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Hair grows on a penis - is that normal?

The growth of hair on the head few people provokes bewilderment and questions, which can not be said about the growth and degree of hairiness of the body. A medical certificate clarifies that hair growth on a man’s body is a natural process that is closely related to puberty. Many young men wonder why hair grows on the penis, when it should be normal, and why hair in the groin appears at all.

As practice shows, the growth of hair in the area of ​​intimate places begins at puberty at about the time when puberty begins. And the appearance of armpit hair, in place of a mustache and beard, in the genital area - all these are secondary signs of puberty. But interestingly, not every man has hair on the penis itself, which is difficult to explain.

What to do if hair grows on the penis?

During puberty, many guys begin to notice the appearance of hairiness in the armpits and groin. And it happens that boys grow hair on the penis. Why it happens? Is this the norm?

Male anatomical features suggest the presence of vegetation in areas such as the lower part of the face, chest, armpits, legs, and upper genital area. However, hair on the genitals does not grow in all young people.

The fact is that there is no concrete answer why hair grows on the penis, since each person has his own individual characteristics that must be taken into account. Someone has practically no vegetation in the groin area, while others, on the contrary, have a lot of it.

However, some young people are interested in the possibility of removing hairs from the penis. How safe is this procedure, and is it possible to shave them there at all?

Before parting with an unexpected gift from nature, you still need to understand why hair grows in these places, why is such a cover needed in principle?

Hair growth reasons

The vegetation on the body and head is a purely hereditary factor transmitted through the pedigree at the genetic level. As practice shows, the size of the penis, the degree of hairiness of the head, body, intimate places, all these are approximately the same indicators in men of the same lineage. Therefore, the main reason why hair grows on the penis is heredity.

Having also done a lot of research, the scientists came to the conclusion that the vegetation on the body and head, namely the appearance of hair growth even in unusual places, are absolutely natural and natural processes. The sex hormone in the male body, testosterone, can affect this. And if the hormone is more than normal, accordingly, there may be enhanced hair growth and their appearance in other places where such a trend had not been observed before.

Is this normal?

An abnormal situation is considered when a man has increased skin hairiness, but thinning and falling hair on his head. In this case, doctors most often diagnose hormonal disorders associated with testosterone. If a man has hair growing on the stem of a member, not one specialist will call such a process a pathology, because throughout the entire territory of the skin there are hair follicles.

Under the influence of various factors, in some places hair follicles are active, showing hair growth, in others they are in “sleep” mode. If the hair grows in intimate places, this is an important point, since the hair in its function restrains certain pheromones on the skin of a man. The higher the growth of hair, the stronger the man will seem seductive and attractive in the face of the opposite sex.

There is no cause for concern!

If a man's hair grows on the penis - this is not a pathology, since hair follicles are located almost everywhere under our skin. However, in some places on the body they are active, while in others they clearly do not show themselves.

Experts explain that the presence of vegetation in the genital area is functionally significant, as it helps to contain the so-called pheromones on the skin. These substances are formed in the subcutaneous glands and are able to be captured by a woman on a subconscious level. The more hair, the stronger the production and distribution of substances. Therefore, those men whose hair grows on the penis have nothing to worry about, as nature intended.

Hair Function

Also, to decide on the question why and why hair grows on the penis, a man should get acquainted with the main functions of such hairiness. Hair in the groin performs several purposes:

  1. Protective function - thanks to the hair, the genital area is protected from pathogenic microflora (fungi, bacteria), as a result of which inflammatory and infectious processes often flare up.
  2. Attraction of attention from women - the hair retains pheromones on the body that attract attention from the opposite sex, in addition, women at a subconscious level determine the male with a high level of testosterone by their hairiness.
  3. Comfort - If you remove the hair in the groin area, all this causes irritation, redness, itching, so many men prefer not to touch the hairiness in the groin area.
  4. Stress - It is known that hair depilation or hair removal procedures cause stressful reactions of the body, which sooner or later negatively affect the general state of health, metabolism, etc.
  5. Extra sexual stimulation - if hairs are present on the trunk of the penis, during intercourse they can provide additional stimulation to the genitals of the woman.

In general, medical practice demonstrates rare and isolated cases when the hair follicles are in an active state on the skin of the penis of a man. And even if there is a hairline of such an atypical area, we are talking about several small hairs, and not about thick hair.

