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How to learn to plan your life: not a minute spent in vain

Planning without action is a dream.
Acting without planning is a nightmare.
Japanese saying

So you decided to build a house. A team of builders has arrived and asks for a 100% advance.
And the question of what the result will be answered is that we won’t draw a plan, it’s boring, it limits development and kills creativity. We will build how it turns out. What happens is that you will live.

Would you risk giving them money?
I wouldn’t.

And we are talking about the construction of an ordinary house. But what about without a plan on the construction of a skyscraper called human life?

I really like to plan my life and then implement the prescribed plans.
It is so exciting when you realize your wildest fantasies and dreams. When you see the material result, which yesterday was just a sketch on a napkin.

The system of planning your life for at least 5 years in advance is the first thing my students start with.
Every year, my planning system becomes more efficient, and I can clearly see why it is important to plan my life:

1. I achieve what I want

I am not going where TV, randomness or public opinion leads me.
I go exactly where I want. And I do what realizes my goals and desires.
Planning allows me to see the main thing in the current time, to focus on the goal or dream that I have set myself now. From the whole sea of ​​resources and opportunities I choose those that now lead me the shortest way to the materialization of my plans.

2. I gain true freedom

I often hear that planning is boring, living in tight frameworks is so tiring.
Without realizing it, the speakers are in a more rigid framework than I, implementing the standard template: “I’ll finish school, go to college, find a job, get married / get married, maybe I will have children, an apartment, a car, a summer cottage, pension” .

I clearly know that if I do not control my life, then someone else controls it. And this other will realize his plans, dreams and desires.
For me, true freedom is to live my life in accordance with my “Wishlist”. And this is possible only by carefully planning your actions.

3. I reduce stress

I know in advance how much time, money, staff and other resources I need to achieve my goals. I know in advance when this should appear and in what quantity. This greatly saves my nerve cells.

I learned how to plan things that are complex enough so that they go as profitably as possible.
Aerobatics for me is when one well-planned action solves several problems at once. In such cases, I feel like a superman.

4. I increase my well-being

I am a professional entrepreneur. I take great pleasure in creating mutually beneficial benefits for people. Money for me is a ruler - how cool a utility thing I have created.

The more money people are willing to pay me, the higher the usefulness of what I do. And I plan my life so that the number of created utilities is constantly growing.
In addition to making money, planning helps me not spend too much. As in the joke - "all marketers and merchandisers of the world are powerless against a guy with a shopping list."

5. I am improving my health

Mandatory morning jogging is planned for me at least 3 times a week.
In the nearest plans for 1-2 years I have classes related to flexibility - yoga or qigong. Also in the growth zone for the coming year is diet planning.

I also have planned annual examinations of the body and a visit to the dentist.

Potential health risks in the early stages are eliminated quickly and with small budgets.

Mandatory weekly leave every 2-3 months of work is the rule that I try to instill in my students. At first, it seems difficult to get out of the business wheel 3-4 times a year. And then you will try and understand that when the vacation is planned in advance, then the customers and employees are ready for this. And calmly and according to plan give you the opportunity to recharge.
And then you arrive healthy, really full of energy and the results of your company go uphill.

Why do you need to be able to plan your life?

Proper planning for every day is the key to future success. If a person does not plan his life, rely only on some happy occasions or something like that, then he simply loses his time in vain and cannot achieve anything concrete. Life without meaning and clear goals is the same as the existence of an inanimate object, so you need to set specific goals and do everything in order to cope with them.

The ability to plan one’s own life can be useful to a person who wants to achieve the following goals:

  • create a strong and happy family,
  • grow significantly on the career ladder,
  • not lose a single minute in vain
  • learn as much as possible and see
  • learn to be responsible and purposeful.

If a person does not make plans for his life - this is not normal. The lack of interest in anything and specific goals suggests that a person has stopped his development as a person and exists just like that. A waste of time is not at all what a person should do in the modern world, his task is to achieve certain goals, solve specific problems and move forward.

