaving hair, you need to try to wash the machine in warm water.

    In order to qualitatively shave the beard, you need to hold a razor in the direction of hair growth to the chin. After the hair is shaved off, you should do the neck and the chin itself.

    At the same time, to carefully shave this area, you need to lean your head back and shave from the chin to the neck.

    After this stage is completed, a mustache is shaved. In these areas, the bristles are the most stiff, and therefore it is necessary to wait until the foam softens the hair.

    If the hair has not ceased to be stiff, then you need to remove the foam and rinse these areas with warm water. After this, the foam is reapplied.The mustache must be shaved off quite accurately with movements from top to bottom.

    After that, the bristles shave off the chin.

    Shaving a beard and mustache: features, what kind of machine and razor to use, how to care after the procedure

    Stylish appearance has long ceased to be a priority only in women. A well-groomed and neatly shaved man is perceived by society as a serious, respectable person.

    And some men grow beards, giving them various forms, thus highlighting their personality and sense of style. This trend has led many salons to offer modeling services for male vegetation.

    However, few know that using modern devices, shaving beards and mustaches, as well as shaping them, can be done at home. The most important thing is to know the basic principles.

    Beard and mustache: modeling

    Styling, or modeling of facial hair, is performed using special devices that are successfully used at home.

    A trimmer is a device that works on the same principle as a professional hair clipper, but it is designed to cut short hairs from the face and other parts of the body.

    Important! At the trimmer, the distance between the teeth is much narrower, therefore, the risk of skin injury is significantly reduced.

    With the help of a beard and mustache, you can both choose an individual style and hide some of the shortcomings. The main guidelines in determining the style are:

    • hair color,
    • density,
    • height of a man
    • features of the figure.

    Modeling consists of several steps, but the shape is initially determined. For example, fair-skinned men with dark hair fit a small beard and smoothly shaven cheeks. A broad beard will look nice on a thin face. Chubby men are more suitable beard in the form of an inverted trapezoid or cone-shaped.

    Did you know? In Islam, wearing a beard is a prerequisite, and it is forbidden to cut it.

    Those who suffer from a disproportionate shape of the nose are recommended to hide such a shortcoming with a mustache. If not too high and long nose, then it is better to wear a narrow long (so-called English) mustache. Moreover, the longer the nose, the longer the facial hair should be.

    After the shape is selected, it is necessary to prepare the vegetation for cutting - to grow hair. And just stop shaving them is not enough - hair and skin need to be taken care of. In order for the follicles to receive enough useful substances, the skin needs to be moisturized. Before growing, it is necessary to completely shave off the beard.

    When the hairs grow a little, you can start modeling. During this period, the hair must be cut every 5-7 days, giving the beard the desired shape. In this case, you must adhere to such rules:

    1. Short vegetation always cuts against hair growth.
    2. Long vegetation is always milled.
    3. Look after - use special shampoos and regularly comb a beard.

    Important! If the mustache and beard are cut for the first time, then you can not achieve the desired result, since the hair does not immediately lie down correctly.


    If you are going to shave your beard with a trimmer, while leaving a small stubble, then remove the protective cap from the device and shave down from the ear. When working with this tool, you must follow these rules:

    • the trimmer must always be at the same angle
    • move the tool from one edge, starting from the ear,
    • movements must be smooth, sharp movements are not allowed,
    • it’s better not to shave the neck with a trimmer, for this they use a razor.

    This video clearly demonstrates how to mold a beard yourself, having a razor, scissors, a comb, a machine and two nozzles 6mm and 3mm.

    Did you know? For a day, a man's beard and mustache grow by 3.8 mm (per year - by 13.8 cm).And with daily shaving, about 65 mg of vegetation is shaved, which for 500 years is 500 g.

    Preparing to trim a beard

    The more carefully you prepare to cut your beard, the better this process will go and the less time it will take.

    1. Wash your hair and steam your face.
      First, the beard must be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants. This can be done using ordinary shampoo, beard shampoo or a special soap that does not dry your skin.
    2. To dry.
      After you have washed your beard, pat it dry with a towel, thereby allowing it to dry out a bit. You can also use a hairdryer, just do it after combing your beard.
    3. Comb your hair.
      Be sure to comb your beard before you begin to cut it. This is best done in the direction of hair growth: starting from the ears, lead the comb to the chin.

    How to properly and beautifully trim your beard with scissors?

    If you chose to cut with scissors, make sure that they are sharp and of the correct length (it is important that the tips do not rest in the eye, as this is hazardous to health). It is best that they are professional scissors, then the slices will be clearer. It is necessary to cut as carefully as possible, as any improper movement can lead to damage to the beard or scars.