Main functions

So, the hair in the groin area in men performs the following functions:

  1. Protective function. Vegetation is necessary to ensure that various bacteria and fungi that cause inflammation and infectious diseases do not reach the genitals.
  2. Attractiveness for women. At a subconscious level, most female representatives prefer a man to have enough hairs. Trusting instincts, the girl chooses those who have the highest rate of production of such a hormone as testosterone. If a man has hair growing on his penis, then there is plenty of sex hormone.
  3. Convenience. In many cases, hair removal from the inguinal zone is accompanied by unpleasant sensations: redness, the appearance of itching, accidental cuts, etc. Of course, these symptoms subside over time, but if the skin is very sensitive, then more serious consequences can occur.
  4. Stable weight. According to the results of studies by foreign scientists, men who systematically shave their hair follicles on their bodies are prone to fullness. This fact is explained by the presence of regular stress for the body, as a result of which the metabolism is disturbed.
  5. The presence of pheromones. These volatile substances accumulate directly in places where there is hair. The presence of the amount of this hormone in a guy largely depends on the amount of vegetation on the body. The stronger the hormone is produced, the better the female brain responds.

Clean up or not?

Many modern men, especially those living in megacities, consider the presence of body hair to be unacceptable or even bad form. Therefore, they try to get rid of them in every possible way, without thinking about the consequences.

Removing the hair, especially in intimate places, the procedure is not only painful, but also dangerous. Dermatologists are strongly advised not to shave them directly on the genitals, but to turn to specialists. Since the skin of the penis is very thin, and any cut can cause great trouble. An allergic reaction may occur, an abscess may appear, an abscess may form. Better not take the risk.

Moreover, in our age of advanced technology, this procedure is absolutely painless and inexpensive. Beauty salons offer hair removal in the groin area using laser depilation or electric depilation. Both of these methods work the same way - they destroy the structure of the hair follicle. Unlike mechanical shaving, these methods allow you to permanently get rid of any discomfort.

Functions of hair in the groin area

For many men, the question remains as to whether hair removal from the genitals is advisable by shaving. Whether such a procedure is necessary and whether it is worth fighting increased hairiness is a purely individual question. In order for each man to make a decision for himself, you first need to figure out why hair grows on the penis and why groin is needed.

The functions of the hair in the groin are as follows:

  1. Protection against pathogenic microflorathat surrounds a person throughout his life. We are talking about all kinds of pathogenic bacteria that can enter the genitals, causing infections and inflammation.
  2. Women consciousness. Many women retained primitive instincts at a subconscious level, according to which she prefers to see a man covered with hair in front of her. In addition, testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for hairiness, which means that a hairy man has enough of it.
  3. Comfort. In most cases, shaving of the groin is accompanied by irritation, itching, just as new hair begins to grow. But over time, after each shave, the skin will begin to adapt to such tests and respond less in the future.
  4. Body weight gain. According to research by American scientists, it was found that people who often perform hair removal are more likely to gain extra pounds. Shaving is an irritation to the skin, and stress affects metabolism.
  5. Pheromones. Such substances accumulate in the man precisely in the places of the scalp, the woman’s nervous system responsible for sexual desire reacts to their special smell.

Despite the belief that people with the evolutionary process have lost their pheromones, unlike animals, the tests say the opposite. For most women, those men who emit androgens - male pheromones - are attractive.

Causes of hair on the penis

The degree of hair growth of each man is individual and depends on the nature of the course of the natural process associated with the concentration of the sex hormone testosterone. This hormone is produced in different concentrations and largely depends on race, genetic characteristics, age and other factors. Some men may have more vegetation on their body, others less, but for many, the appearance of hair on the trunk of the penis can be a real shock.

The hair follicles (follicles) are located throughout the body, i.e. anywhere in the skin, with the exception of the mucous membranes. Evolution itself decided where there should be more hair (for example, in the armpits or groin to protect delicate skin and genitals), and where they are not needed at all (for example, feet, palms).

On the trunk of the penis, the appearance of hair is not a pathology, because they grow at the base of the penis, often the hairline can reach almost the middle of the trunk of the penis. A rare insertion of hair on the penis is not a violation, on the contrary, they perform one important function - they hold and distribute pheromones throughout the body. The attractiveness of men in the eyes of women of the opposite sex is largely due to the presence of these volatile agents that trap the organs of smell of women.