Benefits of Planning

Life planning is not some kind of ritual programmed for success, but quite a useful action. The process of drawing up a plan for a day, month or week has its own benefit, it is as follows:

  • you can put all the cases on the shelves and arrange them in the correct order,
  • a clear layout allows you to complete the tasks on time,
  • thanks to the presence of a specific plan, you can not only have time to do what was planned, but also have a good rest,
  • developing such organizational skills, a person learns to be more responsible and tactful,
  • such a practice is simply of great benefit to those who do not have time.

Having a clear plan, a person will not be at a loss for a couple of hours to guess what to do and what to take. Such uncertainty only steals from the person’s time and does not allow him to complete the tasks. In addition, to a person who clearly does not know what he wants, what and when to do with it, success does not shine.

Brainstorming method

To plan the time correctly, a person can use different methods that are advised by specialists. This will allow you to quickly achieve your goal, because breaking yourself in one day is virtually unrealistic. A great way to start planning your own life correctly is to brainstorm. This method allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • increasing the effectiveness of actions that a person performs,
  • improving the psychoemotional state of the person,
  • the emergence of new ideas for building plans for the future,
  • the opportunity to learn how to focus on specific subjects or goals without being distracted by trifles.

Brainstorming is actively used not only in the educational system, but it is also a good practice for people who have not yet decided on their life goals and have not learned how to make concrete plans.

For a month

Not everyone can plan their life for the month ahead. To do this, you need to set specific goals and calculate the steps that will be required to achieve them. For example, if a person plans to earn 30 thousand rubles per month, he needs to plan this period as follows:

  • to think what kind of activity will bring such income,
  • calculate how many hours it takes to complete a task,
  • divide the time for each day, leaving a small margin for the weekend and different nuances,
  • see what matters need to be done other than work and how to combine work with household responsibilities,
  • paint everything thoroughly by day and hour,
  • start to complete the tasks step by step.

Yes, once again it’s worth repeating at the expense of the fact that no one is safe from the nuances, but according to the plan it’s much easier to live than not knowing where the next day should begin.

How to plan your life?

Sooner or later, each of us asks the question: what do I want from life? How do I achieve my goals? How to correctly allocate your time in order to ultimately achieve the desired? And most importantly: how to live life in such a way that in old age it would not be excruciatingly painful for wasted time?

The answer is simple: you need to plan your whole life correctly. It’s not easy to figure it out in my head: I’ll finish college, find a job, start a family, retire. You need to carefully think through every stage of your life: what do I want to achieve by the age of 25? To 50? There is also a technique suggested by Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People”: Imagine you're 80 years old. What would you like to achieve by this time? What would allow you to say that you lived these years for good reason? Based on your answer, start building a plan for your life.

Where to begin? Set aside all your affairs, take a pen and paper and sit at the table. Concentrate, because it is likely that the decisions you make now will affect your future. To begin, determine the main goal of your life, no matter how difficult this task may seem to you. Who do you see yourself in a few decades? Big boss? A successful Rolls-Royce businessman? Or maybe you want to grow old in the circle of a large and friendly family? Write this goal on paper. This will be the main point in your plan.

Next, take a shorter period of time: not all life, but, say, 10 years. Also write down on a piece of paper what you want to achieve during this time. At the same time, remember that you must start from your main dream, not one step back from its realization. If your goal for 10 years is at least slightly contrary to your main task, then immediately delete it from your plan, think again. Then take the gap even less: 5 years, then 3 years, and finally a year. Having defined goals for this time, think over your tasks for a month, a week and a day. And so, it becomes obvious that big goals are made up of small, daily ones.

On the way to conquering its peaks, one should never forget about time for rest. Do not give yourself up to your whole work or family: this can lead to chronic fatigue, which will affect your productivity. Leave minutes in your plan for what you love to do: maybe it's some kind of hobby or just watching your favorite TV show. There is also a vacation place in life, which not only does not hinder the achievement of your dreams, but also accelerates its realization, because having a good rest is just as important as working hard. So let a couple of gaps remain in your plan for life: spend this time on something pleasant.