    In order not to cut off the excess, be sure to use the comb: it must be applied to the temple, and then hold them in the direction of the chin, while cutting off the regrown hair. Please note that the comb should not touch the skin to avoid inadvertently cutting a longer beard.

    Haircut machine at home

    At first glance it seems that cutting with a machine will be easier than with scissors, but this is not so. First you need to choose a nozzle: it all depends on what length of the beard you want to make, but it is best to start with a longer length, so that if necessary, cut off the excess.

    Smoothly move the machine along the hair growth, moving from the ears to the chin. Cut the beard symmetrically and alternately so that it is even.

    The second stage is a mustache haircut: swipe the machine from the nose to the corners of the lips, and then to the chin (lips should be squeezed at this moment so that the hair does not get into the mouth).

    And only at the very end, proceed to cutting the neck. You can completely remove the nozzle or choose a short one so that the border between the neck and beard is minimal. You need to move from the neck to the chin. At the very end, the beard can be trimmed a little more by walking along the edges with a typewriter.

    Step-by-step instructions for cutting a beard with a trimmer

    The easiest way to carefully trim your beard is with a trimmer, provided that you have the necessary tips (they will not allow you to cut too much hair).

    It is necessary to start the haircut with the cheeks, neck and temples - these are exactly the places where the most hair.

    It is necessary to shave only protruding hairs that spoil the entire form.

    Then we go to the mustache haircut, we act in the same way as when cutting the machine. Remember that the mustache must be combined with a beard.

    How to keep clean?

    In addition to the fact that the beard needs to be constantly cut, it must also be looked after. In your arsenal should be a moisturizing shampoo that will look after your hair and soften it, as well as conditioner. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time washing your beard, you can use a 3 in 1 shampoo: for example, Redken Brews 3-in-1, which nourishes the hair and moisturizes the skin.

    It is also worth exfoliating the skin to clean it from dust and other impurities. This is best done with a facial scrub that removes the stratum corneum.

    TOP 3 necessary styling products for a beard

    As you already understood, a beard needs daily care, but besides this, it also needs to be laid so that it does not stick out in different directions and acquire the desired shape. For this you will need special tools.

    1. Oil for beard and face skin - it softens the hair and nourishes the skin, and also protects it from harmful external factors and facilitates combing (Redken Brews has a great option).
    2. Beard Balm - Its texture is denser than that of oil, which allows it to create a neat beard design. In addition, he also nourishes and restores hair.
    3. Mustache Wax will create a stable styling. It is necessary to apply the product on a cleaned and dried mustache.
    • For men
    • How to
    • Tools for men

    There seems to be an error. Please try again later.

    A beard is not just facial hair. This is, first of all, part of the image. If you thought about growing a beard, then you need to familiarize yourself with the minuses and advantages of having facial hair, design options, and how to make the right haircut at home.

    How to prepare before shaving

    Before shaving, skin and facial skin should be prepared:

    1. Wash your shaving face and vegetation. It is advisable to do this with hot water with shampoo. The face should be steamed up, this makes the shaving process easier. Wait for the hair to dry.
    2. Comb by hair growth.

    What you need to remember when working with electrical appliances?

    1. Read the instructions before work in detail.
    2. Do not allow water to enter the mains powered device.
    3. Use the appliance only for its intended purpose.
    4. Before washing or dry cleaning, unplug the shaver.
    5. Do not leave the machine turned on unnecessarily, especially when leaving the room.
    6. Do not insert foreign objects instead of blades.
    7. Before switching on, make sure that the cord is not damaged.
    8. Keep tools out of the reach of children.

    Goatee, or islet

    This design involves two options: with a mustache and without them. Vegetation is shaved, framing the chin of the face. A round appearance is preserved, a small island of hair remains under the lower lip. Aristocracy is emphasized.

    Van dyke

    It is a thick goatee in tandem with curved antennae down. Cheeks are shaved clean, a goatee is formed. The whiskers are optionally connected to the chin part. Van Dyke flaunts the faces of Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner.


    It is a chin and mustache densely planted with bristles. Planting starts from the middle of the cheeks, while their upper part is shaved clean, the neck is also densely covered with hairs up to the Adam's apple. Hollywood lovers - George Clooney, Hugh Jackman.

    French fork

    Represents vegetation coming from the temples, which covers the cheeks, merges with a mustache and bifurcates at the end. Haircut must begin from the temples, gradually descending to the ends of the vegetation, at the end to frame a mustache. Vivid media: Brad Pitt.

    Wide tanks

    To formalize this type of beard, you must completely lower the tanks to the chin. We start to cut from the tanks and go down to the chin, the center of the chin is shaved, and you can also shave your mustache. Prominent Representative: Hugh Jackman.