Methods for getting rid of unwanted hair on the penis

Think about whether to perform hair removal procedures, because this is how nature created you, therefore, it is in this form that you are most attractive to women at a subconscious level. I advise you to try hair removal methods only if they are really undesirable and bring you a sense of discomfort.

The laser beam is directed to the skin, destroying the hair follicle, located at a depth of 2-3 mm. Laser hair removal is safe and painless, and in 10 sessions (+/-) you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair on the penis forever.

A thin special thread (resembles a needle) penetrates the skin and destroys the hair follicle with a weak electric charge. The procedure is painful, so local anesthesia may be required. "For testing", you can perform the procedure on other sensitive areas - the neck, between the eyebrows. To get rid of hair forever will require more than one session, their number is also individual.

As an option to get rid of several hairs, you can use ordinary tweezers. For those who have already tried this procedure, I advise you to carry it out when the penis is in an erect state. However, I personally advise you to seek help in a professional salon, where specialists conduct laser or electric hair removal procedures.

Ways to deal with hair on the penis

If a man is bothered by the moment that there is hair on the skin of the penis, you can resort to a professional method of depilation. However, most medical specialists do not accept procedures that contradict male physiology and the characteristics of the body. But at the same time, you should not neglect increased hairiness, as this can cause the opposite effect - the accumulation of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

Experts advise two ways to remove hair:

  1. Laser hair removal in the walls of a cosmetology or medical office.
  2. Waxing should also be done by a specialist.

Only a specially trained person knows how to painlessly and as safely as possible remove hair from the trunk of the penis, scrotum and in the groin area. Moreover, laser and wax hair removal will allow you to remove hair for a long period of time, which can not be said about mechanical shaving. You can find out how to shave the groin of a man here.

A haircut

Before deciding how appropriate it is to remove hair from the groin area, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the hair cover here performs the function of a temperature regulator. In the genital area there are important lymph nodes, as well as testicles, which with the help of hair are protected from temperature extremes.

Based on this, specialists are more inclined to the option of intimate haircut, which involves neatly trimmed hair in the groin area. This will allow the man to maintain personal hygiene without losing his physiological characteristics, as well as to avoid the effects of shaving - discomfort, irritation, itching, allergic skin reaction.

The main manifestations and causes of acne on the penis are as follows:

  • Folliculitis (inflammation of the sebaceous gland)
  • Ingrown hair
  • Genital warts
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Genital herpes
  • Syphilitic rash
  • Atheroma

Folliculitis - inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the hair bulb.

Represents a red painful pimple, with a purulent head in the center.

May cause itching and secrete purulent contents.

Often provoked by shaving.It can be either single or multiple.

After the release of pus, acute inflammation subsides and the redness goes away.

Heals, as a rule, without a scar, does not give screenings.

It is formed in adolescence and youth. The reason is a purulent bacterium (staphylococcus) that has penetrated the hair.

Ingrown hair - appears usually after shaving. At first it is not accompanied by redness - a white pimple.

As a rule, it is localized at the site of transition of the skin of the penis to the pubic skin.

It often causes itching, which can lead to inflammation and redness.

When examining this white pimple under a magnifying glass in the center, a bent ingrown hair is observed.

After removing hair from the skin, it heals quickly without scarring.

Acne on the penis
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Lenkin Sergey Gennadevich

Venereologist's appointment900.00 rub.
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Causes of Acne

There are many reasons that contribute to the appearance of a rash on the penis.

Let's consider them in more detail.

Basically, such rashes indicate a man has a genital infection.

Typically, these signs appear as a result of the penetration of such types of infection as:

  1. 1. The tripper
  2. 2. HPV
  3. 3. Syphilis
  4. 4. Herpes
  5. 5. Chlamydia
  6. 6. Candidiasis (thrush)

The cause of the appearance of red and white acne on the penis can be allergic reactions.

The skin of the penis is very thin and has a large number of capillaries and veins.

This contributes to trauma and the appearance of rashes.

But not only sexually transmitted diseases can become prerequisites for the appearance of a rash on the penis.

The cause of this symptom may be some other types of pathologies.

These include:

  • Genital warts
  • Balanoposthitis
  • Erosion
  • Process of inflammation on the penis
  • Genitourinary Cancer
  • Skin diseases
  • Intimate Hygiene

Remember! Regardless of what triggered the appearance of a white and red rash on the penis, you should visit a medical institution to provide qualified care.