Finally, do not think that your plan should remain unchanged before you reach your main goal - do not drive yourself into a narrow framework! You can always adjust your plan, supplement or shorten it, because it is only your life, you can change your mind at any time. Suddenly one morning you wake up and decide that it’s worth living not for work, but for family? Burn the old sheet and start life with a new, clean sheet, in the literal and figurative sense! But still, you have to think carefully: are you ready to start from scratch again, abandoning all your previous achievements? We need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and only then make a decision.

But even if you have correctly drawn up your plan, be prepared that everything can dramatically go wrong as you intended, because much in life does not depend on us. The main thing is not to give up, but as quickly as possible to adapt to new circumstances, to adjust your life route. And then you are doomed to success!

How to learn to rationally use your time?

It is known that in a day only 24 hours. Of these, about 8 hours go to sleep, 8-10 hours to work or study ... and the rest of the time is lost in idleness or routine. How to set yourself up for a productive day, which will include not only rest after a working day?

The first thing to do is identify and write down your main goals. To begin with, it is worth getting a diary (or organizer) in a convenient format (electronic or paper). It is convenient to bring into it emerging ideas, current tasks. The advantage of an electronic diary is the setting of reminders that work at the appointed time.

• Global challenges.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the range of basic, most important and comprehensive goals. The formulation of these tasks will help determine the direction of activity, clearly show what steps have been taken and simplify their analysis. It looks something like this:

  1. Business
  2. Spiritual development
  3. A family
  4. Sport
  5. Education, etc.

Why do you need life planning

Both the most prosperous and the most worthless person on the planet have 24 hours in a day. But the first achieves a lot, and the second can get bogged down in a swamp of failures. The secret of this discrepancy is how and what these 24 hours are filled with. The first considers life as a long-term project, and the second, most likely, thinks little about the future - it lives today and no more. Life planning is important for those who approach their lives responsibly, who want to do a lot in life and achieve it. Life planning usually attracts results and alarms processors, as it pushes life into a certain framework.

What would you say to builders who, planning to build your summer house, would ask for money in advance and say: you know, we will not draw a project, this reduces the freedom of creativity, and in general we are not used to it. What happens is what we will build. Would you give them money? There is a feeling that no. Now imagine that you are building life. Do you have a project of your life? Is this a less responsible business for you? Myself, as the builder of life - would you give money?

Life planning is thinking over your life so that its result will definitely please you. It is necessary to develop business and life success, improve the ability to build relationships, strengthen your health and increase the well-being of your and your loved ones: create a life base. You can dream beautifully, but serious people think about the end result.

Vasya was a creative person, and working on sleepless nights, he wrote very spiritual poems in his village. His girlfriend Masha and another friend Feda liked the poems, as a result of which, on the basis of common interests, Masha married Fedya, who also made good money as a machine operator. On this occasion, Vasya wrote another poetry collection and sent all his poems to the city. When Vasya was dying, a small gray pamphlet warmed up his soul: nevertheless, he managed to publish poetry in a scanty circulation, although it was not sold out. Since Vasya was extremely poor, Masha and Fedya organized a wake for him, who had built a strong house for a long time, raised children and planted a beautiful orchard. Of course, Fedya, unlike Vasya, no one could call an exalted and creative person, but how would you rate the result of their life?

Morality: the success of a project is determined not by strength and elevation of intentions, but by the amount of actually achieved result. ("Formula for success or philosophy of the life of an effective person")

Life Planning Myths

A planned life is boring. Not really never. A planned life allows you to accommodate a much larger number of events and adventures.Imagine that when you were going to rest, you left things in a suitcase somehow: a little will fit into it. And if you folded things neatly, occupied the vacant places with small things - more fit into the suitcase. The same goes for life.

Plan - limits development. This is if the plan is small, simple and not inspiring. And if you wrote Maximum of Life and suddenly realized that time is very short, and there is a lot of work - you will develop at a triple rate!

Plan - does not give freedom of creativity. And that is not true. No one is stopping you from reviewing and refining your plan every day, month, year, three years, so that you can correct what has already been written and introduce something new.

A planned life does not allow you to enjoy the present. Nonsense - it just gives, and even with a margin, especially if you plan it. And if you do not know how to plan, you will enjoy the present only in snatches and to the detriment of yourself. Watch Hurry live real

• Relations.