    Basic Shaving Scenario

    • The length of the hair is trimmed.
    • Apply gel or foam.
    • Shaving should begin with the cheek area, depending on the intended hairstyle.
    • The next zone is the neck. It is adjusted depending on the hairstyle.
    • Then proceed to the chin, contours are adjusted.
    • Complete the haircut with a correction of the mustache, move from the center to the ends.

    Hair growing

    It is accompanied by difficulties for some men: they do not grow, fall out, and are located in the foci. Problems can be caused by genetics, lack of vitamins, improper lifestyle, diseases.

    Special medicines, vitamins, masks will help solve problems. There is nothing to be done about genetics, except to join the six hundred percent who transplant hair.

    How to start growing? First you need to conduct a smooth shaving.As soon as the bristles begin to grow evenly and densely planted - it's time to stop and wait for the desired length.

    Matching beard to face

    When choosing a design, it is important to consider the shape of your face, otherwise it may turn into unjustified hopes and a spoiled image.

    1. Elongated hairstyles are suitable for chubby, square and trapezoid shapes for owners of a triangular face structure.
    2. The unconditional lucky ones are the owners of an oval face shape: a hairstyle of any shape will suit them.

    Now in the Internet you can even find special programs that help determine the type of person and choose the right hairstyle.

    Modeling the selected shape

    With the help of a trimmer, the desired hairstyle is modeled, clear contours are formed.

    The main types of beard hairstyles: Goatee, Balbo, Van Dyke, Hollywood, French Fork, Wide Tanks, Fu Manchu, Duck Tail, Rapper Standard, Sparrow, Box, Anchor, Russian.

    Better shave

    For a smooth shave, a dangerous or ordinary razor is perfect. For hard, thick bristles, a razor with a double blade is suitable. To create a specific hairstyle use a trimmer and scissors. Shaving a beard with a trimmer is recommended for creating contours and only with small bristles. Scissors will cope well with dense and long vegetation.


    Shaving a beard with a machine or razor is up to you. They have the same procedure:

    1. The shaving area is cleared. To make your face slightly steamed, it is best to use hot water.
    2. Shaving agent is applied: gel or foam. They provide sliding of the blades and easy removal of the bristles.
    3. Shaving vegetation in the direction of hair growth. Sequence: cheeks - neck - chin.
    4. Skin cleansing from hairs and foam residues.
    5. Use of after shave.


    To understand how to shave a beard with a machine, as well as in the case with a trimmer, it is important to study the instructions well. So, the stages of shaving:

    1. Cleansing the chin of the face from waste products, drying hair.
    2. Defining haircuts.
    3. Selection of the desired nozzle.
    4. Direct haircut with an electric razor: we begin to cut from the cheek area, then the neck to the jaw and the chin itself. Manipulations are committed against hair growth.
    5. Contour formation.

    How to maintain a beard shape after shaving

    To maintain shape and aesthetic appearance, it is important to periodically refresh the contours of the beard. There are several rules to help keep fit:

    • Wash vegetation every three days. Hygiene is the key to health and beauty.
    • If possible, use care products: conditioners, masks, oils, compresses. Such procedures will make your hair obedient and healthy.
    • As the hair regrowth, trim, make a border. If the process is not started, it will be simple to save the original form.
    • If there are elements of smooth shaving in the hairstyle - refresh it every three days, do not injure the skin with daily contact with a razor.
    • For the right direction of hair growth, daily combing in the right direction is necessary using a special comb (preferably natural).
    • Exclude frequent curls, stretching. Otherwise, the hair structure will suffer, the beard will lose not only its shape, but also its attractive appearance.
    • Use face care products.


    Tools designed for cutting and shaving beards are designed for a more rigid hair structure.

    1. Scissors selected with narrow, long blades and wide ears, adapted for fingers of large thickness. A special gear sharpening of the blades prevents the hair from slipping, and the clamp adjuster allows you to adjust the scissors for the right or left hand.
    2. Hair clipper used to shorten beards with nozzles of various heights. After removing the nozzles, you can completely remove the hair in areas where they are not provided - on the neck, cheeks.But for a clear design of the contours and creating a pattern of bristles, the machine is not suitable, for this they use a trimmer.
    3. Trimmer - A specialized device for cutting facial hair. It has a narrower head and many nozzles that allow you to comfortably handle any areas. Some models are equipped with a backlight, a vacuum system for collecting cut hairs, a laser pointer. The only thing that is not available to him is a smooth shave.

    Depending on the skills and capabilities, you can choose a tool that allows you to fully care for the facial hair, even without hairdressing skills.