The sooner the doctor can diagnose, the faster you will get rid of unpleasant rashes.

Untimely treatment can provoke complications and chronicity of the disease.

Therapy is prescribed exclusively by a doctor.

If treated independently, you can worsen your health.

Acne on the penis skin color

Genital warts - represents acne on the penis of skin color, on the head of the penis of red color.

These rashes do not have a bright red color and represent the growth of the tissue on which they are located.

Growth occurs under the influence of the human papillomavirus.

PCR scrapings for HPV give a positive result.

Often these rashes are numerous and give screenings due to the contact spread of the virus through the skin.

With trauma and pressure, pus does not stand out. When punctured, blood is released.

This disease is described in more detail in the corresponding article on our site.

Molluscum contagiosum

Represents white acne on the penis and pubis.

The base of these acne is not inflamed. In the center there is a slight depression.

Itching and soreness, as a rule, do not cause.

When pressed, a white curd mass may stand out.

In more detail about this disease it is told in the corresponding article of our site.

Genital herpes

Grouped acne on the penis.

It characterizes grouped acne on the penis, first with transparent, and then with purulent contents, they are located on a red base.

Rashes are painful. They can be located both on the skin of the penis, and on the skin of the head, on the pubis.

A relapsing course and soreness are characteristic.

When individual bubbles are punctured with a needle, transparent contents come out.

More details can be found on the signs of the disease in an article on our site.

Syphilitic rash

As a rule, solitary, painless.

The rash is represented by a small nodule with a seal in the base.

There is no pus or other contents in the nodule.

Gradually, the nodule ulcerates and a typical ulcerative rash of primary syphilis forms - a hard chancre.

Inguinal lymph nodes are also enlarged, but painless.

This acne is characterized by a high density at the base and painlessness.


The accumulation of fat in the sebaceous gland, which can not escape to the surface of the skin.

The rash does not look so much like a pimple, but a knot, soft to the touch.

It is usually painless. However, when introduced into the infection, this node can become inflamed.

The rash is white and not fused with the surrounding skin. The patient is only concerned about the cosmetic and can exist for many months.

Allergy as a cause of a red and white rash

An allergic reaction is not a sexually transmitted disease and is not dangerous to the health of a man.

It is quite easy to stop with the help of special drugs.

In this case, the rash may reappear upon contact with the allergen.

The causes of the appearance of a red rash can be poor-quality underwear.

Sometimes, a reaction occurs to intimate hygiene products, condoms or lubricants.

In some cases, allergies can occur with severe skin reactions.

Dermatitis Rash

Sometimes the cause of the appearance of a white and red rash can be dermatitis.

Skin diseases can occur mainly at the age of 13-26 years.

During this period, puberty occurs in young men.

In such cases, the rash, after some time, goes away on its own.

The white rash on the penis usually consists of subcutaneous fat.

This rash is not dangerous.

Discomfort can only be caused by the presence of external defects on the genitals.

In other cases, dermatitis on the penis may require medical treatment.

Red and White Acneon the member: who heals

Every man asks a question: “Which doctor should I go to?”

In the event that there are rashes, it is necessary to visit a urologist or dermatovenerologist.

These doctors deal with diseases of the genitourinary system.

You can make an appointment with them when contacting the registry of the dermatovenerological dispensary.

A paid clinic can easily be recorded by phone or online.

As soon as you get an appointment with a doctor, a specialist will need to find out the cause of the appearance of such symptomatic signs.

To do this, the doctor conducts a survey and a thorough examination of the penis.

After the entire medical history is collected, laboratory tests are prescribed.

They are necessary in order to accurately diagnose.

This will facilitate the appointment of effective treatment.

Diagnostic methods for rash

To diagnose a rash on a penis, the following laboratory tests are used:

  1. 1. Smear from the urethra
  2. 2. IFA
  3. 3. Bacteriological culture
  4. 4. PCR

We will tell you about each method in more detail.

Bakseeding pathological material performed to identify colonies of pathogenic microorganisms.

To conduct this analysis, a patient is sampled.

Pathological material in the laboratory is seeded on plates with a special nutrient medium.

Sensitivity to antibacterial drugs is determined.

A general smear is carried out by examining the material under a magnifying lens of a microscope.