It is worth creating a separate folder in which the records of new acquaintances and the dynamics of the development of the relations will be kept. Ideas and projects arising in the process of communication.

Keeping diaries, personal records will help to remember all emerging ideas, happy events or see personal growth, it is worth keeping a record of your achievements in the diary. It will also help you learn to write your own thoughts in writing. It is also important to keep a sports diary (along with a food diary), which will show the progress and benefits of the chosen direction. Analysis of the records will help identify priority and progressive directions of development.

Life is like a delivery service: we get what we ordered.
Stephen Covey

Competent planning

Competent life planning - thinking over the optimal routine of affairs and the general direction of life, corresponding to your life values. Such planning not only does not exclude relaxation and entertainment in human life, on the contrary, in some cases obliges you to relax, even if it is lazy for you. Proper life planning helps self-control, develops self-esteem, inspires optimism, gives self-discipline and energy. Life planning can begin with the simplest - with a list of activities and activities for each coming day.

Life planning can be compared to a multi-story building, at the base of which (at the heart of your planning) are your personal life values. It is from them that planning should begin.

If you lived a long and difficult life, and at the end of it realized that you do not need and are not interested in such a life, then it will be too late to change anything. If, on the contrary, you know well that in life you want what is really expensive for you, each day of your well-built life will become meaningful for you.

Having decided on your values, begin to set your life goals. The more vividly and specifically you can see the desired end result, the better. It is more difficult for distant life goals to set exact parameters, however, timelines and other specific numbers will help you understand how effectively you are moving in a chosen direction.

To move through life more efficiently, pay attention to those people who surround you every day. Take a look from your point of view at your friends, at your relatives and colleagues at work, it happens that the familiar environment does not contribute to the speedy achievement of your goals, and sometimes, moreover, leads you away from your goals. Perhaps part of your life planning could be an inventory and choice of your environment.

An important point in planning your own life is a plan for personal development. What are you going to teach yourself today, in the coming week, in the coming month and year? Even if you have complete order with your surroundings, values ​​and goals, then for complete life planning you may not have enough basic life skills and useful habits. For example, the habit of putting everything off for later will have to be replaced by the habit of doing everything in a timely manner.

If you have established your life and feel that you can do great things and achievements, think about your Maximum of life.

Life can be amazingly beautiful - let's make it so!

Why you need to stop planning your life

Having let go of everything, you can catch the moment.

Let's face the inevitable: life moves fast. You do not even have time to blink an eye, as something is changing, and opportunities come and go. We look back and ponder where our whole life has gone and how well we spent it. In fact, it looks like a lot of scratched and callused hands. How can we really control everything that happens?

We return to the real world: we cannot. Too many experiences and energies are entrusted to our future, to ideas and events that we cannot even foresee or change. The bottom line is that we are slaves to our own views.

How to break this vicious circle? Set aside your funny painted chart and pencil to start with yourself.

Start with a clean slate and work on how you can change your outlook and accept uncertainty, and the following 7 reasons will help you. In just a second, you will begin to feel relief from pressure and anxiety.

It is beyond your control

Easier said than done, right? Just remember that if you have an idea of ​​how the future will turn out, think again. Life never goes according to plan.

There are too many factors and elements that can positively or negatively affect our expected future.

Therefore, why think too much about what we cannot control? Honestly, we can do everything in our power to get a promotion, but someone else is just more suitable for this position. You cannot make this change happen in your favor.


Good article, thanks to the author. I can say that if you at least plan your days for a month and set reminders, at the appointed time you are not lazy and carry out tasks, then there will be more time. As my teacher said, “you do more, you do more”.
I went on maternity leave, it seemed to me that I did not have time for anything, and the child took away all my time and life. Having fallen into the swamps, I did as it is written in the article, painted at least all my days in the diaries, and when I began to do everything and not be lazy. I had time for both my husband and myself, although before I had nothing to do. I think it will be necessary and true, at least for a year to try to try.

I agree with the article. But I would put in the first place 1. Family 2. Business 3. Sport, and then how it goes. Initially, the first place should be occupied by education, since getting married early, but you won’t earn money without it. Carolina probably helped her husband with the children all the same, so that everything would be in time. My wife also has time, because for me the family comes first. Everyone plans everything in their own way, as they are brought up to whom it is more important. Or does someone disagree?