    Also, when leaving, it is recommended to use the following means:

    • matched to skin type, cream and shaving lotion,
    • a special shampoo for a beard that gives hair softness, docility,
    • styling products in the form of waxes, sprays and gels, thanks to which the hair will retain its desired shape throughout the day,
    • aromatic oils that moisturize hair and fight off unpleasant, persistent odors of tobacco smoke or food.

    A competent choice of cosmetics will allow you to give the facial hair aesthetic and attractive appearance.

    In addition to expensive cosmetics, proven folk recipes can also be used. The following formulations are not inferior to specialized tools and are purchased at any pharmacy.

      Burr oil stimulates hair growth and allows you to make the beard thicker and lighter with regular rubbing. The first results can be observed after a month of daily use.

    In addition to the use of cosmetics and folk remedies, to create a beautiful beard, you need to monitor nutrition. Vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet, this has a decisive effect on the appearance of the hair.


    Scissors can be called classic hairdressing. It was them who, before the appearance of trimmers, used barbs to shape the beard and mustache. To care for the vegetation on the face of the house, ordinary scissors will not work, for this you need to have a special hairdressing tool.

    Of course, you won’t be able to completely get rid of the vegetation with scissors, however, it is entirely possible to give it the desired shape.

    The basic rule that must be observed when using scissors is never to cut wet vegetation. Wet hair can be cut more than necessary.

    How to cut a beard with scissors, see in this video:

    When cutting with scissors, you need a comb (comb) through which hair is passed and cut along the outer edge. To symmetrically cut your beard, you need to start from the ear and move towards the chin. The same procedure is repeated on the other hand.

    Shaving with a machine

    To care for the beard using a traditional razor, which is almost every man. This is the main tool that can perfectly shave skin. The machine is used to remove hair on the neck, cheeks, in the temples, mustache, under the lower lip. With its help, it is convenient to align the upper border of the beard on the cheekbones. You can shave a beard with a machine tool with a dangerous or safe blade, but the procedure requires accuracy. It takes a lot of time to grow the desired length of hair, and you can cut them off with one careless movement.

    1. At the initial stage, you need to wash with warm water and soap to cleanse the skin of dirt, grease, and particles of dead skin. A warm towel is applied to the face or areas with hard bristles are heated with a hot brush. This will soften the hairs and lift the cuticles.
    2. Before shaving the beard, the skin is covered with a layer of foam or gel to ensure smooth sliding of the blades. The product is applied with a brush or palm, distributing evenly on the surface in a circular motion.
    3. First of all, shave the bristles on the cheeks.The machine should move smoothly, without jerking, from top to bottom, in the direction of hair growth, from the temple to the side of the chin. The blade is periodically rinsed so as not to clog with cut hair.
    4. Next, the neck area is shaved to the intended border of the lower edge of the beard. The skin in these areas is very sensitive. With a strong press, you can both shave your beard and cut yourself. The machine lead up from the base of the neck.
    5. Then proceed to shave the mustache zone. The blade is directed at a slight angle from the nose to the upper lip. Next in line is the chin. They shave it from top to bottom. In the event that under the lower lip passes the border of the beard, this stage disappears.

    After shaving, the skin is rinsed with cool water, gently wiped, treated with emollients or disinfectants.

    Razor (under zero)

    About 95% of men use a normal beard razor because it allows them to better remove excess vegetation.

    To get the cleanest face, it’s better to shave in the morning. Before the procedure, it is advisable to wash with warm water and soften the skin. This will help make the bristles softer and the shaving process will be easier.

    Shaving the beard, the machine is carried out in the direction of hair growth to the chin. When shaving, the machine is rinsed in warm water.

    After the shaved area of ​​the beard, go to the neck and chin area. To carefully shave this part, the head is tipped back and shaved in the direction from the chin to the neck.

    When the shaving of the beard is finished, you can proceed to the mustache. The bristles are especially stiff in this area, so the foam should be held a little to soften the hair. Then the foam is washed off with warm water and reapplied. The mustache is shaved with careful movements from top to bottom.

    After Shave Care

    After the shaving of the beard and mustache is completed, the face must be thoroughly rinsed, and then apply lotion. After shaving, do not apply any creams, as after this, wen may appear. The cream is applied 15 minutes after the skin has been lubricated with lotion.

    Important! You can shave no more than once every three days. Frequent procedures lead to active hair growth and enhance their stiffness.

    Proper trimmer care

    Additionally, once a week it is recommended to lubricate the blades with oil. This, in principle, is the main care.

    Proper care of facial hair will help not only radically change the appearance of a man, but also reflect on his position in society. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of experiments and you can safely begin to monitor your appearance at home. Thanks to our advice, you already have knowledge about the basics of care.

    Watch the video: Baby Reacts to Dad Shaving Beard Compilation (April 2020).

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