In it, you can see an increase in the number of white blood cells, pathological cells.

This is indicative of the presence of inflammation in the genitourinary system.

In some cases, this diagnostic method allows you to detect an infection that provoked the appearance of white and red rashes.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay allows identify antibodies to antigens of an infectious agent.

When studying the blood of the patient, you can find out the type of infection.

Polymerase chain reaction allows you to determine the DNA of the pathogen.

It is one of the most accurate laboratory research methods.

A microorganism can be detected in a small amount of patient material.

Attention! If a red or white rash appears on the penis, self-medication is prohibited.

Be sure to consult a specialist to provide medical care.

Self-treatment can lead to serious consequences and the neglected course of the disease.

Red and white rash on the penis: treatment

The first sign of the disease will be a rash white or red on the penis.

Treatment in the presence of such signs is prescribed only after a full examination and diagnosis.

After finding out the cause of the rash, the doctor will prescribe a course of therapy.

Depending on the type of pathogen and the cause of the rash, a course of drugs will be prescribed.

The following drugs are allocated for pathogenetic therapy:

  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Antihistamines

In case of a rash with fungal infections, topical preparations are prescribed in the form of ointments and creams.

If the rash appears as a result of infection with bacterial infections, treatment will be carried out with antibiotics.

Penicillin preparations are used predominantly.

Genital herpes requires treatment with antiviral agents.

If an allergy was diagnosed in a patient, anti-allergic drugs are used as a treatment.

In addition to the main treatment, the course necessarily includes:

  1. 1. Immunostimulants
  2. 2. Vitamins
  3. 3. Probiotics

All of them are necessary to maintain and restore the body after treatment.

Note! The treatment regimen is selected strictly by the doctor individually for each person.

Depending on the type of infection and the severity of the disease.

Throughout the treatment, all the instructions of the doctor should be followed.

The appearance of a white and red rash can cause the appearance of an inflammatory process on the penis.

In this case, you can use the bath with a decoction of chamomile or a string.

Antiseptics are sometimes prescribed: Miramistin or Chlorhexidine.

Before using any medicine, you should consult your doctor.

If you have any rashes on the penis, contact the author of this article - a venereologist in Moscow with 15 years of experience.

  • Near the metro Kropotkinskaya
  • We work every day from 9:00 to 20:00
  • The cost of the consultation is 900 rubles

Folliculitis on the penis

Folliculitis is a pathological process of infectious genesis, in which the hair follicle, its middle and deep sections are affected.

Infectious damage provokes the development of inflammatory, and then purulent processes.

The disease occurs in all parts of the human body where there are fragments of the hairline.

One of the options for the development of pathology is folliculitis on the penis, which is quite common in many men.

The prevalence of this disease is due to an impressive number of triggers.

In medical practice, the etiology of folliculitis of the penis is divided into:

In the area of ​​the follicle affected by pathogenic microorganisms, a pustule is formed, from the center of which hair grows.

Such a formation can be single (localized lesion of one follicle).

And multiple (when, under the influence of adverse factors, a network of nearby follicles becomes infected).

Over time, an ulcer forms from the pustule, oozing, with signs of weeping, painful.

As the ulcer formation heals, a scar remains in its place.

Penile folliculitis is dangerous in the absence of adequate treatment, due to the localization of the pathological process.

The disease is accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms, giving the man a lot of inconvenience and torment.

In the absence of adequate treatment, serious complications from the genitals are possible.

The clinical picture of folliculitis on the penis

The clinic for the development of the pathological process is clear, it is fast-paced.

Most of the symptoms cannot be missed, since they cause significant discomfort, especially when the folliculitis is localized in the inguinal region.

In dermatology, the symptoms of penile folliculitis develop in the following sequence:

  • In the area of ​​the affected follicle, there is a clear hyperemia of the skin with noticeable signs of infiltration. At the same stage, most patients develop marked itching, combing can aggravate the course of the pathological process and provoke complications.
  • The area of ​​hyperemia increases in diameter, in place of the follicle (at the base of the hair), a pustule forms, filled with purulent contents of a serous or whitish color. This formation also itches, but when touched it responds with strong painful sensations.
  • After spontaneous, accidental (when combing, rubbing on clothes) or intentional (it is recommended to carry out only at the doctor’s appointment) opening the pustule, pus follows from it (or is cleaned by the doctor). In place of the pathological formation, ulceration remains, covered with a purulent-bloody crust.