I agree with the article! But there are many factors that prevent you from simply taking and completing the scheduled tasks at the appointed time. Family is one of the important aspects and always influences your time management. There are also unforeseen circumstances. But if you cope with all this, then I think you are guaranteed success!

Now is the time to change the worldview

Change your worldview from the fact that you cannot control what you can. Release everything and do everything possible in the present.

If you want a promotion, work tirelessly, acquire new skills, take courses, ask for advice and try your best. Again, the future is not in your hands.

Use your time wisely, because unnecessary worries about what might happen will only give you a headache and a little paranoia.

You should be comfortable in the inconvenience

While this sounds rather pompous and controversial, there is value to this idea.

Since the future is beyond our control, then everything else that comes in our way is also, so you need to learn to sometimes endure inconvenience.

The song of the Maroon 5 group sings about this very correctly: "Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, we are moving forward thanks to a compromise." We cannot always turn everything around to our advantage. Well, how to deal with this stress? Tiny steps.

Life is not easy, so try to teach yourself to endure inconvenience. Think this is just like playing sports. This is difficult, but to improve yourself, you must endure a slight pain or inconvenience. Over time, everything will become more tolerant. Take this idea into your life, and your body and mind will also be able to endure.

Acceptance of changes and flexibility - communication skills

Want to be successful in the future? Release the past and live in the present. Once you release control, you can understand that change is part of life and you need to be flexible in order to catch what will happen in the future. Believe it or not, but these skills are necessary to work with other people and to achieve the best results in the future.

Life does not have to hold

A lot of focus on your future is time consuming and, frankly, this is basically a waste of time. Instead of living here and now, we are trying our best to predict the next moment. Release the reins and let life move along its route. Think about how much you miss when not even looking.

For example, let's say you are on vacation on one of the islands. You have one more day on land and your liner sets sail. But instead of breathing in the ocean air and admiring the stunning views, you constantly scroll through your landing time and what you need to leave. So you missed the day of relaxation and chic.

You need to know yourself

Do not let fear control your life. Be aware when you begin to lose your ability to live right now and get too involved in something that you cannot control. Take a deep breath and think about what you can do to keep moving forward. Give it a try. You will be less excited and be able to handle everything.

When opportunities knock on the door, you need to open

Having let go of everything, you can catch the moment. With your new skills of flexibility and adoption, you will be able to consider more options and paths. Do not allow yourself to get stuck on one option. Be open to change and live the moment!

No matter what your current career or personal status is, these seven tips can be useful for your life. Stop worrying and take action!

Article translation - Why You Should Stop Planning and Embrace Uncertainty via Kluber

Do I need to plan my life? The terrible truth about the future

Do I need to plan my life? Whether or not you answer this question depends on how you feel about your own life.

If you are satisfied with any course of events - wherever life turns, if everything that happens is suitable for you, and you are sure that in the future you will perceive what is happening the same way, if you are such a humble person that you can accept any outcome in every situation - then the question of whether you need to plan your life simply does not exist for you.

Why think about the future?

Those who are not ready to accept everything that happens meekly will have to think about the future. And despite the fact that the future is not open to us - c’est la vie, we usually act as if we know what will happen.

Everyone proposes today to be around at this hour, or to go out of town next weekend, or to buy new clothes for the coming season, or to go on vacation in September.

Not everything is fulfilled as planned, and yet, we plan, plan, plan - without even noticing that we are doing this.

It turns out that in reality we plan our life, and yet, many people avoid consciously planning, they do it only under the pressure of circumstances - when there is no way out and a quiet existence is under threat.

If life moves more or less, the majority prefers to live “naturally”, without goals - not planning either the path to the result or the time frame for achieving it:

Here you plan, and then it won’t work out - it will be insulting. And if you plan everything and everything works out, then there will be no surprises! Boring!

Recipe: What if your plan goes wrong?

If something went wrong, and you understand, see, hear, control it, then the best way to react is to build a salvation plan: - in what ways you can get out of an undesirable situation - how to reduce its impact on your life

- how to benefit from it, finally!

The energy reserved for disappointment and resentment is more than enough to get out of unforeseen circumstances in the right direction.

Recipe: What if you like surprises?

Choose interesting projects, bold decisions, bright paths for your plans - such that your nerves ring like bells! Lay in the plan powerful goals, inspiring results, challenges that repeatedly overlap your current resources, and are orders of magnitude superior to your ideas of who you are and what you deserve. You won’t get bored with such plans, it’s verified.

You become part of the Alien’s plans

Do you know what will happen to you if you are not planning your life?

As long as you don’t have your own path, it means that you are on a different path. And the Alien will gladly use you - everything that you possess - for your own plans: your energy, your nerves, your intellect and emotions, your talents, your will, in the end.

You are so seductive with your restless resources! And here no one will ask you already - is it not offensive to you, is it not boring? Forces are squandered, and it will be too late to want something. Say, all hope for children, maybe they will manage to live better ?! It will not work if you do not teach them this - by personal example.

To live a better life, plan your better life and build your own personal path. And every day, step by step, move in your best direction. Only personal always makes sense.

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How to learn to plan your life: not a minute spent in vain

Like it or not, life is such a thing, all the nuances of which are simply impossible to take into account. But still, you can try to make some plans and gradually implement them. This is quite useful for the development of a person as a person. Making plans for the future and setting clear goals for yourself is what helps to achieve success. Planning for a week or a month is a great practice.

If a person knows what he wants or needs to do, then he takes clear steps towards his goal, but uncertainty does not bode well. That is why it is worth learning how to plan your life, understanding that different nuances can still happen and this is quite normal.

For a week

Making a plan for a week is much easier than for a month. Yes, and decide what to do the next 7 days can be pretty quick.

You need to make a plan according to the same principle as for a month, only a list of tasks and tasks is much easier.

Advice! When making a plan, do not get too carried away by spending absolutely all the time on work or some other business. You should always leave enough time to relax in order to recover and gain new strength.

Planning a full day is easy. It is with this task that it is necessary to begin, gradually making plans for a longer period. Living behind a schedule is quite easy and convenient, the main thing is to get used to it.

Small conclusion

Learning to plan your life correctly is a must for every person. This greatly facilitates the process of performing even the most complex tasks, allows you to keep up with everything and enjoy every day.

Living according to plan does not mean enclosing oneself in a tight framework, but rather opening new doors for oneself, learning to relate to everything responsibly.

Just try to plan everything and you can make sure that it is really good practice.

(15,00 out of 5)

Next year planning

Step 1. See the feeling. Start by focusing on how you want to feel at the end of this year. Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful year, imagine yourself at the end of this year and how exactly you feel.

Allow yourself to enter into these images and states, to live them. It is very important to create the right space, to give yourself enough time for this. Think about where you dream best. Maybe you want to go to a cafe or take a walk in the park, and it’s easiest to think of that way there. Focus on your desires.

When the image is formed, you will feel a flash of inspiration and energy inside, the image is as if lit. This is a sign that you are on the right track.

Step 2. Identify key goals. Now, while holding your image, ask yourself the question: What are the 3 main goals that will bring me closer to this state? The answers may coincide with what you already planned to do, or they may be completely unexpected. For example, you may find that in order to feel deep satisfaction at the end of the year, you need to perform a solo number on stage, although you have never sung and never danced. At the same time, you can see that in order to achieve the desired state, it is important for you to start a project that you want to run for a long time or go to the next level in it.

Try to trust what will come. Our unconscious knows much better what will lead to the desired conditions, so it is very important to trust your intuition and not consider dancing or drawing less important activities than writing a business plan.

Step 3. Fix the priorities. After you have seen the three main goals leading to the desired conditions at the end of the year, it is important to take another last step - to make them a top priority.

If you did everything correctly and your final image is charged with energy, then this will not be difficult. Emotionally colored goals are good precisely because they contain a huge resource of motivation and there is no need to make titanic efforts to make them part of the plan and move towards them. Just periodically remember the image that you saw, and the desire to move in this direction will arise by itself.