In the future, when receiving adequate treatment, the crust departs, and a scar remains at the site of ulceration.

With damage to the whole body of the follicle, the scar is more pronounced, traces of hyperpigmentation may be present.

Before the appearance of any signs of the disease, in the place of future development of folliculitis, patients often feel itching and soreness.

It is noteworthy that even in the area of ​​the penis, on the body of which there is a small number of hairs, folliculitis is of a multiple flow pattern (in most cases).

Features of the diagnosis of folliculitis on the penis

Diagnosis of folliculitis involves the passage of a number of diagnostic measures, the first of which is an initial examination at an appointment with a dermatovenerologist.

Based on the results of the examination, the doctor decides which tests to take with folliculitis of the penis, gives direction.

Of primary importance is the determination of the degree of lesion of the follicle and the identification of the pathogen.

To do this, the following studies are carried out:

  • Dermatoscopy using optical or digital equipment to enhance visualization during the examination.
  • Folliculitis on the penis requires inoculation on bacteria; for this, a sample of purulent contents is taken from the pustule.
  • If there is suspicion of the development of STDs (folliculitis on the penis is similar to herpes or syphilis), biomaterial is taken for PCR studies and RPR tests.

Principles of treating folliculitis on the penis

The treatment of penile folliculitis is conservative, based on drug therapy.

Drugs are selected based on the results of the diagnosis.

The key factor in the choice of medicines is the etiology of the disease, the identification of the pathogen.

So, with a fungal infection, antifungal agents are used, with a bacterial one, based on antibiotics.

In the early stages of the development of the pathological process, local type of action preparations are prescribed.

How to anoint folliculitis of the penis, the variations are different:

  • Bacterial etiology, for example, a common staphylococcal lesion - a member's folliculitis is treated with ointments with antibiotics. One option would be to use Zenerit for the treatment of penile folliculitis.
  • Fungal infection - drugs with a wide spectrum of antifungal activity (Terbinafine, Fluconazole) are prescribed.
  • Herpetic form - acyclovir-based products are used.
  • Demodicosis - the best option is to use Parmetrin cream.

Examples can be given for a long time, it is important that each doctor prescribe a medication.

In severe cases of the disease, with a deep lesion of the follicle, systemic therapy is added to local therapy.

What antibiotics to drink with folliculitis of the penis, the doctor will answer.

Most often these are erythromycin or tetracycline drugs.

In order to reduce the spread of infectious lesions to nearby tissues, doctors recommend the adjunctive use of boric alcohol.

The solution processes the affected and surrounding areas of the skin.

In some cases, physiotherapy using ultraviolet radiation.

Possible complications of folliculitis on the penis

Lack of timely treatment or disruption of the immune system, for example, with HIV, threatens the development of serious complications of penile folliculitis.

There are several options for the occurrence of complications:

  • When the member's folliculitis is launched, a carbuncle appears - a pathological purulent formation, consisting of several boils, requiring surgical intervention.
  • An even more severe form of complications - member folliculitis progresses to an abscess. This term describes an even more severe form of the inflammatory process, accompanied by tissue necrosis. The treatment is also surgical in combination with systemic drug therapy. To cure such a folliculitis of the penis, purulent elements are opened, they are cleaned, and then massive doses of antibiotics are taken.

When it comes to immunodeficiency, folliculitis of the penis is accompanied by frequent relapses.

In such cases, it is necessary to find out the main cause of relapse, strengthen the immune system, as well as preventive measures.

Why does hair growth occur?

Many men are interested in why hair grows on the penis of an adult. Experts explain that body hair growth is a natural process, activated after reaching a certain concentration of testosterone in the blood. This sex hormone is produced in the testes under the control of the anterior pituitary gland. The degree of density of body hair depends on the genetic characteristics, race, age and location of the ancestors. Why did nature make the hair grow on the penis?

Scientists have found that the hair on the trunk of the penis is not a pathology, because the body is designed so that the hair follicles are anywhere in the skin, except for mucous tissues.

During evolution, in some places of the male body, for example, in the groin or in the armpits, there are more curly hairs that provide some security to delicate vulnerable skin. After all, dense vegetation prevents genital rubbing, creates a kind of air gap to protect against overheating. In other places - palms or on the penis itself - hair was not needed. Therefore, they grow there only in a few representatives of the stronger sex.

If the hair on the penis does not cause discomfort or inconvenience, you do not need to get rid of it. Doctors explain that vegetation in the genital area performs one very important function - the retention on the body and the distribution of pheromones. So called volatile agents produced in the glands of the armpits, penis, nasolabial folds. They are odorless, but are easily captured by the sense of smell of people of the opposite sex and come in the form of signals directly to the brain. With their help, women instinctively understand how suitable this man is for them sexually. Based on these facts, the guy should consider whether he needs to remove the hair on the penis or leave the body as it was intended by nature.

There are various methods for hair removal.

Prevention of folliculitis of the penis

In order to prevent the development of the pathological process or prevent its relapse, prevention is important.

To reduce the likelihood of infection of the follicles allows compliance with a number of simple recommendations:

  • compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene, regular washing with hygiene products,
  • wear comfortable underwear made from natural materials, regularly change underwear,
  • dress according to the weather - overheating in the inguinal region leads to increased sweating, provoking the occurrence of folliculitis,
  • lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain immunity (healthy eating, sports, etc.),
  • eliminate promiscuous sex or use condoms regularly
  • in case of relapse due to depilation, refuse hair removal in the inguinal region.

If folliculitis appears on a member, contact the author of this article, a venereologist in Moscow with many years of experience.

Clinical Hair Removal Methods

Many modern men regularly visit not only hairdressing salons, but also beauty salons. Indeed, the observance of a neat, well-groomed appearance is one of the conditions for career growth and increased attention of the opposite sex. What hardware procedures for hair removal in the delicate places of the intimate zone today have increased demand?

This is the name of the procedure for removing unwanted vegetation by means of a laser beam that goes under the skin to a depth of 2-3 mm and specifically destroys the hair follicles. The laser device has a cooling system, so that hair removal is painless and safe. Experts note that for 7-12 sessions, you can get rid of penis hair growth forever. For this, the beautician draws up an individual visitation scheme, taking into account the growth rate of sleeping bulbs. Contraindications to such sessions are infectious skin diseases, diabetes, malignant neoplasms.

You can get rid of the hair on the penis with the help of a thin special needle through which a weak electric charge is supplied. It is introduced into the hair follicle to destroy the base of the bulb. Before the session, men are given local anesthesia, since the procedure is lengthy and requires a fixed position on the couch. To understand their pain threshold and the degree of tolerance of electrical impulses, experts recommend first removing hair between the eyebrows or on the neck. If the client does not feel much discomfort, you can go to the area of ​​the penis. The result of electrolysis is the smoothness of the skin, lasting for many years.

  • Wax and chemical depilation.

Hair on the penis can be removed by waxing

What to do to men who want to remove vegetation from the penis only for the summer, beach period? Such clients can use a method called wax or chemical depilation. It is worth noting that these methods are not suitable for the care of delicate skin. It is much more effective to combine depilation techniques with manual removal of hairs on the penis shaft itself. Thus, men who are especially demanding on their appearance will be able to maintain the penis and groin skin in a state of perfect smoothness.

How to get rid of excess yourself

Many representatives of the stronger sex are not yet ready to carry out salon procedures of this type, especially in small towns. They can tidy the penis at home on their own. Beauticians give them some tips to prevent cuts, irritation, and hair growth.

If a guy on the penis has grown only a few hairs, he can use tweezers to remove them. Please note that the right quality tweezers are absolutely symmetrical, and its ends fit perfectly together. Otherwise, the hairs cannot be captured, and the removal process will be long and painful. Stainless steel is a good material for the tool, because unlike plastic, it is easy to disinfect.

Next, you need to choose a place in the apartment where family members will not disturb you. Before starting the procedure, wash your hands, disinfect the tweezers, prepare a patch and an antiseptic in case of an accidental cut. Experts give a little advice: before plucking, you need to bring the penis into an erect state. In this case, the skin will stretch and all grown hairs will be clearly visible. However, be extremely careful, because the penis will be filled as much as possible with blood. To carry out high-quality hair removal on the scrotum, it is necessary to smooth the folds on the skin with your hands.