How to rely on feelings in long-term planning

Here, without any understanding of the feelings and conditions that you are striving for, it will be difficult to move towards your dream. Because our conscious ideas about how exactly we can reach our goals, as a rule, never coincide with the way we actually come to our dreams.

How often did you set yourself a goal, worked hard to achieve it only in order to discover that it did not bring you the expected happiness and fullness? In my life, this happened with enviable regularity, before I changed my approach to long-term planning and did not start to take as a guide exactly the feelings and conditions that I want to come to, and not the external attributes of this dream.

Why does it work? Because moving towards states, you are learning more and more to be in these states, you are doing exactly those things that help you expand the presence of these states in your life, and gradually these states begin to attract more and more circumstances in which you can still feel more of these conditions.

Suppose you seek to feel freedom and joy in life. But at the moment in your life there is continuous stress, limitations and not a minute of time for what you truly love. The key conditions in which you are: tension, heaviness, a feeling of unfreedom and a desperate desire to break out of this vicious circle.

Your rational mind lives on the idea that you need to exert even more, to suffer a little more - and the reward will follow. In the uncertain future. You collect will into a fist even more, create even more tension and hopelessness in your life, attracting more and more circumstances in which you can feel tension and hopelessness. You are saving up for vacation with incredible efforts, but at the last moment something happens: the car breaks down, you fill in the neighbors, a loved one gets into a difficult situation or you just lose money in some way and you have to strain further and more.

It was this trap of mind that made me cook for a long time in the conditions and circumstances that I just described. When I first started to put the idea of ​​states into practice, it seemed completely unreasonable and extremely uncomfortable.

I needed to start relaxing and enjoying life in the very circumstances in which so far I have only been straining and worried even more. This is actually an unusual idea for the mind. On the other hand, within a month I saw significant changes in space and circumstances. And here I am, finally, here, living a dream life with my family.

The most powerful image that can lead you through life is the image of the future or future self. The future self is an image that reflects in all the nuances those states that in essence are our nature, but are suppressed by numerous limiting beliefs. Now main idea: one should not look at the external image, although one can also draw a lot of valuable information from it, namely the state.

What am I in this future, in what state am I, and what is the difference between me there and me today? It is this difference that should become a guide in planning. What exactly needs to be done to get closer to these conditions? What can bring a little more of these conditions into my current life?

The inner gives birth to the outer. When we begin to correspond in our states to the image of ourselves in the future, the external reality will increasingly correspond to our dream.

For a day

Planning a full day is easy. It is with this task that it is necessary to begin, gradually making plans for a longer period. Living behind a schedule is quite easy and convenient, the main thing is to get used to it.

10. Work more than you can

And undermine your health, the work is worth such sacrifices. So you will earn more money for the family, please the boss and will certainly move up the career ladder. Maybe the well-being of not only your company, but the entire planet depends on your hard work! When you pursue such an important goal, it is not necessary to sleep and rest. Nothing terrible will happen to you, survive.

11. Do not waste time on games

This is an absolutely useless activity. Games only take you time and energy and do not give you any measurable results. So what if your inner child withers away, that you miss the opportunity to develop your creative potential and simply have fun with your friends and relatives. Nothing to you.

22. Do not leave hated work

They pay well here. Yes, and scary to go nowhere, right? What if you can’t find a better job?

Remember: work is never pleasant. Whoever says the opposite simply hangs noodles on your ears. Better spend more than half your life in the same unloved place. So calmer.

44. Run away

Drop the case that works best for you. Throw friends when they need you. Drop your loved one because you are bored. Instead of staying and doing what you have to do, run away and imagine that nothing happened. Run until there is nowhere to run.

97. Jealous

Be sure: there is no love without jealousy. Do not forget that there is always someone better than you. Control every step of your loved one and panic every time when a nice representative of the opposite sex passes by him or her. Be diligent in your surveillance until you achieve the fact that they will really leave you. To someone less jealous.

100. Do not love

Let your heart turn to stone, no matter how arrogant it may sound. Do not let love unbalance you. And live a life devoid of sentiments and ... all meaning.

Follow the bad advice, they are written for that. Do not fly!

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