You can use tweezers to remove hair

If a lot of hair has grown on the penis, a man can use a razor. Pay due attention to the quality of the razor blades. Move first by hair growth, and then walk the machine against growth in those places where there are islands of vegetation. However, do not perform this movement often, since after it the razor becomes very clogged and an ingrown hair appears. Remember to remove the vegetation between the penis and scrotum. To minimize the number of cuts, stretch your skin with your hands in the area where you are shaving.

Beauticians recommend using shaving cream for sensitive skin. It is the most gentle way to soothe inflammatory processes and prevent infection of the dermis. In addition, such products are often released transparent, which is an additional advantage for hair removal on the penis. Remember that a high menthol cream is not suitable for sensitive skin in the intimate area.

After completing the procedure, apply a fragrance-free baby moisturizer or cosmetic oil to the skin of the penis. Do not wear underwear until the product is absorbed into the skin. Remember that sweat on the treated area always causes discomfort due to the salt in its composition. Therefore, do not exercise for one to two days. Also, avoid any form of sexual contact until all wounds and cuts from the razor have completely healed.

All healthy men note that during puberty their hair grew in the groin, and some of them notice vegetation on the penis.

Many people do not see the problem in the hair growth of the genitals, others are looking for effective ways to get rid of vegetation. In modern cosmetology, the list of methods for creating clean and smooth skin has significantly increased. Therefore, the hairy member is no longer a problem for the stronger sex, seeking to be neat and well-groomed in all parts of their body.

Why they grow

In fact, hair growth on the genitals is a natural process. It is activated when a certain concentration of testosterone is reached in the blood. Male hormone is produced in testicles under the control of the pituitary gland at the beginning of puberty. The density of hair growth depends on race, genetic characteristics.

What function do

To find out why this is necessary, we talked with andrologists, anthropologists and intimate stylists (there are such ones too!).

All this brethren reported the following:

  • the most brutal hair gives protection to the skin from friction. That is why the hair on the genitals is coarser and thicker than on other parts of the body,
  • another cool purpose for curling is to defend against bacterial attacks,
  • the most important thing is the capture of cunning pheromones. Their groin intensifies. About three million years ago, they were a real magnet for women, which is partly preserved to this day.

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If the hair is longer than the penis and horse

Comrades live in the world who do not bother with hair removal in the groin and not one of the hairs ever gets out of trousers. The fact is that normal average length of the vegetation there is from 2 to 7 cm. They simply cannot grow longer, because it is written in the program of hair follicles.

If you suffer such a misfortune as excessive growth, you need to consult a doctor and remove excess hair in any nice way. The bottom line is that the program laid down by nature sometimes crashes and it needs to be fixed.

How to clean them

Procedures for removing intimate hair are not so safe. The fact is that our “quirks” famously change in size a little. At rest, the skin of the penis is folded, there are whole bacterial colonies.

While they live on whole skin, they are harmless. But as soon as scratches appear here - hello to abscesses, suppuration, Fourier gangrene, etc. During any manipulations, we urge the use of antiseptics. to contents ↑

How to cut it yourself

This will help such a thing as a trimmer. She will make hair shorter, but will not get rid of them forever. Moreover, clipping is used to shorten vegetation before other procedures.

To properly process the vegetation with a trimmer, you need to take the tool and act in smooth short movements to the base of the penis. For safety reasons, the skin is pulled a little with your free hand. to contents ↑

Penis Depilation Cream

The cosmetic industry has long produced a bunch of creams for intimate male depilation. The main bonus of this method is simplicity and painlessness. The tool (you can buy or borrow from a friend) is applied to the skin, left for 15 minutes and removed with a spatula with hair. However, we advise you to read the instructions and consider contraindications. to contents ↑


The laser will get rid of unwanted hair in 30 minutes, although it will take about 5 procedures to maintain the effect. It is painless, fast, effective, but costly. About 500 rubles will have to be paid for preparing for the process, hair removal itself costs at least 3.5 thousand rubles.

There is an option to contact a beauty salon, in which a specialist will quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation. Procedures are called waxing and shugaring - excess is removed by wax or sugar. The process itself is unpleasant, but effective. Smoothness will last about a week, otherwise all two.

Just wait

If you get to old age, you will almost certainly get rid of hair in the genital area. After 50, testosterone drops great, which dampens the splendor of curls. They will begin to thin out and fall out not only on the head, but also in a strategic place.

Interesting photos of hairy penises see here.

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